submitted by Zulu Goddess Wanda Dee

REMEMBER: “There’s no such thing as an ugly woman, just a lazy one!”


NOTE: Dust mites are your enemy! They have been put here by God Herself to eat the various debris that dies and falls off of all living creatures (skin cells, hair, feathers, dust/debris, fur, etc.) that would otherwise overrun the earth without their assistance & ravenous appetites to eat this stuff that naturally falls off of and is created by ALL living things. However, please keep in mind that they multiply by the hundreds of thousands in dirty (or seemingly clean), dusty, humid environments. They feed off of your dead skin cells (which you naturally drop at least a pound a day around in your house, bed, car, bathroom, soiled clothes, etc.) and in return for this glorious meal; they excrete (shit) tons of (tiny) dust mite’ piss & manure, which wreak havoc on your face, skin, eyes, nose, ears & entire respiratory track! In fact, most people who suffer from so many unexplained ailments like Asthma, Bronchitis, Itchy Eyes, Low Energy, etc., can thank these little bastards and their daily excrement each day. Thus…

1) BED LINEN needs to be changed two times a week (perhaps Sunday & Wednesday).

2) PILLOW cases should be changed every 48 hours regardless, because your face is your calling card and your money… period! And if you keep a greasy or oily head or If you’ve come in from a smoke filled club and haven’t had time to wash your hair before going to bed, then throw a clean towel over your pillow to absorb the toxins in your hair through the night, to spare your pillow the taxation of such pollutants. Your face will love you for this! In addition, your whole entire pillow should be thrown into a HOT WATER WASH CYCLE at least quarterly, once every three months.

3) WASH YOUR FACE in this manner… Soap it up to loosen surface dirt (with your favorite soap), then while soap is still on your face, rub in some Noczema (to deep clean), then while both the Noczema & soap are still on your face; sprinkle a small handful of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda in your hand and add a couple of drops of warm water with your wet fingertips to it, in order to form a dry based, granular paste. Now, take this baking soda paste, spread it out within your two palms and rub it into your face & pores for an exalting exfoliation facial treatment. Then hop into (either) the shower to wash this all off (if preparing to go out -OR- wash off with a wash cloth, if showering has already occurred. Your face will feel incredible and take on a noticeable glow of cleanliness, because for the first time in a longtime, it will truly be CLEAN!

4) WASH YOUR FACE every morning and night with NOCZEMA, in addition to your regular soap or cleansing bar. Get used to having Noczema as part of your daily facial ritual… for it should be worn to bed (simply rubbed into your face like a lotion, until is unnoticeable). It should be the base worn under your make-up and always the first or “second” thing to touch your face after cleansing it (preferably while it’s still damp & moist from washing).

5) A FADE OR COMPLEXION CREAM like Ambi for your face texture, ie, dry, oily or normal, (should be used in conjunction with it’s accompanying beauty bar, also by Ambi), as the first thing put onto your face after cleansing and then to be followed by Noczema, a lite baby oil or Vaseline coating (optional to those with regular to oily skin, but a must to those with dry skin) and/or then your favorite (NON-ALUMINUM based) lotion. This process is to insure that your facial skin all becomes one even tone and to also insure that your face is protected from both the elements of weather, pollutants & the harsh make-up & lighting that comes with show business or everyday life!

6) MAKE-UP must always be removed at night & NEVER SLEPT IN, under any circumstances! If you do, there will be a price to pay… and should you do it too often, the damage will be irreparable, as your pores will collapse, no different than pot holes in the street worn from weathering!

7) MAKE-UP should also never be shared, under any circumstances! I don’t care if it’s your mother, sister, pastor, preacher’s wife or your lesbian girlfriend… NEVER SHARE YOUR MAKE-UP, EVER!!! Your face and skin is it’s own unique chemical/cosmetic & generic composite and it reacts harshly when forced to CO-mingle & CO-habitat with other foreign compounds. SO DON’T EVER DO THIS TO YOURSELF! This includes ALL make-up utensils (brushes, lip stick, eye pencils, blush pads, sponges, etc.).

8) TEETH should (indeed) be brushed after every meal, but if that’s not at all possible (conveniently), then both morning & night is a must! YOUR FACE IS YOUR CALLING CARD AND YOUR TEETH ARE YOUR PERSONAL SIGNAL OF $UCCESS!

REMEMBER: “Cleanliness is next to Goddessness”!


NOTE: This is show business my love… and how one ‘shows’ up, makes all the difference in the world to your ‘business’. Your image is everything, for all too often your first impression on the public, press and label executives will be your last one… and the secret to true $uccess in this business is to MAKE AN IMPRESSION, AND LEAVE ‘EM WITH IT!!!

