Akhnaton’s Adept Lesson #502

Our God

The Divine CONSTITUTION Of Moorish America

Act 1 – The Grand Sheik and the Chairman of Moorish America are in power to make law and enforce laws with the assistance of the Prophet and the Grand Body of Moorish America. The Assistant Grand Sheik is toassist the Grand Sheik in all affairs if he lives according to Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice, and it is known before the citizens of Moorish America.

ACt-1 above is the entirety of The Divine Constitution of a Holy People. A Constitution is the fundamental and organic law representing the Nation State and descendant character of recognized peoples. All lawful constitutions contain three basic components e.g. (1) The Form of Government, (2)
Principles for which it stands and (3) Citizens and natural members of the State.
(These 3 elements of organic law will be explained on the following page). They are the constitutional rudiments are key factors for the Moorish Americans to be on familiar terms with how Noble Drew Ali was divinely sent as he indeed “Prepared a table before us in the very presence of our enemy.” The Constitution of a nation is therefore the fundamental force from which all its citizens derives their just powers to be free, protected, and guided. These autonomous and natural laws empowers the Moorish to nationalize the land, air and waterways upon which their flag can stand, their prosperity can live in autonomy and peace, its government to be sovereign in defense of its principles.

As an Angel of The Great God sent to bring His people the everlasting gospel, Noble Drew Ali introduced The Divine Constitution while the Moorish Americans were still students of his organization, The Moorish Science Temple of America, Inc (MSTA). The complete compilation of organic words expressed in Act-1 composes the whole Constitution of Moorish America intact. The Divine Constitution of the Moorish is the world‟s 2nd shortest amass of constitutional laws of any government on earth to date, save the United States. Our Divine Constitution is the supreme natural laws empowering the Moorish American People as an independent and sovereign nation. The Divine Constitution of the Moorish American Nation is also known as a “Divine Covenant” between The Father God Allah, through His Prophet and The clean and pure Nation. Thereby creating an a Holy allegiance between God and Man.

The Holy Prophet Noble Drew Ali instructed the Moorish Americans: “In order for you to be good Moorish Leaders you must study The Divine Constitution and Holy Koran. These tools are His main footprints He left clearly cut, for the Moorish to follow, to be assured their Prophet went this way.” Often the words Constitution and Government are used interchangeably to communicate the name of an instrument containing the fundamental laws and security of a state. Nevertheless the free national Constitution of every family attached to the human family of nations consists of these three elements:

(1) Theocracy is the true form of Government for the Moorish Peoples. A Theocratic Government is governed by The Great God and Universal Order and Guidance of the written Gospels. Our Forefathers are the founders of the world’s first religious Creed. All officials of this form of Government must be Divine Ministers who are authorized representative of the laws, principles and state. Beware and advised, the clean and pure nation of Moorish Americans is not a Republic, Democratic, Monarchy, Dictatorship nor any of the other 71 forms of government. There are Seven Postulates
articulated in the Constitution of this divinely prepared Government: They are

(1) The Grand Sheik, (2) The Chairman, (3) The Prophet, (4) The Grand Body,
(5) The Assistant Grand Sheik, (6) The Five Principles and (7) The Citizens of Moorish America. The Grand National Emblem, (Crescent-Moon (Last Quarter) and Five-Pointed Open Green Star) illustrates the maximum God Status to be “As above so below” because the Moorish are indeed the Star. The 3step-ladder of Salvation (Belief, Faith and Fruition) personifies the Moorish return-climb from a Human State to their rightful status of The Great God as
one. Theocracy is the true form of Government for the Moorish Americans.

(2) Principles: There are five principles of the Moorish Peoples. These principles are Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice (L, T, P, F, & J). These employ the undeniable doctrine of the Great God and Man are in fact one. L, T, P, F, & J are the sacred values, holy philosophy and true tools of life of every Moorish Citizen. Often revealed as the “Five Highest Principles known to man” these pentagrams are also proudly displayed on the Five-pointed Open Green Star centered in The Moorish Flag. The Five pointed open Green Star has represented the Moorish since the fall of man. It is the open pentagram that makes “Our Flag is over 100,000 years old” and should not be confused with the flag of present day Morocco who exchanged the divine Principles of L, T, P, F, & J for the Five Pillars of Islam in 1492. Since then Morocco has not recognized their Moorish Forefathers as those named among the Faithful.

