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                                                             STELLAR NORTHERN POLE


                                      Names and Gods of the Dekans

 Name                                                God

1. Knemut                         Ra + Seb + Hapi + Isat + Hapi - Mesthi

2. Heri Haped Kneme       Horus + Ba + Isis

3. Hat Djat                        Shu + Ry + Khentet - Khast + Isis + Children of Horus

4. Djat                               Geb + Ten - Gesm + Dep - Akhet + Children of Horus

5. Dahwy Djat                   Wisr + Nebt - dep - Akhet + Children of Horus

6. Tem - AT                       Nefertoum + Mesthi - Plapi + Duamutef

7. Wahat - Y                      Ra + Kebhsennuf + Duamutf

8. Urashty                         Wisr +Duamutef

9. Ipset                              Ra + Duamutef + Qebhesnnuf + Hapi

10.Sebseshen                    Horus +Duamutef +Hapi

11. Tpy - Henet                 Horus + Wisr

12. Heri - Ybwya               Set + Yah

13. Sapty - Hanwy            Horus

14. Seshemu                     Ra + Ist + Nebt - Het                    

15. Saseshemu                 Set + Ur

16. Knemu                       Horus + Ur

17. Tpy - Semed              Mesthi + Hapi + Duamutef + Kebhsenuf + Horus

18. Paseba Waty              Herumakhi

19. Semed                        Hapi

20. Seret                          Isis

21. Saseret                       Duamutef + Qebsenuf

22. Tpy Ahwy                  Quebsenuf

23. Ahwy                         Herushafi

24. Tpy Bawy                  Amsu

25. Bawy                         Hapi + Mesthi

26. Henetw - Hery W      Herukuti

27. Henetw Gerw           Nefertum + Herumakhi

28. Khat                         Ptah + Hershafi

29. Sa - Wy - Khat         Amon

30. Haw                         Menqet + Ist - Sept

31. Hart                         Ihr

32. Remnhry                Mesthi

33. Tcheserk                Shuf

34. Remnhry               Maat - Heru + Renenutet

35. Wart                      Shes + Maat - Heru

36. Pehwy Hery          Renut + Maat - Heru + Ist


                 Names of Condtellations and Stars                    ZODIAC

 A. DJAMT                                                                           RENENTI + ISIS

 B. UPUAT                                                                           MKHATENTRA + MAAT

 C. MES                                                                               HESIT + SERKET

 D. RU                                                                                  ANASYT + NIETH            

 E. NEUTU                                                                           KIRY + ANUBIS

 F. TEFEN                                                                           ABUW + HORUS

 G. DJADJAT                                                                      REMY + THEOURIS

 H. HENT                                                                            SA + AMON

 J. HAN                                                                               TEHEDRIYRU + HATHOR

 K. SAK                                                                               THAUY  + NEFERTOUM

 L. URSHU                                                                          KHEPER + SEBEK

 M. UDJAT                                                                         UATY +  AKERU














                                    WHAT IS METAPHYSICS ?

  That branch of philosophy which treats  of first principles, including the science of Universal Order, and the science or theory of knowledge , philosophy, esp. of the most speculative or esoteric nature.

                                                  (New Webster's Dictionary of the English Language)








1. ) Matter of a tangible nature, causing the body to think what it sense to
be its reality,

2. ) Senses: taste, smell, hear, feel, sight and along with the ability to
thin kingly interpret those dynamics of the physical body, developing a
superficial consciousness of them, is what make up our physical reality

3. Remote viewing is having the ability to conceive through the thinking
process an intangible reality using an extensive state of consciousness,
which put us in a spiritual state of mental reality.

So let us take a look at the two level of consciousness, with superficial
consciousness being the first.

1. )  Conscious = is the fixed thoughts based on the conclusion reached
about activity occurrence from the thinking process, as we assign our action
to categories of acceptable and unacceptable or shall I say positive and
negative, good and evil and so on.

Such is what make up our superficial level of consciousness, establishing
what we call our reality on the superficial level of thinking.

Now, let us take a look at what is called the Spiritual level of
1,) Spirituality = The ability to transcend the thinking process and enter
the arena of extensive consciousness, which is to go beyond the state of
consciousness and without thought perceive the mental reality, which some of
us call our spirituality, now that is true reality without fore thought.

2. )  Remote viewing = Having the ability to see beyond the conscious level
and observe through the mental vortex of the extended conscious level,
things of what we call the past and future, with the future being what is
called the present.

So would calling ETs of high achievement be the same as calling them ETs of
high spirituality, or high soul evolution.

Let us say that high achievement implies an ET civilization that is of high
spirituality of consciousness and mental power and evolutionary achievement
of life on a society, technology, spiritual and so on, level of life.

On earth spirituality is used very religiously and without true knowledge of
its true meaning.

Spirituality has two tiers of functioning:

1.) The development of one level of consciousness that deal with
Acceptability and Unacceptability or positive and negative such help achieve
balance and harmonic behavior on the physical level of our tangible life

For instance in society, discipline, our mental state, our well being and so
on, has to do with out thinking process, so peace is a facet of what some
would call being in a spiritual and conscious state, as we ascend in our
development, beyond the physical into the ability to interact with the
supernatural forces of our inner self, such as taking command of our psychic
abilities to use the power of telepathy, and other mental - forces
associated with the extended conscious state.

Spirituality beyond the physical requires that we be able to develop and
experience the supernatural powers that be beyond the conscious level.

Yet such force can and does be used for evil as well as for things that are
acceptable to experiencing a balance and harmonic life.

  It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth

Complete Love To The Carbon Nation

Chief Elder
Spiritual Teacher

Sankofa Repatriation Movement
The Pan - African Inter'National Movement



The Great Wall



Sapphire    Chalcedony    Emerald    Sardonyx    Sardius   
Chrysolyte    Beryl    Topaz    Chrysoprasus    Jacinth   



Remember, the color of the stones in the Great Wall are used to provide us with a metaphysical and symbolic depiction to the event that occurred in Creation—from the beginning of the creation of matter and anti-matter to the creation of a fire star, a star the fuses matter to produce solar energy. Therefore, in order to understand those events, we must develop some knowledge to the difference frequencies of the different colors of light and their metaphysical significance in the Creation. With that in mind, we should also remember that, while physics is the study of the relationship between energy and matter, metaphysics (in its highest definition) is the study of the relationship between thought energy and matter. Since God was the only living being in existence in the beginning of Creation, the Mind of God has eternally been all-knowing—simply by having knowledge of His own existence. However, the darkness that surrounded the Mind of God in the beginning of Creation brought with it the suggestion of another power existing in the universe. It also brought with it that, if another power did indeed exist in the darkness, it could indeed steal from the the life that existed within the Mind of God for its own purposes. This presented some mental challenges that being all-knowing could not overcome. Meeting these challenges would also require intelligence. Thus the intelligence developed by the Mind of Godd to meet those challenges metaphysically became light (Genesis 1:3). Some of challenges requires more intense thought and reasoning than others. Thus when matter was created, the changes in the intensity of God's thoughts were expressed as the different frequencies of different colors of light.

The suggestion that another power could exist within the darkness that could steal from the life that existed within the Mind of God for its own purposes was the earliest development of the human ego. For it is these very same suggestion that give Satan the power to manifest himself in the human ego and pride, and being known as the Power of Darkness and the Power of Suggestion. From the moment these suggestions appeared to exist in the darkness that surrounded the scientific Mind of God and God developed the intelligence to deal with them, pure science and pure spirituality became one and the same. However, in the world of matter, which is the product of impure and imperfect thought and thought enrgy, neither science nor religion has proven to be so pure. Due to the impurities and imperfections in science and religion, we find in this world of matter that the ego and pride one color of race has led it to hold other colors of races in darkness to exploit the life within them for their own purposes. In the process one color of race offer all sorts of suggestions to the other colors of races as to my things must be as they want them. For instance, the Bible doesn't day that Jesus was white; it only suggest that he was.

Hopefully, in this age of extremely advanced science and technology, our study of the colors of light will also help to clear up some the confusion that exist in the world concerning the different colors of races. Remember, this study of the colors of light is being presented to the world by a man who is of the angels of Black Light that were actual witnesses to the beginning of Creation (Revelation 3:14 and 21:17). Therefore, it should provide the world with a completely new understanding of both light and color—especially a new understanding of the difference between darkness and Black Light (Revelation 21:5).

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Visible Within The Electromagnetic Spectrum

From The Low of Red To The High Frequency of Violet


Visible light is made up of electromagnetic waves, vibrations of electric and magnetic fields that propagate through space. In contrast to slow-moving ocean waves to which they are analagous, electromagnetic waves travel at the speed of light: 300 million meters per second, or 669.6 million miles per hour!

Every electromagnetic wave exhibits a unique frequency, and wavelength associated with that frequency. For instance, this picture represents an electromagnetic wave corresponding to the color red. Its frequency is 428 570 GHz (pronounced gigahertz), which can also be stated as 428,570 billion cycles per second. So when you look at red light, your eye receives over four hundred trillion waves every second!

The wavelength of such light is but 700 nanometers long ,which means that one wave spans only 7/10 000 000, or 7 ten millionths of a meter. Measuring a single wavelength of this light against the length of a meter is like comparing a thumbtack's diameter to the distance across the United States.

All electromagnetic waves are classified according to their characteristic frequencies, into what is known as the Electromagnetic Spectrum.

Approximate wavelength (in vacuum)
and frequency ranges for the various colors
Color Wavelength (nm) Frequency (THz)
RED 780 - 622 384 - 482
ORANGE 622 - 597 482 - 503
YELLOW 597 - 577 503 - 520
GREEN 577 - 492 520 - 610
BLUE 492 - 455 610 - 659
VIOLET 455 - 390 659 - 769
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Red and yellow makes orange, and the frequency of orange light is between is between the frequencies of red light and yellow light. Likewise, Yellow and blue makes green, and the frequencies of green light is between the frequencies of yellow light and blue light. Red and blue makes violet. Thus some might reason that the frequency of violet should be somewhere between the low frequency of red light and the higher frequency of blue light, but that is not the case. Red and blue are at opposite ends of the electromagnetic spectrum of visible light. Thus these two colors must travel accross a greater distance in order to mix and form violet. For the mixing of these to colors to occur at the speed of light, there has to be an acceleration in frequency greater than the frequency of blue light. That should help provide an even clearer understanding of what has already been discussed in the Introduction concerning the violet color of the amethyst stone.

Meanwhile, what has become most important to understand at this point is the correlation between the colors of visible light and the colors of flames of fire. For it is vital to understanding the event that occurred in the Creation that are symbolized by the colors of the stone in the Great Wall—especially since those events are assoicated with thermonuclear energy and changes in heat intensity.

Changes in the frequency of visible light determine want color of light appears. Thus changing frequencies is visible light can ascend from red,to orange, to yellow, to green, to blue, and to violet. Changes in the intensity of heat also follow this same pattern in determining the colors of flames of fire. The different being that the most intensely hot flame is what is called a white hot flame instead of a violet flame. With that in mind, we are nor ready to continue our examination of the colors of the stones in the Great Wall.

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The Sapphire Stone

The Stone of The Second Foundation of Heaven

In the Introduction, we have already examined the jasper stone and the amethyst stone, which are the stones of the first and twelfth foundations respectively. Thus we will begin here with the sapphire stone, the stone of the second foundation. The blue color of the sapphire represents the results a short burst of energy that set off a series of events that culminated in a blue flame, second only to a white hot flame. This short burst of energy resulted from positrons (anti-electrons) coming in direct contact with electrons and producing gamma rays. That in turn produced nuclear fission in Creation, or in the second foundation. The nuclear fission produced enough thermonuclear energy to cause nuclear fusion. Thus the blue color of the sapphire represents the flame color, or heat intensity color of the first nuclear fusion to occur in Creation.

In a nuclear bomb, nuclear fission must occur two times in order to produce a nuclear explosion—just to give a little advance warning where all this is heading. The first nuclear fission produces enough thermonuclear energy to cause nuclear fusion to occur. The second round of nuclear fission splits the atoms that were fused together by the first round of nuclear. Thus the nuclear explosion occurs.

Meanwhile, before the "Big Bang," the atoms produced by this fusion of hydrogen atoms produced the gravity, which, when combined with nuclear forces of attraction and electromagnetism, that helped produce some of the heavier chemical elements (or heavier atomic structures). Yet the chemical element (or atomic structure) formed by the nuclear fusion did not with any other atomic structures to form other chemical elememts. Being the first atomic structure created by nuclear fusion, its single electron shell was full at birth. Thus making it inert, a noble atomic structure or a noble gas that does not readily mix with other atomic structures or chemical elements to form heavier atomic structures or chemical compounds. It is calle helium.

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As light as helium is, it is rather difficult to think of it as a source of gravity, but it is heavier than hydrogen. When formed in very large numbers is such a rarefied space, as was the second foundation, helium can become a source of gravity for hydrogen atoms. Hydrogen atoms easily mix with all sorts of atomic structure and chemical elements to form heavier atomic structures or chemical compunds. Therefore, as the helium atoms drew hydrogen atoms toward themselves by their force of gravity, it was rather easy for neclear forces of attraction and electromagnetism to use the hydrogen atom to begin the process of creating heavier chemical elements.

The creation of heavier chemical elements also provides us with the other reason my the blue color of the sapphire was use to symbolize the events of the second foundation. It is the very same reason the sky appears blue when the sun is out. Blue light gets scattered (spread) around much more than all the other colors from the sun, causing the sky to appear blue. The atmosphere around the Earth is largely made up of two colorless gases: oxygen and nitrogen. Red and blue light react very different from each other to oxygen. Because the wavelength of blue light is roughly the same size as an atom of oxygen, blue light interacts with the oxygen and is scattered by it. while red light, with its longer wavelength, goes right pass the oxygen atoms. If the Earth had no atmosphere, the sun’s light would travel directly from the Sun in a straight line towards our eyes and we would see the Sun as a very bright star in Sea of Blackness or Black Light. But because the Sun’s blue light is scattered by the oxygen in the atmosphere, blue light from the Sun enters our eyes from all sorts of different angles and we see the entire sky as blue. The atmosphere scatters violet light even more effectively, but our eyes are more sensitive to blue. Wherever we look towards the sky, some light is bouncing off an oxygen atom and entering our eyes, making the sky appear to be blue.

The pure and perfect harmony and unity that exist between the spiritual universe and the physical and natural universe can clearly be seen in th second foundation of heaven—from the blue flame of the intensity of the heat that produced the nuclear fusion that created the noble helium atom to the blue light scatter across the shy by heavier chemical elements like oxygen. Since all of this was born out of God developing the intelligence to conquer and destory the power of darknes and the suggestions therein, pure science and pure spirituality must indeed be one and the same.




The Sardonyx Stone

The Stone of The Fifth Foundation of Heaven


This stone consisted of layers of light colored chalcedony alternating with layers of another stone, sard. At least three layers are needed to make a true sardonyx, red, black, and white—sard is red, and onyx generally comes in either black or white. Those three colors alone give a rather simple picture of the events that occurred in this fifth foundation of heaven. For it is in this foundation that the "Big Bang" occurred—sending red hot matter throughout the black universe. The white signifies that the red hot fussion that took place in the second foundation would soon burn white hot—very much like a White Dwarf. The black universe is pretty much self-explaining. Therefore, here we will examine the red, white, and black from the point of view of a supergaint, red giant, white drawf, nebula, nova, and supernova, a neutron star, and black-hole. The black-hole is another phenomenon depicted by the black layer in a true sardonyx. While the black universe represents darkness, the black-hole represents black light—not the absence of light, but rather the presence of all colors of light. For all these things occurred in the fifth foundation to set off the series of nuclear explosions modern scientists call the "Big Bang."

[Unable to display image]

As gravity continued sending out the call to gather together all the atomic particles and atomic structures God had scattered throughout the universe as memory, the Convection Zone and Photosphere (the outer illumination area) expanded more and more. 5   Metaphysically, this was concurrent to recalling and activating memory to expand its influence through a systematic organization of intelligence. In other words, it was concurrent to recalling and activating memory to shed more light on a continuously expanding environment. Nevertheless, the fusion core in the center of the universe ultimately ran out of hydrogen to fuse into helium. With to nuclear fusion occuring in the core, the core lost the pressure necessary to support its outer layers, and began to collapse. However. the mass of the center of the universe was equivalent to the mass of a star called a Super-Giant. 6   Therefore, the outer layers were compressed enough to cause fusion of the hydrogen atoms in the radiation zone next to the core. That form a subcore and pushed the radiation, convection zone, and photoshere out must further—even made the convection zone much wider. Thus the center of the universe became as a Red Super-Giant. 6 The machanics of how smaller stars become Red Gaints 7   is a little different.

The entire phenomenon of light continuously expanding from the center of the universe is metaphysically concurrent to darkness and ignorance being brought into the captivity of light, which is the metaphysical expression of intelligence. For darkness and ignorance will ignore light and intelligence as long as they can—outside a systematic organization of light and intelligence. Thus all the memory the Mind of God scattered throughtout the dark universe had no impact on it. Seeing that no distinction could be made between darkness and black light, the original light of Creation, the darkness comprehended it not. Therefore, darkness had to be forced into the captivity of light and intelligence by the forces of Creation and nature: thought energy, light, gravity, electromagnetism, radiation, etc.

JOHN 1:4-5

"In him was life; and the life was the light of men."
"And the light shineth in darkness; and the Darkness Comprehended It Not."

JOHN 3:19

"And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and Men Loved Darkness Rather Than Light, because their deeds were evil."


However, the phenomenon of black light shining in darkness and the darkness comprehending it not played itself out on earth long before the coming of Jesus. Jesus came as a metaphysical expression of the center of the universe continuously expanding the influence of light and intelligence throughout the universe of darkness and ignorance. This phenomenon began on earth when black light, or black intelligence, entered into the world through soul of Heru (Adam) and the dark-skinned Bantu people of deepest, darkest Africa comprehended it not. Likewise, Emmanuel's memory of the seven days of visions that followed the baptism of pure and perfect thought and thought energy he received from the Passover of the Star of Christ has no impact on African people. For their souls are still dwelling in the very same darkness they were in when Heru appeared on earth. Thus this phenomenon is metaphysically the same as the memory scattered throughout the universe of darkness by the Mind of God having no impact on that darkness. See Emmanuel's memory of those seven days of visions at the link below:

The Emmanuel Afraka Story


Meanwhile, the fusion core continued to contract until it began to burn white hot—essentially becoming a White Dwarf. 8   Thus the the white dwarf and red giant are smybolized by the white and red layers of a true Sardonyx respectively. However, during process of becoming a white dwarf, the collapsing core caused a Nova 9   to occur in the center of the universe. The nova in turn produced a Nebula 10   around the center of the universe. The nebula was made up of bodies red hot gases, dust particles, and the lightest to medium weight chemical elements. The shell of gas forms a nebula around the star. Having been blown so far away from the center of gravity, the lighter hydrogen atomns in the nebula began drifting deeper back into the dark universe. There they would collide with each other to produce the conglomerations of positive and negative hydrogen ions that generate new sources of gravity by fusing hydrogen into helium, which ultimately become the stars of heaven.

Another explosion would occur in the center of the universe that would create a second nebula. This nebula would be made up of bodies of bodies of white hot gases, dust particles, and even much heavier and more radio-active chemical elements. This second explosion would be what is known as a SuperNova, the "Big Bang." The radio-activity elements in the second nebula would set out a second round of nuclear fission in the center of the universe. As a part of the Big Bang, it would be this second round of fission that would set off the series of nuclear explosions that gave birth to the physical and natural universe as it now appears. This second round of fission would explode all the white hot bodies of matter in this series of nuclear explosions, sending white hot bodies of matter deeper into the dark universe. Deep in space these white hot bodies of matter would cool to being red hot. Being born out of a planetary nebula, these red hot bodies of matter would form the planets and other such heavenly bodies. These red hot bodies of matter, in combination with the newly developing red hot stars, filled the sixth foundation of heaven with red hot matter throughout. Thus the sixth foundation is symbolized by red sardius stone.

However, before any of that could happen, the white dwarf had to lay the foundation for the supernova to occur. Therefore, as it continued to contract, it reached tempartures hot enough to behind the process of fusing helium into carbon. The process of fusing heavier and heavier elements continued until silicon was fused into iron. Nuclear fusion stops at iron. Though it can't be certain in which layer or layers it occurred, one or more layers experienced an excessive build up of energy through growing heat causing a heaiver chemical element to be fused in the layer belonging to a lighter element. For instance, instead of oxygen being fused in the oxygen layer, enough rise in heat can cause silicon to be fused in the oxygen layer. Such an event occurred in around the iron fusion core in the center of the universe—causing the iron core to contract even more. That in turn reduced the pressure in the other layers, which allowed the agitation to set out a SuperNova—leaving nothing behind but the iron core. 11   In turn, the iron core contracted even more, and produced, in the center of the universe, what was essentially a Neutron Star. 12

Footnote: 5

   Interior of The Sun:

Core: The sun's energy is produced in the core through nuclear fusion of hydrogen atoms into helium. Gases in the core are about 150 times as dense as water and reach temperatures as high as 16 million degrees C (29 million degrees F).

Radiation Zone: In the radiation zone, heat flows outward through gases that are about as dense as water. The radiation zone is cooler than the core, about 2.5 million degrees C (4.5 million degrees F).

Convection Zone: Convection is the transfer of heat in as gas of liquid by the circulation of currents from one region to another. Therfore, in the convection zone, the churning motions of the gases carry the sun's energy further outward. The convection zone is slightly cooler, about 2 million degrees C (1.1 million degrees F), and less dense, about one-tenth as dense as water.

Photosphere: The photosphere is much cooler, about 5500° C (10,000° F) and much less dense, about one-millionth that of water. The turbulence of this region is visible from earth in the form of sunspots, solar flares, and small patches of gas called granules.

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Footnote: 6

  • A star with a mass 6 to 19 times the mass of the sun.

   Red Super-Gaint:
  • The radiation released by helium being fused into carbon causes the red giant to swell to 500 times the size of the sun or larger and become a red supergiant.
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Footnote: 7

   Red Giant:
  • When the core star (smaller than a super-giant) runs out of hydrogen to fuse into helium, it loses the pressure necessary to support its outer layers. Thus the core begins to contract. With less pressure existing in the radiation zone, convection zone, and the photosphere, they are free to expand. Thus they expand into a Red Giant.

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Footnote: 8

   White Dwarf:
  • An old star that has exhausted its available nuclear fuel and collapsed, yet continues to radiate light from thermal energy (heat energy) trapped in it during its collapse. This is the final luminous phase in the evolution of low- to medium-mass stars.

  • White dwarfs exhibit an unusual relationship between mass and size. Adding mass to a white dwarf increases the overall gravitational force holding it together. The additional inward pressure caused by the additional mass squeezes the atoms together, compressing them even tighter, with the net result that as matter is added to a white dwarf, it gets smaller, not larger. Thus, the least massive white dwarfs are the largest, and the most massive ones are the smallest.

  • Compression of all of the matter and thermal energy of a star's core causes the temperature of the core to soar. The final temperature of a white dwarf of mass near the Chandrasekhar limit can exceed 80,000° C (144,000° F). Objects this hot give off electromagnetic radiation, or light, with a brilliant blue-white color (see Blackbody). As it radiates light, the star loses energy and cools, slowly changing color from blue-white, to white, to yellow, to orange, and finally, at a temperature of about 4000° C, to a dull red. If a white dwarf cooled beyond this temperature, it would cease to emit visible light and would become what is known as a black dwarf.

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Footnote: 9

  • A star with a contracting core can build an excessive amount of energy by hydrogen being fused into helium in it radiation rather than in its helium core. If this occurs too rapidly to be contained by the continuously contracting core, the star becomes extremely agitated by the excessive enegy. Thus it rids itself of the excessive energy by emitting a fraction of its mass as a shell of gas. The star increases in brightness and then settles down. This type of star in typically a white dwarf.

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Footnote: 10

  • A localized conglomerate of the gaseous and finely divided dust particles that are spread throughout interstellar space.

  • Planetary nebulas, or planetaries, are so called because many of them superficially resemble planets through telescopes. They are actually shells of material that an old average star sheds during a late, red giant stage in its evolution, before becoming a white dwarf.

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Footnote: 11

  • that produce supernovas are less certain than those of novas, particularly in the case of stars approximately as massive as the earth's sun, an average star. Stars that are much morThe mechanisms e massive, however, sometimes explode in the late stages of their rapid evolution as a result of gravitational collapse, when the pressure created by nuclear processes within the star is no longer able to withstand the weight of the star's outlying layers. Little may remain after the explosion except the expanding shell of gases. The Crab nebula has left behind a pulsar, or rapidly rotating neutron star. Supernovas are significant contributors to the interstellar material that forms new stars.

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The Sardius Stone

The Stone of The Sixth Foundation of Heaven


Here, in the Sixth Foundation of Heaven, much of the matter from the two nebulas that were formed around the center of the universe is moving further, and further form the original center of gravity. From the first nebula came hydrogen atoms and other lighter chemical elements. The conglomerations hydrogen atoms were along the way in being fused into helium to produce stars and new centers of gravity when the second nebula was produced around the center of the universe. Therefore, when a series of nuclear send bodies of white hot matter flying throughout the unverse, those bodies of matter moved toward the the new centers of gravity. However, in the sixth foundation these bodies had cool considerably and were now only red hot near the surface. Thus the red sardius stone is used to symbolize the foundation of heaven. For in it, the universe was filled with red hot bodies of matter. Furthermore, here the focus is shifted from the center of the universe to outer space, and the new activities occuring therein.

While some bodies of red hot matter continued to rush toward the new centers of gravity at rather high speed, others bodies of matter slowed to just a drift. Some of those bodies should become planets revovling around one of the new centers of graivity, and others would become asteroids, meteorites, meteoroids, moons, etc. We can be sure that some of these bodies of matter collided with some of the new center of gravity, and were consumed therein. What caused some of these bodies to become planets revolving around these new centers of graivity, and moons revolving around planets were other forces—like the influence of neighboring centers of gravity and centrifugal forces (which can simulate gravity), among others. Here in the sixth foundation we will that a brief look at those forces.

Before examining the fate of those bodied of red hot matter that filled the universe, there are some other bodies that came out of the second nebula that we should first take a look at. These bodies were Black-Bodies, 14   bodies of black light and anti-matter. As we having already learned, a body of anti-matter can enter into the physical and natural universe without coming into direct contact with matter by sutrounding itself with a protective shield of very short-lived but constantly regenerating radio-isotopes. Thereby no heat or anny other type of radiation can enter into a black-body. In this sixth foundation, these black-bodies become comets. The fact that no heat can enter into a black-body explains why comets build up so must ice when they travel deep into space alway from the heat stars and even retains that ice when it moves very close to a star. A comet is truly self-sustaining—needing not to be fed anything outside itself, in the form of heat or radiation, or in the form of chemical elements of chemical compounds, to carry out its functions and to manitain its dynamics. Having said that, we should take another look at Revelation 7:14-16.


"And I said unto him, Sir, thou knowest. And he said to me, These are they which came out of great tribulation [as in the tribulation that caused the supernova, and the series of nuclear explosions that occurred in the nebula it produced], and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb."
"Therefore are they before the throne of God, and serve him day and night in his temple: and he that sitteth on the throne shall dwell among them."
"They Shall Hunger No More, Neither Thirst Any More; neither shall the sun light on them, nor any heat."


Here the Book of Revelation is describing the black-bodies of a selected number of African people, who achieve the liberation and self-realization to take part in the restoration of the Most High order of civilization called Pe and Ethiopia. The sun not being allowed to light upon these black-bodies is concurrent to no radiation being able to enter into the black-bodies of anti-matter. The fact that a black-body is truly self-sustaining, requiring to be fed nothing outside itself, is metaphysically concurrent with these African people becoming self-sustaining—requiring no more charitable handouts to eat or have water to drink. For such would be the nature of a Most High order of civilization, and separate and unique human society that is based solely on allegiance to the spiritual (page 204-205, "The Great Pyramid Decoded," Peter Lemesurier).


"And I saw An Angel Standing In The Sun; and he cried with a loud voice, saying to all the fowls that fly in the midst of heaven, Come and gather yourselves together unto the supper of the great God;"


The angel standing in the sun is none other than Halley's Comet, the Star of Christ. For only a Black-Body can stand it the sun. This such rather more tell us about the color of the skins of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, who were cast into the fiery furnance and were not burned (Daniel 3:20-26). Obviously their skins were black, and the story was no doubt based upon Daniel having received or developed a concept of the black-body.

The definition of a Black-body in Note 14 tells us that it is also a perfect emitter radiation. It can radiate the maximum amount of enrgy at any specific temperature, and at any wavelength. As a matter of fact, a Black-Body is such a perfect emitter of radiation that it can actually intelligence from within the fifth dimension. Thus it is through this dynamics of a black-body that the Star of Christ pours out its baptism of pure and prefect thought and thought energy. Having said that, the link below should again be revisited to re-examine the the baptism of pure and perfect thought and thought energy described therein, and its association with the 1986 Passover of Halley's Comet.

The Emmanuel Afraka Story


Footnote: 14

  • In theoretical physics, an idealized object that absorbs all the radiation that strikes its surface, without reflecting any of the radiation or emitting any of its own. No such object is known to exist, although a surface consisting of carbon black may absorb all but about 3 percent of incident radiation. In theory, a blackbody is therefore also a perfect emitter of radiation, and at any specific temperature it would emit the maximum amount of energy available from a radiating body, at any wavelength, through temperature alone. It was through the failure of attempts to calculate ideal blackbody radiation in terms of classical physics that the basic concepts of quantum mechanics were first developed.

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1 While matter is the product of impure and imperfect thought and thought energy, anti-matter is the product of pure and perfect thought and thought energy. The light of anti-matter is Black Light—meaning that pure and perfect thought and thought energy returns to the original state of Creation. In our physical and natural existence, within a world of impure and imperfect thought and thought energy, our minds are conditioned to see white light as being pure light. Thus there is a great paradox (or great gulf) between the way Pure and Perfect Mind (God) sees things in His spiritual existence, or His divinely inspired mental existence, and the way we see things in our physical and natural existence.