Now, as you may NOT be a musician who plays an instrument, but instead, are an actor, recording or performing artist, thus, your entire body is your instrument and you must keep it finely polished, chiseled & tuned to meet the various physical & mental demands that you and the industry you’ve chosen to be in, will place on it. This is a process that stops and starts with your diet… and it’s NOT so much of wanting to add “new” things to your eating routine, as it is in simply DELETING a few habitually bad foods from your personal cupboards. You’ll not only save money at the grocery counter, but you’ll also save things like your waist line, dress/pants size, face (from pimples, bumps, discoloration’s &abrasions), hair, breasts/uterus & intestines & ovaries (from all kinds of cysts, tumors, fibroids, growths & cancers). If you’re truly ready, then read on, for you may NOT like all that it has to say…

REMEMBER: “You are what you eat…”


1) SODA needs to be stricken from your diet FOREVER! Never taste another drop of it again, as long as you live. It’s high amounts of acid, syrups and colored corn starches will only serve to make your face a battleground for pimples, your waist line & belly will become a resort of fat and your ass will be as wide as The Ponderosa. Both Pepsi & Coca Cola are addictive, as well. Which is why even when Michael Jackson was paid $15 million dollars to do the commercial for the soft drink king (Pepsi), his contract stated specifically that he wouldn’t have to actually drink that corrosive crap. And who in this industry has smoother skin or more energy than The King Of Pop? Hell, it may be light, bright and damn near white, but at least it’s “tight”!

2) WATER needs to be the last thing you drink at night, and the first thing to cross your lips in the morning (after brushing one’s teeth, of course)! Your skin and kidneys will thank you for this and show their immense appreciation as the years go by. Over taxing the digestive system is what ages all of us; so anything you can do to alleviate this process in your body, the slower you’ll age… just ask The Goddess herself, as she gave Moses bible lessons and used to jump double-Dutch with Rosa Parks, okaaaaay!?

3) CRANBERRY JUICE is essential to anyone (especially women), as it helps maintain chemical cleanliness and balance in the urinary tract and vaginal areas, thwarting unnecessary yeast infections and the like. Have at least two full glasses a week… and I don’t mean that cranapple/crangrape/ocean spray drink… I mean real straight up 100% cranberry juice!

4) ALL OTHER KINDS OF (dye free) 100% FRUIT JUICES are welcome based on your own individual tastes…

5) WHOLE MILK is a NO-NO! Kiss it good-bye! It is loaded with enough fat to put cysts on your breasts and ovaries as big as Christmas bulbs. If you must drink milk or add it to any of your recipes, then skim will be your choice from now on!

6) NO CAFFEINE! All teas (iced or hot) must be herbal teas! COFFEE IS OUT! Caffeine is not only terribly addictive, it is highly carcinogenic (cancer causing)… learn it – know it – tell a friend! You may already be addicted to coffee/ caffeine, which is unnatural to the body and spirit. Some of you may have rationalized (rational-lies) your need to have this drug, but like any other drug, it is killing you !! This means sodas, chocolate, coffee, certain teas, yes… even Sprite & Mello Yellow has caffeine in it! Caffeine is out of your life for GOOD… you’ll thank me later!

7) NO HEAVY DAIRY! Never buy, cook with or eat butter/margarine or cheese, again! The grease in the butter merely erupts on the face, clogs the pores, settles in your hips, waist and butt. NO MARGARINE ever. This man made oil is one chemical away from plastic and is highly carcinogenic. If you don’t believe me, put a stick of margarine on a saucer and sit it out on your kitchen counter or in your garage, and I guarantee you NOTHING will land on it, eat it and/or lay an egg in it… not a fly or even a roach; for they chemically know that it is NOT healthy. If you must use anything at all, then please use 100%, good old fashioned butter… but why bother at all?

And cheese is the woman’s worst nightmare. Cancer of the ovaries, uterus and breast will be your result from a lifetime of pizza, steak-n-cheese, macaroni & cheese, nachos & … well, you guessed it by now, huh? Cheese will sit in your upper intestines and ferment for years, while poisoning every ounce of your system in the process. Just think of all the young & middle aged women both in your family and friends of yours, who’ve had to have one hysterectomy’s… well, this is the main reason! Cystic breasts? Cheese & stress are a deadly combination!

The alternatives are to use veggie cheese instead… it’s just as good, the same coloring and absolutely delicious!

8) If you must have eggs, than no more than once or twice a week, tops!

9) NO PORK! Pork is a parasitical meat which equals POISON!

10) Limit beef to only once a week (if at all)… for everything you’re used to getting in beef, you can get from poultry (turkey bacon, chicken patties, sliced chicken or turkey, etc.).

11) NO FISH AT ALL! I know this may come as a shocker to most of you, because people will say that “fish is good for you”… well, that may have been the deal and case back when Christ walked the earth and was pulling it (miraculously) out of baskets and handing it out to the masses… but in today’s day and age of chemically polluted waters, industrial waste, high mercury content and toxic/nuclear decay in our rivers… you’d be a natural born fool to eat anything from the sea. Charlie Tuna, Star-Kist, Chicken of the Sea, Purina, Farina, Shrimp, Crab, Lobster, Oyster, etc. if it ever swam or walked the ocean blue, the shit will surely poison you! Just get over it and get on with it… just suffice to take some Cod Liver Oil or Omega 3 pills daily for your seafood essentials! Do your research, and you’ll find that there’s a direct connection and correlation between the flesh eating disease Phisteria) that both fish & humans alike suffer from. And not to mention the numerous bouts of hepatitis that eating shell fish cause!

12) NO CONDIMENTS! Begin to learn to eat your foods without drowning them in ketchup, mayo, butter, cheese, barbecue sauce, sauerkraut, mustard, etc. It’ll be hard at first, but when you see the pounds begin to leap from your gut, butt & thighs (aka the unholy trinity)… you’ll be motivated to keep these little demons off of your food. They seem harmless, but they’ll get you everytime, as most things that seem harmless always do! A little “lite” salad dressing on your salad is allowed… but don’t go overboard! You can use more when you’ve reached your desired weight goal.

