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Brother Ahmed Deedat talking about the names of God and Zulu http://jamaat.net/name/name2.html



In our own country, South Africa, the Zulus, a very virile and militant people - a nation akin to the Qureish of pre- Islamic Arabia - have given a name to God Almighty - UMVELINQANGI. This word when properly articulated in its own dialect, sounds identical to the Arabic word Walla-hu-gani, meaning - "And Allah is Rich" (Bounteous). It also sounds like "Allegany" of the Red Indians of North America (Remember their ALLEGANY mountain). The origin or real meaning of the word "Allegany," is not commonly known to the American people. But ask any Zulu as to who or what this UMvelinqangi is and he will surely explain to you in Zulu:
Believe me, this is almost a word for word translation of Sura Ikhlas, Chapter 112 of the Holy Qur'an.





112_1to4.jpg (10737 bytes)

Holy Qur'an 112:1-4


Now, compare the above verses with my free translation of what the Zulu actually said:

"Oh Sir! He is a pure and Holy Spirit, He does not beget and He is not begotten, and further there is nothing like Him."

Every African tribe, South of the Zambesi River, that is, in Southern Africa, have given different names to the Almighty - Tixo, Modimo, UNkulunkulu, etc., and each and every African language group will take pains to explain the same pure and holy concept as the Zulu. It is to the glory of the African nations that though they had no written languages, and hence no written records, therefore not being able to recount the names of their respective prophets, yet not a single one of the tribes ever stooped down to worshipping idols or images of either of men or animals, until the White man first introduced his religion and gave the African his anthropomorphic concept of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost, and brought the African down to bowing before the statues of Jesus, Mary, St. Joseph, St. Christopher and so on.

Out of the dozens of African tribes inhabiting this part of the world, not a single one of them ever made "Umfanegisos" (images) of their God. Yet they were capable of carving out of wood, elephants and lions, and reproducing men and women also, in clay. Besides, the Zulus also had some knowledge of metallurgy. When questioned an old Zulu as to the reason, why the Africans did not make Umfanegisos of their Gods, he replied, "How could we make images of Him (God Almighty) when we know that He is not like a man, He is not like a monkey, or an elephant or a snake: He is not like anything we can think of or imagine. He is a pure and Holy Spirit."


This term, UMVELINQANGI, though well known to the Zulus, was not commonly used. Again they were like the pagan Qureish of Pre-Islamic Arabia who knew the name Allah, but passed Him by, because they felt that He was too High, too Pure, too Holy to be approached, so they went for their substitutary and imaginary gods - their Al- Lats, AI-Uzzas and Al-Manats and a hundred besides. The Zulus too would not call upon UMvelinqangi directly, but he was better than the Arab of the Ayyam-ul-jahiliyya (days of ignorance), because he did not go after false gods; he only invoked the spirits of his ancestors to intercede with UMvelinqangi on his behalf, exactly as the Catholics do in invoking the Virgin Mary and the Saints.

The more common term used by the Zulus for their God is UNKULUNKULU which literally means - the Greatest of the Great or the Mightiest of the Mighty (Almighty). More colloquially when taking oath, they would exclaim "INkosi phe-Zulu" meaning - the Lord Above (knows), or the God in Heaven (knows), or Heaven knows, that I am speaking the truth. The word "Zulu" in the language of the Zulu literally means High Heaven, and they consider themselves to be Superior to the numerous other tribes of Southern Africa, being in this respect like the Querish among the dwellers of the desert before Islam.




The Most Mystical Question In America Is…   

Who Is Noble Drew Ali?

Noble Drew Ali

Noble Drew Ali

Noble Drew Ali told the Moorish Americans, “He is an Angel of Allah sent to bring them the everlasting Gospel of Allah.” Indeed, the Angel was born amongst the very nation He was sent to redeem. Noble Drew Ali was full ordained by The Great God to be their Prophet. Some may say, “He doesn’t look like any angel I have seen.” Most western psychics would not know an Angel if they were to kiss them in the mouth. However, if someone make this statement it is probably because they speak more from what they do not know then what they know e.g. all Biblical Angels were Messengers of God, Sun-kissed People in human forms and rich in melanin. They were not little pale skin European infants with wings from a bird on their backs. Truth is, Europe has never produced Prophets or Angels. Drew Ali is an Angel.

The Illustrious Noble Drew Ali, Holding the Flags of Morocco and United States, Registering The Moorish Americans as a New Nation while Attending the 1928 Pan American Conference For Indigenous Nations, Hosted by Havana, Cuba. Bro. Charles Kirkman-Bey, Master Polyglot (speaking 92 languages), was the Chief Interpreter for The Holy Prophet. Also in attendance was several Tribal Chiefs of Continental Nations and the United States were represented by Secretary of State Hughes who was in awe of the well-established Constitution of the Moorish American Delegates. There were Free National Delegates from Central and South Americas and other Islands. During the Conference Noble Drew Ali was given The Mandate for the Land, which the United States was occupying on an expired Mandate. After this Pan American Conference of Human Nations the United States refusal to yield hallowed soil would result in a severe warning by The Holy Prophet: "Until my Moors are free in their own home the worst is yet to come. The United States owe the Moors a great debt, they must pay in compound interest and have one more war to win". The next year Drew Ali left the body saying, "I can better fight the rest of this battle on the soul plane". Within twelve years the Stock Market had Crashed, Illuminati's Federal Reserve Bank had taken over the sovereign powers of the U.S. and an economical drought called "The Great Depression" was felt by every Citizen except the elite few. As if it was not enough to soften her harden heart, the USA would be functioning under perpetual Maritime Law that went into effect in 1933 and has not won another War since World War II. The Prophet showed the Mandate to many Officials of the Adept Chamber of The MST of A that He founded in 1913. Still, by the year 2003, the Moors had not been redeemed from the wrath of feigned Citizenry in the USA's 14th and 15th Amendment. While the United States has never been without her staple of African Slaves, the Manumission of the Moorish is infinitely inevitable; at the end of time and the fulfilling of the prophecies.

The above picture on this web-page was taken during the first National Conference Representation of the Ex-Slaves, by their one free National Name of "Moorish Americans", since the abolishment of U. S. Slavery. This event is a reflection of one of the many miracles illustrated by Prophet Noble Drew Ali during his brief 16-year Ministry. This reflection was taken in Havana Cuba, with the gift of a "Panama" on the head of Drew Ali which was presented to him by the Cuban Government. This great national representation occurred about one year before He left His body. This is how "He began to uplift the Moorish Americans by teaching them to be themselves." This event marked the first and last time the so-called Negro was duly recognized as being a new nation, according to their one true free national name, of Moorish Americans. Noble Drew Ali declared, "This is a new era of time now and all men now must proclaim their free national name to be recognized by the government and the nations of the earth." With this international proclamation of Independence, Drew Ali paved the way which would demonstrate the inevitability of freedom for the Moorish Americans, etc. But they must finish freeing themselves in order to assure the immutableness which rest in true freedom. 

For any man to perform the divine miracle of breaking the Old Masonic Roman Seal, that has declared all Negroes, Colored Folks and Blacks into perpetual mental slavery, now, into one clean and pure nation of people, thus reattaching them to the human family of nations, has proved beyond all reasonable doubts, Ali is a Holy Prophet ordained by the great God. Still, there are those who denounce the Prophethood of Noble Drew Ali. Even though His duties and saving Powers of salvation are clearly in the line genealogy of all Major and Minor Prophets sent before him. Needfultosay, this unholy onslaught is lead by those who call themselves 'Sunni' or 'Shiite' Muslims under the Post-Mohammed Arab-version of Islam. Pleeese. Aren't these the same pagans who's GNP has been The African Slave Trade for centuries before the advent of Prophet Mohammed? Albeit the truth, Allah did raise a Holy Prophet from amongst those infidels of Havilah, but it did little good to deter the Arabian lust for African Slaves (see: Who Are The Siddis Of India?). To this day they will not admit that man’s enslavement of man is merely the will of man and not The Will Of The Great Universal God, Allah! What does anyone really expect a Muslim to say when it comes to the same God, according to His Word, ordaining another Holy Prophet to the Negro heathens they sold to the west? Didn’t the Arabs know the true origin of the West African nationals before they stole and sold them into European slavery? Why ask a Muslim for the worthiness of those they enslaved, "In the name of Allah"? Isn’t that like asking the criminal to describe the crime?

Noble Drew Ali

The Biography of Noble Drew Ali by Elihu N. Pleasant-Bey

Hear Now All Peoples, Governments and Nations of The Earth: 

The Seven Seals Publications Has The Distinct Honor Of Being The First Website To Display The Divine And National Flag Of The New Moorish American Nation.  We Welcome Them And The Holy Return Of All Moorish Families, Tribes And Nations Of The Americas and Adjoining Islands.  Join And Support This Magnanimous Acceptance And International Welcome Back Into The Human Family Of Nations.  The Mighty Moorish Are “The Torch Bearers Of Civilization”.