In Genesis 1:7, Moses describes the wave-lengths as the waters above the firmament. As for the
wave-lengths of the electromagnetic spectrum of the visible light that exist in the world of impure and and imperfect thought and thought energy, he described them as the waters below the firmament.

At the subatomic level (the level of quantum physics), matter and anti-matter can coexist, as in the quark and anti-quark that form the subatomic particle called a peon. However, on the atomic level (the level of fundamental physical), when a particle of matter comes in contact with its anti-matter counterpart, they annihilate each other. Thus when an electron comes in contact with a positron (an anti-electron), they annihilate each other and release energy in the form of a gamma-ray. Therefore, in order for black light to coexist with the various colors found in visible white light in a world of impure and imperfect thought and thought energy at the atomic level, another form of black light had to be created. Wherefore, when the original black light of Creation was transformed to give life to all other colors of light, two new forms of black light were created, ultra-violent rays and infrared. Thus these two new forms of black light border the electromagnetic color spectrum of visible light.



These two new forms of black light are metaphysically the same as the two witnesses written of in Revelation 11:3-4, as in being witnesses to the very beginning of Creation in heaven. On earth, they are metaphysically concurrent to being witnesses to the very beginning of the Spiritual Evolution of Man, which began with Black Intelligence, the Original Light of Creation.

All these things were understood by Heru 7,500 years ago. However, having not received the baptism of pure and prefect thought and thought energy received by Heru, the priest of Kemet religions were void of Heru's vast intelligence in understanding the invisible things of Creation. Therefore, when trying to interpret the great knowledge and intelligence past down from Heru to the future generations, with the aid of Ethiopians who received some degree of the baptism received by Heru, the Kemet priest used two sphnix to symbolize the two new forms of black light.

Fifth Hour of The Night

"Half way through the hour Ra [Pure and Perfect Mind] comes to a mound of sand [as in a mound of subatomic particles or subatomic structures of anti-matter, the product pure and perfect thought and thought energy], the top of which is surmounted by the head of a woman [representing the mothering nature of the neutron, the first particle of atomic matter to appear in the watery mass of Creation, whereon rests the forepart of a beetle, only one half of which visible [as in the electromagnetic spectrum of visible light], symbol of the god Khepera; this head indicates the position of the hidden abode wherein is Seker, and when the beetle alights upon it the god Khepera holds converse with that god. Immediately beneath the head is the "Land of Seker," and is describe as the hidden land of Seker which guardeth the hidden flesh [hidden and invisible because it is black light, the light of anti-matter]; it is surrounded by a wall of sand [as in a wall of subatomic particles or subatomic structures of matter, the product of impure and imperfect thought and thought energy] and at each end, outside the wall, is a sphnix with the head of a man and the body of a lion [which symbolize the two new forms of black light, ultra-violent rays and infrared, bordering the electromagnetic spectrum of visible light]..."

Page 222, Volume I, "The Gods of The Egyptians," Wallis Budge
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Hoteph My Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

An Eternal Universe Or A Limited Universe

Come walk with me my dear beloved, walk with me on the side walk of mental and rational thought, without the interference of your various indoctrination of the dogma of religious doctrine.

For a moment pull off your Judaic, Christian and Islam hat, a hat woven by man and not God, a hat which seem to have us residing in a mental caste system of religious belief, using the various books of religion as your misguided tool of belief about the things you do not know about, which is God, Universe and Being, just believing about them..

Within the confines of one religion, we are taught to believe certain things about God and the Universe and we learn to accept those things without question or using the thought of our own choosing, which is not influenced by some one else, concerning God, Universe And Being.

So I ask, is it appropriate to think independently about the Universe and its existence and whether such was created or has always been?

To entertain the thought of the universe having always been, defies all of the teaching of the established religious institution, which teach that the universe came from a big bang and it was God that set off the explosion and such must not be question if religion is to maintain its paralyzing grip on the mind of mankind, as it dictate the order of those religious teachings, about God and the Universe.

If one entertain the thought that the Universe always has been and that it is an ingenerated act of being, then to some thinking, such thought bring into question, the existence of God, because if the Universe has always been, then God did not need to have created it and if such is the case,religion become a thriving Lie, spewing out misinformation about God, Universe and Being.

Does not religious teach that in the beginning God created the Heaven and Earth?

If such is not the case, does that leave religion to become falsehood or Truth?

Such is why our Ancient Carbon Afrikan Ancestors chose not to deal with religion, a service that is based on doctrine and not Scientific Universal Reasoning.

So would it be out of mental bound, if I was to say, the Universe we have had with us always and is beyond the need to either had been generated or regenerated, needing or shall say suggesting a beginning.

So I ask the question, is it rational to accept the thought that God is without a beginning and all that is of It, ( God ) must have had not a beginning also?

Is not God and the Universe one and the same, oh I know, such is not the religious teaching that you believe in and is not allowed to think about, because the process of thought, demand the right to ask question and in religion we question not,just believe.

The Universe is a eternal and infinite being, accompany by Time - motion, wrapped in the garment of Darkness, revealing what it may, about itself as God so reveal it to be.

We say the Universe is forever expanding and we argue, such action is evidence that it was created and did have a beginning thus it was created and I say not so, my dear beloved.

Could such action be just the eternal and infinite attitude of God, never needing a starting point to reveal what always has been and it is our interpretation of such magnificent wonderment that is flawed and incorrect?

Why does Man has a habit of always needing to put limitation on God and by doing so we apply our wants to what we do not understand and so declare it to be true?

To understand God is to know God and to know God is to see its action not with the sense of our Being but with the conception of our inner thought.

Therefore I reason that God need not create, because all there is and all there is to come is always present, without a beginning and such power reveal all that is to be revealed about itself in Time, Motion and Space,needing no beginning to reveal such action in the form of the Universe and Life Being, be it animate or inanimate.

Just a Thought My Beloved, Just A Thought.

Try it sometime,about other aspect of our Life, without being told how and what to think about God Universe And Self.

Reparation must be approached with the Mind Eye, if we are to be victorious in our claim.

A Reparation Convention require a Mind Eye in order to understand its purpose and True significance, thus enabling us to take the appropriate action to make it so.

It Is Time To Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth!!!

We Must Cause Trouble Until Our Liberation!!!

Complete Love To The Carbon Afrikan Nation.

Chief Elder
Hierophant, Afrikan Spiritualist
National Chairman
Sankofa Repatriation Movement
The Pan - Afrikan Inter'National Movement



The Divine Metaphysical Science of The Nile

Out of the Everlasting Gospel of Heru evolved three great faiths, the Messianic, Hebrew, Masonic faith (Revelation 14:6).  The original Hamitic Ethiopian name of the Messianic faith was the Maashua faith, and the Hebrew faith was originally known as the He-hu-ba-ru faith.  The original Hamitic Ethiopian of the Masonic faith is much more difficult to be sure of, other than it became closely associated with both Ptah and Imhotep (or I-em-hetep).  However, the original Hamitic Ethiopian name of this faith could possibly have been Akhu, Sahu, or Sekhem faith. 

The Maashua (or Maa-sa-hu-a) faith was based upon faith in the continuous rebirth of A-ba-ru or Ab-a-ru to restore the divinity of Heru, as the only direct link between Ra (Pure and Perfect Mind) and the human soul (Akhu or Ka-hu).  This continuous rebirth of the son of Heru also brings with it a continuous harvest of the world called the
rapture.  A-ba-ru would have meant the intelligence fed to the soul by the son of Ra, the son of Pure and Perfect Mind, the son of God.  Ab-a-ru would have meant the conscience and heart of the intelligent son of Ra, or his moral awareness and his center of thought, which could leave his body at will and live with Ra after his death.  A-ba-ru or Ab-a-ru is also known as Abel, the son of Adam, the son of Man, and also Horus, Heru the Younger.

The He-hu-ba-ru faith was based upon faith in establishing Heru's kingdom on earth as the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of the true brotherhood of man being one and the same (the
transformation).  It was develop, using the Gospel of Heru, to redeem Meru from having murdered his brother A-ba-ru or Ab-a-ru.  This also became known as Set killing Horus and Cain killing Abel.

The Masonic faith was based on faith in the science of the
, which involved the science of building tombs, mummification, and preserving the heart (the Ab, as in Ab-a-ru) separate from the dead body.  Since science was the essence of the Masonic faith, it became closely associated with scientists like Ptah and Imhotep, a forerunner of Jesus.

The Maashua faith and the He-hu-ba-ru faith traveled from the Upper Nile to the Lower Nile as parallel faiths, the Maashua faith on the west side and the He-hu-ba-ru on the east side.  In a vision, Daniel saw this as two men, one standing on one side of the river bank and one on the other side (Daniel 12:5).  The man standing upon the waters in Daniel 12:6 was none other than Heru himself.  He was not actually standing upon the waters, but rather on an island in the middle of the Nile.  This was no doubt the island where Heru was buried and his Sahu and his Akhu was seen after having been resurrected from the dead.  Nevertheless, the Maashua faith became so embedded in the Masonic faith that it cease to travel parallel with the He-hu-ba-ru faith, but intersected with it instead to form the vertex of a triangle.  With the Masonic faith forming the base of the triangle, this triangular shape became the shape of each of the four walls of the Great Pyramid.  The Maashua faith and the He-hu-ba-ru faith coming together to form the triangle's vertex also symbolized the reconciliation between A-ba-ru or Ab-a-ru and Meru, which is best known as the reconciliation between Horus and Set, which in turn is symbolized as the Golden Horus.  Thus, when Khufu had the Great Pyramid built, he used the Golden Horus as a part of his title.  Wherefore, the family reunion of these three faiths in Memphis culminated in the building of the Great Pyramid of Egypt as an everlasting testimony of the African Divinity of Heru. 

Because this family reunion and the building of the Great Pyramid were orchestrated by the Pure and Perfect Mind of God the Creator himself as an actual part of the Creation, there is a divine metaphysical explanation of the mysteries thereof.  Thus unraveling those mysteries involves unraveling the Divine Metaphysical Science of The Nile.  In order for a reconciliation to develop between A-ba-ru of Ab-a-ru and Meru, alternating currents had to exist between the Maashua faith and the He-hu-ba-ru faith, as the traveled parallel to each other on both sides of the Nile.  That tells us that the Divine Metaphysical Science of the Nile involves the science of electricity and the way it takes the path of least resistance.

The intersection of the White Nile, Blue Nile, and Nile Proper forms an up-side-down 'Y', as in an electrical transformer with Y-windings.  The Egyptian Delta is therefore like an electrical transformer with Delta-windings.  Thus the two parallel faiths, Messianic and Hebrew, traveled on each sides of the Nile with an alternating current between them-produced by a Y-transformer.  The Masonic faith made it 3-phase.  A Y-transformer has a high-leg, which, to ground, carries a higher voltage than the other two legs.  The high-leg would Heru himself.  At the other end of the Nile (the Delta region), we have a delta transformer, wherein the high-leg is no longer recognized; yet can still be recognized in the Y-transformer.  Therefore, this divine metaphysical science of the Nile explains exactly what happened with the Gospel of Heru in Egypt.

It also explains why Jesus made the following statements:

MATTHEW 11:25-27

"At that time Jesus answered and said, I thank Thee, O Father , Lord of heaven and earth, because Thou has hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes."
"Even so, Father: for so it seemed good in Thy sight."
"All things are delivered unto me of my Father: and no man knoweth the Son, but the Father;
Neither Knoweth Any Man The Father, save the son, and he to whomsoever the Son will reveal him."

Because electricity chooses the path of least resistance, as in the humble descendants of Heru taking the path of least resistance, it was rather easy for the rest of the world to insulate themselves from the shock of having to acknowledge the African divinity of Heru and the Hamitic Ethiopian origin of the three most powerful faiths the world had ever known.

There were six cataracts between the Garden of Eden and Memphis, which I-em-hetep (or Imhotep) symbolized with the six steps in the step-pyramid he built at Saqqarah.  There is a connection of six wires (other than the three line wires) that determines whether a Y-transformer or a Delta transformer is used to step-up or step-down electromagnetic force (voltage).  All the Divine Metaphysical Science of the Nile was orchestrated by God the Creator himself to insure that not one important aspect of the Gospel of Heru would be lost.

By: Emmanuel Afraka

The Divine Metaphysical Science of The Nile



The intersection of the White Nile, Blue Nile, and Nile Proper forms an up-side-down 'Y', as in an electrical transformer with Y-windings.  The Egyptian Delta is therefore like an electrical transformer with Delta-windings.  Thus the two parallel faiths, Messianic and Hebrew, traveled on each sides of the Nile with an alternating current between them-produced by a Y-transformer.  The Masonic faith made it 3-phase.  A Y-transformer has a high-leg, which, to ground, carries a higher voltage than the other two legs.  The high-leg would Heru himself.  At the other end of the Nile (the Delta region), we have a delta transformer, wherein the high-leg is no longer recognized; yet can still be recognized in the Y-transformer.  Therefore, this divine metaphysical science of the Nile explains exactly what happened with the Gospel of Heru in Egypt

It is the Delta transformer that has the high-leg and not the Wye transformer.  It has been quite a few years since I worked in the electrical field and I'm not quite as sharp as I once was.  However, this correction opens up many new doors to understanding the mysteries of the Great Pyramid and their relationships to the Divine Metaphysical Science of The Nile and the Gospel of Heru.  While Heru did not represent the a high-leg in a Wye transformer, it did indeed take a high-leg to recognize Heru or the Gospel of Heru as the electromotive force (voltage) that pushed the Messianic, Masonic, and Hebrew faiths from Upper Egypt into Lower Egypt.  Thus the ultimate expression of Christ is that high-leg, but in a Delta transformer rather than a Wye transformer.  Therefore, the following Scripture still holds true:

MATTHEW 11:25-27

"At that time Jesus answered and said, I thank Thee, O Father , Lord of heaven and earth, because Thou has hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes."
"Even so, Father: for so it seemed good in Thy sight."
"All things are delivered unto me of my Father: and no man knoweth the Son, but the Father;
Neither Knoweth Any Man The Father, save the son, and he to whomsoever the Son will reveal him."

In a Wye transformer, the path to ground is established in the center of the Y (where each leg of the Y would intersect).  Thus the voltage from each leg to ground is the same (typically 120 volts for home and commercial use in the U.S.), as is the voltage between any two legs (typically 208 volts).  Each leg having same direct link to ground is metaphysically concurrent to the divinity of Heru being the only direct link between the Mind of God and the soul of man, as in the only direct link between the Messianic, Masonic, and Hebrew faiths.  On the other hand, the symbol for delta winding in a transformer has the very same triangular shape as the Pyramid, and the path to ground is established halfway between the base of the triangle, as in halfway between the Masonic faith.  That is metaphysically concurrent to the Messianic faith becoming so deeply embedded in the Masonic faith that it no longer traveled parallel to the Hebrew faith (at least in terms of electromotive force), but rather intersected with the Hebrew faith instead to produce a vertex.  In the case of the Delta transformer, this vertex would be the high-leg, which reads a greater voltage to ground than the other two legs.  Thus there is also a metaphysical relationship between the path to ground and the subterranean chamber in the Great Pyramid, the other two legs and the Queen's chamber, and the high-leg and the King's chamber.

It is no coincident that modern electrical engineers found 120 volts the most practical voltage to use for most electrical devises found in homes ands commercial buildings.  For there is a metaphysical relationship between those 120 volts and the 120 years of a man's life written of in Genesis 6:3.  In a three phrase Delta transformer, with the exception of the high-leg, the voltage from leg to ground (120 volts) is one half the voltage between any two legs (one half of 240 volts).  That is due to the fact that the path to ground is established halfway between the base of the triangle.  On the other hand, in a
three phase Wye transformer, the voltage between any leg and ground is calculated by multiplying the voltage between any two legs by the square root of three.  The square root of three is 1.732.  Therefore, to get the 120 volts needed for general home and commercial use out of a Wye transformer, the voltage between legs has to be 208 volts.  For 208 * 1.732 = 120.092 volts.  208 volts is the very same voltage that is read between the high-leg and ground in a Delta transformer, when the voltage between any two legs is 240.  Thus the 208 volts of the high-leg is metaphysically concurrent to the extremely high electro-motive force with which Jesus studied the ancient writings of Northeast Africa, which enabled to recognize Heru as his Heavenly Father, root of the Messianic, Masonic, and Hebrew faiths, and the only direct link between the Mind of God and the human soul.

Now that my error has been corrected, it will not take too much effort to restore much of the Gospel of Heru through combining both the Divine Metaphysical Science of the Nile with that of the Great Pyramid.  Peter Lemesurier, in "The Great Pyramid Decoded," has already provided us with much of the geometric data necessary.  That coupled with the electro-metaphysics I'm currently developing will no doubt empower humanity to develop a much fuller understanding of the African divinity of Heru.  I'm convinced that trigonometry can be used to establish an undeniable relationship between the two and even clearer and more detailed descriptions of the Pyramid's prophecies.

By: Emmanuel Afraka



In light of some recent research, I can assure you the 'H' in Heru-sa-lem was changed to 'J' to produce Jeru-sa-lem under Babylonian influence.  Let us examine how this occurred:

The name Jew is not mentioned in the Bible until the Book of Esther, which was during the first Babylonian captivity of the Hebrew family of the Middle-East.  For not people known as Jews came out of Egypt with Moses.  While the 'H' in the Hamitic Ethiopian name Hehu was changed to 'J' to form Jehu, the 'H' in Hu was also changed to 'J' to form the name Ju, which today is written in English as Jew.  Ju was the name the Babylonians gave to the Indo-European members of the Hebrew (or He-hu-ba-ru) family to distinguish them from the darker skinned African and Asian members.  Many attempts had been made to make racial distinctions within the universal Hebrew family as far back as Ramses and the time that Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moses marriage to an Ethiopian woman in Numbers 12:1.  However, no such attempt met with complete success until the Hebrew family in the Middle-East was taken into captivity by Babylon.


Further research dictates that it would be wise to mention that the Babylonian 'J' (introduced by the Aryans) never became a part of the original unpointed written Hebrew.  Neither was there a 'J' sound in Greek or Latin at the time of the Babylonian captivity.  Word like Ju (or Jew), Jehu, Jerusalem, etc. were part of a new spoken (but unwritten) language that began to develop among the Indo-European Hebrews under Babylonian influence.  When this new language would become written pointed Hebrew, it would form the bases of all Greek, Latin, German, and English translations and transliterations of the more ancient Hebrew scriptures.  It would cause the Latins to adopt a 'J' into there language for that expressed purpose, such as the ligature ij IJ and the circumflex j J, which in spoken Latin, as in spoken Spanish, would remain silent. Contrary to popular belief, the 'J' sound in translated Hebrew is not an English invention of 500 years ago.  The confusion is quite understandable when both the Latin 'I' and the German 'J' are pronounced the same as the English 'Y', which was sometimes used by even the most ancient Hebrews to point to a vowel sound in association with the Hamitic Ethiopian 'H'.

"6. Hebrew ceased to be spoken by the common people during the Babylonian captivity. It was practically a "dead language" as early as B. C. 250. In the absence of expressed vowels, its pronunciation was likely to become lost. So the Scribes took four consonants, "a h w and j," and inserted them into the text to indicate the vowel sounds. While this device helped to some extent, in the end it led to confusion, often raising the question: "Is this letter a consonant, belonging to the original, or is it a vowel-letter, added by the Scribes?" Moreover the insertion of these vowel-letters did not prove sufficient; then, as late as 600-800 A. D., a whole system of vowel-signs was added, most elaborately indicating the vowels of each word as tradition had preserved it. These vowel-signs were interlinear, and therefore did not confuse the text, as did the vowel-letters. With vowel-signs we might indicate the pronunciation of Gen. 1:1, as given above, something like this (separating the words) :"



"Additionaly, the letters 'Y' and 'V' are frequently inserted in modern unpointed Hebrew to make reading easier, this is called full pointing and gives rise to alternate spellings.  Foreign words are often partially pointed to indicate the pronounciation.  The rules of pointing are very strict and complicated.  They were introduced in the early Middle Ages to aid pronounciation in a language that largely died out in spoken form; the Hebrew of the Bible and the Talmud is not pointed, though the later commentaries are."


Page 159-160, Hebrew Phrase Book and Dictionary, Berlitz


The first article tells us that, to save the Hebrew language from certain death, the scribes inserted certain letters to point to a particular vowel sound.  Though that may have appeared as something new, it was only a new version of an old pointing used when Hebrew was originally developed from the theophoric Hamitic Ethiopian language.  Thus to save at least a written form of Hebrew, the scribes had to revert back to the roots of the language.  For instance, most Hebrew scholars mistakenly interpret YHWH to mean Yahweh.  The truth is that the 'Y' points to the vowel sound 'E' and the 'W' points to the vowel sound 'U'.  Thus the true interpretation of YHWH is He-hu.  The God was called He-hu and the people who worshipped the God were called He-hu-ba-ru.  One of the original Hamitic Ethiopian names for Jehovah was He-hu-ba.  I can't be sure of how the 'B' sound became 'V', but surely that was one of the original Hamitic Ethiopian names for Jehovah.  In Exodus 6:3, we learned that God was not known to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as Jehovah, but as God Almighty.  That tells us that the most original name of the God of the Hebrews was simply He.  Remember that, in the theophoric Hamitic Ethiopian language, He meant infinite, which also means unlimited and almighty.  It should not be thought strange that Egyptologists, when adding vowel sounds to Egyptian hieroglyphs for conventional purposes, choose the hieroglyph for 'W' (a quail chick) to also represent 'U', like the 'W' that pointed to the 'U' sound in YHWH or He-hu.  The Egyptologists were not far off the mark in rebuild the relationship between Hebrew and its theophoric Hamitic Ethiopian roots.

By: Emmanuel Afraka






To achieve eternal life, it was well understood by God that He would have to obtain Pure and Perfect Mind.  During the process of obtaining Pure and Perfect Mind, matter began the product of impure and imperfect thought and thought energy.  And anti-matter became the product of pure and perfect thought and thought energy.


The life of the proton below is being threatened by the loss of one of its quarks. The only way it can save its life is to produce pure and perfect thought energy, which means it must produce anti-matter in the form of an anti-quark.

a. A Proton made up of three quarks and the gluons that hold them together.

b. Energy applied in an attempt to strip off one of the quarks and thereby destroy the life of the Proton.

c. Proton produces pure and perfect thought energy to save its life. The produces anti-matter, an anti-quark.

d. Proton is regenerated and a new subatomic particle created as well. The new subatomic particle is known as a pion. A pion is made up of a quark and an anti-quark, matter and anti-matter coexisting at the subatomic level.

Thus man's quest for Pure and Perfect Mind and the eternal life thereof is a continuation (or a "holomovement") of the quest for Pure and Perfect Mind already achieved by his Creator.  Man's greatest realization is therefore his self-realization of being the Son of God—continuing the works of his Father. 

PSALM 82:6-7


"I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High."
"But ye shall die like men, and fall like one of the princes."

Because man's physical and natural existence is in a world of matter, which is the product of impure and imperfect thought and thought energy, man's human body is incapable of eternal life and the human brain is incapable of obtaining Pure and Perfect Mind.  Thus the soul of man, a divinely inspired sphere of knowledge, intelligence, life, and energy retained in the molecular, motor, and mental activity of the human brain, is given the potential to live beyond the death of the human body.  That would enable the soul to continue the quest for Pure and Perfect Mind even after the physical and natural body has ceased to exist.

Meanwhile, the quest for Pure and Perfect Mind on earth appears to take two distinct paths.  The religious holy man seeks to obtain the purity of the Mind, but is usually void of any real knowledge of the perfection of the Mind.  On the other hand, the scientist seeks to obtain certain level of perfection in the Mind, but is generally void of the purity of the Mind.  Both parties are void of any real understanding that, in the Kingdom of Heaven, pure science and pure religion are one and the same—the Kingdom of Heaven being represented of earth by the 90% of the functions and dynamics of the brain that belongs to the spiritual universe (or the divinely inspired mental universe) of pure and perfect thought and thought energy.

Through a baptism of pure and perfect thought and thought energy poured out upon them from a Passover of the Star of Christ (Halley's Comet), Heru and his son Jesus manage to elevate themselves above all other men as Gods through their understanding that pure science and pure religion are one and the same.  Heru (Adam), being the first soul that the Pure and Perfect Mind of God the Creator himself established a form of direct communications with, wrote the Gospel of pure science and pure religion being one and the same, and his son Jesus came as living proof that they are indeed one and the same.  Thus their souls have been granted the right to continue the quest for Pure and Perfect Mind in the very highest orders of Creation.

On the other hand, modern advances in medical science have become so great that, to a critically injured person or a mortally ill person, a medical doctor can appear as the God in whose hands his or her life is held.  Since the medical doctor only possesses certain levels of perfection in the Mind and none of the purity of the Mind, this can be a classic example of the knowledge of good and evil.  The good is the benefits received by the patient.  The evil is that the doctor can mislead humankind into believing that the levels of perfection of the Mind he possesses is the product of his own mind and not the Mind of God.  The Pure and Perfect Mind of God the Creator has already established the order, and the human mind can only tap into the order that God has already established.  Furthermore, because medical science and nearly all other sciences are void of the purity of the Mind, it doesn't take much for their works to become satanic or devilish despite all the good they do.


"And the Lord God said, Behold, the man is become as one of Us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever:"

The Tribe of Issachar
will be made up of doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, medical researchers, etc.

Taken from the 12 TRIBES section of  NEW JERUSALEM NETWORK

Producing people in the medical field who to obtain both the perfection and the purity of the Mind (to eat of the tree of life and live for ever) is what New Jerusalem and African divinity is about.  That is what Black Light, the Original Light of Creation is about.  This is about people in the medical field becoming apart of the highest order of human organization being organized under African divinity.  This has nothing at all to do with African culture, African-American culture, American culture, European culture, Jewish culture, Arab culture, Chinese culture, Japanese culture, or any other such culture.  Neither does this have anything to do with African religion, African-American religion, American religion, European religion, Jewish religion, Arab religion, Chinese religion, Japanese religion, nor any other such religion.

To be continued with
"Light—Medicine of The Future," a look at how light will one day be used to manipulate the body's own ability to heal itself, the brain's ability to heal the body, most of which exist in the 90% of the functions and dynamics of the brain that belongs to the spiritual universe (or the divinely inspired mental universe) of pure and perfect thought and thought energy.

Black Light, Black Intelligence,
           The Original Light of Creation

"And immediately I was in the Spirit: and, behold, a
Throne was set in heaven, and One sat on the throne."
"And He that sat was to look upon like a
Jasper and a sardine stone: and there was a rainbow round about the throne, in sight like unto an Emerald."


Remember that Creation began with Black Intelligence, the Black Light of anti-matter. Once matter was created and the matter began to heat up. red light appeared in the universe of darkness. That red and black combination became the first face of God, which is described in Revelation 4:2 as the look of a jasper. However, the jasper stone comes in many different colors. So how can we be sure that it is a black and red jasper referred to in Revelation 4:3? We can be sure because the black and red jasper is the only multi-colored jasper that has a prominent place in the Hebrew history through Jesus was born into the world. It is called a yasfeh.



"YASHFEH [jasper]. This is Benjamin's; it is called diaspi, and is found in a variety of colors: green, black and red, because Benjamin knew that Joseph had been sold, and often considered revealing this to Jacob, and his face would turn all colors as he debated whether to disclose his secret or to keep it hidden; but he restrained himself and kept the matter concealed. This stone yashfeh, because it was a bridle on his tongue, has also the power to restrain the blood."



The above picture of the jasper (or yashfeh) know to the Hebrews makes it clear that the jasper written of in Revelation 4:3 was indeed red and black. We can clearly see black light giving birth to matter, and the matter becoming red hot. The sardine stone represents the bright red color that appeared after the matter became completely red hot. Also note that the Yashfeh also comes in green. That is consistent with the emerald rainbow that would afterward form around the throne of God.



Of all the wave-lengths of visible light that exist between the sun and the earth, the wave-length (or frequency) of green light is the most abundant. The exceeding abundant of green light wave-lengths is the reason why the rainbow around the throne appeared as a green emerald.

Like the green grass and trees that form a circle around much of the earth, the green color of emerald is also symbolic of the life around the throne of God. In the anatomy and physiology of the human body, the emerald rainbow represents the life and brain activity around the pineal—especially the brain activity that takes place in the cerebral cortex. For such brain activity is like the mental activity around the throne of God. The cerebral cortex is the outer layer of gray matter that forms a rainbow around the cerebrum. It is responsible for integrating sensory impulses and the higher intellectual functions—such as language and processing information.

Emerald green is also symbolic of radiation. In that regard, the emerald rainbow also represents the Seven Spirits of God radiating from the throne of God into all the earth.


The Reproduction of Black Light

(A Glimpse Into The Reproduction of The Original Light of Creation

When a star run out of hydrogen to fuse into helium, it begin to fuse helium into carbon. When it runs out of helium to fuse into carbon, it begins to fuse carbon into oxygen. When it runs out of carbon to fuse into oxygen, its begins to fuse oxygen into silicon. When it runs out of oxygen to fuse into silicon, it begins to fuse silicon into iron. When it runs out of silicon to fuse into iron, the star dies—because nuclear fusion stops at iron. Then the star begins to collapse under its own weight and forms a neutron star or pulsar. They are called neutron stars because the gravitational force of the collapsed star becomes so great that the iron core converts into a neutron core. In the outer layers of the neutron star, the other atoms are so tightly compressed together that the neutron star in the ultimate celestial expression of the Spirit of Love being the mother of all the forces that hold the universe together. If the neutron star emit radio waves that pulsate on and off, it is then called a pulsar. If the star's mass was great before it collapsed, the outer layers of the star eventually fall in and bounce off the neutron core. That creates a shock wave that blows the outer layer outward--creating an explosion called a supernova explosion.

The collapse that occurs after the supernova forms what is called a black-hole. There mass has no volume and time does not pass. In and nearest the point of singularity, all mass becomes anti-matter (anti-neutrons), and black light becomes the light thereof. A black-hole is not a situation were black means the absent of light. On the contrary, all colors of light are present in a black-hole, but no color of light escape once it enters the event horizon of a black-hole. A black-hole is the only place in all Creation where light can neither be lost or destroyed. In the spiritual and metaphysical sense of a black-hole, it is the only place in all Creation where intelligence cannot be lost or destroyed. Therefore, in a spiritual and metaphysical sense, the point of singularity in a black-hole is where our souls once again become one with the Pure and Perfect Mind of God the Creator himself, and one with the Creation of the universe and the intelligence (or light) therein. A black-hole is truly the reproduction of the original light of Creation.