13) Your frozen dessert cannot be ice cream or anything with dairy in it! You must find a frozen dessert substitute like (non dairy) yogurt (which is also great for your entire reproductive system/vaginal areas), sherbet, sorbet, frozen fruit dessert, etc. BUT, NO ICE CREAM… and I don’t care if it says “FAT FREE”… it’s NOT dairy free, so it’s NOT for thee!

14) NO JUNK FOOD! Anything with preservatives in it (either in a package or can) is loaded with two of your bodies worst enemies… FAT and SODIUM (though SUGAR is yet another one). This includes potato chips; pretzels, candies, cakes, donuts, peanuts, etc. If you must ever have any one of these things, limit it to perhaps a tad bit (only) on a Sunday afternoon … and even then, NEVER LET IT BE POTATO CHIPS (for they are the worst artery cloggers and fat builders in the world)! By all means, take all of these things out of your daily diet ASAP!

15) BOIL YOUR WATER, CHILL IT IN YOUR REFRIGERATOR & THEN DRINK IT! Never drink water straight from the tap again… for you cannot trust our nations and/or cities abilities to properly purify our waters in our reservoir’s. The E-coli virus and other deadly agents can slip through and kill you dead… so boil your water first and bottle it yourselves, preferably in glass and not carcinogenic (cancer causing) plastic. And please don’t trust bottled water in the stores dahlings, it is completely unregulated by our government and that mountain spring label could have been slapped directly on someone’s toilet water. Keep in mind that EVIAN spelled backwards is NAÏVE! Don’t be fooled, don’t be conned and most of all, don’t believe the hype!

16) ALL THE FRUITS & VEGETABLES YOU CAN TAKE DAILY are yours for the taking… in fact, if you want to lead a cancer free life and have the world’s prettiest skin, bones & teeth… then you should make it a daily ritual to have a dark green leafy (spinach, lettuce, red cabbage, tomatoes) salad. Also, fruit salads w/ chopped carrots, grapes, apples, pineapples & a banana should be consumed daily. Not only will this clean out your system and keep you regular… but you will feel renewed energy like you’ve never felt before… and in our business, you’ll need it!

17) NO CIGARETTES! If you have to ask why not? You’re already dead!

18) NO DRUGS! Especially birth control pills! ALL of them are bad for your health and that of your potential unborn and (still) UN-conceived child’s (eyesight, weight, mental capabilities, etc.). They will slowly poison your system as you age, leaving you bloated and running over with toxins.

19) DO NOT EAT PAST 7PM… PERIOD! There are 24 hours in a day, now just divide that into three (8-hour) thirds (for 3X8=24), and this is how your body should be regulated to achieve your PERFECT/IDEAL weight, shape and size and NEVER develop a belly, hips or excessive thighs… 8 hours should be spent INGESTING (eating) actually almost anything you want and as much of it as you want… 8 hours should be spent DIGESTING (allowing your body to burn, utilize and/or process all that you have ingested)… 8 hours should be spent sleeping or RESTING (this includes either physical sleep and/or meditation/prayer time).

Choose the 8 hours of the day that you will eat (preferably 8AM to 4PM) and then shut it off and shut it down… period! The rule here is to INGEST… DIGEST… & REST!

*This is a secret that many Muslims in the middle east discovered centuries ago, and we have studied firsthand from years of world travel. God has created this PERFECT, SELF REPAIRING vessel to harbor your soul here on earth (as you walk this journey in this part of your eternal life), and we only mess it up when we cause it to lose it’s natural order of doing things and upset it’s natural balance of self repair and regulation (resulting in America’s biggest disease, OBESITY and slew of other physical & mental ailments).

If your body is still ingesting food at ten & eleven o’clock at night, during a time when it should be digesting or sleeping (which is the only time when it repairs itself, and makes new hair, teeth & nail enamel, new skin development, joint repair and re-lubrication, etc.); then it will take all of that extra fat/fuel and STORE it for future usage… and where do you think it stores it? Well the next time you get out of the shower, my dear; just take a look at your thighs, buttocks, mid section/belly, breasts and the like… eventually, when those fat storage bins are full, that’s when your upper arms begin to lose their shape & muscle tone, then the calf’s & lower leg, neck & face area disappear into the sea of eventual obesity! And this is why most folks grow older and end up with more chins than a Chinese phone book!

As artists, who get off stages at very late hours of the night and having just burned so much fuel on stage, we get hungry, I know… but this is where your discipline sets in! Have some water (even lemon water is great for you… but more about that later), then do a little dance (exercise), make a little love (even more exercise) and then say goodnight (body repair time)!
You see, you and your body are partners, and it’s counting on you just the way actual real partners count on each other. It’s counting on you to do your part by providing it with the proper fuel it needs to efficiently do it’s best for you, by continually CO-creating a body that will NEVER let you down when you summon it’s strength, resilience, tenacity, beauty or overall complexities! Just ask stellar and (seemingly) ageless entertainers like Tina Turner (64), Michael Jackson (45) & Prince (45)… they’re all the same sizes they were 10 years ago (or more) and have the same energy to perform their same numbers with the same intensity as always, how many people can actually say that and be telling the truth, I ask you?

Just choose the hours, based on your lifestyle, as to when you will EAT! For instance, if you’re in a touring musical that gets you off stage at night at 11:00PM and you don’t get back to your hotel until midnight or shortly thereafter; then come in and have some tea (w/honey & lemon) and a full glass of WATER and take your butt to sleep (so your body repair party can begin)!