The Moorish Flag

The Flag Of Morocco

The Moorish Flag   

What Your Forefathers Were, You Are Today, Without Doubt Or Contradiction.
There Is No One Who Is Able To Change Man From The Descendant Nature Of His Forefathers;Unless His Power Extends Beyond The Great Universal Creator Allah Himself
Noble Drew Ali

The Paradox Of:
The Flag of Morocco, Africa
The Moorish Flag, Americas

(Their Myths, Jurisdictional Distinctions and Acceptances)

The true history of The Moroccan Flag and now its Mother flag, The Moorish Flag, has been covered in mystery and ages of darkness is because their rightful owners, the noble Nationals extracted from North West and South West Africa, have also been denationalized and misnomered.  Today they are largely labeled and accepted as Negroes, Blacks, Colored and African Americans (NBC).  Yet, this fragmented, powerless and Nationless People are the true possessors of a lofty heritage and most glorious prosperity to be revealed unto the Human family.  The problem is their true status and contributions of wisdom, yet to be taught to the world, is considered as “New.”  Still, it is quite normal for a people, freshly freed from slavery, to be apprehensive of ‘new’ possessions.  The Honorable Noble Drew Ali said: “In the promotion of plans for the betterment of mankind, there has ever been some kind of opposition.  And strange as it may seem, such opposition has come from sources where there were no ideas or the lack of courage to force attention to ideas.  Whether in church, state or the social community, any attempt to do anything out of the usual way, seldom fails to receive criticism.  Not because the course cannot be pursued legally or that it is unreasonable, but because it has been considered in terms as ‘NEW’… A beggar people cannot develop the highest in them, nor can they attain to a genuine enjoyment of the spiritualities of life … It is a sad weakness in us as a people that we have withheld the very encouragement, support and patronage that would have made some of our worthy business ventures a grand success.  And worst of all, have joined in the condemnations of them when they failed.” 

To most Moorish Americans the Flag of Morocco is assumed to be over ten thousand years old and The Moorish Flag (or knowledge thereof) is considered as ‘New.’  For those who think this way, their thoughts are wrong.  The Flag of Morocco is not over 10,000 years old and The Moorish Flag is not new.  Through the grace of The Great God, all wrongs can be up righted when thoughts are raised to infinite wisdom.  We ask each Reader to sojourn with Seven Seals Publications into the ordained duty of a Prophet to resolve these myths and mysteries. 

After about four hundred years in slavery there has always been a paradox in the psychic of the freshly freed People.  The ‘free thinking’ of sudden independence can as easily open new doors of fears, doubts and distrust as opportunity, assurances and faith.  The Holy Prophet of Ali described the 150-year lull between the Abolishment of U. S. Slavery and The Moorish Americans “Coming into their own as a nation asMental Slavery is the only slavery you have now.”  There has been a little reluctance, fear and confusion amongst a few Moorish Americans about the re-introduction of “The Moorish Flag”; through The Swift Angel.    Most of this opposition comes from my Brothers and Sisters who have been lying in the fraternal beds with European Freemasonry and eating previously prepared Greek-Roman meals of Sororities.  Know, not withstanding, these are Gods of Europe, prepared by their forefathers for their earthly salvation.  These gods are made of air and clothed in the shadow of a thought.  They possess no ears to hear, no eyes to see, no heart to sympathize and no power to save.  Freemasonry, though not a religion, is guised to the hoi polloi as the Church and Christianity by those that accept their teachings.  Yet, it was never designed with the freedom of Africans in mind.  Evidence of this exists today in the form of sixty million Moorish who still believe they are Negro, Black and African American.  From Prince Hall of the first Negro Masonic Order to the present day Grand Moorish Masonic Temples whom have been claiming to be Free, Ancient and Accepted while remaining Nationless, without autonomy and no power to save.  Truth be told, no one is independent while flying another man’s flag.  When someone tell the NBC they are free, yet leave them as NBC still, has simply lied to them. 

These few Moors, whom I hold dear to my heart, have grossly underestimated the power of old Jubelum’s Setting Maul.  It took more than a ‘Sunday Punch’ to KO an African God and knock him silly into a coma.  It is at the very height of foolish thinking to, swear allegiance to anyone clever enough to give himself your title of “God”, or believe they would teach a slave to be greater than his master.  The foundation of the entire African Slave Trade rests upon European Freemasonry.  Its laws alone, including the fork-tongued 14th and 15th Amendments, have kept us buried as a people after abolishing slavery.  The majority of the Grand Sheik Moorish Leaders, who were also sworn Masons, for the past 75 years, have buried their separate groups deeper into this shallow grave of denationalized nation-less-ness.  This is why the Moorish have not been able to come in unity of their one free national name of Moorish American.    This Author is not making radical speeches or apologies about the World’s largest Secret Society.  Indeed, freemasonry has more than fulfilled its Chartered blessings for the nations of Europe.  What I am bringing to light is the fact all those African descendants who have been and are looking into the orders of Freemasonry for their freedom, maybe, perhaps on the right track … but are surely headed in the wrong direction! 

Damn!!  Wake up!!  Stand up!!  The NBC Masons have been scratching-digging-and-flashing signs for three hundred (300) years and not one of them has a pot of freedom to piss in or own sovereign land to pour it out on!  In fact, they have eaten everything about that Capricorn except its secret (which is the true identity of the so-called NBC) and still can’t tell it is Goat!!!  Anyway.  These Orders have nothing good to offer into a clean and pure nation.  Sadly, history bears witness “due to the fact that we honored not the creed and principles of our forefathers is why the nationality of the Moors was taken away from them in 1774 for straying after the gods of Europe of whom we knew nothing.”  One who sees the paradox of the Moorish would have to ask a basic question: What does one, who is fresh out from slavery, truly know about nationhood?  A Divine Constitution?  A free national name? Or, in this case, what kind of flag is the Moorish? 

Only Noble Drew Ali, nothing, nobody and no one else, brought the Moorish their own game; their game of The Great God where there is no failure for the human soul.  He not only taught us how to play but also gave us Seven Divine Ways to Act as we play “Our Game.”  Meanwhile, the paradox between the Moroccan Flag, the flag of our forefathers and “Our Flag, The Moorish Flag is on time and historically in order.   

Inshallah, this brief excerpt on The Vexillology of The Moorish Flag will lighten their burdens so they can be about the business of being themselves

Noble Drew Ali, made the so-called NBC conscious of the 2/5ths (Nationality and Divine Creed) stolen from their Birthrights by the United States.  Equally as indispensable, He taught them they are a new, clean and pure Nation Drew Ali is the last Prophet in these days and the only Holy Messiah born from amongst the fallen Sons and Daughters of North America.  He taught them how to draw from the inherent powers of their ancient forefathers.  Drew Ali left the Moors with an infinite wealth of wisdom.  

Armistead, Dred Scott Case and Noble Drew Ali all cited the status of NBC deludes to slavery and can not become a true citizen of The United States or any free national government of the earth.  Why have Moorish Leaders been pointing for Moors to seek conformity under the flag of the USA?  And anyone with any international education will surely attest the Flag of Morocco and its Treaty with the USA can not muster enough autonomy to salvage the NBC or Moorish Americans as long as they are under the jurisdiction of the Status Quo.  Where is the constituted government of the Moorish Americans?  Why have we not proclaimed our free national name to be recognized by the (said) in which we (are suppose to be) living in and (recognized before) the nations of the earth?  Noble Drew Ali wrote: being NBC People are sinful ways.  This is why Allah, the Great God of the universe, ordained Our Prophet to redeem his people.  There are some who claim to know Noble Drew Ali, as the Founder of a mostly religious organization, but only a very few that know he is a Holy Prophet.  It is this Holy Prophet, ordained by Allah that has raised millions of Moorish Americans by the sound of his voice to hearing their free national name.  It is they that will recognize Our Flag and its own sovereign land to be planted in.  When?  Now.  Let us begin with the Vexillology of the two flags with the three master questions and answers from the Questionary for Moorish Children as written by Noble Drew Ali:

The Infinite Moorish Flag

#19.  What kind of a flag is the Moorish?

It is a red flag with a five pointed green star in the center.

#20. What do the five the five points represent?

Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice.

#21.  How old is our flag?

It is over 10,000 years old.

