On the conference call Tonite 7/22 at 10pm eastern standard U.S. time and Saturday 7/23 at 12:30 pm Eastern standard U.S. Time.

We will go thru every sentence on the proposal and break it down so that everyone overstands everything.

Please come prepared with something to write with so you don’t forget your questions when it’s your time to speak.

We all must stay within the topic of the previous email.
We will all be respectful to everyone’s thoughts and comments
This call is for leaders, department heads, member, & prospect so please have your Zulu ID# ready
No worries if you are not official yet and don’t have an ID everyone’s voice and concerns will be heard.
We are not voting nor making any decitions if anyone is going to cont with the Nation or not.

That will take place on another time and different format.

Call # is 1-888-670-9355

@10pm tonight 7/22
@1230pm Sat. 7/23

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