Then, after you’ve winded down or so, you may sleep from 2:00AM to 10:00AM (8 hours) or so… then upon arising, try doing the following…

a. PRAY before leaving your bed (just give thanks and refortify your spiritual armor, and this is done in two simple ways)… GRATITUDE for another day and another chance to make things right, live, laugh & love some more…. Plus, we each have a choice each day to live our lives in fear or in FAITH, and you must bolster your spiritual armor by recanting to The Creatress that this is another page in the book of your life that you will read (and live) in total and supreme FAITH!

And why shouldn’t you? If God is your partner in life (and She is), and there is no being greater than She (and there isn’t), and She’s got your back (and She does), and you are Her child (and you are) and because you believe unwaveringly in Her (and you do); then I ask you… WHY WOULD YOU CHOOSE TO BE AFRAID OF ANYTHING OR ANYONE, WITH SUCH A POWERFUL ALLY, FRIEND, PARENT & PARTNER ON YOUR SIDE?! In fact, you personally insult and disappoint God if you proclaim to know and love Her, but still find yourself “worrying yourself sick” over matters of the heart, career or finances. And you see, this need to “worry” was taught to us inadvertently by our “worrying” parents, but it is a bad habit (and we are all merely creatures of habit… good one’s or bad one’s) that we must break ourselves free from! So, take 3 to 5 minutes to pray in a complete state of humility and gratitude over gifts which have been given to you of which you have no control, like the ability to inhale and exhale oxygen, for starters… This is food for the soul (among other things, but again, more about that later

b. STRETCH before leaving your bed (if nature will allow you to do so), especially as you just drank all of that water and/or tea the night before. You ever see a cat or dog or (any animal for that matter) get up from a good & sound sleep… it will NOT just leap off into the day to begin it’s search for food, fun or companionship (as we do everyday)… it will at first take two or three GOOD STRETCHES to let the body know it’s alert, awake and in need of all faculties (mind, body & soul) to link up in harmony to successfully start the day.

Just take your ARMS and reach them up towards the ceiling of your room as far as you can stretch them. Then point your toes as far as you can and bring your LEGS up (one at a time at first) as far as you can, and hold them there for 10 seconds each, afterwhich, then let the leg go outward towards your walls (so now you’ve stretched the legs both upward and now outward).

Sit up in bed (with a straight back and good posture) and turn the HEAD slowly to the left and right and then turn the entire TORSO to the left and then to the right at least three times each. Those of you who practice yoga will know where to take this.

c. RELIEVE YOURSELF in the restroom and then start whatever ritual you follow to CLEAN and BATHE yourself (teeth & body)

d. EAT… for now, it should be 11:00AM, and the starter pistol has now been fired… feel free to INGEST your favorite (healthy) foods as you can during the 8 hour timeframe of 11:00AM through 7:00PM (when you’re due back at the theater, if your on the road) -OR- right up until dinner time (if you’re at home and/or in the recording studio), but then just CUT IT OFF AT 7:00PM… with no exceptions! If you do this, I assure you, your waistline from high school will return in just under 2 weeks (if you’re currently only 10 to 15 pounds overweight) and under 4 weeks (if you’re 15 to 30 pounds overweight), and just add an extra 2 weeks for every 10 pounds you’re over your ideal weight.

e. In cases of extreme desired weight lose, simply cut your eating at 4:00PM, regardless! This feat alone will cause you to lose 10 to 15 pounds per week, guaranteed without fail!! WORKS EVERYTIME! 4:00PM – AND THE KITCHEN IS CLOSED & SEND THE CHEFS HOME until either 8:00AM (if you need a full eight hours of ingesting) or until 10:00AM or 11:00AM (if you can get by on just 5 or 6 hours of ingesting)! Follow this, and you will drop two dress sizes per week, and be amazed how your body kicks into overdrive to re-shape, re-sculpt and remold you into what you’re truly supposed to look like!

f. PYRAMID EAT … BIG breakfast, smaller lunch & a tiny dinner. Most people eat the other way around (tiny breakfast, larger lunch & then a huge four course dinner), and this is a mistake that you & your waistline will pay the price for. As the day winds down, so should your ingesting… period!


You, like God, are made up of a “holy trinity”… except in your case, it’s MIND, BODY & SOUL… and unfortunately, it is all too often that people fail to recognize that they ALL (3) three components must eat in order to live and function properly! How many times have either you yourself or someone you know, ran around exclaiming; “I’m hungry” (while looking for the nearest fast food joint or snack to fill their grumbling empty stomach pockets)… well, there are other aspects of the SELF that must feed to be nourished too, for they too get HUNGRY; and for optimum balance in and through life, they must be fed!

THE MIND needs knowledge, wisdom and mental challenges… everyday! Thus, you should be committed to learn something new everyday… either about yourself, your friends, family, the people and/or the world around you…
it is one of the reasons why I love spider webs OUTSIDE of my window during the warm summer months and/or bird feeders on my terrace, for I get to, at my leisure, sit down and watch NATURE conduct Herself, which is NOT only terribly relaxing and entertaining, but I’m also gaining insightful knowledge of how some of the most seemingly simple little creatures maintain their complex existence’s, while still staying in tune and balance with nature.

