What does “Ultimate User” really mean? We shall explain…
There are two different types of Marijuana Possessiaon!
One is Legal and the other is Illegal!!!!

1.) Possession with Intent to Deliver is Illegal.
2.) Possession with Intent to smoke it yourself and
NOT for distribution is NOT Illegal!

Possession by itself is NOT illegal if you are the ULTIMATE USER “or” disjunctively if you are a person who has a medical authorization i.e. a “prescription.” Possession with Intent to Deliver a “controlled substance” is the LESSOR BUT INCLUDED OFFENSE of the MAIN OFFENSE of Manufacturing with Intent to Deliver a “controlled substance” other than marijuana. However, you cannot MANUFACTURE Marijuana because it GROWS in Nature.

QUESTION: How do you Manufacture a Tree?
ANSWER: You cannot manufacture a tree, because it grows naturally!

QUESTION: Can you Manufacture Dandylions?
ANSWER: Dandylions grow naturally, they are not manufactured.

My Goal is to create a “Ultimate User” flyer for all 50 states. I want to inform every single american that if they choose to possess marijuana for their own “personal use” and not with the intent to sell, “They Are The Ultimate User!”. I am here to inform the public of their legal rights. Doing a flyer for every single state is a daunting task and takes intensive research and studying of the law. If you like my cause, appreciate what im doing then please feel free to donate and help keep “The Ultimate User Project” alive!
Thank You
Luis Ewing

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