New Jerusalem Church of Smyrna, Inc.


Note that Ultra-violet light, as in the "Purple Robe of Christ," is also known as Black Light:

"And the foudations of the wall of the city were garnished with all manner of precious stones. The first foundation was
Jasper; the second sapphire; the third a chalcedony; the fourth, an emerald;"

"The fifth, a sardonyx; the sixth, sardius; the seventh, chrosolyte; the eight, beryl; the ninth, a topaz; the tenth, a chrysoprasus; the eleventh, a jacinth; the twelfth, an


During the development of a hydrogen burning star, the Doppler effect of light occurs--as shifts in the color of light waves. There is a definite relationship between those changes in light frequency and the color of the stones in the Great Wall written of in Revelation 21:18-20. Though all the colors of the stones are important, for now we are only concerned with amethyst stone, which represent the final stage in the development of a star. For in the final stage, the star expands into a red-shift to crease its mass of hydrogen, and contracts into a blue-shift to burn the increase mass and release solar energy. Red plus blue gives us purple (or violet), the color of the amethyst stone. Therefore, Jesus used the purple color of the amethyst stone to tell us that this was the twelfth and final step in the development of the stars in heaven. The expanding into a red-shift and contracting into a blue-shift occurs at the speed of light. To mathematically express the solar energy produced by this process, Einstein developed the formula E = MC2 (Energy = Mass * Speed of Light squared).



The same blue Shift and red shift found in a hydrogen burning star is also found in the oxgen burning human body. The expansion and contraction of the two shifts in color occur in two places, the lungs and the capillary network. Red light has a low frequency, and therefore have long expanded wave-lengths. Blue light has a high frequency, and therefore have shorter contracted wave-lengths. From the right side of the heart, the right ventricle pumps contracted blue blood into the lungs through pulmonary artery. Once in the lungs, the blue blood expands into a red-shift signifying that the it has increased its mass of oxygen. Through the pulmonary vein, the expanded red blood is pumped into the left side of the heart. From the left ventricle, the red blood is pumped into the capillary network through the aorta. Once in the capillaries, the expanded red blood contracts into a blue-shift, which signifies that highly oxygenated red blood contracted to allow cells to burn its oxygen in the production and storage of energy.



The Sign of The Messiah

"In the foregoing chapters we have seen how the awareness of a Messianic World-plan-whether it derives from some ancient folk-memory or actual precognition-permeates much of the Ancient World's mythology.  In particular we have observed its presence in the Hebrew, Egyptian and Mayan traditions, and have discovered clear evidence that it lies at the very root of the design of the Great Pyramid.  Indeed, the further back in time we explore, the clearer man's awareness of the Plan appears to have been-for the Pyramid antedates by some millennia the available written records, and yet it is the Pyramid that the Plan's details are revealed most clearly and explicitly.  This in itself would seem to contribute a measure of confirmatory evidence for the supposition that the Plan was once known in its entirety by a race of men who were unable or unwilling to measure up to its standards in practice, and whose civilization was subsequently-or perhaps consequently-overwhelmed by some gigantic cataclysm which left few traces, apart from the knowledge enshrined in the Great Pyramid and a number of obscure folk-memories and esoteric traditions."

Page 332, "The Great Pyramid Decoded," Peter Lemesurier

Though no entire race have ever known the Messianic Plan in its entirety, the Hamitic Ethiopian descendants of Heru did indeed know the Plan in its entirety during the most remote times in their history.  However, it is well documented that they eventually failed to live up to its standards in practice. 


"And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them,"
"That the Sons of God [the Hamitic Ethiopian descendants of Heru] saw the daughters of men that they were fair: and they took them wives of all which they chose."
"And the Lord said,
My Spirit Shall Not Always Strive With Man, For That He Also Is Flesh: yet his shall be an hundred and twenty years."


"Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: The Spirit Indeed Is Willing, But The Flesh Is Weak."

In a message dated 2/15/2003 9:40:09 PM Eastern Standard Time, EMANSMYRNA@aol.com writes:

"Millions of people already know and millions more are becoming to know that Jesus was an Ethiopian Hebrew (or Black man).  How is it that we failed to recognize the most glorious Son of Africa since Heru as one of our own?  Why was it so easy for the Europeans to change his identity and sell his spirituality back to us as a religion called Christianity?  What have we lost that makes it so easy for others to walk over us and disregard us?  I submit to you that we have failed to maintain the direct link that existed between us and God through our Heavenly Father Heru.  Since his is the only direct link between God and all humanity and all humanity is therefore dependent upon it to have a true relationship with God, it is only natural that the rest of the world would put us down and reject us-seeing that we failed to maintain something that is vital to the salvation of all humankind."

As the fore-knowing God of the earth, the Heavenly Father Heru understood that his descendants, due to the weakness of the flesh, would in time fail to maintain the direct link to the Pure and Perfect Mind of God the Creator himself that he had provided.  Thus Heru installed a Messianic (or Maashua) Plan in his Gospel.  The Messianic Plan prophesied the continuous rebirth of the most faithful and knowledgeable of Heru's sons to periodically restore the direct link that exist between him and the Creator himself-the continuous rebirth of A-ba-ru or Ba-ru, who is also known as Abel and Horus.  Thus out of the Gospel of Heru was born three great faiths, the He-hu-ba-ru (or Hebrew) faith, the Masonic faith, and the Maashua (or Messianic) faith. 

The Messianic faith and the Hebrew faith were parallel faiths that traveled parallel to each other along the Nile-from the Upper Nile to the Lower Nile.  The Messianic faith and the Masonic faith traveled on the west side of the Nile, which accounts for most of the pyramids and the tombs of kings being erected on the west-even though the capital city was on the east (Daniel 12:5-6).  Though parallel lines never meet, alternating currents were established between these two parallel faiths.  The altering current between the Messianic faith and the Hebrew faith also produced the reconciliation between A-ba-ru and Meru, or between Abel and Cain, which the Egyptians identified as reconciliation between Horus and Set, or Horus and Seth
(the Golden Horus).   Wherefore, the Messianic faith became so deeply embedded in the Masonic faith that it appeared not to be traveling parallel with the Hebrew faith.  Thus the design of the Great Pyramid of Egypt (a product of the Masonic faith) symbolized the two parallel faiths being brought together by the Masonic faith.

"Both Kheops of the 4th Dynasty and Merenre of the 6th Dynasty have the title with two falcons over the "gold" sign. These two falcons are frequently used as a symbolic representation of the reconciled gods Horus and Seth."

Source: http://www.ancient-egypt.org/language/name/index.html


The Divine Metaphysical Science of The Nile

To develop an even clearer picture of the roles of the Messianic, Masonic, and Hebrew faiths in the development of the Great Pyramid of Egypt, we must employ the Divine Metaphysical Science of The Nile.  The intersection of the White Nile, Blue Nile, and Nile Proper forms an up-side-down 'Y', as in an electrical transformer with Y-windings.  The Egyptian Delta is therefore like an electrical transformer with Delta-windings.  Thus the two parallel faiths, Messianic and Hebrew, traveled on each sides of the Nile with an alternating current between them-produced by a Y-transformer.  The Masonic faith made it 3-phase.  A Y-transformer has a high-leg, which, to ground, carries a higher voltage than the other two legs.  The high-leg would Heru himself.  At the other end of the Nile (the Delta region), we have a delta transformer, wherein the high-leg is no longer recognized; yet can still be recognized in the Y-transformer.  Therefore, this divine metaphysical science explains exactly what happened with the Gospel of Heru in Egypt.

There were six cataracts between the Garden of Eden and Memphis, which I-em-hetep (or Imhotep) symbolized with the six steps in the step-pyramid he built at Saqqarah.  There is a connection of six wires (other than the three line wires) that determines whether a Y-transformer or a Delta transformer is used to step-up or step-down electromagnetic force (voltage).  All the Divine Metaphysical Science of the Nile was orchestrated by God the Creator himself to insure that not one important aspect of the Gospel of Heru would be lost.

The Sign of The Messiah-Continued

There is much more I will teach concerning the Divine Metaphysical Science of The Nile in Book Two of The Five Books of Emmanuel, which is entitled
"The Creation of Spiritual Evidence, Infinite Sings, and Living Proof of God's Existence."   For now it is only important that we understand the role such Divine Metaphysical Science plays in recognizing the Signs of the Messiah (or Maashua).

"Man, in short, is faced with an impasse-a Dead End Passage, to use the Pyramid's terminology-from which he is probably incapable of escaping by his own unaided efforts.  Consequently he is increasingly prepared to turn to almost any 'savior' that presents itself-so that, subconsciously, his mind is becoming steadily more attuned to that wavelength of receptivity which will eventually ensure maximum effect for the expected Messianic return.

man's scientific advance is (whether he realizes it or not) ever more urgently preparing the ground for acceptance of the Messianic teachings

"The stage, then, is set for the Messianic initiative.  In the words of the ancient 'Hymn of the Robe of Glory' (from the Acts of Thomas) the 'king and queen of the east' (symbolic of the solar divinity) are about to dispatch their son to rescue from Egypt the pearl of great price guarded by the serpent.  The sunrise of the new age will bring with it the Messianic figure, an emissary from the world of pure spirit
[the world of pure and perfect thought and thought energy], who will rescue the precious jewel of man's soul from the terrestrial snakepit…  We may interpret this sentence to mean that the Great Initiate will come as an ordinary man whose message will be expressed in terms acceptable from the point of view of contemporary science and knowledge

Ultimately, however, what will eventually do more than anything else to make men's minds ripe for the Messianic initiate is
scientific proof-proof produced by the fulfillment of predictive statements based on known and incontrovertible evidence.  It is here that the Great Pyramid, in association with the surviving biblical texts, seems to have a vital role to play.  For if the Pyramid's predictions are borne out by historical fact in the years to come, then our interpretation of its symbolism will be validated and the truth of its message confirmed.  And this in turn, in association with modern scientific knowledge, will help to permit human acceptance of the Great Initiate's teachings."

By: Emmanuel Afraka


The Virgin Birth Myth


The soul of Jesus did indeed experienced what can be called a virgin birth, but his flesh entered into the world as a result of sexual intercourse between a man and woman—like all other children until the advent of artificial insemination and test tube babies. Metaphysically, any soul that receives the full impact of the baptism of pure and perfect thought and thought energy poured out from the Passover of the Star of Christ is conceived through immaculate conception. However, that has nothing at all to do with how the flesh is born—other than all the men who had recieved the full impact of that baptism were biological descendants of Heru (Adam). Because the glorified soul of Heru has always stood in the midst of tht baptism as the God of the earth, metaphysically he was indeed the Heavenly Father of Jesus.

If Mary, the mother of Jesus, was indeed true to only man, we can be reasonably sure that Joseph was the biological father of Jesus. Furhtermore, there were no known attempt to trace the lineage back to Adam (Heru), the Son of God the Creator, whom He made the God of the earth. However, even the Bible reveals that there were indeed efforts made to trace the lineage of Joseph back to Adam.

LUKE 3:23-24 and 38

"And Jesus himself began to be about thirty years of age, being (as was supposed) the son of Joseph, which was the son of Heli,"
"Which was the son of Matthat, which was the son of Levi, which was the son of Melchi, which was the son of Janna, which was the son of Joseph,"
"Which was the son of Enos, which was the son of Seth, which was the son of Adam, Which Was The Son of God."


Obviously this effort to trace the lineage of Joseph back to Adam happened before the Christians adopted the concept of a virgin birth for their fictitious and mythological white Jewish Jesus. However, it is rather easy to see just from who they adopted their concept of immaculate conception. They adopted it from another group of thieves, who seized control of the works of Heru and his sons Meru and Ab-ru and covered them in a bottomless pit of lies and falsehoods, and then glorified the lies and falsehoods with religious mythology. These thieves were the religious leaders of Kemet, and later those of Syria.

"Among the various peoples by whom Isis is venerated must be mentioned those of Syria, who identified her with certain of their local goddesses, and it is clear that the early Christians bestowed some of her attributes upon the Virgin Mary. There is liitle doubt that in her character of the loving and protective mother she appealed strongly to the imagination of all Eastern peoples among whom her cult came, and the pictures and sculptures wherein she is represented in the act of suckling her child Horus formed the foundation for the Christian figures and paintings of the Madonna and Child. Several of the incidents of the wanderings of the Virgin with the Child in Egypt as recorded in the Apocryohal Gospels reflect scenes in the life of Isis as described in the texts found on the Metternich Stele, and many of the attributes of Isis, the God-mother, the mother of Horu, and of Neith, the goddess of Sais, are identical with those of Mary the Mother of Christ. The writers of the Apocryphal Gospels intended to pay additional honour to Mary the Virgin by ascribing to her the attributes which up to the time of the advent of Christianity they had regarded as the peculiar property of Isis and Neith and other great indigenous goddesses, and if the parallels between the mythological history of Isis and Horus and the history of Mary and the Child be considered, it is difficult to see how they could possibly avoid perceiving in the teaching of Christianity reflections of the best and most spiritual doctrines of the Egyptians religion. the doctrine of partheno-genesis was well known in Egypt in connection with the goddess Neith of Sais centuries before the birth of Christ; and the belief in the conception of HORUS BY Isis through the power given her by Thoth, the Intelligence or Mind of the God of the universe, and in the resurrection of the body and of everlasting life, is coeval with the beginning of history in Egypt. We may note too in passing the probability that many of the heresies of the early Christian Church in Egypt were caused by the survival of ideas and beliefs connected with the old native gods which the converts to Christianity wished to adapt to their new creed. Be this, however, as it may, the knowledge of the ancient religion which we now posses fully justifies the assertion that the rapid growth and progress of Christianity in Egypt where due mainly to the fact the new religion, which was preached there by Saint Mark and his immediate followers, in all essentials so closely resembled that which was the outcome of the worship of Osiris, Isis, and Horus that popular opposition was entirely disarmed."

Pages 220-221, Volume II, "The Gods of The Egyptians," Wallis Budge

Now that we have developed some understanding of how the early Christians derived the mythology associated with the lie that Jesus was born of a virgin, there is another lie surrounding the birth of Jesus metaphysics can help us dispel. The lie is that Jesus was an infant lying in a manger when Halley's Comet (or some star) led the wisemen to the place he was born. If Jesus received his mission and works through the baptism of pure and perfect thought poured out upon him from the Passover of the Star of Christ, then the power of such a baptism will easily dispel the lie that Jesus was an infant when the wisemen were led to him. For had any infant received such a powerful baptism, it would have only left behind a vegetable, a washed out brain that can only function in a semi-comatose state.

It is true that the forces of the Black-Body (or the angels of heaven) in a previous Passover of the comet orchestrate the time of birth of the man who would receive the baptism during a following Passover. However, the time of the biological birth of that man is not the same as the actual date in which he would receive the baptism. The date of the biological birth is only orchestrated to insure maximum potential in the process of self-realization. Here I can use my own experience with that baptism to help develop an even clearer picture of what this all means. Though I received the baptism in 1986, I was actually born on September 4, 1948. Visit the link below to develop some understanding of why the angels of heaven orchestrated my biological birth to occur on that date.

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The Significance of Emmanuel Afraka's Date of Birth


As we have already learned, the numbers 4 and 9 were the first two number, greater than 1, to come out of the Mind of God with perfect whole numbers as their square roots. The 4 symbolizes perfection, and the number 9 symbolizes eternal life. Thus that is the metaphysical reason why Emmanuel was born on the 4th day of the 9th month. To rather insure the potential of him achieving self-realization, the comet that pours out the baptism was first observed by Edmund Halley on the 4th day of the 9th month in the year 1682. Thus the Star of Christ became known as Halley's Comet.

But what is the significance of Emmanuel being born in the year 1948? On September 4, 1948, Halley's Comet was at its exact furthest distance from the sun. The metaphysical message in that is that the 1986 Passover would bring into the present understanding of humankind a new understanding of events that occurred in the most distant points in history, which also includes the most distant points in Creation itself.

The year 1948 also stood in the midst of the 1910 Passover and 1986 Passover of Halley's Comet, which also has a metaphysical meaning. In 1910, both Leo Tolstoy and Mary Baker Eddy died. Mary Baker Eddy, the founder of Christian Science, is noted for recognizing that what Jesus practiced was more of a science than a religion. In 1910, there was also famine in India. Shortly after that, as a distant disciple of Leo Tolstoy, Mohandas Gandhi came on the scene and fed the people of India a message of independence, and becoming the masters of their own fate and destiny. Gandhi died in 1948, the same year Emmanuel was born. In 1986, there was famine in Ethiopia. Shortly thereafter, Emmanuel came and fed the people with a message of complete liberation and self-realization. And none of these things required that anyone had to be born of a virgin.


The Island of Patmos and The Seven Churches

Like the Book of Revelation is actually a book of metaphysics based upon the Divine Science of Creation, so is the relationship between the Island of Patmnos and the Seven Churches totally metaphysical. Like John, the brother of Jesus, was isolated on the Island of Patmos, the Seven Churches were also isolated from the churches associated with Paul the Apostle. With the exception of the Church of Ephesus, there was virtually no communications between Paul and these churches. Today the primary function of the Church of Ephesus would be the restoration of African divinity. For like Jesus himself, these Seven Churches were also the product of African divinity. Thus Paul's communications with this church were basically to gain acceptance and recognition from the Ethiopian people belonging to the same race as Jesus. Obviously Paul felt as though he had to get permission from these people to preach the Gospel of Christ among the Gentiles and barbarians of Europe in the way he thought would be most effective. Paul was quite different from the Europeans that would follow him, and rob from the fruits of African divinity and change everything in their own image and likeness. Surely Paul had no idea that he was opening the door to a process wherein the Europeans would destroy all links between their versions of the Gospel of Christ and the African divinity that gave birth to the true Gospel of Christ, which was actually an update to the Everlasting Gospel of Heru.

Before examining the complete metaphysical nature of the Seven Churches, we should take a look at the Gospel according to John, the brother of Jesus, in cpmparison to the other three Gospels found in the Bible. While the other three Gospels start out as history lessons, the Gospel according to John started out purely as metaphysics. This would help us to better understand the metaphysical relationship between John and the Seven Churches, and the true propose of the isolation of both him and the churches.

JOHN 1:1-5

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."
"The same was in the beginning with God."
"All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made."
"In him was life; and the life was the light of men."
"And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not."


Who actually were the people that established the Seven Churches and why? The Seven Churches were established by Ethiopians, Egyptians and Greeks. As in the first letters of Ethiopian, Egyptian, and Greek, the EEG (electroencephalograph) use by modern scientists to measure electrical activity in the brain can metaphysically tell us a little something about the people of the Seven Churches. For through their communications with John, their brains were tuned in on wave-lengths of greater receptiveness to metaphysical messages than those in the churches associated with Paul. The Ethiopians, Egyptians, and Greek who established the churches done so in support of John, who was being held as a prisoner on the Island of Patmos by the Romans. Patmos was and island used by the Romans to isolate political prisoners from the general population. John was being held there because there was fear among the Romans that he might have actually been Jesus having never been crucified because someone else was crucified in his place. Reports that Jesus had been seen alive after his supposed crucifixion compelled Caesar to react. The presence of these Ethiopians and Egyptians in Turkey, along the Aegean Sea, as the Ethiopians and the Libyans being at the steps of the king of the north, who then would have been the Roman Caesar.

DANIEL 11:43-45

"But he shall have power over the treasures of gold and of silver, and over all the precious things of Egypt: and the Libyans and the Ethiopians shall be at his steps."
"But tidings out of the east and out of the north shall trouble him: therefore he shall go forth with great fury to destroy, and utterly to make away many."
"And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the Seas in the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him"


The name Libyan was once loosely used to refer to black Berber speaking Egyptians. Berber is a member of the Hamitic Ethiopian langauge group. Thus these were the Libyans in Daniel 11:43 that accompanied the Ethiopians at the steps of Caesar in Turkey, where they established the Seven Churches. Though the seas today would be the Indian Ocean between Ethiopia and India, in this case it was the Aegean and neighboring portions of the Mediterranean Sea. The reason the seas in Daniel 11:45 is that, like our forever expanding universe, the truth of the Seven Churches is forever expanding its influence. For they are metaphysical expression of the Seven Spirits of God being sent forth into all the earth (Revelation 5:6). Because none of the Greeks or Turks would help Caesar against the Ethiopians and Egyptians of the Seven Churches, they and their Greek counterparts were allowed to cross over into Greece. There they propagated the metaphysical Gospel of Christ long before any of the other Greek came up with the idea of the organized religion called Christianity and the Greek Orthodox Church (or the Eastern Orthodox Church). A year or so because they crossed over into Greece Caesar attacked Jerusalem to prevent anymore African people from joining those in the Seven Churches in support of John. Many of them were beheabded, both in Jerusalem and Northern Africa. Therefore, only those African people in the Seven Churches took part in propagating the original Metaphysical Gospel of Christ in Greece.

However, the success of the people of the Seven Churches in Greece, ultimately led to other Berber speaking Africans of Northern Africa being allowed to enter Rome—especially from Carthage. That in turn, opened the door for all sort of distorted versions of the Metaphysical Gospel of Christ to enter into Rome from Africa. Some of the most influential works were written around 200 A.D. by a Berber from Carthage known as Tertullian. Though disorted, his works would help to preserve the African identity of Jesus for nearly a thousands years. However, Tertullian broke away from the church in Rome, but the remnant of the Tertullianists was reconciled to the Church by St. Augustine. St. Augustine lived from 354 A.D. to 430 A.D. He spent the last years fighting against the Arianism and then against Donatism, founded by another Berber from Carthage named Donatus.

One of the agreements made between Paul and the Church in Ephesus was that he would not be compelled to identify Jesus as an Ethiopian Hebrew among the Gentiles and barbarians of Europe—for fear of how the Aryan population would respond. As we have seen in our examination of the stones in the Great Wall, his black skin color was vital to understanding the Metaphysical Gospel of Christ, but Paul obviously that it would be better to first get the Europeans to accept the righteousness of the Gospel before revealing his true identity. However, as more and more Africans from North African became involved, the more the African identity of Jesus was made as issue. When the Ayans learned that the Europeans were being taught that Jesus was African, they developed what became known as the Arian Doctrine, which denied the divinity of Jesus because it was African divinity. Thus an Arian bishop named Maximinus led a military campaign into Numidia (present day Alegeria) to destroy the sources of these revelations about the true African identity of Jesus. His military campaign spread across much of Northern Africa, and more and more African people were beheaded for the testimonies they held, and much of Norhtern Africa was devastated.


"And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were Beheaded For The Witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years."


After the abdication of Maximian in 305, the persecution seems to have abated in Africa. However, before his abdication, he had turned many African people into what Donatus would classify as traditors. A hundred years earlier Tertullian had taught that flight from persecution was not permissible. Thus Donatus came up with a doctrine of his own in opposition to the out come of the Arian doctrine in Africa. Donatism became a movement in which all the Africans who surrendered the testimonies they held to the Arian invaders were branded traditors and denied sacrament. St. Augustine saw this as too harsh a punishment, and therefore sent his last years fighting against both the Arianism and Donatism. Meanwhile, the Aryans were adopting a new doctrine, which is described in Revelation 2:15 as the doctrine of the Nicolaitanes. In their new doctrine, the divinity of Jesus is accepted, but his identity is changed into that of a white man. Nevertheless, due to the works of Africans like Tertullian, St. Augustine, and Donatus, it took the Aryans (that old serpent called the Satan and the Devil) a thousand from Jesus to carry out their new doctrine.


"And I saw an angel come down from heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand." "And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and Bound Him A Thousand Years,"


However, the problem is that the true Metaphysical Gospel of Christ known by those in the Seven Churches became lost, as well as the true mission of Jesus. Thus we are left with only the Book of Revelation to reconstruct them. Therefore, it is here important to note that both works and mission of Jesus, and his brother John receiving the Book of Revelation from him are center on the baptism of pure and perfect thought and thought energy poured from the Passover of the Star of Christ, the true Passover. For this will give us additional leverage in drawing the works and mission of Jesus out of the bottomless pit of lies and falsehoods.

During the 12 B.C. Passover of Halley's Comet, Jesus received the baptism of pure and perfect thought and thought energy poured out from the Star of Christ. He was twelve years old, and very mentally and academically mature for a twelve. Because the glorified soul of Heru stood in the midst of the baptism, the baptism essentially produced the virgin rebirth of the Son of Man, the Son of Heru. This revelation will dispel the lies and falsehoods that went into the story of Jesus being born of a virgin female, and that he was an infant lying in a manger when the wisemen were led to him by a comet. For as it has already been stated, had any infant received such a powerful baptism, it would have only left behind a vegetable, a washed out brain that can only function in a semi-comatose state.

The next Passover of Halley's Comet was in 66 A.D. It was during that Passover that John, the brother of Jesus, also received the baptism poured out from the Star of Christ—with the glorified soul of Jesus standing in the midst—along with the glorified soul of his Heavenly Father Heru (Revelation 3:21 and 14:1). Thereby Jesus was able to instruct John on how to write the Book of Revelation (Revelation 1:11).

Because both Jesus and his brother John were metaphysical scientists in the Divine Science of Creation, they both had the spiritual intelligence to write the book above and beyond the levels of understanding of the Aryans, Nicolaitanes, and other such Europeans, who would have allowed the book to be published had they had any idea what it meant. Having no idea what it meant, the entire Christian world has become guilty of adding to and taking away from its Prophecies—all to use Christianity as a tool to further perpetuate and sustain an ungodly philosophy of white supreamcy.


"For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:"
"And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book."


Remember, God is Pure and Perfect Mind. As such God has retained the power to use the metaphysics of the Divine Science of Creation to add plagues unto those who have added to the prophecies of the Book of Revelation. Furthermore, He has, in the same way, retained the power to take away any part in the Book of Life claimed by those who have taken away from this Book to develop some ungodly philosophy, such as the ungodly philosophy of white supremacy. Therefore, those Arayans and Nicolaitanes, who have developed Christianity and portion of the Bible to perpetuate and sustain their ungodly philosophy of white supremacy, are soon to learn that they have been setup (framed) by two Africans, Jesus and John. For the souls of these two Africans were actually witnesses to the beginning of Creation. Thus they had a first hand look into the truth that God never created any superior race, nor any inferior race—just superior souls. Yes, there is a very shocking conclusion to all this.



The Chrysolyte Stone

The Stone of The Seventh Foundation of Heaven

As we have thus far seen, all the stones in the Great Wall symbolize both the macrocosmic and the microcosmic events of creation. Here in the seventh foundation of heaven we will start with a microcosmic examination of its events in relationship to the two preceeding foundations. Hopefully it will make the macrocosmic event in this foundation much easier to understand. For the metaphysics of this foundation it begins to make it crystal clear that the the events of Creation were also also being orchestrated to create life in a physical and natural form. However, life in its physical and natural existence requires blood, or life perpetuating and sustaining liquids, such as protoplasm, cytoplasm, plasmin, plasma, etc. Thus, from a microcosmic point of view, the yellow color of the chrysolyte stone also symbolizes Plasma. 17   From 46 to 63% of the blood is made up of plasma. Approximately 7% of the plasma is plasma proteins, 1% Other solutes, and 92% water.

However, blood is not only composed of plasma. It also contains white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets, which are called formed elements. White blood cells and platelets together only .1% of the formed elements. The other 99.9% is composed of red blood cells. Within a white blood cell is a nucleus that functions somewhat like a Black-Body, or is analogous of a Black-Body.

To betterunderstand the analogy between a Black-Body and the nucleus of a whiter blood cell, we would review a few things we have already learned. Rmember that, while physics is the study of the relationship between energy and matter, metaphysics, in its highest definition, is the study of the relationship between thought energy and matter. Also remember that, form the very beginning of Creation, it has been the Will of God to conquer and destroy the powers of darkness and all negative suggestions therein—even the suggestion of death. However, only a self-perpetuating and self-sustaining body of anti-matter (or only a Black-Body) can conquer and destroy death to live forever and never die. Thus God also installed in Creation a System of Truth to record and transmit that which would perpetuate and sustain life eternally as opposed to the things that would not. This System of Truth became the Word of God. Because of the cascading nature of the thought energy produced by these two primary causes of Creation, in the form of their traits, the Will of God and the Word of God produced and endless number of effects within the Works of God. Thereby the analogy between a Black-Body and the nucleus of a white blood cell can be traced back to the creation of a white dwarf in the center of the universe, which in turn produced a neutron star, which in turn produces a balck-hole, and which in turn produced a Black-Body. However, in the case of the nucleus of a white blood cell, it tries to maintain homeostasis in the body by instucting components of it cellular structure on how to achieve purity and perfection through conquering and destroying pathogens and toxins, which enter into the body as a threat of death, or a suggestion of death against the body. The white dwarf occupied a very samll portion of the volume of the center of the universe in comparison to its red giant. That is also metapysically concurrent to white blood cells representing only a very small portion of the of plasma in comparison to the red blood cells.

Therefore, expressions of the Black-Body that was produced in the fifth foundation of heaven entered into the sixth foundation. Also white-hot matter from the white dwarf that was produced in the fifth foundation. There it began to cool and appeared as the red-hot matter from the red on the surface—with white-hot matter still existing under surface, but representing a much smaller percentage the total volume. From the sixth foundation, all of that entered into the seventh foundation. There it entered into the plasma produced in the seventh foundation as an expression of the life sustaing fluid called blood.

We can observe that every same phenomenon in the four parts of the comets that were formed in the sixth foundation. The comets nucleus contains a black-body. Its outer shell is made of white ice. The coma, which makes the white ice fluid and the tail gaseous, appears yellow-hot. The tail appears red. Wherefore, as a metaphysical expression of life giving blood, Halley's Comet has played a vital role in both the physical and natural evolution of life on earth, and the the Spiritual Evolution of Man, which, in other words, is the divinely inspired mental evolution of man.