Pick up a BOOK and read (let the mind get outside of itself and stretch a little, too; which is why God gave us all an imagination in the first place) or your favorite magazine (I happen to like O by Oprah Winfrey, Essence and even the National Enquirer at times for pure straight up FUN)!

THE BODY I think we’ve covered pretty well… but here is a list of some foods and vitamins that you need to have in your diet DAILY (at best) and WEEKLY (at worst). Think of your body without it’s skin covering what it actually looks like underneath… okay, do you have the picture in your mind… pretty grotesque, huh? Well, your body is merely made up of thousands upon thousands of “TUBING”… that’s right, I said tubes! Just like a car; your arteries, capillaries, veins, nasal passage, throat, anus, urethra, intestines and the like are ALL TUBES that connect one part of the body to another. Now, sickness occurs when any one or more of those tubes get BLOCKED (hardened arteries lead to heart attack and/or stroke, blocked veins lead to phlebitis, clogged pores lead to acne and so on and so on…). Henceforth, your mission each day in life is to ingest MIRACLE FOODS that act as a sort of DRANO (if you would) to the various complex tubes in your body. Now, you should have a clear picture in your head now…

Just think of all the relatives and friends we have who have been sick, are sick and/or yourself right now (if you’re presently sick)… if you visually think back to what and how they ate and lived their daily lives (or yourself for that matter), it will lead you right back down a path where there is some TUBE BLOCKAGE causing the ailment that is currently in existence.

Listed below are some MIRACLE FOODS that will help to keep you UNCLOGGED, UNBLOCKED and PHYSICALLY HUMMING like a brand new & powerful sports car. They are as follows…

GARLIC – either fresh in your salads or by pill, take it DAILY for your blood stream, which is your ‘river of life’! It helps clean the blood of impurities and toxins… why do you think a creature as unclean and vile as vampires would despise such a food? Because it makes the blood much too pure and clean for (even) a vampire to enjoy!

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR – is one of nature’s miracles and one of the best sources of NATURAL DRANO you’ll ever come across. Not only does it burn fat, it also boosts your immune system tremendously and it should be taken DAILY! We put a capful of ACV in our tea, our water,
sprinkled over salad, in our sauces and the like… anyway we can get it
into our bodies, we do! NOTE: DO NOT TAKE THIS HOWEVER, JUST
BEFORE YOU HAVE TO SING (either on stage or in session), FOR IT WILL STRIP YOUR THROAT OF ALL PHLEGM & COATING NEEDED FOR MAXIMUM VOCAL VIRTUOSITY, but as a means to build your immune system before hitting the road, nothing beats it.

HONEY – powerful elixir made by bees and enjoyed by the world. Should be ingested DAILY in either tea, water or a tablespoon taken directly. Boosts the immune system, cleans out the toxic build up in the body and refortifies healthy enzymes which regulate the bodies defenses against disease. This should be the only sweetener you use for life. NO SUGAR!

OATMEAL – DAILY is what I recommend! Good for the digestive system and great for what ails you… just learn to fix it like you like it (w/raisins, honey, your favorite fruit, etc.).

SWEET POTATO – has got to be God’s perfect food! Completely healthy for you in every way and a major cancer fighter, just heat it, greet it and eat it… WEEKLY!

BROCCOLI – as raw as you can stand it, as it is also a fabulous cancer fighter and something the body both enjoys and needs for proper and swift repair service. DAILY in your salads would be best!

LEMON – is a natural astringent and is well known for its’ cleaning powers (i.e. lemon pledge, lemon Joy, and so on)… sprinkle it on salads, over poultry (lemon chicken, etc.) or put some in your water at least once a day. Great fat burner, too! DAILY!


YOGURT – filled with live cultures, work miracles on the vaginal area… keeping the vagina’s natural enzymes and “good” bacteria strengthened to ward off yeast infections. I haven’t had a yeast infection since my teens (when I was blindly ignorant to how my body works). Also, here’s a great tip for you adventurous lovers… as a sexual lubricant, it’s not only effective, but extremely healthy. DAILY!

CRANBERRY JUICE or FRUIT – Again, this is just straight up good vagina food, great for warding off urinary tract infections! DAILY!

PINEAPPLE JUICE or FRUIT – This is the greatest thing you can drink for the voice! Coats the throat so nicely, rumor has it that many great opera divas, gargle with Pineapple Juice (Hawaii’s miracle fruit)! Instead of lemon, try putting some drops of this in your tea with honey before a show, and demand via your artist rider that it is in your dressing room, when out on the road! DAILY!


YEAST INFECTIONS ARE CAUSED BY: STRESS, DYE’S in your underwear (colored panties like reds, purple, blue and the like… these colors bleed into the vagina when you sweat and/or get moist down there), PANTY HOSE directly up against the vagina (separate them with a white cotton thong, panty or panty shield), MUSHROOMS, WHITE SUGAR, YEAST FILLED BREADS (duh?), ALL PERFUMED SOAPS that touch the vagina (use Summer’s Eve or a hypoallergenic soap with no dye’s or perfumes), DEODORANT or SCENTED sanitary napkins, toilet tissue (Bounty in particular) or talcum powder (not only cause yeast infections, but will surely give you ovarian cancer – NEVER PUT POWDER DOWN IN YOUR ‘TOUCH GARDEN’ AGAIN, EVER), HEAVY DEODORANT DETERGENT in your clothes (find and stick the mildest detergent you can find to wash your clothes and linen in, like Arm & Hammer or something from an organic/health food store.