What kind of flag is the Moorish?  Our (Moorish) Flag must be the same ‘Kind of flag’ as the Flag of Morocco.  This word “kind” also gives heritage, roots and nobility to the new nation of Moorish Americans because it links them to all contributions and marks of civilization achieved by our forefathers.  (It should be pointed out the NBC, being a man-made man, has no true history, no accomplishments and no worth in prosperity).  It must also have a kind of five-pointed green star centered in a red banner and the points of the star must represent Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice.  What kind of flag is the Moorish?  It would have to be a flag free of foreign and alien jurisdiction.  The Moorish Flag is not the kind of flag to be under another country’s Protectorate.  As in the pure nature of its people, it must be perpetually free and infinitely independent of human and ungodly control.  Equally so, The Moorish Flag is also the kind of national flag which represent the freedom of its people to write their own history and be themselves.

Whenever Noble Drew Ali uses the terms, “Our”, “Us”, “You, “Your” or “We”, in his questionnaire, he is referring purely to himself and the Moorish Americans as a nation of People; by rightful possession or responsibility (See: Q-A #1, 13,14,17,21,22,35,40,50,63, etc.).  Here, “Our flagis the flag of the Moorish Americans, as a New Nation of Indigenous People, not the Moroccan flag of Morocco.  The Moorish American Flag is the Circled Scimitar and Star.  It shines forth their five Principles above the Pentagram and below.  The Star also represents the “Head” or “the Power of Authority”.  In this regard, the Moorish Americans are the rejected cornerstone of the human family – returned to their rightful place: the Headlight.  There is so much to be revealed about this Ensign for the Moorish Americans, most of which will unfold as their consciousness unfolds.  However, as all national flags express the spirit of each especial nation, so does the Moorish American National Flag depict the glory of a mighty God-Conscious people.  At a single glimpse its revelation shows the historical “Moorish Torchbearers of Civilization” and the prophesied era to the “Uplifting of Fallen Humanity”.

Although Noble Drew Ali often spoke of ‘The Moorish Flag”, he only wrote directly about “our flag” twice.  Indirectly, The Holy Prophet referred to the flag of His People every time he reminded them they are a nation.  Once in the Moorish Questionnaire (20-21) and, again, in his “Supreme Laws”.  The Supreme Laws are: The Great Quran of Mohammed and the founding, of the Moorish Americans, as a Clean and Pure Nation. The latter is mostly revealed in the course of these opuses for first time to the public (See: MHK 45:1).

The Circled Scimitar and Star was originally centered on a pure white banner; White as driven snow.   White means Purity; Purity means God; and God means the Ruler of the Land (Q# 93).  The quadrants of the circle and the three parts of the Scimitar are polished gold.  The color gold represents Nobility, royalty and wealth.  The polished coat shows the nation grown strong by buffeting and Maafa of every kind (MHK 13:5).  A nation still rich with much wisdom to be learned, in these days for the redemption of the sons of men under Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice (MHK 48:5).  The Circle, Principles, Scimitar and Star are all laid in a tapestry of emerald evergreen.  The green represents fresh life, life everlasting.  All of this grandness is in the center of a pure white banner.  This is the composition of what Noble Drew Ali calls, “Our Flag”.  The Letters “L.T.P.F.” are the High Principles of Love, Truth, Peace and Freedom with “Justice” secured omnipotently in the Scimitar.  Although the letters of the principles are green, they still burn with the force of “fire”.  “The Fire of the Five” which will burn and destroy Hatred, Falsehood, Wars, Maya and inharmonies in life.  The Moorish Flag is One Flag for One Clean and Pure Nation bearing One free National Name.  This is the true uniting of the Moorish Americans, etc

The Divine Vexillology

A True National Flag Represents The Heritage, Natural Strife, and Principle Staple Of Its Especial Nation

Swift Angel #1

Of all sciences known to man, history has become the least exact.  Nevertheless the divine origin and true history to the Flag of America’s Mystery-People is about to unfold.  This long awaited revealing of THE MOORISH FLAG and its mysteries, into public domain, is another fulfilling to the prophecies of Noble Drew Ali.  The Moorish Flag is the unsung banner of a new, clean and pure Nation, yet it is as old as the fall of man.  The Moorish American Nation was conceived in divinity and legally brought forth on this Continent in 1865 at the Congressional ending of slavery in The United States of America.  As this new nation awaken, from the most devastating blow of Chattelization in human history, a search for its flag would inevitably follow the consciousness of its new name.  A true national flag represents the heritage, natural strife and principle staple of its especial nation.  Therefore, the true flag of this new nation should not contain the same stripes, bars, crosses, predators and closed-stars of their oppressors.  “Our Flag”, as distinguished by The Holy Prophet, is the ancient flag of our Forefathers and well over 10,000 years old.  In fact, The Moorish Flag is as old as the fall of man itself.  from a comprehensive prespective, this was a modest date account by Noble Drew Ali.  Since The Moorish Flag represents the prehistoric plight of the first gods on earth, The Holy Prophet could have placed the date at over 100,000 years old.  But, finite mind can not cromprehend those things infinite. 

The author has taken into account this ancient Kemetian saying “No finite mind can comprehend things infinite”.  The minds and hearts of men have evolved to a higher consciousness and are ripe to receive ‘Peace’ through strife.  The timely release of The Moorish Flag is accordance to the prophetic return of the Rejected Cornerstone of immutable truth and justice.  During an age of information, that which is old appears as new and the new is discovered as old.  Although The Moorish Flag will appear as new as Drew Ali’s New Era of Time, it has been known by the National Vanguards of The Moorish, ‘Our flag’ will bewilder many, peek the curiosity of millions,  raise the doubts of unbelievers and still fulfill the prophecies as its deliverance answers the prayers of untold billions.  Noble Drew Ali said, “For they (true American Citizens) will be happy to see me bring you (The Moorish) out of darkness into the marvelous light.” 

Oppositions, Oppositions, Oppositions

Albeit The Moorish Flag will bring to surface those who have been working like moles, to keep the so-called Negroes, Blacks and Colored (NBC) People permanently detached from all other nationalities.  They will reluctantly come to surface, from the lodges, Churches and Temples of the pretended wise, with the dirt of doubt on their heads.  These lesser Gods will question the origin and authenticity of ‘The Moorish Flag’ mainly for two reasons: (1) they are still caught-up on the ‘Red, Black and Green’ Banner of Marcus Garvey’s Enterprises.  Or, they frivolously hoist the Flag of Morocco, Africa and/or the flag of The United States as their very own.  Sadly, they have no stately command of either aforementioned flags nor are such flags their National Banner.  (2) If this is not The Moorish Flag, as described by Noble Drew Ali in his Questionary for Moorish Children, than where is The Moorish Flag for The Moorish American Nation?  If either of the aforementioned flags were truly their own … what is the name of the people from which to match the land where said flag is to be planted?  What spurious answers will they give to the rise of the inevitable international questions of Independence? Autonomy? Constitution?  Sovereignty?  And Jurisdiction of Government?  These lawful questions should render the historical support needed to hoist the true flag of any recognized nation.  In order to comprehend “What kind of Flag is the Moorish?” it must be researched by its principles, purpose and what it represents. 

Whenever a stronger manifest eats a weaker manifest, under the auspices of “survival of the fittest”, it is a reenactment of the Great Fall.  Subsequently, the primary reason the greatest of flags has not been known is because it has been shrouded in as much mystery and secrecy as the glorious identity of The Moorish People themselves.    When the lion eats the lamb, it shows no gratitude for the grass that gave life to the lamb.  When the conqueror relishes in its victory over the conquered, rarely does it consider the history, contributions and noble strife which has sustained the life of their victim.  For this reason, it is in the nature the current Ruler to distort, cloth, or eradicate the illustrious history of the dominated hoi polloi.  This is because the security which gives history its value has been violated.  Ultimately, this usually leaves the description of a crime to be propagated only by the criminal.  For over 2,000 years, intensified by the later half-millennium, the European nations have been relentless in their efforts to either distort, cover-up, ignore and destroy the true history of the mightiest of all African Nations.

Selfish Members of various Moorish Science Temples Of America, who have built a 75-year wall in the compliant belief of “Noble Drew Ali is mine and mine alone” have forgotten his call exclaimed: “Come all ye Asiatics of America to learn and hear to learn the truth about your nationality and birthrights because you are not Negroes.”  Each one of several hundred said temples claims to be “the only right Organization”.  In truth, each temple is so shrouded in it’s own holy smoke of piety and self-authorization until neither can see; it is they who have caused confusion in the mist of today’s chaos.  It has been said, “You are either part of the problem or part of the solution.”  This places nearly all temples in such heavy violation of Act-5; they fail to see it is they alone who have been overthrowing the laws and constitution of the Moorish American Government.  Although this ‘said Government’ has not publicly proclaimed itself before the nations of the Earth (until now), it will dispel the silly beliefs and carnal superstition of such Organizations, under the color of law, as having the assumable power of changing man into and out of the descendant nature of his Forefathers.  