A team of European quantum physicists (CERN) came very close to realizing the relationship between the Will of God and the Word of God withing the Works of God when the discovered the W and Z Particles, 18   W1+ W1- Z10, which is also known as a Weak Nuclear Force. 19   In this extremely minute physical express of the relationship between the Will of God and the Word of God with the Works of God, W1+ = the Will of God, W1- = the Word of God, and Z10 = the Works of God. Z10 has a charge of zero because Creation (the Works of God) had no charge until it was given charges by the relationship between the Will of God and the Word of God. The Will of God never expresses a negative, but the Word of God can.

However, in our world of impure and imperfect thought and thought energy, under certain conditions, the Will of God can become the Word of God, and vice versa. That is reflected in the fact that this weak nuclear force is the product of neutron decay, also known as beta decay. We have already learned that the neutron was the very first atomic particle created, and that the protons and electrons that formed the first hydrogen atoms were the product of neutron decay (loss of memory). However, the neutron decay that produces this weak nuclear force doesn't come form a neutron existing outside an atom, but rather from an atom that has several neutrons existing within the nucleus. In this form of neutron decay (or beta decay), a proton, regaining memory, can become a neutron emitting a positron, Anti-Matter . 20   That is consistent with the Will of God to produce pure and perfect thought and thought energy, which anti-matter is the product of. However, a neutron can also become a proton emitting an electron. That is consistent with the Word of God recording and transmitting difference between that which is pure and perfect as opposed to that which is not, as in the difference between right and wrong, and good and evil, true or false. All of which is metaphysically concurrent to anti-matter, which is the product of pure and perfect thought and thought energy versus matter, which is the product of impure and imperfect thought and thought energy. Because anti-matter is created and sustained in the Fifth Dimension, even the world's best physicists are confused about the origin of anti-matter.

Antiparticles are created elsewhere in the universe where there are high-energy particle collisions, such as in the center of our galaxy, but none have been detected that are residual from the Big Bang, as most normal matter is. The unequal distribution between matter and antimatter in the universe has long been a mystery.



All the greatest physicists the earth has ever produced together are not God. Thus we cannot expect them to know everything. Only those souls that realized that they were actual witnesses to the beginning of Creation could have known and understood the origin of anti-matter.

Footnote: 17

  • Plasma, clear, yellowish liquid that forms the fluid portion of blood and lymph. Plasma transports red and white blood cells and platelets throughout the body. It also delivers nutrients to the body's millions of cells and picks up cell waste products.
  • Plasma is composed chiefly of water. This watery solution contains small amounts of minerals, salts, sugar (glucose), fats , amino acids, hormones, enzymes, dissolved gases, wastes like urea, and several proteins.
  • When blood flows past individual cells at the level of the smallest of blood vessels, called capillaries, plasma passes through the capillary walls. It then becomes known as lymph (fluid that bathes tissues), which is rich in white blood cells. Lymph is much like plasma, except that it contains no proteins, which are too large to pass through the capillary walls. As it bathes the body's cells, lymph delivers the nutrients transported in plasma and collects wastes from the cells. Lymph then rejoins the plasma in the circulatory system so that the wastes can be carried to the organs that excrete them from the body.

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Footnote: 18

   W and Z Particles:
  • Basic Properties: Two kinds of W bosons exist with +1 and −1 elementary units of electric charge; the W + is the antiparticle of the W . The Z boson (or Z 0) is electrically neutral and is its own antiparticle. All three particles are very short-lived with a mean life of about 3 × 10−25 seconds.

    The reason that the life-span of a boson is so short is that it only appear during a recall of memory. This disbursement of energy starts at between a neutron and a proton, wherein a slight memory loss can be detected. The integer-spin of the boson versus the half-spin of the fermions (their positions), determines rather the proton becomes a neutron emitting a positron, or the neutron becomes a proton emitting an electron. To maintain balance, if an electron is emitted, an anti-neutrino is also emitted, or when a positron is emitted, a neutrino is emitted also. When the positions of the boson and fermion are added to this balanced equation, we learn that this disbursement of energy can occur in six different combinations. Wherefore, quarks exist in six flavors: up, down, charm, strange, top and bottom (indicated with the symbols u, d, c, s, t and b). Leptons occur in six other flavors: electron, muon, tau, electron neutrino, muon neutrino and tau neutrino (e, μ, τ, νe, νμ and ντ). Antiparticles have −1 unit of the corresponding flavor. For example, the strange and antistrange quarks (s and ) have a strangeness of −1, and 1 respectively.


    "And the Four Beasts [and in the four fundamenatal forces of nature] had each of them Six wings [as in the six flavors of quarks and six flavors of leptons]about him; and they were full of eyes within: and they rest not day and night, saying, Holy, holy, holy, LORD God Almighty, which was, and is, and is to come."
    "Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created."

    These bosons are heavyweights among the elementary particles. With a mass of 80.4 and 91.2 GeV/c 2, respectively, the W and Z particles are almost 100 times as massive as the proton—heavier than atoms of iron. The mass of these bosons is significant because it limits the range of the weak nuclear force. The electromagnetic force, by contrast, has an infinite range because its boson (the photon) is massless.

  • Weak Nuclear Force of W and Z Bosons: The W and Z bosons are carrier particles that mediate the weak nuclear force, much like the photon is the carrier particle for the electromagnetic force. The W boson is best known for its role in nuclear decay. Consider, for example, the beta decay of cobalt-60, an important process in the explosion of both supernovae and neutron bombs:

    This reaction does not involve the whole cobalt-60 nucleus, but affects only one of its 33 neutrons. The neutron is converted into a proton while also emitting an electron (called a beta particle in this context) and an antineutrino:

    Again, the neutron is not an elementary particle but a composite of an up quark and two down quarks (udd). It is in fact one of the down quarks that interacts in beta decay, turning into an up quark to form a proton (uud). At the most fundamental level, then, the weak force changes the flavor of a single quark:

    which is immediately followed by decay of the W− itself:

    Being its own antiparticle, the Z boson has all zero quantum numbers. The exchange of a Z boson between particles, called a neutral current interaction, therefore leaves the interacting particles unaffected, except for a transfer of momentum. Unlike beta decay, the observation of neutral current interactions requires huge investments in particle accelerators and detectors, such as are available in only a few high-energy physics laboratories in the world.
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Footnote: 19

   Weak Nuclear Force:
  • The weak nuclear force or weak interaction is one of the four fundamental forces of nature. It is most commonly seen in beta decay and the associated radioactivity. The predicate weak derives from the fact that the field strength is some 109 times less than that of the strong nuclear force. The term nuclear indicates that it is a short-range force, limited to distances smaller than an atomic nucleus.

  • The weak nuclear force affects all leptons and quarks. It is the only force affecting neutrinos (except for gravitation, which is negligible on laboratory scales). The weak interaction enables all lepton and quark particles and antiparticles to interchange energy, mass, electric charge and flavor—effectively to change into each other.

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Footnote: 20

  • Antimatter is matter that is composed of the antiparticles of those that constitute normal matter. An atom of anti-hydrogen, for instance, is composed of a negatively-charged antiproton being orbited by a positively-charged positron. If a particle/antiparticle pair comes in contact with each other, the two annihilate and produce a burst of electromagnetic radiation.
  • Scientists in 1995 succeeded in producing anti-atoms of hydrogen, and also anti-deuteron nuclei, made out of an anti-proton plus an anti-neutron, but not yet more complex antimatter. Positrons and antiprotons can individually be stored in a device called a Penning trap, which uses a combination of magnetic and electric fields to hold the particles near the center of a vacuum. Traps for holding complete antihydrogen atoms require intense magnetic fields and Very Low Temperatures for the antiparticles. THe reason that the temperature in the trap must be so low is that anti-matter is what composes a black-body, and not heat can enter into a black-body.

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The Jacinth Stone

The Stone of The Eleventh Foundation of Heaven


In the eleventh foundation of heaven, the new centers of gravity and the planets and moons that fell into their gravitational influence were still forming creditable solar systems. Yet they were still quite some time away from becoming what can be defined as full-fledged solar systems. The atomsphere around these fledgling stars and the planets and moons revolving around them was still filled with massively thick clouds of dust particless, gases, water vapors. That also included even chemical elements much heavier than the one that was being fused together to form another chemical element. The clouds of dust particles, gases, and water vapors were so thick that these fledgling solar systems were still shrouded in darkness—despite the brilliance of their centers of gravity. The conditions were very much like what modern scientists describe as a "nuclear winter" for planet earth. Furthermore, with such massive quanties of heavy chemical elements (heavier than the element that was being fused into another element) falling into the event horizons of these newly developing stars, they experienced extremely violent volcanic-like solar eruptions and solar flares of the highest magnitude. Because of the thick clouds of dust particles, gases, water vapors, and heavier chemical elements, these newly developing stars were not breathing properly; they were full of congestion. Their sluggish breathing meant that they were not yet expanding and contracting at the speed of light to increase their mass and burn it off in the form of solar energy. They were no longer in the rarefied space in which they were born.


Yet there was light at the end of the tunnel. For tremendous about of Knowledge Had Increased in each of these newly developing solar systems, and knowledge can be transformed into intelligence, and intelligence is metaphysically the same as light. Therefore, it was certain that these big red balls of light in each newly developing solar system would ultimatley break through the clouds and come shining through. Thus the eleventh founndation of heaven is symbolized by the jacinth stone, which comes in a variety of red based color: dark red, medium red, reddish-orange, orange, and yellowish-orange. These red based balls of light (like our Sun) coming with clouds is metaphysically the concurrent as the Sons of God Coming With Clouds. With that in mind, it becomes crystal clear that, as metaphysical expressions of the Sons of God, each newly developing star had the potential of a Black-Body in its core, and at least one active Black-Body in orbit around them in the form of a comet. Meanwhile, darkness and ignorance would Sleep In The Clouds Dust Particles and ignore light and intelligence as long as possible. 


"Behold, He Cometh With Clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him. Even so, Amen."

DANIEL 12:2-4

"And many of them that Sleep In The Dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt."
"And they that be wise shall Shine As The Brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever."
"But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and Knowledge Shall Be Increased."


We have already learned that the Will of God and the word of God are the two primary causes of Creation, and that their traits were cascaded throughtout Creation—producing an endless number of effects. Also we have learned that this relationship between cause and effect is concurrent to what quantum physicist David Bohm calls the Implicit Order. Therefore, by the Implicit Order of Creation, we find within the human brain a metaphysical expression of the same thick clouds of dust particles, gases, and water vapors that shrouded the newly developing solar systems in darkness. With all those things in mind, it becomes rather easy to seen how many African societies and cultures (including African-American society and culture) have produced prime examples of the phenomenon of darkness and ignorance ingoring light and intelligence as long as possible. If never taken into the captivity of light and intelligence, the would ignore it forever. Like there is difference between darkness and black light, there is also a vast difference between a dark-body and a Black-Body.

As metaphysical expressions to Black-Bodies, the Sons of God were made of quite a different mental and metaphysical substance than the general masses of African people, who have been reduced to dust and sleep therein. Yet knowledge will increase among them, and some will be liberated from this curse to achieve an even greater self-realization, and thereby shine forth like the stars that are metaphysical expressions of the Sons of God. Other will remain bound in the everlasting chains of darkness until the day the stars come shining throught (Jude 1:6). There are no shades of gray in black. Therefore, black can only reproduce the best in Creation, as in Heru, Amen, Elijah, and Jesus, or the worst in Creation, as in being first in HIV/AIDS, other infectious diseases, proverty, hunger, and a host of other undesirable situations. In the case of black, that is so much more than just an Implicit Order of Creation; it is rather more an Explicit Order of Creation.

Meanwhile, there it was in the Eleventh Foundation of Heaven, and conditions were still along ways from being right for perpetuating and sustaining life on planets like earth. The foundation of life that entered into in the tenth foundation was still idle among the planets. No planets had yet been found worthy of blessing with a Crown of Life. Darkness and ignorance still reigned.

MATTHEW 20:6-10 and 16

"And about the Eleventh Hour he went out, and found others standing idle, and saith unto them, Why stand ye here all the day idle?"
"They say unto him, Because no man hath hired us. He saith unto them, Go ye also into the vineyard; and whatsoever is right, that shall ye receive."
"So when even was come, the lord of the vineyard saith unto his steward, Call the labourers, and give them their hire, beginning from the last unto the first."
"And when they came that were hired about the Eleventh Hour, they received every man a penny."
"But when the first came, they supposed that they should have received more; and they likewise received every man a penny."
"So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen."

Eleventh Division of The Tuat

On the right hand of the boat of Ra are: 1. Four Gods, called "Bearers of Light," 2. Four Gods, called "Bearers of Stars," holding Stars in their right hands. 3. Four gods "who go out," 4. The god Ba, Khnemu, Penter, and Tent, ram-headed. 5. Four gods, Horus, Herus-Sept, Sept, and "he who is in his double boat," hawk-headed. 6. Eight women, the Horus, seated on the coiled up serpents and Each Holding A Star in her hand; these are "protecting hours," 7. The god Sebek-Ra, crocodile-headed. All the are Personification of Stars which bear along the boat of Ra towards the day-break, for they wish to see it floating once more on the bosom of Nut; and when the arms of the sky-god Nu receive they shout praises with the Stars which they carry, and go to him in the heights of heaven in the bosom of Nut. In connection with the idea of Stars praising Ra at sunrise we may note its similarity to that expressed in Job xxxviii. 7. "When the Morning Stars song together, and all the Sons of God shouted for joy [Revelation 22:16].

Pages 200-201, Volume I, "The Gods of The Egyptians," Wallis Budge

Eleventh Hour of The Night

Ra stands as usual in his boat, but he has changes the serpent which he held in his hand as a sceptre for the ordinary sceptre, and on the bows of the boat we see a solar disk, surrounded by a serpent; the name of this disk is Pestu or Pestet, and it is probably connected with some Well-known Star which rose heliacally at certain seasons of the year. The duty of the disk was to guide the boat of the great god of the Eleventh Hour, where the Darkness Faded Away; the text call the darkness at this point Keku keskesu, i.e., the opposite of the kekui samui, or the thick, solid darkness which filled the greater part of the Tuat.

Page 250, Volume I, "The Gods of The Egyptians," Wallis Budge

Note that the Eleventh Foundation of Heaven, the Eleventh Hour, and the Eleventh Division of The Tuat, and the Eleventh Hour of The Night all bring with them various measures of truth. All together they bring the truth about the Explicit Order of Creation, the truth about the metaphysical relationship between the Stars of Heaven and the Sons of God, and the Truth about the light at the end of the tunnel. In Genesis 1:14-19, Moses tells us that the stars of heaven were created in the Fourth Day of Creation. Therefore, all these things should make it crystal clear that the twelve foundations of heaven only cover the first four days of Creation. They do not include the Fifth Day of Creation, when life and the evolution life began on planets like earth (Genesis 1:20-23). Neither do they include the Sixth Day of Creation, when the evolution of life on earth led to the creation of human beings—from Homo erectus, to Homo habilis, to Homo sapiens (Genesis 1:24-31). Nor do they include the Seventh Day of Creation, when God rested from His works (Genesis 2:2). The first foundation of heaven includes both the First of Creation and the Second Day of Creation, the days in which the Spirit of Knowledge and the Spirit of Love were the dominant creative forces respectively. The second through the fourth foundations cover the Third Day of Creation, the day in which the spirit of Faith was the dominant creative force—faith that all the things that occurred in the center of the universe would work to conquer and destroy the power of darkness and all the negative suggestion therein, as well as create life in a physical and natural state of being (Genesis 1:9-13). The fifth foundation to the twelfth foundation covers the Fourth Day of Creation, the day in which the Spirit of Truth was the dominant creative force. The Fourth Day of Creation was also the Day of the Great Division, when all of Creation was split down to the atom to create the stars, planets, moons, etc. (Genesis 1:14-19). With the exception of the Seventh Day of Creation, which is an eternal day, the Fourth Day of Creation was obviously the longest day in Creation.

In covering only the first four day of Creation, the twelve foundations of heaven gives us some never seen bfore insight into the Book of Revelation concerning the sounding of the first four angels. The sounding of the first four angels in the 8th Chapter of the Book of Revelation is actually the sounding of the first four churches and their primary functions. The fourth church is the Church of Sardis. Its primary function is to develop Divine Science based upon the Twelve Foundations of Heaven, the Twelve Divisions of the Tuat, the Twelve Hours of Night, the Seven Days of Creation, and some of the Books of the Prophets.


"And the fourth angel sounded, and the third part of the sun was smitten, and the third part of the moon, and the third part of the stars; so as the third part of them was darkened, and the day shone not for a third part of it, and the night likewise."
"And I beheld, and heard an angel flying through the midst of heaven, saying with a loud voice, Woe, woe, woe, to the inhabiters of the earth by reason of the other voices of the trumpet of the three angels, which are yet to sound!"


Revelation 8:12 is actually a metaphysical reflection of the fact that, during a third part of the events of the eleventh foundation of heaven, the newly developing solar systems were still shrouded in darkness. The three woes in Revelation 8:13 has to do with the sounding of the other three churches and their primary functions, as well as the sounding of the other three days of Creation. With regard to the other three days of Creation, these woes have to do with each mental component of the Mind of God being drawn closer to what they were being prepared for in the beginning. Form the being, each mental component of the Mind of God was being prepared to physically and naturally that on its very own portion of the darkness that mentally surrounded the Mind of God in the beginning of Creation. Therefore, each mental component of the Mind of God would ultimately become a Living Soul existing within the darkness and limitations of a human brain and body—having the responsibility of conquering and destroying the of darkness and negative suggestions therein, including the suggestion of death. Thus the human soul is a divinity inspired sphere of knowledge, intelligence, life, and energy retained in the molecular, motor, and mental activity of the human brain with the potential of eternal life. However, the limitations of the human brain and body makes it impossible for the human soul to escape being brought into the captivity of light and and intelligence. Such revelations do indeed come as woes to human beings who are unable or unwilling to do what it take to achieve the liberation and self-realization necessary to free the human soul from the darkness and ignorance of the human brain and body. In other words, by this design within Creation, no soul could ever escape the judgment of the Mind it originated from.

Nevertheless, bringing darkness and ignorance into the captivity of light and intelligence via the human brain and body has a very well planned outcome that is not so personal. This planned is designed to compel humanity to achieve its Most High civilized state of being. Metaphysically, that would mean restoring the Most High order of civilization that was originally established in the center of the universe by the first society of Black-Bodies. On earth, that would mean the restoration of the first Most High Order of spiritual civilization that was established on earth by another society of black-bodies known as the Sons of God (Genesis 6:1-4). Metaphysically the Sons of God were biological expressions of the society of Black-Bodies whose civilization existed in the center of the universe as a part of the Creation itself. This Most Hight order of civilization was called Pe and Ethiopia. It was founded by Heru, who understood the mysteries of the Twelve Foundations of Heaven, the Twelve Divisions of the Tuat, the Twelve Hour of Night, and the Seven Days of Creation 7,500 years ago. However, due to the darkness and ignorance withing the human brain and body, humanity labors under the false conception that the materialist civilization of Mesopotamia and Babylon, which devloped along the river Euphrates, is the actual "Cradle of Civiliztion." Therefore, in order for humankind to achieve this Most High civilized state of being, and accomplish what we were being prepared for in the beginning, the truth of the four days of Creation covered by the twelve foundations of heaven must be liberated from thick clouds of darkness that developed around the Euphrates. That also includes the liberation of the primary functions of the first four churches.


"And the sixth angel sounded, and I heard a voice from the four horns of the golden altar which is before God,"
"Saying to the sixth angel which had the trumpet, Loose the four angels which are bound in the great river Euphrates." "And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, for to slay the third part of men."


But why is the restoration of this Most High order of civilization so important to the eleventh foundation of heaven. The main reason being that, metaphysically, it will be liberated from the darkness that covers it through the processes by which the newly developing solar systems were liberated from the clouds of darkness in which they were shrouded. Metaphysically it employs the same neighboring forces of gravity and centrifugal forces employed by those developing solar systems. The centrifugal forces caused the clouds of darkness to move away from the planets as the turned upon their axis. The neighboring centers of graivity help to disburse them back into outer space. This process also caused many of the heavier clouds of dust particles, gases, and chemical elements to condense and form asteroids, which also revolve around stars between the orbits of planets. All-in-all it brought these newly developing solar systems out of the "Dark Ages" and left behind systems of extremely civilized behavior among the planets, moons, asteroids, and the star they all revolved around—with occasional act of misbehavior from an asteriod.

In the case of the human restoration of the Most High order of civilization established in the center of the universe by a society of Black-Bodies, the Book Revelation tells us that it is all based upon the measure of only one man, who stands as a new center of gravity. This man is also said to be of the angel of black light, or black intelligence, who came before him.


"And the city lieth Foursquare, and the length is as large as the breadth: and he measured the city with the reed, twelve thousand furlongs. The length and the breadth and the height of it are equal."
"And he measured the wall thereof, an hundred and forty and four cubits, according to the Measure of A Man, that is, of the angel."




The Seven Days of Creation
The Twelve Foundations of Heaven

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Our Appendix is actually a summary of the events of Creation smybolized by "The Stones In The Great Wall" in relationship to the Seven Days of Creation. The Seven Days of Creation where made possible by the Seven Spirits of God. In each of the Seven Days of Creation, one of the Seven Spirits of God became the dominant creative force. Out of each day evolved one of the Seven Senses of Man. The events of "The Twelve Foundations of Heaven" only covered four of the Seven Days of Creation. Therefore, we will here summarize the events of the twelve foundations of heaven in relationship to the Seven Days of Creation, and take a quick glimpse into the other three days that were not covered.


"And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Juda, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof."
"And I beheld, and, lo, in the midst of the throne and of the Four Beasts, and in the midst of the elders, stood a Lamb as it had been slain, having Seven Horns and Seven Eyes, which are the Seven Spirits of God sent forth into all the earth. "


Here the Four Beasts are metaphysically concurrent to the materialization that occurred in the first four days of Creation. The Seven Horns are concurrent to the seven mental attributes of the Mind of God that made Creation possible. The Seven Eyes are concurrent to the seven senses of man, each of which evovled out of one of the Seven Spirits of God during the course of the Seven Days of Creation.

Seven Spirits of God   Seven Senses of Man
  • Spirit of Knowledge
  • Spirit of Love
  • Spirit of Faith
  • Spirit of Truth
  • Spirit of Wisdom
  • Spirit of Understanding
  • Spirit of Strength
  • Sense of Thought
  • Sense of Touch
  • Sense of Smell
  • Sense of Sight
  • Sense of Taste
  • Sense of Earring
  • Sense of Perception/Precept

Virtually everyone who has received at least an elementary education is aware that man has five physical and natural senses. What is esoterically known to just a very few is that man also has two spiritual senses, or two mental senses. The sense of thought is the mental sense that empowers man to perceive, analyze, and compute the existence and functions of things, and even to imagine and theorize such existence and functions. One half of the sense of perception/precept empowers man to make a judgment call concerning the things he perceives through the senses—including the sense of thought. The other half writes precepts within the conscious, sub-conscious, and even unconscious awareness based upon perception, as in preceiving something to be good or evil, right or wrong, true of false, moral or immoral, etc. The precepts can then govern both the voluntary and involuntary behavior of man. Compassion and charity are two of it greatest behavioral virtues. Thus conscious awareness is a function of the sense of thought, and conscience is a function of the sense of perception/percept. In the Biblical story of Jesus feeding the 5,000 men, we are provides us with a perfect example of the metaphysical relationship between the Seven Spirits of God and the Seven Senses of Man.

MATTHEW 14:15-21

"And Jesus went forth, and saw a great multitude, and was Moved With Compassion Toward Them, and he healed their sick."
"And when it was evening, his disciples came to him, saying, This is a desert place, and the time is now past; send the multitude away, that they may go into the villages, and buy themselves victuals."
"But Jesus said unto them, They need not depart; give ye them to eat."
"And they say unto him, We have here but Five Loaves, and Two Fishes."
"He said, Bring them hither to me."
"And he commanded the multitude to sit down on the grass, and took the Five Loaves, and Two Fishes, and looking up to heaven, he blessed, and brake, and gave the loaves to his disciples, and the disciples to the multitude."
"And they did all eat, and were filled: and they took up of the fragments that remained Twelve Baskets full."
"And they that had eaten were about Five Thousand men, beside women and children."


This story became with Jesus' sense of thought making him aware to the needs within this great multitude of people. Then his sense of perception/precept was compelled into action towards them. In being the product of a naturally grown grain, the five loaves of grain were a metaphysical expression of the five physical and natural senses. Because they live in water, which can produce waves like the wave-lengths of thought energy and light energy, and brainwaves, the two fishes were metaphysical expressions of man, two spiritual senses. The five thousand men that were fed were a metaphysical expression of the five physical and natural senses of man being fed by the Seven Spirits of God, as well as the two spiritual senses. The twelve baskets of remnants was a metaphysical expression of the fact that the twelve foundation of produced enough spiritual and material food to feed all humanity—with plenty to share, as in an endless supply.

Remember, the Word of God is made up of many different systems of Truth installed in Creation to record what things would perpetuate and sustain the eternal life of the souls, as opposed to the thing that would not. The results of those recording are expressed through the seven mental attributes of the Mind of God. Therefore, it makes no difference what matter is consumed by a human body to sustain its life forces and its metabolism, it is still being fed by the Word of God via the Seven Spirits of God.


"But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God."

The anatomy of the human body itself bears witness to these revelations. The seven vertebrae that make up the cervical spine are actually a biological expression of a metaphysical fusion of the Seven Spirits of God and the Seven Senses of Man. The twelve vertebrae in the thoracic spine are a metaphysical expression of the fusion of the Seven Spirits of God and and the Seven Senses of Man resting upon the twelve foundations of heaven. As in the twelve disciples, these twelve vertebrae also represent twelve set of disciplines born out of those very same twelve foundations of heaven. The five vertebrae in the lumbar spine represent the base the twelve foundations rest upon, as in the events of the twelve foundations of heaven, which only covered the first four day of Creation, coming to rest withing the Fifth Day of Creation. Thus it is the five vertebrae in the lumbar spine (the base) that empowers the twelve vertebrae in the thoracic spine (the foundations) and the seven vertebrae in the cervical spine (the capstone) to stand upright. These five vertebrae also empower the man to move within the physical and natural dominion of his five physical and natural senses according to the preceptions of those senses, as in smelling or seeing food, or hearing of whether food can be found and moving towards it.

Understanding the relationship between the senses and food is vital to understanding how the Seven Senses of Man evolved out of the Seven Spirits of God. Though the great goal of the evolution of life on earht is the evolution of intelligence, all began with organisms adapting to the food-chain. While the sense of thought evolved out of the Spirit of Knowledge as the very first sense to evolve out of the Seven Spirits of God, the sense of touch was the first physical and natural sense to evolve. Therefore, when the evolution of life began on earth, it began with one cell organisms that relied only movement and a specialized sense of touch to locate and ingest food in processes very much like osmosis. The parameciums obviously even possessed some sense of thought associated with memory. An amoeba searches for food by drifting into water-plant algae. If it finds none, it often repeatedly and ignorantly drifts back to the same location. On the other hand, a paramecium, after finding no food, would back off and seek other resources in other directions. It retains momentary traces of memory, or a sense of thought. Paramecia clearly have more intelligence than amoebas. Compared to the amoeba, the paramecium is a genius.

Hopefully, this Preface will help it much easier to understand the metaphysical relationships between the "Twelve Foundations of Heaven, the Seven Days of Creation, the Seven Spirits of God, and the Seven Senses of Man. What is certain is that, when the Lamb with the Seven Horns and the Seven Eyes has finished his works, the Tabernacle of God (the Dwelling Place of God) will indeed be with men.


"And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the Tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and be their God."









                                  Mysteries in the Universe

In his work Morals and Dogma of Freemasonry ($9, indexed cloth), Albert "I'm discussed some of the mysteries in the Universe that are ever taking place around us; so trite and common to us that we never notice nor reflect upon them We can do no better to impress these mysteries upon the reader than to repeat some of Pike's statements.

Wise men tell us, he says, of the laws that regulate the motions of the spheres, which, flashing in huge circles and spinning on their axes, are also ever darting with great speed through the infinities of Space.

They tell us learnedly of centripetal and centrifugal forces repulsion and attraction and all the other high‑sounding terms invented to hide a want of meaning.

Here are two small seeds, much alike in appearance, and two larger ones. We hand them to the learned scientist who tells us how combustion goes on in the lungs and how plants are fed with phosphorus and carbon and the alkali’s and silex. Let him decompose them analyze them torture them in all the ways he knows. The net result of each is a little sugar, a little fibrin, a little water‑carbon, potassium, sodium, and the like.

We plant them in the ground; the rains moisten them, tie sun shines on them, and slender shoots spring up and grow‑and what a miracle is the mere growth, the force, the capacity by which the feeble shoots, which a little worm can nip off with a single snap of its mandibles, attracts from the earth, the air, and the moisture the different elements, so learned cataloged by science, with which the plant increases in stature and rises toward the sky.

One plant grows to a slender, fragile, feeble stalk, soft of texture, just an ordinary weed; another bush, of woody fiber, armed with thorns and sturdy enough to defy the winds; the third a tender tree subject to damage by frost and looked dam upon by all the forest; while another spreads its rugged am, abroad and cares for neither frost nor ice, nor the snows that lie around its zoo for months.

Out of the brown earth the colorless invisible air, the limpid Rainwater, and the sunlight, the chemical powers of the seeds have extracted various. Shades of greens that paint the leaves, which put forth in the spring upon the plants, the shrubs, and the trees.

Later on come the flowers, the vivid colors of the rose, the brilliance of the carnation, the modest blush of the apple bloom, and the snow white of the orange.

Whence acme the colors of the leaves and the flowers? By what process of chemistry am they extracted from the carbon, the phosphorus, the lime, the

, -Water, 'the air. and the sunlight? Is it any greater miracle to make the visible out of the invisible? Here is an illustration, of its being done

Inhale the. Delicious perfumes of the flowers. Whence have they come? By what combination of acids and alkali’s ‑could the Chemists laboratory produce them?

And on two there comes the fruit‑‑the ruddy apple and the golden orange.

Pluck them, open them. How totally different the texture and fabric. The flavor, how entirely dissimilar the perfume each distinct from its flower and from the other.