STAY AWAY FROM: SALT (don’t be a salt shaker), there is enough sodium in almost everything you put in your mouth, no need to add any more to the food you ingest. The rule is BALK at SALT! BLEACHED FOOD like WHITE BREAD, WHITE CRACKERS, WHITE DOUGH BISCUITS, WHITE (REFINED) SUGARS, WHITE PASTA’S… it’s all bad for you! Bread is NOT the best food for you unless it is either WHOLE GRAIN, MULTIGRAIN, OATMEAL or POTATO BREAD. Wheat’s better than white, but not that much better actually! So beware!
Remember that when it comes to bread, the darker it is, the better it is for you!

FRIED FOODS, can you say “cancer”!? Especially, French fries… the compacted grease alone in fries wreak havoc on your system.

PMS, MENSTRUAL CRAMPING & EXCESSIVE VAGINAL BLEEDING ARE CAUSED BY: STRESS (take time to learn how to relax, develop a personal mantra you recite to yourself in the mirror each day while looking into your own eyes – connecting with the driver inside works)! SUGAR is NOT your friend, especially when you’re period approaches and arrives, for it simply AMPLIFIES everything within the whole experience (heavy drama, heavy cramping, heavy bleeding, heavy emotional trauma). SALT is NOT your friend here either, not to mention it also retains water, causing you to bloat even more than your period has naturally made you for the time being! NEVER BUY SALT or SUGAR again… so what you used to see your momma buy it, what’s the state of her health today, I ask you (and if she’s dead, what ailed and eventually killed her before she died, you have to ask yourself… it’s time to break the cycle of ignorance that has been killing our people all too prematurely for centuries now)! ENOUGH ALREADY!

WASHING YOUR HANDS WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE. Wash them often and before touching any food in your refrigerator. And make sure the people who handle your food, wash their hands too. Remember, when someone touches the bread in the pack or sandwich meat in a pack, they have to also touch the pieces that remain, in addition to your own… so it’s important that hands are clean.

LEARN TO TRAVEL WITH A SMALL ALCOHOL & PEROXIDE MIX, for cleaning microphones you have to use, silverware at restaurants, doorknobs, handles, your hands after shaking (far too many) & your hotel room knobs, phone, handles, remote control, etc. Your health is your responsibility!

BEWARE OF ALUMINUM IN LOTIONS, SOAPS, TOOTH PASTE & DEODORANTS for this can cause Alzheimer’s and clogs your sweat glands. Buy lotions & soaps without this ingredient. Also, SACCHARINE in your toothpaste or soft drinks is cancer causing, and a definite NO-NO!

A NATURAL FACIAL treat can be made with a simple mixture of oatmeal, apple cider vinegar, cucumber, honey, lemon & apricot. Blend them all together in your blender with a dash of warm water, apply to face with outwardly circular strokes and then let sit for 30 minutes before washing off. Your face will drink this natural nutrient mask up and love you for it! Natural sperm also makes a great facial, but could prove to be hard to extract! Yes, I said it!!! It’s actual and factual, get over it! Sperm is filled with “LIFE” and honey, where’s there’s life, there’s hope!

VITAMINS & SUPPLEMENTS that you must have in your system for maximum energy, repair & immune booster include the following… vitamin A, B, C, D, E & K, in addition to Beta Carotene, Folic Acid, Potassium, Licorice, Iron & Zinc. Most of these could be covered in a good brand multivitamin. Grape Seed extract & Cranberry pills (for your urinary tract), Garlic/Cheyenne Pepper/Apple Cider Vinegar pills (unclog your tubes & burn fat), Omega-3/Cod Liver Oil pills for good heart health & Wormwood pills will help rid your body of parasites (one of the leading causes of disease).

LIFE, LOVE & LAUGHTER is all any of us should be after! These are the (3) three main ingredients to a healthy, happy & harmonious existence in the present. And I must stress in the present… for one should NOT live in the past, nor should you project yourself too far into the future; for you will only allow RIGHT NOW to pass you by. And there’s no greater time in your life than RIGHT NOW! WHY? Well, it’s simple…

REMEMBER: Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and RIGHT NOW is a gift, which is why it’s called; the present! RIGHT NOW is your gift! Don’t waste it worrying about the future or dwelling on who did you wrong in the past… hell, just get up and work THIS MOMENT for all it’s worth! Learn to accept, relax, relate, release and enjoy where and who you are RIGHT NOW at this moment and time, (as a master work in progress) for it will (truly) never come again!

“There’s a Goddess in every woman…
and you simply must decide how much you’re willing
to pay to conceive, retrieve and receive Her!
Are you worth it? … The effort? …The sacrifices?


God(dess) with you always,

Wanda Dee

Goddess Empire Record Label
“We’re Making Herstory”
WANDA DEE: The Goddess Is Here!

Superfoods Everyone Needs

More than a dozen easy-to-find ‘superfoods’ can do wonders for your health.

It’s a bird … it’s a plane … it’s … walnuts? Don’t laugh. The humble walnut, along with a dozen other dietary choices — from beans to yogurt — is no less than a “superfood”. Let me go into detail why he thinks these foods are so potent.

The positive results of a few simple diet changes in your life will amaze and beguile your.