(3) Citizen: Citizens are members of an established government, State or political community. Citizens are they who have established or submitted themselves to the protection, promotions and general welfare of their individual and collective rights. The Moorish American Government recognizes its Citizens by their
Nationality, also referred to as their free national name. They are “the Moorish Americans, Descendants of the ancient Moabites whom inhabited the northwestern and southwestern shores of Africa.” Citizens are the true family stones, made of every man, Woman, Son and Daughter who goes towards the building of their pyramid-Nation bearing their one free national name. Moorish American Citizenship can be acquired by national descendant birth and naturalization.

The reason this lesson is being handed down to the Moorish at this time is because their eyes are more open today and subject to see their principles and national worth for the first time since a 400 year slumber. Yet they must first come to the realization that, other than the Siddis of India who are largely enslaved nationals from the east coast of Africa but known as “The Untouchables”, the Moorish Americans remains the only nation of people totally detached from the Human Family of Nations. Ironically true Arabian history will reflect the same Muslims that enslaved the Moors of East Africa and sold them into the Royalties of India are the same who orchestrated the West African Slave Trade by selling Moors to the nations of Europe. This may not seem like such a national catastrophic illness until their symptoms of expendability are duly considered. Some of the genocidal side effects of being nationless mean they have no power to be a man or woman; all their contributions to humanity are accredited to the controlling Government in which they exist. Their children are not legally their own but classified as wards of the prevailing Corporation. To add to their generations of unconscious existence the Moorish that have been denationalized have no opulence, future or hope. In order to have hope for the future one must have memory of national accomplishments and worldly contributions. This level of hope is called “Freedom.” But the NBC is as low as any Moor can be buried because the Negro has never had a memory of freedom and there can be no independence to attain. What he accepts as riches are mere offerings at the whims of established citizens. Worst still, in their present state of nationless, the Moorish cannot receive any help from other nations for their respect and fear of instigating acts of aggression by interfering with the property of another recognized government. This is why the Kingdom of Morocco and Saudi Arabia has never come to the rescue of the Moorish they enslaved to the Americas.

A Divine Warning by The Prophet For The Nations:

The citizens of all free national governments, according to their national constitution are all of one family bearing one free national name. This is where the citizens of Moorish America, who are of one family bearing our one free National Name of Moorish American received the authority to live according to The Divine Constitution of our free National Government. Natural Citizens are not confined to non-governmental organizations but are duty bound to proclaim their free national name, to be recognized by their government in which they must live. Only then can we, The Moorish American Nation, be truly free, a whole ancient people with Constitution de jure and accepted intact by the nations of the earth.

Those who fail to recognize the free national name of their constitutional government are classed as undesirables and are subject to all the inferior names, abuses and mistreatments that the citizens care to bestow upon them. Since 1929 the body of Moorish peoples whom, like their NBC equivalents, has not proclaimed their free national status, according to their Constitutional Government and have found themselves subjected to the same fraternal abuses and judicial mistreatments. Because they have failed to proclaim themselves as a clean and pure nation and live within the jurisdiction of their constitutional government they are drawing all the mistreatments and evils down upon themselves. The unproclaimed Moorish cannot be distinguished or protected from other persons subjected to the assumable jurisdiction of the 14th Amendment. This is why all NBC and Negro Masons alike haave no rule of their women and children.

And it is a sin for any group of people to violate the national constitutional laws of a free national government and cling to the names and principles that deludes to slavery. Being NBC, Chattel or otherwise Nationless and stirring comatosed outside of the constitutional fold of government are sins before Allah and crimes before the laws of nature and man. Those who fancy themselves safe while under the oaths, pledges and memberships of various religious organizations, Secret Societies and personal Republics are still in violations of the national constitutional laws of all free national governments. Too often groups not proclaiming your free national name before your Constituted Government have been mislead like bleeding lambs to the courts of lions. They pride themselves in mastering the judicial laws of known slave masters and finding comfort in the exchange of slave cabins on the same plantation. Meanwhile being unprotected by their free national Constitution leaves legal trails of Paper Terrorism, jail terms and failures. They fail to acknowledge there is only one way and one way only for a people to obtain and sustain a free national status.