Whence the flavor and this new perfume? The same earth, air, water, and light have been mad‑_ to furnish a different flavor to each fruit, a different perfume to each fruit not only, but to each flower.

Is it any more of a problem whence core thought and will and perception and all the phenomena of mind, ‑than this, whence a= the colors, the perfumes, the flavor of the fruit and the flower?

And in each fruit it seeds, each gifted with the saw wondrous power of

Reproduction-each with the sane wondrous forces concealed in it, to be again

In turn evolved'. Forces that lived three thousand years in the grain of wheat

Found in the wrappings of an Egyptian mummy; forces of Which learning science,

And wisdom know no than they do of the nature and Laws of Creation.

What can we know of the nature? And how can rep‑ understand ‑the powers and

Mode of operation of the Solar Man when the glossy Leaves, the golden f lower and the ruddy fruit of the trees are miracles entirely beyond cur comprehension?

We but hide our ignorance in a cloud of words, and the words too often am mere combinations of sounds without any waning.

Who has yet made. Us to understand, with all 1 his learned words how the image of ‑an external object cm s to and fixes itself upon the retina. Of the eye; and when there, how that mere empty, unsubstantial image becomes transmuted into ‑the wondrous phenomenon we call sight?

Or how the waves of the air striking upon the tympanum of ‑the ear‑‑those thin, invisible waves‑‑produces the equally wondrous phenomenon of hearing and become the roar of the tornado, the crash of the thunder, the ‑, Joyce of the ocean, the chirping of the cricket, the sweet notes of the mocking‑bird, or the magic. Melody of the violin of Paganini?

At this point Pike could well have added that we know nothing about how solar electricity, flowing into the brain through the Silver cord which we shall notice later, produces the strange phenomenon termed Lift, whose work in the brain exhibits the mind of the master, the intelligence of the professor, the consciousness of the doctor, or the logic of the lawyer.

Or how the mind rises superior to the Time‑Space element, as in dreams, and takes us back in a moment for more than half a century in our life to the days when we were young and were fighting with cur, comrades in the Philippine insurrection in 1899, 1900, and 1901.

Or how the clairvoyant rises to the fourth dimensional mind and is able to see the past life of a certain individual, or how the hypnotist can send his subject back through the days of his life to the point of antecedent incarnations, as Morey Bernstein did in the case of Bridey Murphy.

Our senses am Mysteries to science, and we are mysteries to ourselves Science has taught us nothing but words as to the nature of our sensations, our perceptions, our, the origin of our thoughts and ideas.

The great Carrel declared that mm diffuses through space and that the psychological frontiers of the individual in space and tire are obviously suppositions and not actualities (Man The Unknown, p. 259 ‑ $7.00 cloth from Health Research.

What does science know of Substance? Men even doubt whether it exists. Philosophers tell us that our senses make known to us only the attributes of substance, extension, expansion, hardness, color, and the like; but not the thing itself that is extended, solid, black, or white.

What a wondrous mystery there is in heat and light, existing we know not how, with certain limits, narrow in' comparison with infinity, beyond which, an every side, stretch cut infinite space and blackness of unimaginable darkness, and the intensity of the inconceivable cold.

And what a mystery are the effects of heat and cold upon the fluid we call water. What a mystery lies hidden in the snowflake and in every crystal of ice and in their transformation into invisible vapor that rises from the Oman and the land and floats away above the summits of the mountain tops.

Think what would happen if. The law of attraction, or affinity, or cohesion for example, failed to function. The Whole material world, with its solid granite and adamant its veins of gold and silver, its trap and porphyry, its huge coal beds, our own frames and the very rocks of this apparently indestructible earth, would, instantaneously dissolve with all suns and stars and planets throughout all the Universe into a thin, invisible vapor of infinitely small particles or atoms diffused through infinite space; and with them light and heat would disappear.

How can we, with air limited mental vision, expect to grasp and comprehend them?

Infinite Space, stretching out from us every way, without limit; infinite Tim, without beginning or end; and We, hem and now, in the center of each.

An infinity of suns, the nearest of which only diminish in size, viewed with the most powerful telescope; each with its retinue of worlds; infinite numbers of such sums.) So remote from us that their light would not reach us, journeying through. An infinity of time, while the light that has reached us, from some that we seem to see, has been upon its journey for fifty centuries.

Our world spinning upon its axis and rushing ever in its circuit round the sun; and the sun and all our system, revolving round some great central point; and that, with suns, stars. and worlds evermore flashing onward with incredible speed through illimitable space.

 And then, in every drop of water that we drink, in every morsel of much

Of our food, in the air, in the earth, in the sea, incredible multi's of

Living creatures, invisible to the naked eye, of smallness beyond belief yet organized living, feeding, perhaps with consciousness of identity and memory and intelligence.

Such is some of the mysteries of the great Universe. And yet we, whose life and that of the world and which we live, from but a point in the center of Infinite Time, we who support animalcule within, and on whom vegetables grow without, would fan learn the secrets of this Universe and of ourselves. ‑‑Excerpted from pp. 526‑530.


Various authors write about the Astral Body, the Ethereal Body the Solar Body, etc.

Paracelsus said: 'Man is a Sun and a Moon and a Heaven filled with Stars. The world is a Man, and the light of the Sun and the Stars is in his body. The Ethereal Body cannot be grasped, and yet it is substance." Dr. M. Doreal wrote: "The physical body is built upon the Astral Body as a foundation.,, (Astral Plane , p.8).

In "The Perfect Way." A.B. Kingsford said: "Me Soul is a Spiritual Sun, corresponding in all things with the Solar Orb The Soul's history is one, and this is a history corresponding with the Sun's."

Another author stated: "The immortal Augoedies, or Solar Body, is of atomic non‑molecular substance."

Elizabeth Towne observed: "There is a real Sun Center in us, the Solar Plexus . . . The Solar Plexus is the point where life is born‑where the Uncreated becomes Create; the unorganized becomes organized; the unconscious becomes conscious; the invisible becomes visible, the immeasurable be, s measurable." (The Solar Plexus, 1907, pp. 6, 7).

Did these writers know they were discussing the same Body? We shall strive to harmonize their statements, dispel the fog of confusion, and lead to the Light the man in darkness.


 As we use the term, Creation, we refer not to an event that occurred right thousands or millions of years ago, but to the events taking Place daily 9 t under our nose.

We see babies born and  'men die, yet most of us fail to realize that we are witnessing the eternal processes of creation in action.

The Ancient Masters saw creative work as a constant and eternal process, always in action, without beginning and without end. They illustrated the process by the use of a dot, in which is contained potentially all that later appears actually, and showed that the dot may be expanded as a circle to infinity and extended as a line to infinity.

Zip‑ Masters postulated that each material form has an immaterial counterpart or patterns that ‑had no. beginning and no end‑the postulate of Archetypes or Telarche.

In the case of man, that immaterial form is the invisible astral body, or ethereal body or solar body‑‑the Solar Spark, the immoral Augoeides, the Greek Soma Heliakon, and is constituted of atomic, non‑molecular substance.

In the creative process, the invisible Solar Spark expands and extends., unfolds and develops and builds physical man, who appears clad in the garment of the Cosmos, corresponding in color, number, and vibration to the Solar System as it was at the moment of conception,, at the moment of the beginning of the expansion and extension process of the invisible Solar Spark.


Science has somewhat discovered the atom. Everything is atomic,, and we are entering the age of atomism.

The solar system is a cosmic atom. Each planet is an atom, Solar Man is an Atomic Unit.

Infinite Intelligence thrills through every atom; and every atom has the potentiality of self‑consciousness.

The Ego,, the Nous, the Pre‑Existing Man the Potential Man,, appears in the visible world in four bodies, constituted of Four Seed Atoms. And atoms are so small that 900,000 of them could rest side by side on a pin point (Cosmic Creation, p. 3).

Molecules are composed of atoms, and molecules are so small that they are too tiny to reflect visible light, hence they must forever be, invisible to us.

If the molecules of a thimbleful of water were each magnified to the size of an average aura go, they would cover the entire Unified States with a layer of oranges 1,000 feet deep.

And the 100 or more atoms in each of these tiny molecules are globular systems in which electrons revolve with great speed around their common center of attraction, like the planets and the sun of our solar system.

The development of man's four bodies is the work of these Four Seed Atoms

Regardless of the size of the Physical body,, the Ego remains the same directing, governing principle. If his physical body grew as big as a mountain, man could not exhibit any mo or any other qualities than those he has when he is only that invisible Solar Spark.

 The size of‑the physical body has no effect an the Ego, and the size of

that body is due to the  ion of more atoms under the law of polarity.

As we shall. later explain, at the death of the physical body, these accumulated return to the cosmic reservoir as the body disintegrates; but the Four Seed Atoms the Ego,, remain stable and intact as a Cosmic Unit.

An atom is a miniature solar system with "planets" (electrons) revolving within the infinitesimal space of the atom around a common center of attraction, at a terrific speed of from 10,000 to 90,000 miles a second. That force of the atom is the force of the body.

The chemical atom is so small that it requires a group of not less than a billion to form a speck that is barely visible under the most powerful microscope; and a thousand of such groups would have to be united to make a speck just visible to the naked eye.

And that is a description of Solar Man. That is the Point of Creation. In that Point ar‑pa the various bodies mentioned by writers as Astral, Ethereal, solarical etc.


It is difficult for scientists to believe that the atom possesses conscious intelligence, know its work, and does its work perfectly when not hindered by any interference, such, for instance, as the work of a medical doctor trying to change or control the body's function by the administration of various poisons erroneously called medicine.

The great Carrel declared that "The existence of (the) Intelligence (of the atom) is a primary datum of observation" (Man The Unknown., p. 121).

Carrel showed how this Atomic Intelligence appears in the work of the body cells and declared that the cells have an inherent knowledge, a prevision, of the structure they are to build, and

"From substance contained in the gases of the blood plasma, they synthesize the building material and even the builders" (p. 108). He continued:

"The cells seem to remember their original unity, even when they become the elements of an innumerable multitude They know spontaneously the functions attributed to them in the organized whole (body).

"If we cultivate epithelial cells over a period of time, quite apart from the animal to which they belong, they (automatically) arrange themselves in a mosaic exactly as if to protected is lacking.

"Isolated cells‑possess the singular power of reproducing, without apparent direction or purpose, the edifices characterizing each organ (of the body).

"If a few red corpuscles, impelled by gravity, flow from a drop of bloodPlaced in liquid plasma and form a tiny stream banks are soon built up. Then these banks cover themselves with filaments of fibrin forming a pipe, through which the red calls flow just as in a blood vessel. next leucocytes adhere to the inner wall of the pipe, and cover it with their undulating membrane

(Note: This is the mucous membrane that lines all tubes and internal cavities in the body. Hotema .

'''The bloodstream now assumes the form of a capillary (blood) vessel, enveloped in a layer of contractile cells.

"And thus, the isolated red and white corpuscles (of the blood) construct a segment of circulatory apparatus, although there is neither heart, circulation,, nor tissue to be irrigated." (p. 107).

The which directs and performs this magic work is the Creative Principle inherent in the atom and called "God" by the enslaved multitude that supports the very institution by which the multitude is enslaved.

The Creative Power, the Creative Intelligence, the Intelligence of the Universe, and of Man, are inherent in the atom The experiments of science prove this and yet the scientists deny the existence of what they see.

Matter is composed of chemical atoms, and they exhibit a definite degree of Intelligence.

For instance, liver cells know their kind of work, and so do all the cells, organs, and tissues of the body.

The Cosmic Intelligence in the atoms uses the cells as instruments to do the work they 'are intended to do.

The dye of the body cannot see. Cosmic Intelligence uses the eye as an instrument for the purpose of seeing.

The optic nerve receives vibrations that are transmitted by the nerve to the sight center of the brain, and their Mind translates tie vibrations into sight. The same is true of hearing, smelling, tasting, and feeling.

The Intelligence of the cells, of all parts of the body, including the Mind, is the Intelligence of the Atom.

This Intelligence appears as a subconscious power in the body and enables the body to perceive the present and future needs of the body and to act accordingly.


The significance of the Time‑Space element is not the same for the cells and atoms of the body, or for the Subconscious Department of the Mind, as it is for the Conscious Department of Mind., limited by five faulty senses.

The work of the body and its cells sham that the Subconscious perceives the remote as well as the near, the future as well as the present. The teleological correlation of organic processes is evident.

Body functions reveal the existence of the power of Prevision and Provision, by virtue of which the body may rise superior to heredity, as well. as to environment, until it meets and masters the conditions of a progressive or an established achievement.

Prevision is the power to visualize and realize the ultimate effect of any harmful habit or substance and guard against it by vigorous reaction,, yielding to its inimical influence through the Law of Adjustment only when the Primary reaction is disregarded.

At this point we have before us the entire field of good health and bad health and the entire field of "medical practice."

As the body struggles against the effects of the harmful habits and harmful substances, which enter it, and are forced into it, painful symptoms appear.

The doctor is trained to group these symptoms together, give them names (diagnosis), and term them. "diseases" that may kill the patient if not treated and "cured" by the administration of poisons falsely called medicine.

No doubt medical art is ignorant of the way the "immunizing poisons" affect the body. They weaken the vital body by dulling the nerves. That weakened decreased vitality makes the body unable to react "acutely" to the damaging internal poisons.

The "immunized" body is now too weak to throw off these poisons in the reaction called "acute disease,." and so the "acute disease" has been conquered, and medical science has won another victory in the "war on disease."

But what are the actual facts? These poisons now remain in the "immunized" and weakened body, corrode the internal organs, and in due to develop into dangerous chronic disorders that "baffle medical science."

The ultimate result is that instead of Johnny's having measles, mumps, or chicken‑pox at the age of six or seven, and thus eliminating the damaging internal poisons, they remain in the body and he dies of cancer or diabetes when he is 35 or 40.

Medical art admits that chronic disorders are on the increase but claims it is because people are living longer. That is another medical falsehood and another exhibition of medical ignorance

Provision is the power of selective adaptation, which is operative in both the Conscious and Subconscious departments of the body.

Adaptation involves selection, and the power of selection places the body on the plane of Mind. The ultimate act of Mind is the appropriation or rejection of the present materials of supply, which acts imply the qualities of intelligence, sensation, and volition.

The living organism is self‑conserving in the highest degree. There is reason and propose in all of its structures and functions; and these are designed to accomplish specific results and definite ends.

The true scientist opines that organized bodies exist as such by virtue of a final cause ; that purpose alone rules supreme as the law governing all organized nature; and that in organized bodies nothing is in vain.

Not to know the purpose of the law does not subvert the facts, nor make necessary or legitimate any procedure contrary to the facts‑‑such as giving poisons, called medicine, to the sick that would never be given to the well, under the absurd theory that these poisons are beneficial to the sick but are detrimental to the well.

                                  CREATIVE WOW

In "The Mysterious Sphinx we showed that this strange creature was a symbol of the Masters which represented the Four Cosmic Elements of Creation, Fire, Air, Water, and Earth; while in our work titled "The Magic Wand" we explained that the White and Black Serpents entwined around the Staff of the Caduceus represented the Positive‑and Negative Principles of Creative Processes.

Conscious Intelligence in the Atom rises to its highest point an the material plane in Man, making him, as stated in the Bible, the Supreme Being of all organized form in both the visible and invisible worlds (Gen. 1:26).

Creative processes are ruled and directed by the Law of Polarity, and the power of polarity inheres in the Atom. Without Polarity there would be no Universe.

Creative Intelligence appears as a principle* that rises before cur mind in the fixed and, orderly processes of Polarized Atom.

Where does the church God come into the picture? Man created him and put him on the Throne,, and then this God created everything.

That God is a figment of the imagination, in which are combined all the elements, powers and principles of Polarized Atoms that doeth the work.

That imaginary God was born of the impressions made upon the Mind of Man by his observation of the mysterious work performed by these atomic powers and principles, and which he blindly believed to be the mystic work of an anthropomorphic God. Of course, that statement applies to the masses and not to the Masters.

The Creator is not an objective reality as taught by the church, but a combination of Cosmic Principles inherent in the atom and pervading all things.

Man is an infinitely compounded Unit, a living mirror of the Universe. He is the embodiment of all the powers and principles of the Universe, all of which are summarized., recapitaized and perfectionized in Man.

Man knows little about himself , even his physical self ‑, much less of his Solarical Self.

The actual facts are so contrary to the theories of evolution,, and to the speculations and assumptions of science, that men of science dismiss the subject with a shrug and a sneer, and cover up their ignorance by asserting them is nothing to it,‑‑just. "heathenish superstition."

There is no Organized Entity in the Universe that is higher than Man. He is the Supreme Being of the Organic World.

Man, The Unknown

In our work titled '"Mystery of Man," we have shown that we know so little about the true nature of man, many of the statements in the ancient scriptures which actually refer to man, his constitution and the functions of his body, go over the head and cannot be understood by us.

Consider the great discoveries that have come in rapid succession in recent years.

Consider how the limits of our little world are extending and expanding at an accelerating speed, especially on‑ ‑the super‑physical side by mans of these discoveries, which are now unfolding a hitherto hidden vista of facts, within the ambit of wireless transmission, television, stereoscopic cinematic sound and color projection, electric wavelength radar, infra‑red, violet, x‑ray, and other rays, and now atomic power.

The Invisible World

All of these falling into place as electromechanical projections of television,, premonition, divination, intuition, telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, prevoyance, and the transmutation of elements by the alchemists. And these advances now moving into the "occult" or metaphysical field, are rapidly leading us toward the border zone of what is termed fourth dimensional space or the invisible world.

But in spite‑of all this progress, the intensive study that scientists have made of am in the last two centuries, has increased the confusion by adding to the mystery instead of solving it.

One of the greatest of these, Dr. Alexis Carrel, concluded 33 years of brilliant biological research at the Rockefeller Institute in 1939, and wrote a valuable book of 346 pages, published in 1935, which he titled "Man, The Unknown," in his effort to summarize in a few words the conclusion he had reached concerning man as a result of his long years of labor. On page four he said:

"In fact, our ignorance (of mm) is profound. Most of the questions put to then‑selves by those who 5tudy human beings remain without answer. Immense regions of our inner world (of man's body) are still unknown."

The tone of this frank admission sounds quite different from the boasting propaganda issued by the medical world about the conquest of disease, the immuniziation of the body against disease, and similar statements that are nothing more than a dram of words used to conceal ignorance and mislead the masses

                                A Physical Vehicle

What is the body? It is the common error of modem science to identify the physical body with man, whereas the body is simply a vehicle for expression on the physical plane, and is discarded when no longer needed.

The Bible mentions bodies as celestial and terrestrial. Paul said them are a natural body and a spiritual (celestial) body (1 cor. 15:44).

The natural body is simply a vehicle of manifestation, appropriate to the conditions and the environment in which our, lives are cast.

Men, beasts, fishes and birds all have bodies specifically designed to fit them in their , and to function adequately in the element in which they are produced and placed,

The body is not identical with the force, which animates it. ‑The body is the instrument only.

                               What Is Death?

We must realize that death means only the dissolution and disintegration of the physical vehicle. When Paul said, "the last enemy to be destroyed is death" (1 Cor 15: 26), he meant that man must drive from his mind the false impression that death is the end of life.

According to the Bible, man lives to die and dies to live. That is what the biblical scribe meant when he wrote: Except a man be born again (in the process called death),, he cannot see the invisible Kingdom of Life (Jn. 3:3,5,7).

The same thought was expressed in these words: For our light affliction (death) , which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory (immortality) (2 Cor. 4:17).

What would you say if you could see man leaving his body in the process called death?

You do not understand that dying is a physiological process, which is governed by cosmic law just as truly as is the process of birth.

You do not realize that the process of dying is riot the end of man,, but the end of his body only.

Job made a Mistake when he said, "If a man die, shall he live again" (14:14).

Other ancient scribes voiced the truth when they wrote: "Your, heart (Soul) shall live forever. I shall not die, but live. We shall not die" (Ps. 22:26; 118:17; Hab. 1:12).

Man longs for eternal life. He has spent billions of dollars to cover the earth with synagogue temples and churches in which he seeks to learn the Secret of Life; but his teachers fail him.

In these halls of  worship man has had millions of sermons shouted at him to have faith. He has mad books on why he should have faith. They all tried to argue him into a belief of Immortality.

But not a priest, nor a preacher, nor an author seemed to know enough about the Secret of Life to cite any law to support their arguments.

If Immortality is a fact, cosmic law governs it. For every condition, every action, every cause, every effect, fixed and unchanging laws rule -all.

The Bible says: "Behold, I show you a mystery; we shall not sleep (in death),, but we shall all be CHANGED (to Immortality) in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye" (1 Cor. 15:51, 52).

That statement is true; it is scientific; for it is based on a definite law; and that law is the Cosmic Cycle.

This biblical "mystery" is solved by a discovery of the law.

                                Symbol of Creation

The great things of the universe are always simple; too simple to be noticed. The great truths of the world are always simple.

The complexity and confusion met with in the world are always found in the realm of fraud and deceit, such as modern theology and medical art.

The ancient symbol of Creation was as simple as the Kingdom of God described by the gospel Jesus (Mat. 13:31). Just a Dot in a Circle.

The symbol did not represent a garden, with pearly gates and golden streets, with a castle in the center, and a king sitting on a golden throne. It represented a simple Cosmic Principle.‑the Law of Expansion and Contraction.

The Masters knew the Laws of the Universe. To them the Circle represented Eternity, and the Dot represented the Creative Principle that dwells in a grain of corn, in every living thing, from mustard seed to man.

The Circle has no beginning and no end; and the Dot may be expanded and extended to infinity and contracted to infinity.

This simple., understandable principles constitute the Kingdom of Creation.

Creative processes work in circles, called the Cosmic Cycle. The products are circles. The Universe is composed of Circles. Man's body is composed of circular cells. The cells are. composed of circular atoms,, and the atoms are composed of electrons which are circles of force The atom is composed of an orbit of electrons, revolving round the nucleus in its center., as the planets revolve round the Sun. The electron itself is a whirling force center.

If the material world were seen through a sufficiently strong magnifying glass, it would appear not as a great body of solid inert but as an aggregation of infinite particles forged into a mass that appears solid to the‑ eye.

But the space between the electrons s in the atom is comparatively as great as 'the space between the planets of our solar system. And every electron, atom and molecule is in constant and intensive action.

Under a glass of sufficient power, nothing solid would be seen in the material world.

If the magnifying glass were increased to infinite power, even the electrons would vanish into seething nothingness,, and nothing would appear to be left but the ether. which is an imperceptible le to the senses even when aided by the strongest  instruments 1 in the laboratory ‑of the. scientist.

In other wards, the apparent solidity of objects is merely relative and comparative.

                                       The Four Principles

Thousands of years of observation and experience show that (1) soil, (2) solar heat, (3) air, and (4) water cover the face of the earth with the vegetal and animal kingdoms.

The Ancient Masters called‑ these the Four, Principles of Creation and symbolized then in the Sphinx, in the Four Fixed Signs of the Zodiac 9, and in the Book of Thoth, the Egyptian Tarot, which has descended to us as a deck of ordinary playing cards.

Card 4 shows, the Emperor, seated on a throne, decorated with four rams' heads.

"I am the Great Law," said the Emperor. "I am the Secret Word, the Ineffable Name. The Four Letters of the Name are in me, and I am in everything.

"I am the Four Principles; I an the Four, Seasons; I am the Four Quarters of the earth; I am the Four Signs of the Tarot. I am action, resistance, completion, and result.

"For him who has found the way to see me, there am no mysteries an the earth.

"As the earth contains fire, water, and air, as the fourth letter of the Ineffable Name (Yod‑He‑Vau‑He) contains the first three and itself becomes the first, so my scepter contains the complete triangle and bears in itself the seed of a new triangle" (Mysterious Sphinx, p. 19 ‑ $2.50  Health Research).

In all creative processes the Ancient Masters saw that two principles were involved: positive and negative, initiative and receptive, masculine and feminine.

We call this the Law of Polarity; and the law is symbolized in the Tarot by two colors: red and black, while the Four Principles are symbolized by the four suits: Cups (Hearts); Swords (Spades); Wands (Clubs); and Pentacles (Diamonds).


With the "splitting of the atom", them dawned a new era that produced the doom. of material ism and evolutionism and the rebirth of the invisible world of the Ancient Masters.

The theory of Materialism was shattered by the. discovery that Matter, as such, is a myth and has no real existence.

Everything in the Universe is composed of invisible gases in various states of condensation and crystallization, just as the Ancient Masters declared. They said:

"The essence of the Universe is the Infinite Air in eternal motion, which contains ALL in itself. All things are formed by integration and disintegration of the AIR under the law of expansion and oontractian.11‑Anaximenes (380‑320 BC).

The invisible gases of the air are the foundation of everything known that fact leaves the theories of inductive science and material science stranded on the barren rock of empty speculation.. These absurd theories had never been. born had the fathers of modem theology not destroyed

 The Archaic Philosophy of the Ancient Masters and admitted it,

Archbishop Chrysostom, in the middle of the 5th century A.D., boasted:

"Every trace of the old philosophy and literature of the ancient world has vanished firm the face of the earth" (Bible Myths, Doane, p. 436).

Why was that ancient philosophy and literature destroyed? That is a deep secret, well concealed from the masses but now exposed in our various writings, under various titles, which contain The Lost Wisdom of the Ancient Masters.


According to the ancient philosophy, man has seven bodies or seven grades in what seems to be one body.

Of the seven grades of being represented in the human microcosms the three higher ones, the ternary or triad, are nominal and immortal. These are (1) higher manas or abstract intellect, (2) buddhi or intuitions and (3) pure ego.

This super‑phenomenal triad is Symbolized in ancient religions by the Sun; and the fabled journey to the Sun is nothing more nor less than a symbolical designation of the process of rendering fully actual the latent potentialities of these three transcendent microcosmic principles.

The four lower grades of Being pertain to the phenomenal order and am technically denominated the quaternary, viz., (1) mental body, (2) astral body, (3) ethereal double (body), and (4) physical body.

These Four Principles of Creation are symbolized in various ways in ancient literature and ancient philosophy. They are the Four Suits of the Tarot and the Four Beings of the Sphinx.

In the Bible they are usually referred to as the Four Beasts, and they are the Four Beasts before the Throne mentioned in Revelation (4:6‑9).

In order to mislead and deceive the masses, the biblical references to the Four Principles of Creation appear in sensational descriptions as the Four Living Creatures that came out of the "midst of the fire" (Ezek. 1:4‑14); the Four Great Beasts that ****** (Dan. 7:2‑7); and "these great beasts, which are four, are four kings, which shall rise out of the earth" (Dan. 7: 17).

The Bible says the body of man is made of the dust of the ground, but that is wrong (Gen. 2:7). The Ancient Masters never made that statement.

The Bible also says that the breath of God made man a living soul (Gen 2:7). That is also wrong.

The Bible is wrong again when it says that the life of the flesh is in the blood (Lev. 17: 11). That assertion is repudiated by a statement in the New Testament that it is the Spirit which animates the flesh (Jn. 6:63).

The four elements ‑that constitute Man am divided by various authors into the dense body, the water body, the ethereal body, and the solar body This division is am imaginary than real. Let us first notice the water body, also called the ethereal double. A Pin cannot Penetrate the flesh anywhere without drawing fluid from the body. That fluid is composed of blood and lymph, which are liquefied air.

Here are listed the three departments which constitute the dense body; and they are composed of liquefied and solidified air; and air is not the "dust of the ground."

Air is composed of many gases,, which are composed of atoms , and which makes the dense body nothing more than an aggregation of atoms

We now come to the fourth body. Engendering,, sustaining, vitalizing, and informing these three departments which caistitute the dense body,, is the Solar Body, which interpenetrates all substances, causing various rates of vibration in the different densities.

Me fourth body, the fire body,, the electric body, the astral body, the solar body, the vital farm of the body,, the life of the flesh,, give it any name or designation that you will, is what makes man a Living Soul on the earth plane. And when my obstruction hinders its natural flow. and operation, the dense body begins to decline, degenerate, with complete dissolution (somatic death) as the end result.

Because of its supreme. importance, the Solar Body shall be noticed in more detail.


The earth, in its great circuit, passes through the range of a Constellation, represented by a cycle of 2,160 years. During that tine, the annual birth of the Sun occurs in the same zodiacal sign.

In each grand cycle of 25,920 years, the earth passes through all twelve houses of the Zodiac, just as the Sun goes through them in 365.26 days.

The Sun, with its attendant planets, also makes a grand cycle. It. and

its family of planets,, is moving through space at a speed of 200 miles a second

traveling around the center of gravity of its cosmic system. At this speed it

requires 220,000,000 years to complete just one revolution of its gigantic

orbit.  I

How many times the Sun has circled its orbit cannot even be accurately estimated. So authorities think it must have made thousands while others assert that it has me & hundreds of thousands..

None of the symbols of antiquity are mom important in their signification or more extensive in their application than those of the sun.

The two-copal sources of ancient mythology were a wild admiration of

the sun and an inordinate respect paid to the memory of powerful, wise, and virtuous ancestors, especially the founders of kingdom.

To the latter cause we may attribute the euhemerism of the Egyptians, Hebrews., Greeks, and Romans. But in the former we find the origin of sunworship, the oldest and by far the most prevalent of all ancient religions.

The primeval race of Aryans worshipped the solar orb in his various manifestations as the producer of light and life.

In the Veda them are only three deities: Surya in heaven, Indra in the sky, and Agni on the earth. These three all refer. to the same object, the sun, the sky bright from its light, and the fire derived from its rays.

In the profound poetic ideas of the Vedic hymns appears perpetual allusion for the sun with his life‑bestowing rays.

Everywhere in the East, amidst its brilliant skies, the sun claimed the adoration of those people. The Persians the Assyrians, the Egyptians, the Chaldeans‑‑all, worshipped the sun.

The Greeks gave a poetic form to the grosser idea and adored Apollo or Dionysius as the sun‑god.

In India the Sun was the Great Divinity. 7he celebrated Labyrinth was built in honor of the Solar Orb. Its twelve palaces, like the twelve super columns of the Temple of Hieropolis, covered with symbols relating to the twelve zodiacal signs, and the occult qualities of the elements, were consecrated to the Twelve Gods or Tutelary Genii of the signs of the Zodiac.