Whether you’re trying to prevent cataracts/blindness, macular or muscular degeneration, cancer, or cardiovascular disease, the same type of preventive dietary measures apply. The whole body is connected: a healthy heart equals a healthy eye and healthy skin. You’ll hear about all these special diets for special health needs, but really, the same diet and the same lifestyle choices prevent the same diseases. With rare exceptions, you don’t need 20 different preventive modalities — just one really good diet.”

And that one really good diet should be founded on these SUPERFOODS

Tea (green or black)

When incorporated into your regular daily diet, these foods can stop some of the changes that lead to diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, Alzheimer’s, and some cancers. I picked them out after researching all of the world’s healthiest diets: for example, Japanese diets, Mediterranean diets, and even some of the healthier dietary patterns in the United States; and I noticed that it’s the same food groups wherever you live.

Walnuts: The Good Fat
Every nut, even macadamias — the fattiest — has been found to improve cholesterol. Walnuts are among the superstars. They’re an excellent source of plant-based omega-3 fatty acids, for those of you like myself, that DON’T trust the oceans enough anymore to want to eat fish. But indeed, Salmon is another great source of these heart-healthy fatty acids, for those of you that still insist on eating fish.

Studies show that you can lower your risk of cardiovascular disease by 15% to 50% if you eat a handful of nuts five times a week. If you found a pill that did the same thing, you’d make a fortune. Of course, chowing down on a huge tub of walnuts can be counterproductive, so as always, watch your intake. A handful of dry, roasted, unsalted walnuts — about 14 walnut halves — has about 150 calories, and is enough to yield “superfood” benefits.

Add Some Color to Your Diet
It is true that good things come in small packages. Used by Native Americans for medicinal purposes, blueberries are a tiny fruit that combines a wide variety of nutrients. Blueberries don’t have a huge amount of any single nutrient, but they have the synergy of multiple nutrients. There’s vitamin C, folic acid, fiber, carotenoids, and hundreds of other compounds in this one small fruit. Blueberries also have a very thick skin, which is where nature packs most of its nutrients.

When you’re thinking “superfoods,” think color… That means foods that are deep blue, purple, red, green, or orange. They contain health-enhancing nutrients that protect against heart disease and cancer, and also improve our sense of balance, our memory, and other thinking skills.

Top your cereal with almonds or berries; add tomatoes to sandwiches, soups or stews; layer your whole grain bread sandwich with slices of peppers and fresh spinach. Pack a snack bag of nuts, baby carrots, raw broccoli, grape tomatoes, and bell pepper slices for a nutritious pick-me-up between meals. Fruit and nut granola bars stash easily into briefcases for quick energy and a tasty treat. Soy for Cholesterol

No, adding soy to your diet does not mean pouring more soy sauce on your Chinese food. It does mean adding soy foods such as tofu, soy milk, soy nuts, or the green soybeans — called edamame by the Japanese.

Not everyone is convinced about soy’s heart-healthy benefits but its cholesterol-lowering benefits do seem powerful enough. A study reported July 2003 in The Journal of the American Medical Association showed that a diet of soy fiber, protein from oats and barley, almonds, and margarine from plant sterols lowered cholesterol as much as statins, the most widely prescribed cholesterol medicine.

Tofu takes on the flavor of foods that it is cooked with, so try a stir-fry of colorful veggies and cubed tofu with a light Asian sauce for a quick meal. You can also find cereals at the store loaded with both soy and fiber. Serve with skim milk and you’ll get three super nutrients for breakfast.

Take a soy protein bar for a quick snack or lunch during the day. Soy nuts are another great portable snack option.

Edamame (Japanese name for green soybeans) are snacks even kids will love! Find these nutritious nuggets in the freezer section at your supermarket. Serve them plain or with a low-fat dip.

Fiber for Your Whole Body
Beans and oats are great sources of fiber. Fiber helps keep our cholesterol and blood sugar levels low and our bowels functioning smoothly.

Studies show that dietary fiber — including foods such as apples, barley, beans and other legumes, fruits and vegetables, oatmeal, oat bran and brown rice — clearly lower blood cholesterol. High-fiber foods are also digested more slowly, so they don’t cause spikes in blood sugar levels like white bread, potatoes and sweets do. Of course, everyone knows that fiber helps keep you regular. High-fiber foods also help us feel full, making it easier to control weight.

Read food labels to find whole grain breads and cereals that provide three or more grams of fiber per serving. A bowl full of bran or high-fiber cereal is a great start. Whole fruits and veggies are great for a healthy dose of fiber. Aim for five to nine servings of fruits and veggies a day for a healthy dose of fiber. Fruit juices don’t contain as much fiber as whole fruit. And beans are loaded with fiber and protein, so add them to soups, stews, salads, eggs, and salsas. And honey, if you haven’t tasted or requested some of our home made bean pie, then you slap yourself senseless… and if you are one of the privileged few who have tasted this incredible food of the gods, then you know exactly what I’m already talking about!

Calcium for Your Bones
Yogurt and other dairy products help keep your bones strong and lessen your chance of fractures as you get older, calcium also keeps teeth strong, helps your muscles contract, and your heart beat. Recent studies have even shown that calcium may lower your risk of colon polyps, and help you lose weight. Researchers at Purdue University found that women who consume calcium from low-fat dairy products, or get at least 1,000 milligrams a day, showed an overall decrease in body weight.