Unless you are a fervent student of Constitutional Law balanced with a good understanding of Metaphysics you may need to apply a more direct study to this constitutional Saving Powers brought expressly to free the rejected Moorish Peoples. It is not too widely known The Divine Constitution alone has the power to emancipate all „Persons (property e.g. Negroes, Blacks & Colored People et al)‟ currently licensed under the assumable jurisdiction of the United States 14th & 15th Amendments and into the true citizenry of their own free national government. The 65 words compiling The Divine Constitution of Moorish America is the most powerful instrument ever written in the history of the Human Family for the ultimate deliverance of a Nation. Albeit the Moorish Peoples must elevate their thoughts from the stagnant graves of mental slavery, accepted nationless existence and self hatred in order to take their rightful status in the affairs of men. Still, due to the magnanimous blow from the setting maul, it may take the prosperities of the mighty Moorish another generation or two before they can decipher their unalienable birthrights and national advantages of freedom nourished from the breast of their Divine Constitution. It is about the year 2011 and the Moorish American Nation is just beginning to come into their own as a people. From here the wise will find it only to be a breakfast fight. It is up to the will of the Moorish People to open their eyes as a nation to the infinite force of The Greatest Constitution ever written for the nations of the earth. No nation can declare a free national status without first declaring validity of their national Constitution.

It has been over eight decades since The Holy Prophet Noble Drew Ali introduced the Divine Constitution and By- Laws to the Moorish Americans. These organic and fundamental laws of a constituted government were to insure the peace, stability and prosperity of his Moorish American Nationals. But they were still suffering from the excess of four centuries of innumerable psychic blows that distorted their retention, ability to reason then systematically trained not to think for themselves. This was a very „Black Age of the Moorish‟ and in classes of national psychic phenomena’s is often referred as Post Traumatic Slave Syndromes (PTSS) which Drew Ali later describes as “Mental Slavery.” If the Moorish People had clearly understood and applied the saving powers held deep inside their one free national name; indeed they would have united and proclaimed themselves as a clean and pure Nation by the year 2000. In order for the reader to unveil the grasp the fully unsung self-burial of the Moorish Peoples they must understand it is the self-preservative nature of the mind to camouflage it thoughts to equal that of the outside threat. Often when traumatized the soul simply wills itself to shut down and refuse its normal actions of thinking, reasoning and understanding. Especially when the treat of death is enforced 24-7 for centuries. Each reader is hereby requested to have a clear conception of the urgency of the importunate demise of the Moorish Peoples. Understand why they stand as a people divided and seek enjoyment in today’s self-destructions.

As a nation, the powers of this Divine Constitution have never been known among the Moorish. Unbeknownst they are a sleeping giant, it was the Moorish brothers themselves who re-enslaved their people by keeping this Divine Covenant and By-Laws buried in the secrecy of memberships, feigned Adept Chambers of the MSTA, NBC Masonic Lodges and corporate businesses under another man’s government. Rarely would a potential Moorish leader delved into the national inner meaning of their great Divine Constitution. In fact, one group of Moorish Americans actually voted out Noble Drew Ali’s Divine Constitution & By-Laws and replaced them with their “Rules And Regulations Of 1934.” Under the 1934 Laws a lone Supreme Grand Legal Advisor and Moderator had complete power of law for the MSTA. From there a successorship of 5 Masonic Leaders prevented the Moorish from receiving the Master Grip of their Divine Constitution. However, these I-HURT-BUT-CANNOT-TELL- YOU-THE-TRUTHS largely stem from the muffled fact of being too afraid to think as a nation thinks. Meanwhile for 80 years the Leaders boasted of attainments in things that are of no worth but where it is a shame to be ignorant, they had no understanding. Truth is: No people can ever be free while under the constitution of another government. This is why Noble Drew Ali said “Just because you were born here does not make you a citizen. Every conscious Moor must now open their EYE OF A NATION in order to see their salvation is still in the saving powers brought by their Angel of Allah. Those who cannot see themselves as a nation are also blind to why Noble Drew Ali “Brought the Moorish everything it takes to save a nation but we must TAKE it and save ourselves.”

There are innumerable judicial accounts resting dormant in this boundless document still awaiting the commands of the Moorish Peoples e.g. Marriage Laws, Rights to Travel, Treaties, Divine Rights to be fruitful, Ancestral Linkage, Government supported Commercial Codes, security and freedom to name a few.

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