The twelve signs of the Zodiac, as the twelve Great Gods of Egypt, are found everywhere in the ancient world. The Assyrians, the Hebrews, the Greeks, and the Romans adopted them.

There is no more striking proof of the universal adoration paid to the Sun, the Stars,, and the Constellations, than the arrangement of the Hebrew camp in the Desert and the allegory relating to the Twelve Tribes of Israel, ascribed in the Hebrew legends to Jacob.

The carp was a quadrilateral, in sixteen divisions, or which the central four were occupied by symbols of the four elements; fire, air, water, and earth.

The four divisions at the four angles of the quadrilateral exhibited the four zodiacal signs that the astrologers called fixed, and which they regarded as subject to the influence of the four great Royal Stars, Regulus in Leo, Aldebaran in Taurus, Antares in Scorpio, and Fomalhaut in Pisces, on which falls the water poured out by Aquarius and of which constellations the Scorpion was represented in the Hebrew blazonry by the Celestial Eagle that rises at the save time with it and is its paranatellon Die other signs were am‑in ged on the four faces of the quadrilateral and in the parallel and interior divisions.

The vernal and Autumnal Equinoxes the ancients called the Gates to Heaven.

The ancients lamented when, after the Autumnal Equinox, they saw the malign influence of the venomous Scorpion, the vindictive Archer and the filthy He‑Goat "drag" the Sun down toward the Winter Solstice.

Arriving there, they said that he (Sun) had been slain and gone to the realm. of darkness.

remaining there three days, he (Sun) rose again and ascended northward in the heavens to redeem the earth from the gloom and darkness of winter, which was emblematical of evil and suffering; as the Spring, Sumer, and Autumn were emblems of happiness and immortality.

The Egyptians personified the Sun and worshipped him under the name of Osiris and transmuted the legend of his descent among the Winter Signs of the Zodiac into a fable of his death, his descent into the infernal regions, and his resurrection I . From that fable cam the story of the crucifixion, death, and resurrection of the gospel Jesus.

The Egyptians symbolized as gods the stars composing the zodiac, the subdivisions of the zodiacal sips into decans, the horoscope and the stars that presided therein, and which were termed the Potent Chiefs of Heaven.

Symbolizing the Sun as the Great God, high above all other gods (Pa. 7:17) (etc.) Architect, and ruler of the World,, explained not only the fable of Osiris and Isis, but generally all their sacred legends by the stars, by their appearance and disappearance,, by their ascensions, by the phases of the moon and the increase and decrease  of her light; by the march of the Sun. the division of time and the heavens into dual parts, one assigned to darkness and the other to light.

Clemens of Alexandria assures us that the four principal sacred animals., carried by the Egyptians in their processions, were emblems of the four cardinal points of the Zodiac which fixed the seasons at the equinoxes and solstices and divided into four parts the heavenly march of the Sun.

Me Egyptians worshipped fire and water and the Nile, which river they styled Father and Preserver of Egypt.

They also revered the other elements; and the Great Gods, whose names are found inscribed on an ancient column, are the. Sun, the Moon, the Air, the Earth, night and day. And, in fine, as Eusebius said, they regarded the Universe as a great Deity, composed of a number of gods, the different parts of itself

This  worship of the Heavenly Host by the Egyptians extended into Asia Minor and prevailed in every part of Europe,

Sun worship is the oldest religious system on earth, and the Bible says "Our God (Sun) is a consuming fire" (Heb. 12:29).

The Psalmist said: Clouds and darkness are round about him (Sun); a fire goeth before him (Sun), and burneth up his enemies. His (Sun's) lightning’s enlightened the world; the earth saw and trembled. The hills melted like wax at the presence of the Lord (Sun). The heavens declare his (Suns) righteousness, and all the people see his (Sun's) glory (Ps. 97: 2‑6).

Me Ancient Masters said: rrhe sun, illumines all, delights all, from it all proceed, to it all must return; and it alone can irritate our intellects."

Again‑they said: "All things are the progeny of one fire....For the fire, which is first beyond, did not shut up his power in matter by. works, but by Mind; for the framer of the Fiery World is the Mind of Mind., who first sprang from Mind, clothing Fire with Fire .... The Universe is made of fire and water and

Earth and the all‑nourishing ether."

In his "Primitive History," Williams said: 'Noah is the Ion of Nonnus; and Aion is the Sun, with four wings, representing the four seasons."

Modem science takes up the same line of philosophy and teaches that the earth, with all things physical and psychical, which contribute to make the earth what it has been, what it is., and what it is. to be, was originally in the Sun and would soon disappear into its original elements but for the Sun.

Every physical and psychical reality which at any time has entered into the earth's history.) and that of the other planets, were in that vast, flowing revolving globe of gases,, which is said to haw been, at one time, at least five billion miles in diameter.

Until comparatively recent  through all the theological history of

humanity, the sun was almost universally regarded as a god. Manifestly without it them could be no life on earth; and its annual recurring motions are such as to produce the impression of Birth and Death of birth by ascension into the heaven of the summer solstice, and of death by dissension into the grave of the winter solstice.

The gods of ‑all, super‑naturalistic interpretations of religion are so many creations of the dominant class, and their makers for the purpose of keeping mankind ignorant and contented put spurious revelations into their mouths.

The representations of the Bible concerning the origin and history of man are largely fictitious impositions, not historical compositions.

The God interpolated in the Bible by those. who compiled the. book for their own use and purpose is not objectivity. He is subjectivity existing in the imagination of orthodox Catholics and Christians.

None of the gods of the super‑naturalistic interpretations of religions are objectiveness The lesser ones am generally the ghosts of dead men, and the greater ones am versions of the‑ sun myth.

In itself, the sun myth, as symbolism, is not only poetically beautifully but also scientifically true. As literalism. it is, in the case of the ignorant, superstition, and in the case of the learned, self‑deception or hypocrisy.

A22 I* conscious , personal, creator‑gods, destroyer‑gods , savior‑gods, and illuminator‑gods, with all their angels, heavens, and hells, are so many myths‑creations of the imagination, subjective fictions, not objective realities

 The savior‑gods are the same mythical per unification of

the sun and of‑ the happy events of its annual career beca a from it the earth,

With all the planets, had their origin, and because from it the earth, and all the planets, have the heat, light, and force which makes life possible Henry &at, eminent English traveler, said: "There is no antiquarian, no inscriptionist, no linguist, but absolutely understands that all historic religions, either through relics, monuments, or scrolls, have their origin in the sun; and that ‑all, ancients, ‑although ‑their religions may be diversified, started on that central pivot.... the Sun."


When the priesthood overcame the philosophers at the Nicean Convention in the fourth century A.D., then it made its Bible and put in the mouth Of its God this statement:

"Now,, therefore, if ye will obey my voice and keep my covenants, then Ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto Me above all People; for all the earth is mine. And ye shall be unto me a kingdom of priests and an holy nation" (Ex. 19: 5,6).

"Ye shall be named the Priests of the Lord; men shall call you the Ministers of our God; ye shall eat the riches of the Gentiles, and in their glory shall ye boast yourselves" (Is. 61: 6).

These makers of the Bible put in the Old Testament the God of the Jews This same God is rejected and repudiated in the New Testament.

The Old Testament God had a long discussion with Moses and showed Moses his "back parts" (Ex. chapters 3‑14).

Tie New Testament God is said to be a spirit and that "no man hath seen God at any time" (Jn 1:18; 4:24).

Then anthropomorphism in time invested the Nature Gods Of the ancients with human forms.

When the doctrine was promulgated that the gods were originally men whose virtues had elevated them to the sky, old Bel‑Saturn, the oldest and chief god, the Great Spirit of antiquity, would logically be the "First Man it

As the Great Spirit appeared as "First Man;" so the biblical Adam,, by the doctrine of Euhemerus, was raised to the rank of god. As first god, he was euhemerized into First Man.

In this way the Priesthood disposed of the sun gods. The Hebrew Priesthood transformed them Into Patriarchs. Adam, Ab‑Ram, and Israel Were names of the Sun.

In the making of their Bible, the Priesthood covered the account of the creation down to Noah's flood in eleven chapters, and then devoted fourteen chapters of Genesis to Ab‑Ram, his family and his work.

 Ab‑Ram was a Chaldean, born in Ur  of the Chaldees (Gen. 11: 26 , 2 8). Ur

was dedicated to the Mom‑God Sin, whence s the name Mt. SIMI; and Ab­

Ram, marries Sa‑Rai.

The Fire‑God of Ur was Ab‑Ram. The Hebrew word Ab mans Father, and Ram (head sign of the Zodiac) means Most High.

So Ab‑Ram, the. Fire‑God, married Sa‑Rai, the Moon‑Goddess, and they became the original parents of the Hebrews.

Then later, in order to hide the facts, Ab‑Ram's name was changed to Abraham; and "a father of many nations have I made thee" and Sa‑Rai's name was changed to Sarah (Gen. 17: 59 15).

In his “Spirit History of Man”, S. F. Dunlap wrote: "Sahra is the Moon.... It was usual with the old Arabians to regard Saturn and Ab‑Ram as their progenitors; and while regarding Saturn as their father, they claimed Sahra (Asarah, Asherah, Venus) as their Mother; for the Mom is the Mother of the Kosmos, and the poet wrote that 'all things are born of Saturn and Venus"' (p. 76).

And here is how the world got the biblical Christ. The Hindus called the Sun Chris. The Greeks changed it to Christos; the Romans changed it to Christus; and the English called it Christ the Sun God.

When the Priesthood made its Bible to enthrone the church and enslave the masses,, Christ the Son God became Christ the Sun of God.

As late as the sixth century A.D., the words "OUR LOW TM SUN" were preserved in the Christian Liturgy; and it was not until the seventh century that the figure of a man appeared on the Christian Cross.

At the Sixth Ecumenical Council held at Constantinople in 6 80 A.D. 9 it was ordained that in place of the Lamb the figure of a Man should be portrayed on the Cross; and thereafter the worship of the Laub on the Cross was prohibited and that of a Man was substituted in its place.

These facts of history demonstrate the evolution of Christianity. The Lamb on the Cross represented Aries, the Head Sign of the Zodiac; and after the Lamb was replaced on the Cross with the figure of Man, the gospel Jesus was then, termed "the Laub of God which taketh away tie sin of the world" (Jn. 1: 29).

That statement was interpolated in the Bible some time during the seventh century A.D.

In his work titled "Back to the Sun," Dr. Charles Whitby wrote:

"In his dark how, when doubt, fear,, and perplexity are everywhere manifest, it is well to remember that the fate of this earth and its inhabitants is not really at the mercy of our paltry human endeavors.

"To see in our present plight only a meaningless uprooting leveling and demoralizing process, without purpose or promise at the center of it,, is to be the purblind dupe of illusion" (p. 15).

That darkness, doubt, fear, and perplexity may be laid right at the door of the church,, and evidence of this fact appears in the constantly increasing host of unbelievers in the church and in Christendom in general, which is the result of the spread of facts and truth that am uncovering and disclosing the greatest fraud an earth.


It may seem silly and stupid to us for these ancient rams to regard the Sun and Mom as their progenitors, and yet many of us consider it sensible and scientific to regard man as an improved ape, the product of evolution, according to the postulate of science.

The dumbest fanner knows that without the Suns darkness and destructive cold would envelope the earth, and its surface would be as dismal, gloomy lifeless, naked, and barren as a cobble stone.

That being a fact which even science will not question, it would seem in harmony with law and order that we look for man's origin in the powers of the elements which produce everything that appears on the face of the earth.

We see the products of these powers on all sides and watch them grow and develop as they produce our food and the forests which cover the land.

Is there any reason why we should believe that man is an exception to this law?

In fact, without the Sun, the mythical God of theology would be as helpless as an infant and as impotent as a kitten, and the prayers of the pious would be as futile as the bellow of a bull.

And yet these notorious facts are ignored by science, concealed by the church, and disregarded by the mind‑controlled multitude who are taught by their enslaves to look up to a mysterious God in the sky for the source of Creation and the Maker of Man.

Man is the highest of the products, which cover the earth, and if man is subject to the laws that govern the Universe, then it is not a difficult problem, to discover the source of his origin.

And furthermore, if we come to a correct  conclusiosion consistency of thought demands that we proceed in cur processes in a direct manner through infinite time to infinite results.

If something cannot ‑ come from nothings then of necessity the characteristics of the something, which canes must illustrate and describe with great precision the source from whence it came.

The Microcosm, is the product of the Macrocosm and as is the Macrocosm so is the Microcosm. The Macrocosm is of necessity illustrated in the Microcosm; the one, however, infinitely above the other.

The Macrocosm is the Producer and the Preserver and like begets like, in character if not in degree.

The processes of the microcosm, mist illustrate., therefore, the processes of the Macrocosm. This requires that the Microcosm mist possess the qualities and properties of the Macrocosm.

That which may be known of the Macrocosm is manifest in the Microcosm, and vice versa.


Science shows; that the Solar Orb in the sky is the Macrocosmic Generator of the Universe, casting out streams of electrized, intelligized, and polarized electrons which cover the earth with every form Of life‑the fish ‑Of the sea,

The fowls of the air, and every living creature that moves upon the earth (Gen. 1:26).

Science shows that Man is no exception to this universal Law. It applies with full force and effect to him, and science declares that he is an electric machine .

At this critical point be not alarmed by this declaration. For Man is not the machine. The evolutionist holds that he is, but the experience and observation of thousands of years prove otherwise.

The Ancient Masters solved this mystery by showing that Man is independent of his body.

Man is that Solar Entity which occupies the Machine and uses it as a vehicle of expression on the earth plane. Keep this point in mind and do not become confused as we proceed.

Leading scientists find, after years of profound study and research, that the human organism is a complicated system of electric batteries,' all of them delicately connected with a highly complicated system of nerves.

The late Dr. George W. Crile, eminent biologist, histologist, physiologist, and surgeon, asserted, after the most exhaustive research, that "each cell in the human body is an electric machine" (Bipolar Theory of Living Processes, 1926).

Prof. H. F. Osborn declared, "We inherit some, if not all, of our physic‑chemical characteristics from the Sun; and to that degree we may claim kinship with the stellar universe.... since soup‑ of our distinctive characteristics and functions are actually the properties of our ancestral star" (the Sun).

Osborn continued "Physically, we am the children of our

great luminary (Sun), which contributes to us all of cur chemical elements and all the physical properties which bind them together" (Origin of Life, p. 18).

And Secor, famous electrician, stated that the body is an automatic engine, the functions of which are the result of solar radiation, ruled by intelligence inherent in the cells of the organism.

The harmonious findings, declarations, and conclusions of a s  of dis­

Distinguished specialists in electricity, chemistry, biology, and physiology present incontrovertible facts in support of the postulation that life force, vital force nerve farce, call it what you will, is Solar Electricity.

These scientists found that each cell of the body is a complete bipolar electric mechanism in itself and that the organism as a whole is a complex bipolar, electric machine composed of many batteries.


 1. The Sun, Giant Generator of the Universe, casts out streams of

 electrisized, intelligized, and polarized electrons; and these, under the power

of creation in them cover the earth with all the various forms of

living creatures, including Man.


2. As the Macrocosm produces the Microcosm, under the law that Like begets Like,, the 'Microcosm must illustrate and describe with perfect precision the characteristics, qualities, and properties of the Macrocosm.


3. As the human organism is constituted of electrized,) intelligized, and Polarized electrons, it must be an electric mechanism.


4. As the Giant Generator electrizes and vitalizes the Macrocosm.

In "Son of Perfection",, we have described and discussed the principal battery of the body, with its seven cells; and in this work we shall show how all the body's batteries are kept charged and how they are connected with the Macrocosmic Generator.

After absorbing our discussion on these vital points, the reader will discover how preposterous is the postulate of science, that Life is the expression of a series of chemical changes, and that vital force is the produce of food. Those who want more on that phase of the subject should ‑read our work titled 'The Facts of Nutrition." ($2.50 from Health Research).


It is both interesting and enlightening to observe how the electric, solar body engenders and interpenetrates the other bodies of man.

Man would be amazed could he see the nerve system of his body in its entirety. For it would present to the eye the same size, shape, and form of the dense physical body.

The point of a pin cannot be pressed against the body anywhere without touching a nerve; and the nerves are charged with what modem science calls vital force.

For that force modem science has neither definite name nor rational explanation. It is just "food energy," or the result of "chemical action,", or "a series of chemical changes," as the great Osler said (Mod. Med. 19079 p. 39).

Let any medical doctor question or attack that theory in public, and he very summarily has his license revoked on the charge of "unethical conduct

Nerve form,, vital force call it what you will, is Solar Electricity.

During the Life of physical man on earth,, the Solar Man and his Physical replica present the same identical size, shape, and form, interlaced., interwoven and interblended so perfectly and so completely that in cur sight they appear as one and the same, and yet we see only the physical form and little suspect that we are looking at Solar Man when we gaze in a mirror.

Remember, truth is stranger than fiction. The great truths which have shaken society to its center have always appeared insignificant to the superficial observer, while to the discoverer, the Pythagorean philosopher, the Newtonian thinker, the true principle is a pearl of priceless value.

To him who has reached the true vantage‑ground of observation by discovering the principle,, everything becomes clear, full and obvious. Speculations give way to knowledge and empiricism to ‑the certainty of science. Facts, while otherwise obscure and difficult to be appreciated, are brought near enough to permit of thorough investigation and the consequent attainment of law and order.

Cosmic Radiation

Cosmic Radiation is now a common term; but it has been only a quarter of a century since the late Sir Jams Jeans. F. R. S. , first drew attention to the effect of cosmic rays upon man; whereas, the Ancient Masters had this subject well covered in their astrological system, which was declared worthless by science, but which is now being discovered as a science that goes into the realm of atomism, a field so startling because of its power and force that the world stands amazed and astounded.

Astrology is that ancient science which treats of the effect and influence of the suns and stars of the sky upon the earth and everything on the earth, including the vegetal and animal kingdoms.

In 1939 Prof. P. M. S. Blatt, F.R.S.., stated that "the earth (is) being bombarded by atomic particles of surprisingly high energy.

And right here before us, in the confusion of science, like the source of animation, of Life, that strange element which makes man a living soul;" and yet so completely unknown and unnoticed that the renowned scientist Millikan frankly admitted: "I cannot explain why I am alive." (Collier's, Oct. 24, 1925).

In 1951 Edward S. Smith, C.B.E., F.C.S., wrote:

"Cosmic radiation provides the most penetrating rays recognizable at Present. The word 'radiation' covers the particles (rays), the electron‑volts carried by some of them, and the electromagnetic waves with which they are associated." (Prana of Yoga, p. 23).

The late Dr.‑Robert A. Millikan, just mentioned above, was said to have been "the generalissimo of American Science in World War I,)" and the man who coined the‑ term "Cosmic Rays." He made this observation:

"Cosmic radiation penetrates practically a thousand feet into the earth's crust . . . Cosmic rays reaching the earth at the Equator mist contact the earth's magnetic field (aura) as electrons of more than 10 million volts and more than six million volts in latitudes of above 34 degrees north" (Cosmic Radiation, Colston Papers, 1949).

The resistance of the earth's electromagnetic field to cosmic radiation in latitudes of above 34 degrees north is said to equal that of about six feet of lead.

But these scientists overlook the fact that Cosmic Radiation is equal on all portions of the earth's surface. It is May solar radiation that is greater at the Equator and decreases each way from that point toward the poles.


this Electro‑magnetic, field surrounding the earth, called the earth's aura, extends approximately 4300 miles through to outer space.

When cosmic radiation Strikes the centripetal and centrifugal forces of the earth's aura, one of the effects is the creation of the electromagnetic field, described by Stromberg in his "Soul of the Universe." and referred to by us in Part I of this work.

This field constitutes what occult science calls the Astral World, the world of strange phenomena, and the world of the so‑called Astral Body of man.

Occult science teaches that the astral body of man is the ethereal body that is capable of projection to a distance. The great Carrel referred to the matter in these words:

"Personality is rightly believed to extend outside the physical continuum ....Each one of us is certainly far larger and M diffuse than his body.... Obviously, man projects an all sides beyond his anatomical frontiers . . .

"But man diffuses through space in a still more positive way. In telepathic phenomena, he instantaneously sends out a part of himself, a sort of emanation, which joins a far‑away relative or friend. He thus expands to great distances. He may cross-oceans and continents in a time too short to. be estimated" (Man, The Unknown pp. 2589 2599 260).

Another writer says: 'When man passes into the Astral Realm and becomes conscious of it, he is then really in the mental body" (Astral World).

In Part I of this work we stated that Stromberg demonstrated by experiments that in the electromagnetic field surrounding the earth there exists the immaterial, invisible entity which expands, develops., and becomes a Living Being, in a physical form on the Material Plane. He said:

"the structure and the functions of a cell, a nerve system, a brain, are not due to the collected molecules of the parts (nor to the food one eats), but to an electrical field of definite properties , structural as well as functional (Soul of the Universe).

There must be structure to function or there could be no function.

 The electromagnetic field the earth's aura,. constitutes that invisible

world in which is contained the essence of all that appears in various shapes

and form in this visible world, the Material Plane, comprising both the

vegetal and the animal kingdoms.


In the Bible there appears a strange reference to something that seems to mean little to the clergy and less to the man in darkness. The statement says:

"Or ever the Silver Cord be loosed, or the Golden Bowl be broken (Eccl. 12:6).

This book of the Bible contains statements found nowhere else in the Old Testament and is not referred to in the New, probably because it so flatly contradicts the fantastic interpolation of those who, compiled the Bible from the ancient scrolls.

aura, extends approximately 4300 miles through to outer space.

When cosmic radiation strikes the centripetal and centrifugal forces of the earth's aura, one of the effects is the creation of the electromagnetic field, described by Stromberg in his "Soul of the Universe,," and referred to by us in Part I of this work.

This field constitutes what occult science calls the Astral World, the world of strange phenomena, and the world of the so‑called Astral Body of man.

Occult science teaches that the astral body of man is the ethereal body that is capable of projection to a distance. The great Carrel referred to the matter in these words:

"Personality is rightly believed to extend outside the physical continuum .... Each one of us is certainly far larger and mare diffuses than his body.... Obviously, man projects an all sides beyond his anatomical frontiers

"But man diffuses through space in a still more positive way. In telepathic phenomena, he instantaneously sends cut a part of himself,, a sort of emanation which joins a far‑away relative or friend. He thus expands to great distances. He may cross-oceans and continents in a time. too short to. be estimated" (Man, The Unknown, pp. 2582 2595 260).

Another writer says: IV= man passes into the Astral Realm. and becomes conscious of it, he is then really in the mental body" (Astral World).

In Part I of this work we stated that Stromberg demonstrated by experiments that in the electromagnetic field surrounding the earth there exists the immaterial, invisible entity which expands, develops, and becomes  a Living Being, in a physical form on the Material Plane. He said:

"The structure and the functions of a cell, a nerve system, a brain, are not due to the collected molecules of the parts (nor to the food one eats), but to  an electrical field of definite properties , structural as well as functional (Soul of the Universe).

There must be structure to function or there could be no function.

The electromagnetic field the earth's aura constitutes that invisible world in which is contained the essence of all that appears in various shapes and form I this visible world, the Material Plane, comprising both the

in vegetal and the animal kingdoms


In the Bible there appears a strange reference to something that seems to mean little to the clergy and less to the man in darkness. The statement says:

"Or ever the Silver Cord be loosed, or the Golden Bowl be broken" (ECCl. 12:6).

.This book of the Bible contains statements found nowhere else in the Old Testament and is not referred to in the New, probably because  it so flatly contradicts the fantastic interpolations of those who compiled the Bible from the ancient scrolls.

of the atomic bomb, the information would have been greeted with doubts and sneers. Even today there are not many that are prepared to believe what we shall say.

 From, the little‑known electromagnetic field (Astral World) which surrounds the earth, there emerges an invisible current of electric force, discovered by the Ancient Masters and by them called the Silver Cord.

That current they discovered to be the magic Creative Power that covers the earth with the vegetal and animal kingdom, which we call Nature.

So, according to their doctrine, man was not formed of the dust of the ground and did not become a living soul because a fabulous God puffed into his nostrils 'the breath of life. "(Gen. 2:7).

That statement is just another of the thousands of interpolations of the men who made the Bible.

Whence canes the forests and flowers which cover the earth? The same earth, the same air, the same water, and the same sunshine are transformed and made to produce all we see in the phenomenal world, of which man is a part.

Is it a greater miracle to produce man than it is to produce all these things by which he is surrounded? Which of all these is the greatest mystery?

Is it a greater miracle to produce thought and will and perception and sensation and all the phenomena of mind, than the colors, perfumes, flavors., fruits. and flowers of the vegetal kingdom?

By, with, and from the Silver Cord the natural world canes into being; and man is a part of it. He is formed by the sane creative power, the Brain and Spinal Cord forming first, as if by magic

'The formation results under the law of vibration, by which the invisible becomes visible and the potential becomes actual.

A lawful decrease in the vibratory rate of the Silver Cord transforms the invisible stream of ions and electrons into visible substance, under the sane law that transforms invisible vapor into visible water.

Me brain of man is formed first and then the region of the skull where the Silver Cord penetrates the brain is called the Fonticulus Frontalis; but to this particular fontanel, in the skull medical works pay no especial attention.

In the human fetus there are seven fontanels in the skull. The Fonticulus Frontalis is much the largest and remains open for a considerable time after birth and exhibits a rhythmic pulsation that harmonizes with the beating of the heart.

In. fact, we are now at the very core of the great mystery of Life, and yet all medical books contain nothing on this the greatest of all.

The current flowing as the Silver Cord from the electromagnetic field is that mysterious Vital Force which is responsible not only for the heart's action, but for all the function and pulsation that occurs in the body and for tie functions of every organ, gland, and cell.

Scientists wonder as they observe the rhythm of cosmic force but fail to see that these same rhythm appear in all functions of the body and all of them the expression of universal rhythm carried into the body by the Silver Cord.

Medical works are as silent as the grave on this subject and tell us not‑Ling, except that heart action and vital action are the result of nerve force ‑ But what nerve force is we are not told.

The "door opened in heaven." is a spat that is readily felt in the top of the head of a newborn child and called the Fonticulus Frontalis.

The human body is self‑conserving in the highest degree. Nothing is in vain. There is reason and purpose in all of its structures and functions, and these are designed by the Master Architect to accomplish definite and specific results. But modem science presents neither reason nor purpose for the existence of the Fonticulus Frontalis in the crown of man's skull,

 In the biblical allegory, a voice from above s down through this

aperture in the head, and says; "Come up hither, and I will show thee things

which must be hereafter (Rev.4:1)

What are these things in main's life, which must be hereafter? And whence comes the voice? That allegorical mystery we have explained in "Son of Perfection.11 Part II, p. 25.

We who dig out the Lost Wisdom of the Ancient World, must go way back to the scriptures of the old Masters, termed "superstitious heathens" by modern science and "savages" by theology, to learn about the mysteries of man and to discover the fact that these "heathens" and "savages" knew much about the functions of the body and the secrets of life that am unknown to modem science.

The pious church fathers could not destroy the scrolls of the "heathens" and "savages" of India because the scrolls were so far beyond the reach of their, destructive hands.

In those musty scrolls the "door opened in heaven is termed the Brahmarandu,c‑4 or the "Aperture of Brahma," the "Throne of Shiva,." the "Seat of the Nibodhika Fire," and his fact was known to the church fathers who made the Bible.

To form any conception of the Silver Cord we must have more knowledge of the body, its constitution, its functions, and its nerve system than modem science has, and that fact is frankly admitted by the great Camel.

As the stream of Cosmic Electricity penetrates the head,) its vibratory rate decreases, and it condenses and materializes into microscopic fibers, piercing the brain in millions of minute threads which meet at that portion of the brain call d the medulla oblongata and there concentrate converge and form what becomes the Spinal cord of the body.

The medulla oblongata at its lower portion, differs but slightly in size from the Spinal Cord itself, with which it is continuous, but it soon expands in its upper portion and becomes larger.

Medical works describe the brain and all of its functions,, but they teach nothing of the functions of the medulla in its relationship to the functions of the brain system.

The nerves proper all originate in the brain, extending down from it in a trunkline called the Spinal Cord with countless nerves branching from the Cord and going to all parts of the body, its organs, and glands.

 All the nerves have their specific function and perform it without confusion. If sane obstruction hinders the flow of nerve force at any point, the force "burns" its way through that obstruction‑and the painful symptoms arising are given names (diagnosis) by doctors and called "disease." These are "aired" by the administration of poisons that deaden the nerves, thus causing  the nerves to lose sane of their vital functional powers.

The nerves are diffused through the brain and interwoven with its substance, making the brain a switchboard that controls the nerve s as a telephone or telegraph system.


We are now at that point in man's constitution where a strange secret occurs and where science gets lost.

As the nerves of the body ascend into the brain as the Spinal Cord, they pass into the medulla oblongata and beyond; and they are said in medical works to end here and there in various parts of the brain.

If this ending of the nerves in the brain is actual, whence canes the

life, minds, consciousness, intelligence, vitality, and nerve force of the body? From the brain? Then where does the brain get it? Here let science speak:

"The studies of the physiologist and the physiological chemist abundantly indicate that all vital activities (of the body) are ultimately the expression of molecular rearrangements and combinations. Life is, therefore, the expression of a series of chemical, changes" (Dr. Wm. Osler, greatest physician America ever produced, in his Mod. Mad. 1907, p. 39).

We should not laugh at this ridiculous, unsound theory of Life. This is the postulate that rules the medical world and I to the darkness in which science flounders as it attempt to solve the mystery of Life and Man.

This is the message to the world of that science followed by the free thinkers who have ditched Vie church God and believe that they are moving forward to the Promised Land of Eternal Bliss under the guidance, as the great Carrel said, of ‑

"Men of science (who) know not where they are going (and) are guided by chance" (Man The Unknown, p. 23).

According to the Ancient Masters, in the brain I where science thinks the nerves come to an end am the area where they transform and metamorphose into the invisible Silver Cord. Science thinks the nerves end because they cannot be seen. They simply grow smaller and much finer than the blood capillaries of the body, which were too small to be seen by the aid of the most powerful microscope in 1616, when Dr. Harvey astounded the medical world with his discovery of the circulation of the blood.

