Dear Zulu Nation family,

From the chaos of the Colombian slums something beautiful is emerging – the Hip Hop movement is arising from the ashes carving out a new universal perspective for children and youths in the city of Medellin destroying the darkest forces and bringing light to the people.

Our amazing Quimbaya Zulu movement has been working in the middle of this universal battle and we are winning! Currently we have several self-managed community projects that have transformed people’s lives and this is reminder that in humanity’s darkest moments, the brightest lights can flicker into life.

Now Quimbaya Zulu would like you to support our movement, we have these beautiful handcrafted gold plated and silver plated Zulu medallions for sale (Only for Zulu Nation Members).


We are raising money to cover our organization expenses. The money will be used to provide a solid foundation for our projects like our Community Hip Hop School, our Urban agriculture project development and other management services.
Please, help us by making this donation and helping spread the word with Zulu members and leadership.

Let’s keep fighting and writing this new story of hope, together.

With raspekt and determination,
RAS Kalipssus, Quimbaya Zulu Minister

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