Brothers and Sisters, who call themselves Sheiks/Sheikesses of the temple but have sworn oaths to a Greek-based secret society, are in fact disguising their religious allegiances to the Church and Christianity.  When a person's eyes are wide open, they should be afraid of blindfolds and hoodwinks.  This ritual has the same effects of a free man submitting him self to the enslavement of his brother.  Whether knowingly or unknowingly, while they serve these gods of Europe, of whom they know nothing, the lamb remain a staple parcel for the lion.  Having sworn their will to these European Masonic Orders, they have no honest will remaining to submit to Allah.  As Drew Ali warned in His Holy Instructions: “If you are honest, oaths are unnecessary.”  These people and those that accept their teachings, place opposition after opposition to the proclamation of the new Moorish Americans as a nation.  One can not serve two masters.  The divide is simple, either one is free to be a God or made a Slave by man for the greedy sake of mankind.  European freemasonry is founded upon a murder under the code name “Hiram Abiff”.  He was and is the African God Man of the Nile, the descendants of the Ancient Moabites whom later inhabited the Northwestern and Southwestern shores of Africa.  Hiram Abiff is buried in the Northwestern graveyard under the RIP epitaph of “Blacks”.  The grand purpose of the world’s largest Secret Society is to “Never allow them, Negro, Blacks and Colored People (NBC) to become a nation”.  Now, compare this grand purpose with those who have sustained the NATIONLESSNESS status of the Moorish Americans since July, 1929. 

The Flag Of The Kingdom Of Morocco (Modern History)

The Flag of The Kingdom Of Morocco is a red flag with a five pointed green star in the center.  Still, the Flag of Morocco is not our 10,000 year old flag which Drew Ali referred to in His Questionary.  Prophet Noble Drew Ali reintroduced this flag to the Asiatics of North America who were under the assumable jurisdiction of the United States Government.  These are those who no longer knew who they were and thought they were ‘Negroes’, ‘blacks’ and ‘Colored People’.  In describing or displaying the Flag of Morocco, Noble Drew Ali never failed to teach His Moors: “This is the flag of your Forefathers.”   Time and time again he said … “His nationality is Moorish American” and “Your nationality is Moorish American”  Drew Ali, a Master Etymologist, never failed to make the definitive description between “Morocco”, “Moroccan”, “Moors” and “Moorish”.  When referring to us, our state, name and status, Drew Ali always use the noun ‘M o o r i s h.  Moorish was always applicable to us, the descendants of the ancient Moabites.  This term has always referred to the comity of kingdoms, Tribes, Countries, Lands and Tongues of the Hametic inhabitants of west Africa.  In His Divine Constitution for an example: “The Moorish Americans are the descendants of the ancient Moabites whom inhabited the North Western and South Western shores of Africa.”  Here, it must be remembered “To save nations from the wrath of the Great God” is the utmost duty of a Prophet

The Flag of Morocco is the present day flag of the forefathers of the Moorish.  Morocco was the capitol of the old Moorish Empire and has been ruled under various influential cultural names as Carthaginian, Ottoman, Phoenician and Arabian.  True Moroccans were the pride of West Africa because of their steadfastness to the Ancient Egyptian Mystery System (Called “Islamism”, “The Old Time Religion” by Noble Drew Ali).  Since the eras of the west African bound Hametic Tribes sojourning and inhabiting of Tunis, Tripoli, Algeria etc.  Morocco, by any name, was well known amongst Africans as being the Egyptian Capitol in the west and Seat of The Moorish Empire (1500 to 1908).  Prior to the Almoravide Dynasty (1062-1125), with the spread of the Arabian version of Islam, an all white silk Banner, with the green Arabic scriptures “There Is No God But Allah And Mohammed Is His Prophet” was used to represent the Moorish.  702 AD marked the first Moorish Banner was seen by the pale skinned People across the Mediterranean Sea as they were introduced to civilization e.g. streetlights, Universities, Sciences, Architectures, Astrology, cooking and baths for the first time.

The Almoravide Moors handed the white flag custom down to succeeding dynasties (the Merinides and the Saadiens) which signified a platoon of about 100 Muftis (Islamic Soldiers-Scholars)  In later years the banner became a symbol of the state until it created confusion in the ranks of the Moors which were divided by the Arab Invasion of Islam.  This invasion, under the Ottoman Turkish Rule, demanded strict ‘Denationalization’ of all national name descent and to assume Arabian Islamic (Nationless) genealogy. This lead to the 1492 bloody Arab-Christian Vice-War (El-Cid) against Moors in Granada Spain.  This brought an end to 800 years of Moorish Civilization to South Central and Western Europe hosted by Spain, France and Italy.  The few hundred surviving Moorish POW’s were used to begin what is now known as the West African Slave Trade; compliments of the military bond between Arab Muslims, king Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. 

The Moorish Empire, especially it’s uppermost northern kingdoms above the Sahara, suffered a magnanimous lost of tribal Beys, Els, Duns, Deys and Ali Caliphs, Sheiks Ambassadors and other officials at the onslaught of the Catholic Crusades.  Morocco’s ruling Sultans, The Alaouites Tribe, added the green Sulayman (Suleiman or Solomon) Star to the White Banner during the reign of “Sulayman The Magnificent” (Sultan the Law Giver) 1494-1566; (see: Divine Origin Of The Star).  The Pentagram was flown in commemoration of the African God-Men of The Nile (Moors) that had sacrificed their lives for the ancient principles of Love, truth, peace, freedom and justice.  The Green has always represented “Life, Fresh Life and Life Everlasting” and was later accepted by Prophet Mohammed as the color of Islam.  Meanwhile, Sulayman, to the dislike of most Arabs, use the star to remember those of his nationals, while in advancing the land of infidels, whose spirits went to Allah, inherent souls to the hereafter and bodies would never indigenously return.  Through the royal line of the Alaouites came the ancestors of His Majesty King Hassan (I) (II) who decreed the banner from “White” to the “Moroccan Red.”  This especial red, made into a dye for clothes, leather and fezzes was later worn by Moroccan Noblemen and Citizens alike.  The new Moroccan Flag was raised every morning at first light and lowered each evening at sundown on the fortress at Rabat and Sale.

The Divine Origin Of The Star

The Moorish was the first Gods on Earth to make a graphic representation of the North Star as an entryway to his Universe.  The Head, R-Arm, L-Arm, R-Leg and L-Leg of the Pentagram are the only star shape oneness that can be drawn unicursally, in the expression of a single line.  When these organs are written in reverse, as English is to Arabic, the letter spell A-L-L-A-H; Allah.  This captures the boundlessness of Immanuel (The Great God In Man).  This is why The Holy Prophet in all his teachings, sermons and laws, always kept the principles of Love, Truth, Peace, freedom and Justice out front.  They are woven in every fiber of the Moorish American being; from their Constitution to their By-Laws, from their Holy Koran to the Proclamations, from the Moorish American Prayer to The Moorish Flag, Moorish Seal and every hall of learning.  Therefore, it is standard to expect the Five Highest Principles ever known to Man to be personified in the hearts and minds of every Moorish American. 

Noble Drew Ali said these Moors “… were driven out of the land of Canaan, by Joshua, and received permission from the Pharaohs of Egypt to settle in that portion of Egypt” (MHK p.3).  When the Ancient Moabites originally inhabited the land called Morocco, they were guided by the brightest morning star called Venus.  Venus rotates from East to West.  Venus is the most brilliant of planets in this Solar System; because it is closer to the Sun yet, nearly the same size as Earth.  Venus is seen in the Eastern skies immediately, before and sometimes during sunrise.  It is not a “Fixed” star due to its orbital rotation around the Sun.  Still, the Moors, traveling from East to West, kept this “Eastern Star” at their backs until they reached the Western extremities.  It was not uncommon for Moors to travel by the stars.  They were the world’s first Astronomers and Navigators, (Moor means “Navigator).  Nevertheless, this is how the symbol of the Pentagram received its beginning by the Ancient Moors.  It was not just a diagram but also indeed, a national tool of science for the “Torchbearers of Civilization”.

Sheik Sharif Abdul Ali (Noble Drew Ali) said of  our flag: "What kind of flag is the Moorish?  It is a red flag with a five-pointed green star in the center”.  When the Ancient Moabites first established their Banner, it was a replica of their journey of peace and plight of civilization with new life.  Therefore, the original flag was as “White as the purity of god” with an open Green Pentagram in the center.  “White” representing God’s Universal Creativity and “Green” meaning the manifest of that Creative Fate in through the God-Man on Earth.           

The Center (Circle) represented man as the most favored of god’s creations.  The All-Seeing Eye of Allah.

The White Circle represented purity; purity means God and God means ruler of the land.  (Q. 93).

The Green of the star represents, “New Life, Life Everlasting”.

The Openness of the Star represents the Spirit of Freedom, infinite powers to create and to govern; El’s and Bey’s.