Harvey knew that the blood had to go from the arteries to the veins, but he could not explain the mystery.

The nerves do not end. They simply grow smaller and finally dematerialize completely into bluish White rays, converging at the Sahasrara Chakra, the Fonticulus Frontalis in the crown of the head, ‑and there passing out through the "door opened in heaven" as the Silver Cord.

This is also Jakob's lad set up on earth (Spinal Cord in man's body) and the top (Silver Cord) reaching to heaven, the Hindu "Abode of Shiva," with angels ascending and descending.

The angels represent Solar Man entering his terrestrial temple and leaving it. That terrestrial temple becomes a shell when solar Man leaves’s it.

The Kundalini Fire of the Yogi is the force that flows in and out of the body over the Spinal Cord and the Silver Cord.


The Electro‑magnetic field hovering over the face of the earth is called the earths mum. The centripetal  and centrifugal forces ‑of this aura form the earth's gravitational field.

From this field there flows through the Silver Cord and descends on Jakob Is ladder, into the human brain and then over the Spinal Cord, the life, vitality, nerve force, intelligence, mind, and consciousness, and all the other qualities which make and constitute physical man.

Sever the Spinal Cord in the neck,. and man dies quicker than if shot through the heart. lie dies instantaneously.

On the return trip,. ascending Jakob's ladder and passing out through the "door in the sky," these immortal qualities leave the body through the Silver Cord‑partially in sleep or deep meditation and completely in death.

Life‑Mind‑Conscicusness‑‑These qualities am really one and united they form the Cosmic Unit, the Microcosm the Ego, the Nous, the Real Man, the immortal Solar Being. They constitute the Kingdom of the God (Lou. 17:21).

When the multitude heard the gospel Jesus preach so much about the Kingdom of (the) God, they thought it mist be a wonderful place ‑ and asked him to describe it. He did, using the phraseology of the Ancient Masters whom had preceded him by thousands of years; and this is what he said:

"The Kingdom of (the) God is like a grain of mustard, which, when sown in the earth, is less than all the seeds,, but it grows and becomes greater than all herbs" (Mat. 13:31; W. 4:31).

Like Solar Man before  he extends and expands in the physical body, the kingdom, at first, doesn’t amount to much. But it grows and develops.

How sorely disappointed that multitude must have been by the simple description the gospel Jesus gave of the heavenly kingdom.

Their imagination,, like that of modern man is darkness, led them to believe the heavenly kingdom must be the grandest place in the universe, located in a glorious garden of beautiful flowers, with servants  and slaves doing the bidding of their Master, who was seated on a Golden Throne and ruled the earth with a rod of iron.

That same man in darkness is due for another disappointment. Truth is always bitter and always hard to swallow.

For the man who has found truth, said the Ancient Masters, new suffering awaits him when he finds the path to Eternity and the understanding of the Infinite (Tarot Card 12 , Sphinx, p. 25).

As a Cosmic Unit, the God of the whole earth emerges from the electromagnetic field, slides down the Silver Cord through the "door opened in heaven," called the Gateway of 'the Soul, and descends into the material world, where the God expands, develops, and becomes the greatest mystery in the universe.

Since the decline of the dark ages about three centuries ago, science has been striving to determine what man is and knows no more about him now than it did three hundred years ago.

That great scientists Alexis Carrels, who kept alive for 27 years a heart fragment of a chick embryo,, wrote this description of man:

'Nan is made up of a process of phantoms,, in the. midst of which there strides an unknowable Reality'' (Man The Unknown p. 4).


Occult science asserts that Man is just a State of Consciousness. He is that when he enters his body, and he is that when he leaves it.

Consciousness and the physical plane are expressed in the brain as knowledge which inform us of our existence and our environment.

The unconscious man is only partially alive. He knows nothing and the physical plane aid is out of contact with him as though he were dead.

There may be contradictory statements. in the Bible, as many were engaged in writing the books thereof and they were miles apart; and the translators who prepared the Bible for the church deleted and interpolated to weave in their own thoughts and opinions.

But no statement in ‑the book directly contradicts the assertion that there is an Invisible Power ‑that dwells in the living body, producing the body by the process of expansion and extension and animating it in the state termed life.

In spite of the distortion and interpolation which the ancient writings have suffered, the Bible definitely says: "Know ye not that ye are the Temple of (the) God and that the Spirit of (the) God dwelleth in you," and, therefore, is the real you (1 Cor. 3:16).

That statement is clear and positive and agrees with the facts and observations of daily life‑that the Animating Principle of the body, and not the body , is the Real Man.

No effort of study nor any degree of reflection,, no matter how long continued, can make man become conscious of a personal identity in himself that is riot himself, that is separate from his own body and distinct from his own brain.

That fact is the evidence to prove that the Spirit of (the) God (Solar Man), dwelling in the body, is none other than the Real Man himself.

Through the nerves, the brain controls the body, all its muscles, organs, and glands The brain, in turn, is governed from above through the Silver Cord by Cosmic Consciousness, which we have shown in our work "Son of Perfection" (pt. I, p. 7) to be the Real Man, the Ego, the Nous, the Solar Man


In trying to solve the mystery of Life,, science has traced the trail of Life down to the smallest visible particle of matter and there found no more to explain the nature of Life than it found in a living man.

Science has shown that the various living forms all start from what appears to be the same identical substance.

Prof. Henry Drumnond said: "rake the ovule of the worm the eagle, the elephant, the man. Let the most skilled observer apply the most searching tests to distinguish one from the other and he will fail.

"But there is something more surprising still. Compare next the two sets of germs, the vegetable and the animal; and still there is no difference. Oak and palm, worm and man all start in life together.

"No matter into what strangely different ‑ forms they may afterwards. develop, no matter whether they are to live on sea or land, creep or fly, swim or walk, think of vegetate, in the embryo, as it first meets the eye of Science, they are indistinguishable" (Ascent of Man).

Prof. Lionel S. Beale wrote: "Mere is a period in the development of every tissue of every living thing known to us when they am actually no structural peculiarities whatever‑when the whole organism, consists of transparent, structureless , semi‑fluid bioplasm  ‑‑when it would be impossible to distinguish the growing, moving matter which was to evolve the oak, from that which was the gem of a vertebrate animal . . . .

"Neither by studying bioplasm under the microscope nor by any kind of physical or chemical investigation known can we form any notion of the nature of the substance which is to be formed by the bioplasm, or what will be the ordinary result of the living."

What appears as the beginning of physical man (body) is termed the Parent Cell, which is said to result from the union of the male and female germ cells.

 What does that union really does? It seem to create a condition that

activates the Creative Principle, causing  it to bring into being what may be

termed the Magic Cell, considered as the starting point of man's body.

This primal beginning of man is a mystery to science. Dr. Willard Carver described it thus:

"From the instant of the entrance of the spermatozoon (male element) into the ovum (female element), marked changes occur in its germinal. part as well as in that of the male germinal part. These immediately begin a definite state of conduct wholly distinct and different from that so far exhibited. The elements of the ovum approach the spermatozoon U, what is termed the zone of attraction, as though welcoming its entrance and attempting to make safe and easy its path of movement.

'Mans germinal elements, from being concentrated, separate into their particles; and the general cytoplasm of the ovum begins to be organized with

relation to what are now called the male pro‑nucleus and the female pro­

nucleus . and as this arrangement occurs. the gametes or pro‑nuclei travel

toward each other. 

"By the time they come near to each other, certain elements of each stand cut separately as though influenced by some electromagnetic force; and coming nearer,, these separate, individual particles merge and fuse, as it were, into each other, leaving a clear field in which nothing can be seen. Then, after a period of seeming quiescence, granulation begins to take place at the point occupied by the gametes when they fused and vanished.

"The granulation point is the beginning of the new person and is called the Zygote,.

"It will be seen that where the gametes, floating in their fluids, differ from lymph corpuscles, for instance, is at the entrance of the spermatozoon into the ovum.

"Up to that moment their life history and conduct present nothing different from that of lymph corpuscles. The gametes have been acting in conformity with the vitality animating the mile and female organisms in which they were produced.

"But upon impregnation (merging and fusing) all is changed. They cease thus to act and begin to act according to the law of a new vitality and in such manner as to produce a new organism, composed primarily of the material brought from the parents in the gametes.

'"The temptation to enter the realm of speculation as to what this new vitality is, which manifests itself at this juncture, will be repressed; for it has not yet been given man to know" (Psycho‑Bio‑Physiology, pp. 194‑5).


1. The male and female elements meet, merge, and aid fuse., leaving a clear field, in which nothing can be seen.


2. Then, after a period of seeming quiescence, granulation begins to occur at the point occupied by the male and female elements when they merged and vanished.


3. The granulation point is the beginning of the baby, called the Zygote.


4. The particles which begin to form the Zygote present a different mode of conduct and act according to the law of a new vitality.

Carver said that the new vitality began to produce a new organism composed primarily ‑of the material brought from the parents in the gametes.

But that material disappeared from sight,, leaving a clear field in which nothing could be seen.

The granulation that later begins to appear in that clear field in different material and exhibits different conduct. It acts according to the law of a new vitality.

This exhibition of different conduct is evidence to show that it is different material and is not the material brought firm the parents in the gametes.

Then from whence did it come? We shall see.

The next point is the Yew vitality. 11 its nature and its source Carver refused to discuss, declaring that as yet it had not been given man to know

The "new vitality" appeared to con from nowhere and assumed with full authority and ability the inexplicable task of producing a new person‑the greatest mystery on earth., Cosmic creation working right under our noses

Beginning its work in the female uterus, in clear, structureless colloid, an unseen power, which appeared to come from nowhere and called  the Hidden Artist, ‑ begins to perform delicate , definite. intricate processes.

No eye can see it. No science has defined it. When the area is examined under the strongest microscopes, nothing can be distinguished but the structureless colloid.

 What is this invisible agency? Of it ‑ Drumnond said  "The Artist who

operates upon matter in this subtle way and carries out his law‑is LIFE!"

But we are still in the dark. Mat tells us little. What is Life? What its nature and whence its source?

Drumnond further observed;

'To understand that it is really the Patter who does the work, let us follow a description of the process by a trained observer, Prof. Thomas H. Huxley. Through his microscope cope he is watching the development, out of a speck of protoplasm of one of the commonest animals: 'Strange possibilities,' says he, I lie dormant in that semi‑fluid globule.

"The plastic matter undergoes changes so rapidly and yet so purposeful in their succession that they can be compared with the work of an expert modeler upon a lump of soft clay.

"As with an invisible trowel,, the mass is divided and subdivided into smaller and smaller particles until it is reduced to an aggregation of granules not too large to build the finest fabrics of the nascent organism.

"And then, it is as  though an invisible finger traced out the line to be

occupied by the brain and spinal cord and to proceed with its work so artistically that, after watching the process hour by hour, one is possessed of a notion that some stronger aid to vision than an achromatic would reveal the hidden artist, with his plan before him, working with skillful manipulations to perfect his task."

It is highly important to observe here that the first parts of the body to be formed are the brain and spinal cord.

The formation of ‑the entire body results from the ‑transformation of the

invisible elements flowing in through the Silver Cord, and the point of that primary transformation appears right here in the visible formation‑ of the brain and spinal cord.

Carver's "new vitality." the nature and source of which he refused to discuss and which Drummond called Life, is the key to the‑entire mystery of Man., of Life, of Soul and Eternity.

Solve that secret and there is nothing  covered that shall not. be revealed; and nothing hid that shall not be known (Mat. 10:26).

Solve that secret and  the theological mystery of the Soul, of heaven, hell, and salvation, is evaporated, dissipated, pulverized, and reduced to harmless, worthless dust, and no longer will sermons and preachers be needed to guide the helpless masses through the wilderness of confusion, perplexity, doubt, and despair, to the Promised Land of Eternal Bliss, where there shall be no more  night,, no more tears, no more death, neither sorrow nor crying‑‑for the former mystery and confusion of the church are passed away (Rev. 21).


1. This New Vitality which seem to come from nowhere and which Carver said it has not been given man to know, is Drummond "Life," flowing through the Silver Cord from the electromagnetic field and

2. The Hidden Artist that appears to do the creative work is the inherent power of the electrized intelligised and polarized elements of the universe not composed of the used material brought from the parents in the gametes out

new, fresh material caning from the electromagnetic field and flowing through the Silver Cord and possessing the qualities and properties which abide in every parts particle, electron , and ion of the Universe, and which build everything an the earth and appear to be the same,, whether for an oak tree or for a medical doctor.


Let the great Carrel describe this magic work called Creation. He wrote:

"An organ builds itself by techniques very foreign to the human mind. The organ is not made of extraneous material like a house. Neither is it just a cellular construction, a mere assemblage of cells.

"It is,, of course,, composed of cells, as a house is composed of bricks. But it is born from a cell, as if the house originated from one brick., a magic brick that would set about making other bricks.

''Those magic bricks, without waiting for the architect Is drawings, or for the caning* of the workers, would assemble themselves and form the walls. They would also metamorphose into window‑paws, roofing‑slates, coal for heating, and water for kitchen and bathroom.

"An organ ‑develops by means such as those attributed to fairies. in the

tales told to children. It begins as a call and is engendered by cells, which,

to all , have a (previous) knowledge of the future edifice and

synthe from substances contained in blood plasma the building material and

even the workers 11 (man The Unknown , p. 10 8)


We have now reached that point where the reader should don his best clothes and his best deportment, for we are going to lead him directly up the aisle to the very Throw of God and shock him by showing that he is actually the Temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in him as the Bible says (1 Cor. 3: 16).

Carrel cleared up the mystery of Drummond's Hidden Artist; but there is still some question as. to the source of the material of which the new organism is built and which Carver assumed came primarily from the parents in the gametes.

1. The. Hidden Artist, called Life by Drummond abides right ‑in the material itself. The Hidden Artist is not a separate, ‑‑distinct entity as Drummond assumed, but is shown by Carrel to be the elictrized, intelligized and polarized properties inherent in the building material.

Aid that Hidden Artist is the Master Architect of the Cosmos, the Creator of the Universe, ‑the anthropomorphic God of the church

3. Christianity says: "By a paradox which defies the reasoning faculties, but which is readily resolved intuitively, God is said to be apart from, and independent of, the universe, and yet to permeate every atom of it" (p. 9).

And we have shown you here, Mr. Catholic and Mr. Christian, that your

mysterious God  does permeate every atom of the Universe, not as a personal entity but as a cosmic force.

4. Carrel erred when he assumed that the building material, in which the Creative God dwells is composed of the used and second‑hand elements synthesized from substances contained in blood plasma.

5. Those substances axe the used elements, which have served their purpose and given up their creative properties. They are not the new, primal, fresh materials from the electromagnetic field, which enters into the construction of the new body, the "future edifice" as Carrel called it.

6. The used elements are what Carver said was "the material brought from the parents in the gametes."

7. Cosmic Creation does not use second‑hand material in building new bodies. That new building material comes neither from the parents nor from the blood plasma,. but from the Electro‑magnetic field, as we have said.


Now we shall notice another important point, which shows how modern science is lost in the jungles of confusion.

‑According to the eminent Dr. Berman, the "Hidden Artist" mentioned by Drommond seems to work like this:

"Our chemical factory consists of cells (which we have been discussing), manufacturing special‑ substances that act upon the other cells of the body and so start and determine the countless processes which we call life. Life, body and Soul emerge from. the activity of the magic ooze of their silent chemistry. 11

In explaining and analyzing the properties of Life and Soul, that statement is just as logical and enlightening as the statements of preachers, as they describe the glories of God's kingdom, the powers of Christ, and the mysteries of the Soul.

Drummond assumed that Life was a distinctive.. entity. but Berman says it is not. It is just the‑ processes of the body. That. is exactly what the great Osler said.

And the soul, that strange entity which, according to the church is either SAVED OR LOST, depending on one is "belief," "emerges as a process from the activity of the magic  ooze of the cells' silent chemistry."

From whence came the cells of Berman's factory? And how did they become organized to form his factory? These are minor details, which he deems are too unimportant to be noticed.! But after be gets his magic factory organized and in operation, then great things happen, and the mysteries of Life are solved.

Those who desire to follow further this line of thought should. read cur work titled "Facts of Nutrition."

Man's body is not built of food as science teaches, but of cosmic elements that flow from the electrical field; and man himself, his life force, vital force, nerve force, which penetrates the body through the brain, spinal cord, and nerve system.

The Life Force, also termed the Life Principle, is the Solar Body that interpenetrates and the substances, which constitute the physical body, causing various rates of vibration in the different densities.

The chief seat of the Ego is said to be in the frontal sinus of the head (Golden Bowl) and is termed the Throne of the Divine Man and Symbolically refereed to in the Bible as the Throne of the God and of the Lamb (Rev. 22:1).

When the church fathers interpolated that statement in their Bible, they knew it did not mean what the church teaches the masses it means.


We stated in Part I of this work that Stromberg experimentally studied the electromagnetic field to see whether there was any surrounding a tadpole.

Now the church, of course, would seriously object to having man lowered to the level of a tadpole; but if God makes everything, there is bound to be a definite relationship between everything that God lams and has made.

So, with a super‑sensitive electrical instrument, Stromberg explored the field in the water surrounding the tadpole. The effect was startling when the animal was undergoing the metamorphic process changing from tadpole to frog.

He discovered that the structure of the future animal was already in existence as in invisible form before it had acquired a material substratum. The immaterial form was present before the molecules had become incorporated in the material structure.

Stromdberg put the mystery in these words: "The substance, which was the Soul (of the animal) in solution, clicked into place, and the animal came into (visible) being" from the invisible world.

But according to the church,, man is the only being on earth that has a Soul. God did not give other creatures a Soul. Nor did the form of man have a soul according to the Bible made by the church fathers, until God puffed "into his nostrils the breath of life." and then "man became a living soul" (Gen. 2: 7).

Stromberg's experiments showed that the immaterial form, the Potential Being, not only exists before the material form appears, but that it remains after the material form is gone disintegrated, and returned to the original elements.


These discoveries of advanced scientists prove the soundness of the ancient doctrine regarding the Preexistence of Man as a pure, celestial Being.

 And so the Bible says, "We are incorruptible It (the body) is born in corruption; it is raised in incorruption. . . the dead (Solar Man in the physical body) shall be raised incorruptible and we shall all be changed. For this corruptible (physical body) must Put on incorruption (Solar Body), and this mortal must put on immortality.

"So when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption and this shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory. 0 death,, where is thy sting? 0 grave,, where is thy victory?" Is. 25:8; Hos. 13:14; 1 Cor. 9:25; 15:42, 52‑55).

There is nothing puzzling about these biblical statements when properly presented and the underlying principle is explained and understood.

Lactantius said  that the Masters could ‑not conceive how it were Possible

that Man should exist after the demise of his body if he did not exist before, i.e., if his true nature were not independent of the physical body.


The Silver Cord may be very appropriately compared to the umbilical cord that links the embryo to the mother

For it is the Cosmic Cord that links the physical body to the astral body, which. Paul called the spiritual body (1 Cor. 15:44).

It ‑is  the: Cosmic Cord that links the Microcosm to the Macrocosm; that links the Son to the Father; that links the Product to the Producer. And we have said that the qualities of the Product describe with great exactness the qualities of the Producer'.

Man, the peak of all creation, contains within himself all the powers,

systems, planets, and‑‑ ‑ globes of tie universe. The cells of his body are Suns composed of electrized, intelligized, and polarized atoms, and the atom itself is a tiny universe.

I Man's body is a mass of millions of suns  , stars, planets, organized into systems of cells, molecules, atoms, and electrons, all revolving in the body at terrific ‑speed; and that propelling power is not the product of food nor the expression of molecular rearrangements and combinations nor of a series of chemical changes as stated by the greatest, physician that America has produced..

That power emanates from the electromagnetic field described by Stromberg, and that field is produced by solar radiation.

We can form a better conception of the Silver Cord by thinking of a radio beam that extends for miles into the ether and along which airplanes may be guided accurately and safely.

In the fables for children, the fairies slide down a moonbeam. These ancient fables‑ and myths usually deal with profound secrets of life.

Man can direct pilotless planes and control guided missiles' by a phase of

electricity called radio and radar, but little suspects that his own body is produced, developed, preserved, directed, and controlled by a phase of solarical electricity called the Silver Cord.

Dr. Beale made some interesting observations on the Silver Cord. He said:

"There have been many cases, even in the knowledge of this writer, where patients have left their bodies and were able to lock down on the unconscious shell (their body) from above.

"In such experiences, the complete entity (mind, astral brain, and other parts of the solar body, all in fact) is separated or extracted or evulsed from the physical shell and yet remains anchored to it by a tenuous cord of astral substance, by mans of which the entity is able to return to and activate the shell again, provided the cord is not broken.

"But should this cord for any reason snap or sever, then such person would be reported as "dead," and his body would be dead.

'"This is not imagery, for, apart from. the stated experience of the person himself, were a trained occultist, or even a clairvoyant, present at the time Of the phenomena he would be able to see and describe the comatose physical body and the divorced or separated entity hovering over it, joined by the (silver) cord (like an umbilical cord of the new‑born child)" (Evolution of Mind, pp. 45, 46).

In Part I of this work, we described the dying process, stating that man, as he leaves his body, can see his body and also a dim haze between him and his body.

That dim haze is described by some as the body's aura. This is erroneous, for the aura disappears at death.

That dim haze is the Silver Cord. which contains the Ego, the Cosmic Unit, the Real Man; and he locks out through it as one locks through a fine veil over one's face.

Like a radio bear, the Silver Cord is capable of practically infinite extension. In sleep we may, as in dreams, leave the body through the "door opened in the sky" and fly miles away, yet the body remains alive and we return to its as long as the Silver Cord remains intact. But when the Cord. breaks, death of the body immediately ensue.

This fact strongly indicates that Life is transmitted to the body through the Silver Cord. But saw authors hold that it flows into the body from the Sun and is absorbed by the spleen, where it is divided into seven streams of vital force and directed along the nerves to the various etheric centers.

This theory appears to be were speculation, with no foundation in fact.


Death frightens the ignorant and the intelligent only that believe what the church teaches.

It is as natural to die as to be born. Dying is painless. It is like passing out of darkness into the dawn of day. It is a physiological process as natural as breathing and as painless as eating.

A certain doctor wrote: "The moment immediately preceding death from disease is that of utter insensibility to all pain, or of a delightful passivity, or of the complete relaxation of all things pertaining to the physical condition.,,

As the life force fades from the external portions of the body and concentrates in the vital interiors, one suddenly remembers having gone through the same experiences in antecedent incarnations. This state results from the fading out of the objective mind as our consciousness passes to the subjective mind.

I  As the life force fades still more from the external portions of the body and concentrates into the deeper exteriors, there is a pleasant relaxing sensation, due to gradual parting of the etheric fibers as this portion of the body disengages itself from the numerous nerve fibers of the physical body.

Slowly the body sinks into that profound sleep from which it never awakens again.

That is the end of the natural function by which Solar Man is liberated from the body in the "Born. Again" process. That is the end of the state of consciousness that manifests in the body.

In the dying process, the Spinal Cord weakens as the life force flows out over the Silver Cord and fails to return.

If the life force flows out over the Silver Cord., it must flow in through the Silver Cord; and the Spinal Cord weakens because the body, for certain reasons, cannot consume the in-flowing vitality.

This would cause a weakening of the Spinal Cord up to the point where it joins with and becomes the Silver Cord, with actual death of the body ensuing when the weakened link between the two sections; blew out like a fuse.

To recapitulate: The Cosmic Unit expands and extends until it forms the material man.  Then we may follow it in the reverse order, where it shrinks and contracts, leaving the visible body and returning to the invisible realm.

The Solar Body (Cosmic Unit) interblends and interpenetrates with the physical body, supporting and supplying it with all the qualities that sustain terrestrial life.

In the physiological process called  death, all that happens to the Ego, Solar Man, Cosmic Unit, is a change of consciousness from its focal point in the material body to the focal point in the Solar Body.

For a split second at the moment of death, the Solar Body can see the replica of the physical body while the state of consciousness is fading and changing from the material body to the Solar Body.

The Seers and Masters had developed the power to liberate themselves voluntarily from their body, and such cases are mentioned in the Bible as follows: "I was in  the Spirit in the Lord's Day" and "immediately I was in the spirit" (Rev. 1: 10; 4:2).


In referring to the dying process, Dr. Charles Whitby said, "The experience of getting out of the body has been described by one who recovered from a death‑like swoon, as like struggling through a dark, narrow tunnel into a broad, brilliantly lighted place.

"How similar this is to man's being born in the flesh. The typical experience of the infant during and immediately after. the process of being born of the mother" (Back to the Sun, p. 114).

In the dying process, everything becomes clearer. The mind becomes more lucid than ever before; the head be comes intensely brilliant, like a glittering Golden Bowl.

The Masters knew what they were doing when they called the Skull the Golden Bowl (Eccl. 12:6).

At the same time the Silver Cord grows stronger  to protect the Ego; and "the etheric body," says one author, "flows out through the Cord like a rapidly moving fluorescent light, imperceptibly extracting the body's vitality more and more, somewhat as a suction, and the Ego passes out of the body through the top of the head as a radiant etheric light' (Cosmic Fire, p. 86).

That is a description of the dreaded,* terrifying physiological process of dying, which is all over, says the Bible, "in the twinkling of an eye" (1 Cor. 15: 52).

That is the true interpretation of the biblical "born again" mystery on. 3: 3, 5, 7).

That is the mysterious CHANGE mentioned in the Bible in which the "dead" is "raised incorruptible," and the sting is taken out of death, and the grave loses its victory over life (1 Car. 15: 51‑55).

Paul never wrote verses 56-58 of that chapter of 1st Cor.. They are spurious interpolations, inserted by the church fathers to bring their "Lord Jesus Christ" into the picture, to increase the confusion,, and to deceive the masses.


We have described the Four Principles of Creation and shown that man's body is constituted of these four principles.

We core now to the Cosmic Unit, which emerges from the electromagnetic field, flows down the Silver Cord through. the "door opened in heaven," called the Gateway of the Soul, and appears on earth as Man.

The Cosmic Unit is composed of Four Seed Atoms, corresponding to the Four Principles and each principle having its own Seed Atom in the Unit.

The Cosmic Unit is the eternal Ego which leaves the body through the top of the head in the death process and appears as "a radiant etheric light" that can be, seen by the true Clairvoyant.,

During the dark ages some of. those so unwise as to say they could see that Light were burned by the church as "witches." Even today those who can see that Light had better keep the secret to themselves.

The Seed Atoms are described 'as vortices of force revolving at terrific speed, each forming a nucleus around which the four, ‑bodies of man am built by the accumulation of atoms and man comes into visible existence.

The Cosmic Unit of Four Seed Atoms is so stall that it would require a group of a million to form a speck visible under the most powerful microscope.

The experiences passed through by man in his earthly life are  sent upon

the Seed Atoms like a message on a phonograph record. making it possible for the hypnotist to have his subject describe events that occurred during antecedent incarnations.

While the other atoms of the dense body have been renewed from time to time, the Seed Atoms forming the Cosmic Unit have remained fixed and

The Cosmic Unit remains stable not only through one life, but it remains stable and has been a part of every dense body ever used by that particular Ego.

That Cosmic Unit is the creative agency of the universe.

The Cosmic Unit leaves the dense body at death and returns again at the dawn of another physical life to serve as the nucleus ‑ ‑around which is built the new dense body to be used by the saw Ego.'

That is the Doctrine of Reincarnation as taught by the Ancient Masters, who claimed that they had the evidence to prove the truth of their teachings.

When the Cosmic Unit is ready to leave ‑the dense body, the Silver Cord does not break until the panorama of one's past life has been etched into the Seed Atom.


There is a wealth of literature an the subject of survival after death;

and if we survive after the death of the body, we were' in  existence before we were born in the flesh.

In that very ancient work called the Book of the Dead, said to have been written by the Egyptian Thoth, it is said that the god‑man Osiris had the power to be born again and to look down an his body at death ‑ That he could


give  because  he was life; that he could make man to rise from the dead because he was the resurrection.

On the wall of the ancient Egyptian temple ‑of, Deniers appeared the Zodiac Circle and a group of scenes depicting the death and resurrections of Osiris, who says: "I am the resurrection and the life" (Budge, vol. 2, pp. 126, 141, 312).

Modern Preachers don't know that it was there where the church fathers found #*se statements , which they put in the mouth of their character called Jesus when they made their Bible (Jn. 11: 25).

Numerous cases have been cited of persons who have been out of their body and gazed down upon it while undergoing an operation or when on the verge of dying and recovered.

In Fate Magazine of October‑1953, Margaret Linden gave an interesting account of passing out of her dense body and returning to it again. She was ill and rushed to a hospital for an operation not more than a couple hours after the operation, she said:

"I was back in bed and. was reviving from the effect of the anaesthetic and heard myself crying over and over, I Don It send me back! I

"I can further remember trying frantically to move my inert body and of being restrained by the doctor, who held both my. hands.

"He was speaking quietly, insistently, striving to impress aft my subconscious that it must hold fast to the remembrance of why I was begging 'not to be sent back.

"The next day when I returned to full consciousness, the doctor was there and asked me, 'Did I remember?"

"I did, and I do now.

"At some time during the operation.. I, my spirit left my body. I was flying, and I knew this was no dream for I had died. I knew it, and I welcomed it.

"It was far more wonderful than any dream. I was no longer imprisoned in my body. I was lighter than thought; I had no weight, no substance at all. I knew I was no longer a (physical) person.

"I was just an essence, a vital spark, equipped with thoughts, feelings, and senses. The feeling above all else was that of extraordinary happiness.

"I could hear magnificent music, and it seemed that I was the center of it.

 "As I was savoring this ecstasy in its entirety, a voice in me commanded

'You must go back; you must go back. I 

"And I felt as if I were being pushed downward. I cried, I implored, but again came that command: "You must go bark.'

"Down I cam, faster and faster, until, with a crash, I felt myself pushed into what seemed to be a box of lead, which my spirit knew was my body.

"After I told this to the doctor, he informed me that toward the end of the operation I had no pulses no heart beat, no breath. I was apparently dead. He had immediately inserted his fingers through the incision in my body and was able to massage my heart,, hoping to start its action..