Dairy products are the best source of calcium. Choose skim milk, low-fat yogurt, and low-fat cheese (in fact I personally use “Veggie Cheese” instead of actual dairy cheese… it’s just as good, just as colorful and much better for you, over all) to avoid saturated fats. A single serving can provide you with 20% of the 1,200 milligrams a day you need. You can also add calcium to your diet with calcium-enriched cereals and orange juice. Foods such as dark green vegetables, dried beans are all great sources of calcium.

Start your day with a DECAF tea fortified with some honey & skim milk (coffee really is a NO-NO, so if you’re still hooked on caffeine, please know that it is NOT at all good for women, as it promotes cyst and fibroid growths in the breasts & uterus). Add a bowl of whole grain cereal topped with skim milk and fresh fruit for a breakfast of champions. Snack on low-fat yogurt or (veggie) cheese between meals for an energizing treat.

Another plus for the “superfoods”: they can all be found in pretty much every supermarket in every town in America. You might not be able to buy bok choy everywhere, but every grocery store sells broccoli. Both dark green leafy vegetables with similar health benefits, broccoli makes the “superfood” list and bok choy is one of its “sidekicks.”

So are “superfoods” for real, or just another diet-book gimmick in a market flooded with them? There’s tons of evidence to support the health benefits of all these foods. They’re what we might call ‘functional foods,’ because you eat them for a very specific purpose. The walnuts and the salmon are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, yogurt is a great source of calcium and natural bacterial cultures that help maintain a healthy digestive tract, and tea has been shown over and over again to have a role in preventing some cancers.”

Can you lose weight on a “superfoods” diet? Of course you can, although that’s a side benefit. The Superfoods way of looking at things is a lifestyle choice, not a weight-loss program. But if you make these foods a lifestyle choice, you’ll feel better and you’ll look better.

And now the flip side… for these are…


  1. Doughnuts
    NOTHING clogs your system up more than a sugar/grease laden doughnut, which is a deep fried food, you must remember.
  2. Potato Chips
    SAME AS ABOVE… simply one of the worst things you could ever put in your mouth, and we unfortunately have been told & taught that this is what you give to guests and yourself at parties, celebrations or a snack while studying in or after school. Wrong, wrong, wrong… in fact, DEAD WRONG!!!!!
  3. Margarine
    You might as well eat melted plastic… period.
  4. Nitrate Meats
    Frankfurters, smoked bacons, packaged lunch meats, kelbasa sausage, etc…. it is very important that you read the labels and put down any prepackaged meat product that says the word NITRATE(S), for that is the equivalent of the word
  5. Oodles Of Noodles
    The sodium count alone in this is enough to send your blood pressure through the roof. It’s a cheap food, I know, that tastes good, but trust me, you’ll get what you
    paid for.
  6. Sugar
    Simply scratch the purchase of white sugar OFF of your grocery list forever.It is one of the worst things you could ever introduce to your system, and causes immediate cell destruction, premature aging, premature graying, gout, arthritis,muscular degeneration and promotes everything from chemically imbalanced induced bipolarism, mood swings & yeast infections. Need I go on? DO NOT BUY SUGAR ANYMORE (I haven’t in 20 years) and learn to sweeten all things in your personal recipes or foods with honey.
  7. Cheese
    Real cheese does indeed have some nutritional value via calcium, but the way this substance sits in your body (literally) for years and ferments, clogging you up and assisting your cancerous cells in their will to live & dominate, it’s just not worth it. Do you know you could still have ingested cheese in your upper intestinal system from that plate of macaroni & cheese you ate at Thanksgiving…1994. Pizza constipates a person more than almost anything I know (fortified with both real cheese and white bread/dough?)! Homemade wheat pizza made with veggie cheese is the way to go.
  8. Pork
    This is a parasitical meat that will only introduce foreign living, dangerous parasites to your body who will ruin your health into a state of disease and dysfunction (diabetes, high blood pressure, hyper tension, stroke, heart attack, advanced aging, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.). This beast was not meant for human consumption, trust me on this. If you don’t eat it… GREAT! If you have, go to your local healthfood store and get yourself some WORMWOOD pills and take them (I believe it’s as many as six a day) to begin the process of ridding yourself of parasites. Remember, everything that breaths (including parasites) have to replicate/mate, defecate & urinate… so just imagine what kinds of damage thousands parasites in your body at one time are wreaking on your system?)! You get the picture right? GOOD!
  9. Hydrogenated & Trans Fatty oils
    This highly cancer causing oil can be found in most store brought microwavable popcorn, pastries, cakes, pies, can goods and most of your butters/margerines.RUN FROM THIS substance and your body will thank you later… this is a heart attack on a plate.
  10. Caffeine
    Derived from sodas, coffees, chocolates, etc. This is a dietary no-no, as it negatively effects sleep, mood, energy, cell regeneration, cystic growth & aging.And be careful for even sodas like Mello-Yello and Sprite have caffeine in them,and this is a highly addictive substance (just think of how many people you know,if not yourself, that can seem to get through a day without caffeine laden coffer/tea or Pepsi, Coca Cola and the like)!

The bottom line is,

it’s your body, gifted to you by a loving God, what you do with it & how you treat it, is your gift back to Her!
Choose wisely, for it’s far easier to prevent, then it is to heal & undo!

God(dess) with you always,

Wanda Dee

Goddess Empire Record Label
“We’re Making Herstory”
WANDA DEE: The Goddess Is Here!

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