The Singleness of the Star represents its independence, oneness of humanity, which precludes the idea of One Great God.

The Uprightness of the Star represents its fearless balance and perpendicular stand in deific life (God Man); Man’s receptiveness from force to self-empowerment.

The Points of the star are called Pentagrams.  They always represent Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice, as long as the Star is in its perfect upright position. 

Pentagrams are the expressions of the Science that breeds from the Higher Self of every Moor’s mind.  These points encompass 72 degrees x 5 of the Highest Principles known to man and this Star describes man’s every phase of life in a single expression.

The singleness of the Star represents its freedom, independence and obedience (harmony) to the Great God.  The North Star, of the Moorish American Flag, is also a sign of their constancy and polarity to the human family; the fixed stability of the Seraphim.  Still, all of these great things of divinity evolve 360 degrees around the executive principle of Love.  Love is always the first point.  Yet, these five Divine Principles are not a new philosophy.  The Ancient Moors practiced them holistically on a daily basis.  Today, the constancy of an ancient holistic life has been replaced with a once-a-week, Friday-go-to-a-meeting and Sunday School ritual. 

During the latter ten thousand years, in olden Kemet (Egypt), the antediluvian Order of “MAAT” was foundated upon the three steps of:

  1. Divine Order
  2. Natural Order
  3. Social Order

The destiny of Man, Spirit Man, was fixed by the Triune Allah of Wisdom, Will and Love in the days of Creation.  The Principles of MAAT were: Harmony, Truth, Balance, Right Order and Justice.

Noble Drew Ali, an Egyptian Adept Master Prophet, returned these ancient Principles to the Moorish and sealed them in the omnipotence of their flag.  Note and Analyze:   

Moorish (Adept) Principles

Egyptian (Maat) Principles
Right Order


The Five-Pointed Open Star
The Openness of The Five Pointed Upright Star Represents Freedom In A Single Expression.  The Interlocking of The Five Pointed Star Represents The Infinite Perfection of The Circle.

The Moorish 5-Pointed Open Star

Historically the European psychic has never been able to understand the infinite and spiritual circles-of-life in Africa.  They could only pillage the nationalized tangibles of Africa, never its truths and spirits.  Subsequently this ignorance is always coated with taboos, paganisms and scholastically refurbished as meaningless versions of cultural cults.  Unfortunately these White man’s words are digested as gospel among the sons and daughters of former slaves.

 Here, are the return of the ancient principles, which were taught to Abraham, Moses, Solomon, Jesus and Mohammed being emblematized in the five points of the Moorish Star, by Sheik Sharif Abdul Ali (Arabic for Noble Drew Ali).  These grand moral guidelines are displayed twice in the Moorish American Flag.  Once above the Star, upward from the Scimitar, and again represented by the five points of the Star (Q# 20).  This is due to the fact these Divine Principles are the original attributes of Allah and they are breath into the soul of every ancient Moor; in essence, As Above, So Below.  This is also the North Star because it is the only light of stability in the Northern hemisphere.  Like so, the Moors are also the only light, transferred from the East and buried in the shallow grave of the Northwest continental Americas.

The Principles above are the Holy Spirit (Truth) found in Sura 2:87 of the Great Quran.  The Moors call this Truth “Allah” or “Holy Breath” (Q#50).  It is the life in Man.  He, himself must be The Truth in order to be himself, Free (John 8:32).

The Sword is also the level, or balance of equality, from which the star is plumbed.  The contact point, centered at the convex of the Scimitar and the Head of the Pentagram, represents the fruition of a Moor’s consciousness.  This is the consciousness of “The Deification of Man” and the wisdom that Allah and Man are one (MHK 7:23).  It means the will of a conscious Moor is to forever be in harmony with the Will of Allah.  This is how man truly receives his divine nectar; from which cometh his strength.  A Moor, no matter the gender, is ever mindful (conscious) that to not be upright and aligned with the Father of the Universe is to beckon the wrath, which men call “Hell”.

The profound Vexillology of the Moroccan Flag is its origin is squarely rooted in The Moorish Flag.  The Flag of the Moorish is the Mother of all Flags.  It is critical for all Moorish Americans to learn this trivia because it was this Flag which represented them as “Torchbearers Of Civilization.”  It personifies and warns all other nations of the purpose of this new, pure and clean nation identified as the Moorish Americans.  When speaking about the true existence and plight of the Moorish American nation, Noble Drew Ali warned: “All nations of the earth in these modern days are seeking peace, but there is but one true and divine way that peace may be obtained in these days and it is through Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice being taught universally to all nations, in all lands.”  (MHK 46:9;See: APPENDIX).

The true purpose of this new Moorish National is to re-civilize and to free all other nations of the earth with Truth: as they, themselves have become free.  Then men shall see the new Heaven and the new Earth as foretold by the Prophets.  Moors are the Vanguards of Peace on Earth.  Those who display the Scimitar and Star are the people who represent the Higher Self.  It is also the symbol of Angels manifested in human flesh.  Their sole purpose is to restore peace among the nations of the earth (Q#39).  Peace is the true flow of spirit life; it is harmoniously active yet never passive.

Our Flag” is to be flown throughout the Moorish American Government; all of the said government’s Nationalized properties and businesses and with all nations and all lands where the Holy Principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice are practiced.

Our Flag” is the only National insignia to the freedom of the Moorish Americans, etc.  It clearly sounds the long awaited return of the Moors!!  “The Return Of The Ancient Ones”!!  It further proclaims the end of mental slavery and the light of still much wisdom to be learned.  Indeed, it is impossible to enslave a conscious people.  “Our Flag” also says, We, the Moorish Americans, are the major writers of Moorish history and only the assurors that our contributions to humanity will be written right.  But, in order to understand the divine and worldwide significance of the Moorish American Banner, one must examine each of its symbols with care.

The Scimitar and Star of the Moorish Americans and Ancient Adepts have been grossly misunderstood and often confused with the “Jewel” of the “Shriners”, the elite, Masonic organization established in the U.S.A.  However, the pendant jewel of the Shriners has a lot of other symbols between the Scimitar of The Great God and the Pentagram of man, e.g. Egyptian Sphinx’s head, Fez and the Crescent Moon of Africa’s Islam.  In fact, if one were to remove all the pillaged African symbols from the European Shriners logo, it would completely disappear!!

Only two kinds of men lay claim to the Great Scimitar: those who inherited this Angelic symbol of Universal Justice from The Great God through their ancient forefathers and those who “Borrowed” it.  The latter secretly whispers it’s prescience under the cloak of oaths, while the true owners laid still in a comatose from the assault of three Ruffians.  This criminal attack was so devastating until many semiconscious Moorish Americans today, even after the advent of Their Savior Noble Drew Ali, are still dazed into believing the stolen ‘Jewels’ now belong to the thief! Thoughts of this nature derive from the MAYA of mental slavery, in which the ‘9/10ths possession’ appear as law.  Thus allowing the criminal to describe the crime  Some of these true owners, who have forgotten they are the victims, have gone so far as to identify their Holy Prophet as a member of the same vile seditious band of Jubelo, Jubela and Jubelum, which are the culprits that put their light out!  Their sole assignment being to not just put out the light in Africa but to stand Tyler over the shallow grave where the light is buried (See: Freemasonry).  No conscious and holy man or woman could equate a Moslem, such as Prophet Noble Drew Ali, in the same breath as being a ‘Shriner’.  Therefore, let us forget the falsehood and go with mind of fleshless things to examine the Emblem of the Moorish American Flag because it, indeed, has an ancient history.  We began with the Circle, Scimitar, and then the Star:

The Moors, known as “Imazighen” (Men of Noble Origin), were the true indigenous people of Morocco.  They had no objection to the religion of Islam, as perfected by Prophet Mohammed as a completed favor to his people (Sura 5:3).  After all, they recognized their ownOld Time Religion”, (Q. 16 –17-18), founded by their Ancient Forefathers.  In fact, Moors accepted Islam, (Hotep, Islamism), as early as drinking water (See: Religious Controversy).  The conflict came, not with West Africans submitting to Islam, but in the Arabs demanding Moors to denounce their heritage and Moorish genealogy and profess being “Arabians”.  Under the color of ‘Islam’ these Mohammedans were actually imposing Arabian Nationalism.  Those Moors who complied were made Caliphs, Sheiks and assorted rulers.  Those who bucked were slandered as infidels, heathens and non-believers; considered as outcasts and only worthy of slavery or death.  Especially, the Moors whom had brought culture, sciences, architecture and civilization to Spain, Portugal, Italy and France.  They were called Morocco (lat. Spanish) and Moro (Maurus) in French.