"He succeeded‑and I was alive again. "


When the Silver Cord is loosened and the Real Man has been released from his dense body, a moment of the highest importance comes to the Ego, and it cannot be too strongly impressed upon the friends and relatives of a dying man that it is a crime against the departing Ego to give expression to loud grief and lamentation, for it is just then engaged in a process of supreme important and a great deal of the value of the past life depends upon how much attention the Ego can give to this matter.

It is also a crime against the dying to administer stimulants, which have the effect of forcing the higher vehicles back into the dense body with a jerk, thus imparting a great shock to the dying man.

It ‑ is no torture to pass out. but it is torture to be dragged back into the dense body, to endure further suffering.

Some who have passed out have told investigators that they had, in that way, been kept dying for hours and had prayed that their relatives would cease their mistaken kindness and let theta die.


In our work titled Son of Perfection, we presented the secret of the body's Electric Battery with its Seven Cells, called Chakra by the Hindus.

According to the Hindu doctrine, these Chakra are differing centers of consciousness and vitality. The sixth is said to be the center of the subtle mental principle; and the seventh, the Sahasrara, while not properly a Chakra, is called the abode of Shiva. and also the Brahmarmdhra, the "hole of Brahma," or the soft spat in the crown of a baby's head.

In the skull there are seven areas between the bones called fontanelles. The largest is the fonticulus frontalis and is easily felt in the fore part of the top of the head in the newborn child. It exhibits a rhythmical pulsation.

This is the point where the Silver Cord penetrates the Golden Bowl (head).

'Me ossifying process going on in these bones spreads to the fibrous membrane of the fonticulus frontalis, and the aperture is usually closed between the second and'‑fifth years, but in sane cases it never closes.

In honor of this sacred spat, which has been poetically expressed as a "window into space." the monks of all ancient nations shaved off the hair over this spat which is supposed to lock into the sky.

All writers on Yoga have translated Brahma‑Randhra as "hole." The term could better be translated "cavity."

In the ancient Sanskrit, this port of entry was called 'the gateway of

the Soul," and is the natural point of ingress and egress.

This cavity, the abode of Shiva, is the positive, masculine principle of creation. In its inner center is the mystic Great Void worshipped by the Vedas in secret (the Nigruna Shiva within the Parabindu).

In this cavity the female creative principle (Kundalini Shakti) meets and unites with its opposite (Shiva) after its ascent through the chakras of the spinal column from the generative center at the base of the spine.

This union is mentioned in the Bible as "the marriage of the Lamb" (Rev. 19:7) and is falsely presented by theology to make it appear as the marriage of the gospel Jesus and the church.

In the Sahasrara, according to the Ancient Masters, occurs the mysterious transformation of the etheric Silver Cord to the physical Spinal Cord of the material body of man. This is the point where the invisible Solarical Man becomes or enters the visible physical man.

The Silver Cord and the Spinal Cord are actually one, being a continuation of each other, with the visible portion in the visible body and the invisible portion in the invisible body.

At the lower end of the Cord, in the visible body,, is the creative power of man in the visible world; and at the upper end of the Cord, in the electromagnetic field discovered and described by Stromberg, is the creative power in the invisible world.

This is the secret of the Silver Cord, so closely guarded by the Ancient Masters.

This is another secret of the body's constitution about which modern science knows nothing.

The great Carrel declared that "immense regions of cur inner world (of our body) are still unknown" (Man The Unknown , p. 4), and this is one of, them.


As stated above, the "Door opened in the Sky" is the entrance into the intercommunicating cavity of the four ventricles of the brain and is continuous with the central canal (Chitra) of the Spinal Cord, in which is located the mysterious Sushumna. nadi, Strangely symbolized in the Bible as the gospel Jesus crucified between two thieves (Jn. 19: 179 18).

Occult students know that the two thieves represent the Ida and Pingala nadis, as we have explained  in' Son of Perfection; while Jesus, as we explained in that work, represents the Sushumna, nadi, called that 'Wonderful Nature Ray" by Dr. Beale (Evolution of Mind, p.'53).

The Cosmic Fire in the generative region at the base of the spine, when conserved and not consumed in masturbation or copulation ascends through the Sushumna to the brain and flows through the cavity to the Gateway of the Soul; and in such cases those who developed the power to liberate themselves voluntarily from their body are mentioned in the Bible as being in the Spirit.

And so Apollonius said, "I was in the Spirit in the Lord's Day," and "immediately I was in the Spirit" (Rev. 1: 10; 4:2).

Just what occurs in such instances? 'It is all very simple when the principle is understood: Only a change of Consciousness.

All that happens when man dies is just a change of Consciousness, from its focal point in the material body to the focal point in the Solar Body.

It is not necessary for man to die in order to produce this change. In M

the Ancient mysteries the of neophyte was taught how to do it. He was instructed in the secret of how too blackout the Objective Mind entirely and let himself relax and sink completely into the control of the Subjective Mind.

That was what Apollonius did, and he termed it being in the Spirit.

In that case man rises to the fourth dimensional plane and liberates himself from all physical limitations of the five senses, which changes the focal point of his consciousness from the material to the Solarical Body.

And for that period of time man is omniscient Solid objects become

transparent and may be seen inside and out, past and future, space and time disappear, and become the eternal present (Son of Perfection, Pt. II, p. 89) (Available from Health Research at 1 $3.00).

All of this means that while the Ego is still attached to the dense body by the Silver Cord, the Ego rises superior to the earth plane, as in the case of the true Clairvoyant, or leaves the body as one does in dreams and, enters the fourth dimensional plane (invisible world) and yet is attached to the body by the Silver Cord which is capable of practically infinite extension,, as we have said.

This was one of the top secrets of the Masters, and details of the principle involved were never committed to writing, save in the deepest symbolism, as in the case of the last bock of the Bible,, which we have interpreted in Son of Perfection.

Manly Hall has described the rising Cosmic Fire as follows:


of "In the disciple, this force can be seen ascending the spine with a glow light, which finally protrudes from the crown of the head (at the Fonticulus Frontalis in the form of a long pencil‑like shaft" (Super Faculties, p. 36).

This protruding shaft of Radiant Etheric Light visible to the true Clairvoyant, is a portion of the Silver Cord, rising from the "door opened in heaven,," and by Beale termed a "Stream of Consciousness'' (Evolution of Mind p. 54).

That protruding shaft of Etheric Light is Solar Man (Soul of Man), constituted of Four Seed Atoms.

We can understand that smallness means little since we have been shown the terrific power of the hydrogen bomb with more powerful bombs yet to come.

Material Science and the Evolutionists assert that man has no Soul; and here the Soul appears in a form that it is possible for the true Clairvoyant to see.


The lining membrane of the important brain cavity leading to the Gateway of the Soul is continuously excreting a precious fluid called the Nectar of Life, mentioned in the Bible as­

A river of the Water of Life, clear as crystal, flowing out of the throne of the God (Golden Bowl, Brain, Skull); and an each side of the river was the Tree of Life, producing twelve fruits according to the months, each yielding its fruit; and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the people and the accursed (function of animalistic propagation) shall be no more (Rev. 22:1‑3).

The generative function of the physical body, which consumes the Creative Cosmic Essence at the base of the spine, is strictly nothing but an animal function and can never be anything else.

The functions of the physical body are left in that body by the Solar Body and in the Solar bodies this "accursed" function does not exist. The only true creative function is that of the Nous, the solarical faculty 'of Formative Thought.

Of the precious cerebral‑spinal fluid which the Masters called the Nectar of Life. Dr. A. T. Still, Father of Osteopathy, wrote:

"All nerves drink from the waters of the brain . . . The cerebra‑spinal fluid is the highest known element in the human body" (Philosophy of Osteopathy 1899).

The Nectar of Life, also called the Golden Oil in the Bible (Zech. 4:12), is the Water of Life excreted by the brain (Throne of the God) and flows down the Spinal Cord to the Solar Plexus (cave, manger‑‑Lu  2: 4), and there it is activated by the Sun Helios Holy) Breath (Ghost), and the Seed (Son) is born.

Every 29 and a half days (month) in the life of man and woman after puberty, when the moon is in the sign the Sun was in at the time of one Is birth, there is a psycho‑physical Seed (fruit) born in the Solar Plexus, which in the ancient text is termed "House of Bread," because  it lies behind the stomach.

So, Jesus was born in Bethlehem (Mat. 2:1). Bethlehem is from Beth, House,, and Lechem, Bread; and Jesus thus became the I "Bread of Life which care dam from heaven (brain) (Jn. 6: 35 9 41).

Water symbolizes the body fluid that carries the Seed, with the fishy odor. So it was in order for the disciples to be fishermen, working around the water. The early Christians used a Fish as their secret sign.

After birth, Jesus is taken down into Egypt. This represents the descent of the Seed into the dark, lower part of the body, symbolized by tie Masters as Egypt, which was called the "Land of Darkness"; and there it remains until the neophyte subdues his epithumetic nature, symbolized in the Bible as the death of Herod. Then "Out of Egypt have I call d my Son" (Mat. 2:14, 15).

At the end of the brain cavity leading to the Gateway of the Soul, there is an orifice, which connects what the Yogi call, the internal cavity of Prana with the external cavity of Akasha, surrounding the brain and Spinal Cord,

and termed the sub‑arachnoid space, which is bathed in the Nectar of Life.

According to Yoga,, the Sun is the kama‑rupa, or desire body, of Akasha, the second aspect of Brahma (Cosmic Fire, p. 1046).


The Yogins term the Sahasrara. Chakra (door opened in heaven) the Throne of Liberation of Solar Man from his terrestrial Prison, through the Silver Cord.

According to Yoga, the Sadhaka. who has known the mystic Great Void of the Sahasrara, is freed from rebirths (Samsara). He cannot be bound in any of the three worlds, the physical, ethereal, and astral. He is forever free of his earthly poison and can fly through the sky at will.

Heat, cold, fire, and water have no effect an Solar Man.,

An interesting allegory in the Bible, not understood by the clergy,‑ refers to these mysteries in these words:

"After this I locked and, behold, a door opened in heaven: and the first voice which I beard said . . . Come up hither, ‑and I will* show thee things which mist be hereafter.

 "And immediately I was in the spirit; and, behold, a throne was set in heaven, and (the God). sat an the throne.

"And he that sat (on the throne) was to look upon like an opal and a chameleon and a rainbow encircled the throne in appearance like an emerald'' (Rev. 4: 1‑3).

We have described the "door opened in heaven." Me "throne set in heaven" is the protruding shaft of colorful etheric light, Solar Man himself; and it was he that sat on the throne.

The colors surrounding Solar Man and the throne were. the electrical emanations of Solar Man and the Silver Cord,

"I will show thee things which must be hereafter" refers to a peculiar blending of the powers of seeing and hearing that occurs when Solar Man is liberated from the limitations of his five senses, as we have explained in "Son of Perfection,'' as follows:

"When the solar electricity has activated the Pituitary and Pineal glands (in the brain), seeing and hearing blend into a single sense, by which colors and sounds are both seen aid heard.

''That is the function of the sixth and seventh sense powers‑ which rise above the time‑space element; and so Apollonius, while preaching in Ephesus, saw the assassination of the tyrant Domtian in Rona, many miles away" (Part 112 p.


When the church fathers prepared the Bible for the use of the church, they usually presented the fables of the Ancient Masters as factualities.

One of these is the fable of the Mystic Sleep, where the gospel Jesus is pictured in the startling drama of raising Lazarus from the dead.

The Masters fabulized the process of Birth in the Flesh as the Death and Burial of Solar Man in a physical prison. They said:

"The Soul becomes 'cribbed, cabinet and confined' in the limitations of the carnal body, as it loses a dimension of Consciousness at each step on the descending path. It becomes bound in the sensual and palpable, after previously having had the power to range at will through limitless space and universal thought.

According to the Masters, when Solar Man descends into the terrestrial temple, on the approach and at the moment of his divulsion from his celestial abode, there ensues an intermediate or preparatory stage, a diminution of Consciousness, termed a swoon.

In the Tibetan Book of the Dead, a rare work that the church failed to find and destroy, the Celestial Man is represented as retrograding step by step into the lower state of Consciousness. Each step downward to incarnation is comparable to falling asleep.

This is the ancient fable of the Mystic Sleep of Solar Man in the dense body. This is the fable from which the church fathers stole the story that Jesus was notified that Lazarus (Ausares) was sick.

Jesus said, "This sickness is not unto death" (Jn. 11:4).

According to the biblical account, an emergency call for help was sent to

Jesus, but he calmly tarried "two days still in the same place" (Jn. 11:6).

Then Jesus said, "Lazarus (Ausares) sleepeth; but I go, that I my awake him out of (the mystic) sleep" (Jn. . 11:11).

As the fable is presented in the Bible, it has caused the gullible masses to swallow it as ‑freely as children swallow the. Santa Claus fables.


When the neophyte was initiated in the Egyptian Mysteries, he was taught the secret of life by being sham the figure of Ausares (Osiris) on its funeral bier. At the head stood Neophytes, and at the foot, Isis, presented in the Bible as the "two sisters of Lazarus, 11 who weep for him.

Hovering over the body was "a dove with outstretched wings" (Budge), which symbolized the Soul, the Ego, leaving the body at death.

This scene was used to teach the neophyte how Celestial Man locks down on Terrestrial Man at death.


ANOTHER scene was presented in the Egyptian Mysteries to teach the neophyte how the New rises from the Old, and Paul (Pol) used it in his work. He said, "That which thou sowest is not quickened, except it ye die" (1 Cor. 15:36).

As the New Life rises from the old gain that is planted, so the New Life rises from the demised body of man.

Planted grain becomes not extinct. In the birth of the New,, the material part of the grain disintegrates and returns to cosmic gas. But the Life of the gain goes on.

The dead body never rises from the grave in its organized form, as so falsely presented in the Bible in the case of the gospel Jesus.

Jesus said that Lazarus was not dead but sleeping and needed to be awakened.

The Masters said that the Soul in the body was not dead, but sleeping.

In the. Egyptian drama, thousands of years before the world ever heard of the gospel Jesus, the "body" of Ausares (Osiris was interned in a cave, and Horus "raised" his "dead". father at Anu by calling unto him to rise and come forth.

Thousands of years later, Jesus "cried in a loud voice, "Lazarus (Ausares) come forth" (Jn. 11: 43). Mien the church fathers presented this Egyptian fable in the Bible, Horus became Jesus , Ausares became Lazarus Anu became Bethany, and the two sisters became Mary 'and Martha.

It is man in his body who is really asleep., Paul said: "Awake, thou that sleepest and arise from the dead" (Eph. 5:14).

Again Paul said: "You have the name that you are alive, but you am dead" (Rev. 3:1).

Physical waking consciousness. is merely a sleepy form of life ‑ The Ancient Masters called it a form of death. Plotinus declared: "Death to the soul is to descend into matter and be entirely subjected to matter."

The "sleep" of the Soul in the body is the reign of Physical man. But there is no actual sleep of the Soul; it is only apparent. For the Life of tie body is the Life of the Soul, and the functions of the body are the work of the Soul.


One author states that in the wonderful convolutions of the brain we have an image of the Universe.

 The great Carrel wrote: ‘‘we possess no technique capable of‑penetrating

the mysteries of the brain and of the harmonious creation of its cells.

Our mind . . . is bewildered when it contemplates the stupendous mass of cells, humors, and consciousness which make up the individual" (Man The Unknown ‑ available for $7.00 from Health Research, P.O.' Box 70, Mokelumne Hill CA 9524S).

Mind and Ego are identical. Man is Mind incarnated. In Oriental philosophy, Mind is called Manas, a word having for its root Man.

Man has a sevenfold nature. The three self‑conscious entities in the East called Atma, Buddhi, and Manas, am jmmortal. The other four am termed Kama‑manas (desire mind), Prana (animating principle), Linga‑sarira (astral or etheric model body), and Sthula‑sarira, or physical body. These last four are mortal.

All are part of the whole man. This composite nature of man involves the concept of Seven Grades of Consciousness, the Sixth Sense being a full, self-conscious immortality, living in the cosmos as a god, until lastly there is acquired perfect self‑consciousness, or consciousness of the self; and this becomes the seventh sense.

The three higher (the higher triad) are all separately self‑conscious, each one in sequence communicating with and illuminating that inferior to it. The quaternary of four grades of Substance intermixed,, constituting physical man on earth, each grade with its own rate of vibration, and so permitting various grades of consciousness to operate through them.

This quaternary represents man as we know him on the earth plane, where a Stream of Consciousness, caning via the Silver Cord from the higher triad dominates him.

While an the earth plane, the Real Man dwells in the brain, the rest of the dense body consisting of extensions and expansions of the Real Man.

Many ages ago, when the ancient Yoga system of the Orient was at its height, there existed the Consciousness, which causes the Yoga student to say to himself:

'When thou doust inhale the air changed with Prana (solar electricity), when thou doust send this breath of air into thy head, then canst thou comprehend the mysteries of the Universe in the likeness of this universe (the microcosm), in the special. extension of the nerve system in thy head."

This was the original Yoga and not that which prevails now in a decadent form.


Do not cremate nor embalm the dead body until at least three days after death because the vital body should be given that much time to free itself entirely from the dense body.

To cremate or embalm the body before that much thine has elapsed tends to disintegrate the vital body, which should be kept intact until the panorama of the past life has been etched into the desire body.


In the Tantrik Manual (Shat‑Chakra‑Nirupanam), a document most difficult to obtain and written in Sanscrit, it is said that the pericarp of the Muladhara chakra is a triangle or Kanda in which terminates the lower part of the Spinal Cord. Just above it, on a level with the lower end of the spinal canal, the Kundalini (Cosmic) Fire is said to be sleeping, closing the mouth of the Brahmadwara (Sushunma nadi‑)

(Note: A fuller explanation of these and other ancient secrets appear in our work titled Son of Perfection in two parts extending upward from the sleeping Kundalini, otherwise called KulaKundalini, a fiber., described by the Yogins, glitters like a chain of brilliant lights in the cavity of the Muladhara.

From the edges of the dormant Kula‑Kundali there starts another Kundalini, which ascends the Sushumna. and reaches to a point (Bindu Shiva) that is bathed in the Nectar Life from the Eternal Bliss (Brahmarandhra), and illuminates by its radiance even the lowest cavity of this bodily universe, the microcosm.

It will thus be seen that Kundalini extends from the brain down to the lowest, chakra of the spine (Muladhira) and is divided into dual parts by the Kula‑Kundali which rests on the lower end of the spinal canal. the Brahmadwara, or the lower gate of Brahma.

The Kundalini, in the lower gateway of Brahma, is said to be in an inert state, but at the upper gateway of Brahma the "door opened in heavens" it is in an active state capable of being stimulated.

According to Yoga, the Muladhara chakra and the Fonticulus Frontalis define the limits of Kundalini, or the Parameshwari of lives that breathethat is, the physical body. For. the Solar Body does not breathe and may go unharmed through fire and water.'

When the Kula‑Kundali is awakend or activated, it "burns" a passage up through the various Chakras, as we have explained in Son of Perfection, inciting them to action; and, as it rises step by step, the Mind becomes stronger and clearer. When it reaches the brain,, wonderful visions and peculiar powers come to a Yogi, and the Soul finds itself free in all respects ‑ The Yogi is liberated from his body but still attached to it by the Silver Cord.

Kundalini, called the Mother of the Universe, then joins' ‑ her Lord PamShiva, who has the form of a dot, or O‑Bindi.‑Rupa, the Cosmic Unit Composed of the Four Seed Atom and situated in the medulla oblongata

Kundalini thus connects herself with Brahma‑randhraq or the, cavity in the brain where the Brahma (Solar Man) is located and conscious knowledge of which the Yogi seeks to attain

Five doors ward this cavity (cave) and Kundalini is said to be the only known power that can open them. It is in this cavity where Prana (solar electricity) centers all its activities; where Solar Man resides; where the unruly Chitta (lower mind) is captured and controlled by the process of Pranayama (certain breathing exercises).

It is here that the Chitta is submerged in Prana, the submersion bringing to rest all the activities  of Mind and Prana.

The Chitta is ruled by the five senses; and these are symbolized in the Bible as the "five kings (who) fled and hid in a cave" (Jos. 10: 16).

Then Joshua smote the five kings and slew them (Jos. 10:26), and the Soul (Solar Man), thus set free from the thralldom of the five senses, feels its own joy and sees itself "So 'had' i.e., "I an That, 11 or "I Am He"; literally, "That Am I.

And the Old Testament God told Moses that his name was "I Am That I Am" (Ex. 3: 14).

According to Yoga when the Mind and Prana. act as two conflicting entities, they run riot and keep the Soul in the bondage of the Maya (the surrounding objects of the five senses).


Max Heindel said, "As long as man entertains the desires connected with earth life, he must stay in his desire body; and as the progress of man requires that he pass on to the higher Regions, the existence of the Desire World must necessarily become purgative, tending to purify him from his binding desires" (Rosicrucian Cosmo‑Conception, p. 104).

Although the Soul is freed from the shackles of Chitta and Prana, it is still forced to remain in its physical prism by the current of Vasana (Cord of Desire), which is guarding the orifice of this cavity in the brain.

These desires of the five senses revert the Soul to the control of Chitta and Prana, and the results are successive rebirths (reincarnation).

Reincarnation is the physical prism, which the Yogi strives to escape. He wants to be free of the physical world, and that freedom can be gained only by severing the. Cord of Desire and bringing Kundalini under conscious control.

Mm Kundalini is made to obey the callings of the Soul, the Soul then escapes from this cavity and occupies another cavity called Akashas which surrounds the brain and Spinal Cord, as we have said.

Furthermore, the Soul, when freed from the control of Chitta Prana, and Vasana, dwells outside of the Sahasrara Chakra, which we have described in Son of Perfection, and is said to pervade the whole universe.

When the Yogi has attained this state, he is said to be in the Nirvikalpa. Samadhi (Seedless Samadhi), by which he attains, complete harmony with the Infinite and escapes from the process of reincarnation.

What are we to understand by the term Vasana that leads man to succeed

excessive rebirths?

To know the proper meaning of the term, according to Hindu Philosophy, we shall have to deal with Karma of the embodied man,, the Jivatma of a being.

Karma of an individual is comprised of desire (Vasana), knowledge (Jnana), and action (Kriya)

The impressions unconsciously left on the mind by actions in past lives (Vasana) start a current of thought, which is conveyed to the Jivatma, and is then translated, through this agency, into actions, good or evil. Our good actions lead us to happiness, while the evil ones to Misery.

Karma is of three kinds. Sanchita Karma, the outcome of Sanskara (impression of antecedent incarnations), and desires (Vasana), is all the accumulated and unexhausted Karma of previous lives with which an individual is born and which is still to bear fruit.

Prarabdha Karma is that part of the Sanchita Kama, which is worked, cut and the result of which is made known to us in our present life.

Kriyamana Karma,, either Vartaman or Agami, is that which a man is continuously conserving by his present and future actions.

It will thus be seen that the vigorous circle of Vasana, by continuously weaving a web around the Soul, farces it to remain embodied for liberating and experiencing' the past Karma. So., its final emancipation could be achieved only by putting a stop to the generation of new Kara by conquering our Vasana or desires.

When this is done there is nothing left to generate new Karma,, and the Jivatma is liberated from reincarnation.

On the physical plane, only controlling the Cord of Desire, the Vagus nerve (Kundalini), can do this. by consciously controlling all the involuntary actions of the body which are in son’s sense or other under the control of the Vagus nerve..

By submersion of the voluntary and involuntary actions of the body into Chitta and Vasana, all the functions of the body am brought to a state of automatism.

Finally, the embodied. Soul (Jivatma), being freed from the activities of the body, merges into the, Supreme Soul (Paramatma) outside the body and gains its final emancipation, i.e.. liberation from reincarnation.


The Secrets of Life contained in this work have been culled with great cam from the fragments of ancient philosophy that escaped the destructive hands of the church fathers that founded Roman Catholicism in the fourth century.

The struggle for power between the priesthood and the philosophers had grown so fierce by the time Constantine ascended the throne of the Caesars in the early part of the fourth century that he was constrained to take drastic action to end the strife aid preserve his empire.

To that end he called what is known as the First Council of Nicea. This was in the year 325 A.D.

In that convention the battle was fought to a finish, with his victory going to the priesthood and the Roman State Church was founded.

At the conclusion of the convention, Constantine issued an edict that put the priesthood in power and outlawed the philosophers and their work. The Secrets of Life taught by the philosophers were banished from the Empire, and the philosophers were driven into exile.

So far as the masses were concerned, that was the end of the Ancient Wisdom.

Then came the struggle to convert the people to the New Religion and the making of a Bible to back up the claims of the New Religion.

In this  Bible the masses were given a God‑man born of a virgin, a Savior,

a Son of a mythical God. His life was presented as the acme of ideal perfection, and his power was derived directly from Divinity itself. Then he "died an the cross" to save the sinners from the just penalty of their evil transgressions.

The church fathers knew the stories of Buddha and his incarnations; the myth of Krishna, most popular of the Hindu gods, usually held to be the eighth incarnation of the god Vishu; the illustrious record of Apollonius, whom the people of Asia Minor worshipped as a god; the sacred legends of Osiris, the god and goddess of Egypt.

It was easy to combine all this in the New Testament gospels and to give the world a perfect character in the form of Jesus and, in his name,' to unite the religious worship of all. the people of the Roman Empire.

And the deceived world has worshipped for centuries at the shrines of a religion that was fabricated by the priesthood from the myths of antiquity.

‑ Little did the Greeks and Romans dream that they and their children, for fifteen hundred years, were fated to see rivers reddened with their blood because of that Jesus, whom they had mocked and ridiculed, while their proud Empire would crumble into darkness as the Roman Hierarchy me in power and with Bible in one hand and bloody sword in the other, gradually clamped its galling yoke upon the countries controlled by Rome.


1. The New Religion formulated by the priesthood of Rome in the fourth century is a myth.

2. That religious system was fabricated from the legends of the gods of India, Egypt, Greece, and Asia Minor.

3. The story of Jesus was exerted from the writings of Damis concerning his master Apollonius, often called Apollo, or the God of the Sun.

4. Damis was a Greek historian of Assyrian birth who lived and wrote in the first century A.D., and he is mentioned twice in the New Testament‑Col. 4:14 and 2 Tim. 4:10.

And that, in a few worlds, is the story of how Christianity was born and Europe plunged into darkness and how the Western World lost The Wisdom of the Ancient Masters.


One who reads this work with understanding has seen a new heaven and a new earth; for the heaven and the earth of the church have vanished along with the sea of illusion.

That man knows he is the Holy City coming dam from the sky‑from the God in the Silver Cord‑made ready as a bride bedecked for her husband.

 And for that am  the  re shall I be no more death; for the former things.

 taught by schools, colleges, and the church have passed away.‑Rev. 21:1‑4.

In 1689 a nobleman named Casimirus Linzynsky was beheaded on orders of the church for writing a small manuscript in which he said:

"God is not the creator of man,, but man is the creator of God. He made a God for himself cut of nothing". (Dr. Wall, p. 338).

The church is ever careful to see that man does not discover his own divinity or to appreciate the magnitude of his own station in the world, recited in the Bible as being that of having dominion over the whole earth (Gen. 1: 26).

When the despots , in their long struggle, finally were able to crush the Ancient Mystery Schools, then was broken that line of Ancient Wisdom which had existed and extended through the ages between man and the hidden secret of his own Soul.

The very idea of that Ancient Wisdom gradually grew mom dim and more fantastic, diverging more and more from the orthodox view, so that now the Doctrine of Esotericism is opposed to all the accepted, opinions of life.

When man has stood in eternity with himself alone, with Time and Space absorbed into his own being, with his true divinity looming before him in splendor inconceivable , he returns to his regular consciousness with a far different understanding of the mystery called Man.

The New Universe, the New Jerusalem  coming dam from heaven (Rev. 21:1‑4) is Man, the Microcosm, whom the Sun, the moon, and all the Stairs of the sky have helped to mould and make.

For in every man, however fallen and degraded, axe contained all the forces, both cosmic and diefic which brought him into existence and have nurtured him throughout the ages in countless incarnations upon earth.

And these saw creative forces but await the time when the resurgent Divine Life again stirs within him, and then Man sees a New World and is not satisfied to go back to the Old World of darkness and deceit.

The greatest discovery of modem times has been man's discovery of himself made possible by curbing the power of the church.

Man is beginning to recognize the face, over the protest of the priests and preachers that he possesses all the Powers, which he has been taught to ascribe to a God. That these powers are mutual and latent, awaiting only his development and not the supernatural acquirement of a future state.

It is encouraging to observe, in the forward march of non-to a higher life, that the press reported church attendance for the 'year 1956 fell more than two million below that of 1955.

There was another report in the press of January 1, 1957, which appeared to indicate ‑ the bitterness engendered in the heart of humanity by Tam's discovery of himself and the manner in ‑which the church has enslaved him.

The press an that date reported the burning of two Catholic churches in Hartford, Conn., one of them being St. Patrick's Catholic Church and the other, the huge, expensive, historical St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Cathedral.

That is the kind of work that church was doing in the centuries from the fourth to the tenth, when the priests went with the Roman Armies on their missions of destruction through Egypt and Asia Minor, demolishing the Temples and the Ancient Mystery Schools of the Masters and burning the libraries which contained the precious scrolls in which was recorded the Wisdom of the Ancient Masters.

All of which reminds us of that statement in the Bible:

"For they that take the sword shall perish with the sword" (Mat. 26:52).

George R. Clements, LL.B., LIT.D., M.D., D.C. (Professor Hilton Hotema and the author Klamonti were the pen names of Dr. Clements). He passed away in his 94th year in Sebring, Florida in 1970.

He first began his climb to fame as a traveling clergyman, later as Naturopath and Chiropractic  doctor. He was a Mason, an accomplished musicians made violins. His greatest love was research into longevity and philosophy of life. He was at one time a partner of Herbert M. Shelton,) M.D. They wrote the Correspondence Course. on Orthopathy.

Many have maintained that Dr. Clements (Hotema) was a true mystic and wished to met him. He received worldwide correspondence. His early childhood life's history, is given in his book, Long Life in Florida ($5.00 from Health Research), of the thirty‑six books written by him and published by Health Research.

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