Actually that (683) invasion marked another step down into the Great Maafa, the African Slave trade (See: Freemasonry and Why Are We Moorish Americans?).  Now, the Flag of the Moorish, a Red Flag with the five pointed Star in the center, like the Great Moroccan Kingdom itself, would be destined for shrinking alterations.  These changes of its boundaries, histories and powers would be exchanged from the Arabs to the European new world orders or as the U.S. Marines sing, “From the Halls of Montezuma to the shore of Tripoli” (Africa).  After the Sultan of Morocco financed the 13 Colonies to win their Revolutionary War to become the United States, he signed the first treaty with General/President George Washington.  Although this treaty, (still in effect), was written to protect the Moorish Nationals enslaved here; old “Slave owner, George W.” put the Moorish flag away in a Philadelphia vault.  This Congressional Denationalization of the West African Moors is steeped in symbolism and high levels of judicial etymology.  To this day, the Red and Green flag is noted as: “George Washington chopping down the proverbial Cherry Tree” (brilliantly revealed in the 2004 Movie Production of the United States’ secret burial of the Moorish, entitled: “NATIONAL TREASURE”).  Needfultosay, being Freemason, old George Washington “could not tell a lie”!!  Yeah, right!!

Naturally, the world famous “Forked Tongue” of European Nations deceived the Moorish-Arab Sultan, as they had for a thousand years.  So, after the United States (Jubelum) came to power, it was Portugal and France (Jubela), her “Lodge Brothers”, who would conquer Morocco (See: Freemasonry).  Under this conquest, (which lasted past it’s regained 3-2-56 Independence into the 1990’s control of Morocco’s Western Sahara by the “Polisario front”), the Great Moroccan Empire had lost its Five-Pointed Star from its Red Flag.  The Holy Green Pentagram was not returned to its plain Red Banner until the advent of Noble Drew Ali.

Between the years of 1905, 1911 – 12, the Europeans of Germany, Spain, Portugal and France were in a serious tug-of-war to the Anglo-French entente over Morocco.  This, coupled with Moroccan tribal rivalries, lead to the ouster of Germany and, to Morocco under French (rule) Protectorate. 

Prophet Noble Drew Ali, in August of 1912, with full authority of Sultan Abdul Aziz Ibu Saud of the Holy City of Mecca, Sultan Fuad of Egypt and the Grand Lodge of England-France, told “Our Ruler in Morocco” – Sultan Hassan I (Q# 34), there would be no peace until the “Star is returned”.  Albeit European’s heart was hardened in Morocco.  1914 marked the outbreak of Europe’s First World War, which claimed 10 million lives and over 20 million wounded.  In 1915 AD, the sacred Five Pointed Star was placed back in the center of the Moroccan Red Flag, in Fez, Morocco.  The Prophet had retrieved the original Moorish flag from the congressional vault during the Gubernatorial Campaign for the Presidency of Woodrow Wilson in 1913.  It was a great wonder that Noble Drew Ali actually displayed the Moroccan Flag, here in the United States, two years before it was actually returned to the sovereign soil of Morocco.  He displayed it upside down, beside a backward-turned United States Flag, as a sign they both were in adversity of their principles.  There is a picture of Noble Drew Ali with Secretary Sheikess, Christina Price Bey).

Speaking of the U.S. flag, the term “Old Glory” was first applied to Moorish Flag because of its heavenly brightness by Venus and its ancient history of being the Mother of all flags.  “Old Glory” could never intelligently be applied to a flag that’s only been around for a historical minute; and changed numerous times between 1780 and 1960.

Oh!  How the mice played as the great African lion of Judah slept at mid-day.

The degree (day) of Venus is Friday.  This day is also the Holy Day for Moslems (Monads) all over the world (See: Act-2).  Venus is also symbolic of the Great God’s love in placing Man above the Angels and all other living things in all worlds, seen and unseen.  This is the First Flag and it was called ‘Glory to God’ or ‘God’s Glory’.  To the Ancient Moors, Torch Bearers of Civilization, it symbolized the consciousness of God in Man.  The Flag of the Moorish:

The Divinity Of The Moorish Flag

The divinity of the Moorish Flag is the assuredness of man, Spirit Man, will reach deific life; that the sum of his life is spent to build the temple of perfected man.  The Creation, fall and omnipotent exaltation of every man and woman is personified in the world’s oldest flag because….   Spirit Man is an absolute thought and perfect essence of The Father of the universe.  Of the Seven Created Certainties, the essence of Man being made in the image and likeness of The Creator is the most resolved.  The First flag illustrates this universality and boundlessness of The Great God’s Love.

 At the dawning of the First Civilization, when man realized his human state had fallen earthbound, the pattern of the flag was designed from the form of feeding from his native (Spirit) plane.  When the flag was first flown into existence it was the embodiment of man’s circle of life divine and immutability of man himself the truth.   The plane of soul, Earth and flesh are manifest of the sluggish wills.  These wills became lethargic when the plane of thought reached the rate of atmosphere where all living manifests had a dependence upon the breath for existence.  In these slower rhythms the stronger began to consume the weaker manifest and what we now know as survival of the fittest became a fact.  The Moorish were the first Gods to people the Earth and became known as “The Torchbearers Of civilization”.  After the Great Earthquake, when the Earth had to undergo a Second Civilization, their descendants would become the world’s first “Seafarers.”  With The Great Banner flying at high noon the Ancient Ones founded the world’s first Religious Creed for the redemption and salvation of mankind on Earth, to open wide the doors of civilization.  Today their Children, The Moorish Americans, hold the key of civilization which was and is in the hands of the Asiatic nations.  The Moorish, who were the ancient Moabites and Founders of the Holy City of Mecca.  The Moorish developed space travel, air communications, architect, agricultural, governments and all sciences currently used by man since the days of Atlantis, LaMuria and latter day Kemet, the capitol of the dominion of Africa.  The divinity of these wonders and mysteries were all encompassed in insignia of The Moorish Flag, the true ‘Old Glory.’ 

Other Historical Facts About The Star:

In 3500 BC at Ur of the Chaldees, birth place of Abraham, the star was used to represent nobility.  Abraham, through his sons Ishmael and Isaac, became the Great Father of today’s Muslims and Jews.  The Star became a symbol of Truth amongst the Hebrews, and the original Seal of Solomon.  The star did not take a turn for the worst, from divine to naught, from upright to upside down and from positive to negative until its European perception.  It has been in the nature of European hierarchy to destroy, dilute or reverse African contributions to the world.  It almost seem as though they get pissed off, to the lowest level of pisstivity, just to know people of hue was the first to people the Earth.  Anyway, this is when the star went from sugar to shucks.  To them it became known as;

  • Underground womb (Egypt) 
  • Godhead (druids) 
  • Underground Goddess (Celts) 
  • Chi-rho Symbol (Constantine) 
  • Endless knot (medieval) 
  • Goat’s Head, Horned God and Witch’s Foot (Christian Concept) 
  • The Goat ‘Baphomet’ (Eliphas Levi) 
  • Inverted Star (Eastern Stars)      

  The Moors used this banner again after they circumnavigated the continent of Africa, when it included Havilah (Arabia), over ten thousand years ago.  But, with the aforementioned invasions, the whiteness of the original Banner was turned Red in defense of its Principles.  Moorish blood began to pour like rain from the Islamic infiltration of Arab conquest that began in the Seventh Century.

Why Does The Saudi Family Have “Our Flag”?

The Symbol of the Moorish Flag is embedded on the walls of the Royal Palace of The Saudi Family in Saudi Arabia.  So, why do the Saudi family have “Our Flag”.  Answer: the Arabians have been stealing pure Africans since they have claimed to be the seed of Hagar.  Who have been capturing and enslaving Africans longer and with more business like efficiency than Arabians?  From a view point of a professional Slaver, no man enslaves another without knowing his value.  What nation of African People would know the true history of the so-called NBC better than those who have been stealing and selling them for over 3,000 years? 

After Noble Drew Ali proved His Prophethood before Hierophants of Egypt he made his only pilgrimage to Mecca.  While there He met with Sultan Abdul Aziz Ibu Suad, who was the head of the holy city of Mecca and direct descendant of Hagar.  The great Prophet of Ali honored The Sultan as a true descendant of Hagar and chief protector of the Islamic Creed of Mecca, which begin with Mohammed The First, the founder of the uniting of Islam.  Ali proclaimed “The key of civilization was and is in the hands of the Asiatic nations.  The Moorish, who were the ancient Moabites, are the founders of the Holy City Of Mecca.  His forefathers are the true and divine founders of “Islamism”, the first religious creed for the redemption and salvation of mankind on earth.  We, the Moorish Americans are returning to Islam, which was founded by our forefathers for our earthly and divine salvation.”  With this Drew Ali retrieved The Moorish Flag from the Saudi Family and returned it to the Moorish of the Americas.  Ali later honored the Sultan by placing his image in the first edition of the Book Of The Seven Seals, The Holy Koran Of The Moorish Science Temple of America.  Those who have seen the 2004 film “FAHRENHEIT 9/11” by, Michael Moore, also saw two brief scenes of The Moorish National Flag.  These scenes were cast with the first President Bush and the Sultan in council in the grand Palace.  Who can witness these things and not know Noble Drew Ali is Allah’s Prophet?

Drew Ali Returns The Unbroken Circle

The ‘Circle’ is the most perfect of all symbols.  The Circle symbolizes Man’s recognition of the monotheistic universe and his throne upon the order of all living things. The “Truth Circle” began with the illimitable thoughts foundated in all the Great God’s creations.  Noble Drew Ali described the circle as “The Elohim” or “The Seven Eyes of Allah”.  Within this circle, of created fate, are the Seven Days wherein all creation and science are super temporally circumscribed (Appendix: Q: 97-101).

The divine origin of the “Circle” was first used by the god-men of Akubu-Lan (Afrika).  Akubu-Lan’s first true and divine name is “Amexem” (See Appendix; MHK 47:3).  The circle is the first symbol reciprocated by the Afrikan man to denote the perdurable bond deifying Allah and man.  The circle is man’s utmost symbol of perfection.  It represents the conscious completion of each of the great Seven Days of Creation.  The circumference of the circle perpetuates its immutable design and unending thought activity.  It is the totality of alpha and omega in motion.  For this reason, enslaved African Nationals were strictly forbidden to form a circle of two or more.  The European Slavemasters’ greatest fear was a circle of Moors.  This is because whenever African eyes met they would see The God in each other.  Virtually all Slavers feared the infinite abyss housed deep in an African’s eyes; so the “Don’t be eyeballing me boy/gal” became a way of life in Slavesville USA.  The Master made the Slaves believe his personage was too godly to be looked upon.  Needfultosay, here the truth is reversed.  He was more afraid of the ‘God’ his Slaves did not see in him as opposed to the greatness they may have seen in each other.  The potentiality of his subordinate being able to recognize their own omnipresence was too great for Ol’Massa to handle.  This gave strength to today’s “Standing around”, “gatherings” and “loitering” laws.  The unity found in a circle could become a weapon of mass destruction.

The circle’s earliest use was a reminder of the deathless god-state of man and the boundlessness of his Creator.  There is no other symbol that encompasses both the divinity of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice with the universal aptitude of man in a single expression.  All worlds, the universe and orbital life forms are foundated in various circles of a single life.  This is why Jesus said, “By the sweet breath of Allah, all life is bound in one” (MHK 10:5).  The circle is the only emblem, which transcends all sciences studied by man, e.g. geometry, astrology, chemistry, psychology, religion, death and governments, etc.  All laws are communicated through the circle – hence, law governs all events.  This power of karmic jurisprudence is often referred to as ‘What goes around comes around’.  The diameter of a circle can also house the sum total of a manifest or any of the man-made things, which he developed from thought.  For example: a corral, circus ring, an encampment, a body of desires or passions, a law or structure (See: Compass).

The great Circle cannot be improved upon.  Although there are some Westerners who will die by their Zodiac Sign.  Most do not know the prefix "Zo", according to Science (Etymology), means 'Animal'.  Hence the word Zodiac means "World (or circle) of The Little Animals".  The Universal Zodiac is a Chart of Twelve Cycle Ages.  The twelve-month calendar year, which draws its powers from the force of the Cycle Ages, is represented by a different animal at the cusp of each month.  Each age is about 2100 years and is represented by one animal per cycle.  Men and women of the human family, who have lost their consciousness of God-in-Man, believe heavily upon their "Zodiac Sign" for guidance.  It is now the job of Master Minds to teach these wayward souls their perfection rests within the circle and there is no failure for the human soul.  The wise know there is no saving power for a God in the world of animals.  Besides, where on earth can an animal lead a God?  Should man strive to be a perfect crab, fish, lion or Great God?  When man leaves the oneness of his circle of universal life, he faces the perpetual realms of "Why?" The Ancient Moorish Civilizers of Atlantis, Mu and Americas diagrammed and used the circle as a universal emblem nearly twenty thousand years before teaching “Fred, Barney and Wilma” how to make a wheel.   Even at that, the rebellious Flintstones later made “the old rugged Cross” in direct defiance of the circle and opposition to God’s creative order.  It must also be remembered, our animated friends recently ‘discovered’ the Earth was a circle in orbit, not flat, in 1492.

The Quadrants Of The Circle

Notice the absence of the cross and Christianity from these ancient Holy Circles (See: Diagram of “ISLAMISM”, The World’s First Religious Creed).  This is because neither The Cross, Doubled Cross, Triple Cross nor Christianity is requisite for the salvation of the Moors.   There are unlimited reasoning to the quadrant circles of Drew Ali.  The circles are broken into quadrants around both the Circle Seven and the Scimitar and Star emblems.  Being an Egyptian Adept Master, The Prophet presented the broken circle to the Moors as four gateways to perfection, to the deific life and to the oneness of God In Man.  This is in accord with the first religious creed, Islamism (Hotep) founded by the Ancient Moorish Fathers.  The Moorish of Ancient Kemet later called this “The Egyptian Mystery System” because it dealt with “… the surety of the omnipotence of Allah and man; the certainty that man will reach deific life” (MHK 7:26).

These gateways of East, West, North and South or Longitude and Latitude, all lead from the center to the outer bounds of life (See: Diagram).  The gateways are also the four elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth centrifugal from their ethereal planes.  Without the science of these four gateways, the knowledge of manifested Life, as known to Man, would be incomprehensible for lack of thinking and reasoning.  The four quadrants are also present in the square foundation of the ancient Pyramids.  When the pyramid is viewed from the top, its base is perfectly squared and forms the four 90 degree angles.  Within the 90-degree angles, are the same elements.  At its corners are the four directions (N-E-S-W).

The apex or capstone of the pyramid is indicative of the spiritual heart (wisdom) of man.  In fact, it is from this top view when the “Center” (of the circle) is most pronounced.  Men call this, “The All Seeing Eye” because it captures all directions and elements at once.  Yet, no carnal man can see all sides of the pyramid at once; from a finite point of view.  Like so, neither can man understand the unbroken perfection of the circle.  Hence, the science of the quadrants, by Drew Ali.  Since the Khufu Pyramid is perfectly aligned with the Orion’s Belt, it is easy to see how the 90-degree angles of the square are synonymous with the 90-degree quadrants of the circle.  In both the Moorish National Seal (the Circle Seven) and the Moorish American Banner (the Scimitar and Star), the absolute center is found.  This center is the heart.  It is found in the center of the Number Seven and at the “Contact Point” between the convex of the Scimitar and the Head pentagram of the five-pointed Star.

The Scimitar

The Moorish Flag Scimitar

(Its Divine Origin and Purpose)

The Illustrious Prophet Sharif Abdul Ali returned the Scimitar to the Moorish Tribes of the Americas.  This great emblem of Justice (‘Justice’ is also the 5th of the five great Principles for the Moorish Americans) is yet another inherent saving power from their ancient forefathers.  The Ancient Moabites were the first to materialize the sword in harmony with universal laws.

Justice is one of the infinite attributes of the Great God, Allah.  A sign always precedes Justice.  The Scimitar is the only member of the sword family with an ancient history.  The symbol of the Scimitar originated in the consciousness of the first physical man; uniting his divinity with manifested matters around himself.  The spiritual purpose of the sword is conquest of Truth over Maya, as it was first used by the Cherubim, the Arch Angel of the stations of the sun (Zodiac), (See: MHK 1 and Gen. 3:24).  The ancient Moors used the Scimitar to subdue the earth, conquering the wild beasts so civilizations could come in.

Scimitars are the only swords recognized by its distinctive convex.  This curved exterior surface represents the perfect circle, omnipotence and the continuous, never ending presence of the Creator.  The curved blade, with the shape edge on the convex side, has it weight balanced from the center to the outer most point above the cutting edge.  This is in alliance with the centrifugal unfoldment of man’s deific life.  Every part of the Scimitar is designed by men of understanding for all men to understand.  The Great Scimitar, as returned by Drew Ali, is in the utmost trinity of sections; the Barrel, the Guard and the Blade. 

The Barrel or handle represents the Great God, Divine Rule and the Government in all creations.  It is omnipotent laws, which govern all events.  The Guard, represents the Angels, e.g. the Cherubim, Seraphim, Death, Michael, Gabriel, ethereal and cosmic planes which defend stations between infinite wisdom and human knowledge.  The Guard delineates the deific will and the course of truth.

The Blade is balance, equality and the level from which the plumb line of man’s consciousness is suspended to the plummet of his actions (See: Tools).  The Ancient Ones knew, Equality can only be found in Justice  The Scimitar is the sign of the spirit of Allah’s jurisprudence.

The Hindu uses the Sanskrit word, “Karma” to describe the fixed course of justice; man reaps what man sows.  Or, what goes around comes around, etc.

The Scimitar also represents Force.  Jesus, whose name means Justice (Q#36), said, Force is the will of Allah and is omnipotent.  Force changes not, but power changes as the ethers change.  Man, and other thinking things, directs the force; when it has done its work the power is no more (MHK 7:14018).  Justice is the principle, used by Force, which keeps the creations of Allah in their designated harmony.  Freemasons, with no eye for divinity, assume the Scimitar to mean power – “the power of the pale skin god” and their ideal of force is their Armies, Navy, Air Force and ‘a few good men’; The Armed Forces?!?!!  O’ look what they have done to our song, Man!???

The Turks and Arabs made the Scimitar renowned to the modern nations of the earth.  Prophet Mohammed used a two-edged Scimitar in his re-civilizing of the world; one convex for Force and the other for power.  In the 4th Century, B.C, old Damocles had a sword, hanging by a hair above his head, during a feast.  It reminded him that the power to a ruler of men is not greater than the force of his Creator.  Today, in the Holy City of Mecca, and other Islamic countries, the Scimitar is used for castrations and decapitations of those convicted of various sins and crimes.  It is used by a Mufti on Friday, immediately after Juma Services.  And, with the chant of “Allah U Ark bar!” he uses the Scimitar to send the body to earth and the soul to its Creator.  These public maiming and murders are performed under the governmental glass of “State Executions.”  State authorized murders, be they crucifixions, hangings, decapitations or lethal injections are all in defiance of life which man did not give.  To carnal man, who have forgotten he is made in the image of The Great God, the threat of death give the illusion of power and fear but cannot command love. 

Contrary to modern belief and usage, the Scimitar is not a weapon.  Weapons are instruments of destruction and murder (See: The Cross).  The Scimitar, in its purest sense is a symbol foundated upon the indestructible soul, consciousness and remembrance of man to be God.  The constant swing of the Scimitar carries the due course of justice and has the force to separate divinity from matter.  Being Human is a built-in consequence for opposing reason. The mighty Scimitar is not controlled by passions, emotions, desires and other weaknesses of carnal man.  Nevertheless, the Islamic and Masonic worlds adopted the Scimitar from the Ancient Moors of Africa.  Its symbolic use in their holistic way of life represented their faith.  They founded the first religious creed, “Hotep, Seauton Gnothi” (Islamism, Man Know thyself) (MHK 48:6-8).  The Adept uses the Scimitar Symbol to the swiftness of infinite thought communicated between the Spirit Father and Spirit Man.

The Scimitar still holds much more wisdom to be learned by the descendants of the ancient Moors, born here in America.  “What your ancient forefathers were, you are today without doubt or contradiction” (MHK 47:10).  The Scimitar is a Moor’s heritage.  No other nation, religious group or secret society can rightfully claim the Scimitar  Noble Drew Ali brought it to light from the Seal of the Moorish American Nation.  Like moles thrive in darkness, the warlike nature of the European is powered nocturnally.  Likeso, the nations of Europe acquired their new world dominance under falsehood, ignorance, fear and death.  But these things would not have been empowered without first placing the light of African civilization under a shroud of darkness.

It is said, “The darkest hour is just before dawn.”  This is true of the latter 300 years, of the Piscean Age (2,000 years).  Never before in the history of man have billions of people been so deceived as to the consciousness that man is truth; that the Great God and man are one  (MHK 7:23).  The Scimitar also has been tarnished to appear as a weapon, an instrument of murder and a symbol of fear.  As the Moorish hordes awaken slowly in the western hemisphere, the symbol of the Scimitar appeared in the hands of their pale skin conquerors (the Shriners of the York and Scottish Rites of the Free Masonic Orders).  And, because this was falsehood, who had dawned the clothing of truth, e.g. names like Medina, Mecca, Arabian and Egyptian; plus attired with symbols and dress of Ancient African Mastery and Islamic conquest… the Moorish were hoodwinked into believing, “Freemasonry” to be their god.  And today, many precious souls are seeking ‘the light’ where truth is not immutable.

The Moorish had no one to tell them, it was indeed their own forefathers who were the founders of the Holy City of Mecca (MHK 45:2); and the founders and true possessors of the present Moroccan Empire (MHK 46:6).  Also, they are the rightful heirs of turbans, Fezzes and the Scimitar.  That was until the advent of Noble Drew Ali  So, for the first time in ages, the Great Sword of Civilization is in the hands of the Moorish Americans (MHK 45:2).

What people are experiencing today is not civilization.  A world where it’s a shame to enter the world and the destructive departure is glorified!  To give, life a man hides his face but if he kills thousands, he’s honored.  But, “…custom cannot alter the nature of truth; neither can the opinion of man destroy justice; the glory and the shame are misplaced” (MHK 44:4-6).  The Scimitar has been ill used and misrepresented since out of the hands of its rightful owners.  The Moorish Americans need not fear the Scimitar because it is their soul’s best friend.  A conscious Man would never look upon the Scimitar as a weapon or anything other than a bearer of life.  The truth is in the origin and purpose, with the wisdom to know the use.  The Scimitar is now in the hands (minds) of the Asiatics of North America.  Only they, through their deific will in tune with the Father’s will, can activate the services of the Great Scimitar.

The Moorish National

The Moorish Flag
The National of the Moorish Americans, also returned by Noble Drew Ali, is “The Scimitar And Star”.  Equally important as The Scimitar and Star is “Our Flag”.  The Prophet speaks of “our Flag” in Questions Numbered 19, 20 and 21 in His Moorish Questionary.  This symbol personifies the divine inherent traits of the Moorish Peoples and tribes of all times and climes.  To understand the Great Moorish Flag, it is necessary to identify the components within the Circle.

Our Flag” … (Q. #21)

The Holy Prophet speaks of three distinct Nations and their flags in His Moorish Questionnaire for Moorish Children:

  1.  The Moorish Flag (Q. #19).  Our Flag (Q. #21).
  2. Morocco (Q. #34), Moroccans (Q. #32) 
  3. The American Flag (Act-4, of Additional Laws).

Most Moorish American Scholars assume “Our Flag” is also the Flag of Morocco.  However, Noble Drew Ali taught the Moors time and time again “This (The Moroccan Flag) is the flag of our Forefathers”, meaning the modern day inhabitants of Morocco.  And like Father-Like-Son, “Our Flag” is also ‘A Red Flag with a five-pointed green star in the center’.  It should be understood ‘Our (Moorish American’s) Flag’ couldn’t be the same flag as the Country of Morocco because ‘We’ are descendants of Moroccans and born in America.  Therefore ‘Our Flag’ must be ‘Our Own Flag’; the flag of a new ‘Clean and Pure Nation’.  Our Flag must also be over ten thousand years old and a true banner of our civil achievements of those times and climes.  Further, ‘Our Flag’ must be staffed and hoisted in ‘Our Country’ of Moorish America in observance of our own Divine Constitution and National Movement.  Yes.  The Moorish Americans possess their own Flag.  The incomprehensibility of this fact draws its strength from the assumed ignorance that the Moorish Americans do legally exist as a clean Nation of People.  Still, it is not the Flag of Morocco but of Moorish America!   One thing for certain, if the Moorish do not accept this flag as their own, they will soon find out the worst is yet to come, as they remain subjugated beneath the flags of their oppressors.

Peacefully Submitted by, Swift Angel #1

The promotions of these lessons by the Seven Seals Publications are free.  We pray the world wants to hear and know the truth about Noble Drew Ali and His nation.  Albeit "A Servant is worthy of his hire" and we ask these credits for the Author to be included with all reproductions of his works.



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1.We are a group of individuals who love  The Supreme Force, To whom is called by many names, but  do not get caught up on trick knowledgy to kill other Humans Beings, because they call The Supreme Force by other names of Greatness or Divine.


2. We are individuals who stand on and strive for Right Knowledge, Right Wisdom, Right Understanding, Right Innerstanding for we can Overstand on Sound Right Reasoning. Factology versus Beliefs.


3.We are individuals who check out everything that’s anything and anything that’s everything.Whatever truths that you bring to us as truths, We The Universal Zulu Kemetic Muurs will check what you bring to us is facts, myths, or just straight out lies. We are thinkers, researchers, and doers of the Words. But we can have faults like any other Humans on this planet so called Earth.


4. We are into The Kemetic Mystery Schools of Thoughts as well as into whatever knowledge that is Infinite in our Universe and beyond to other Universes.


5. We respect all Beings seen or unseen as long as what is seen or unseen do not bring harm to any of our members. If any harm comes our way , we are taught to call on The Supreme Force Almighty Amen Ra (Allah) ect. Then to fight like a Being of Heaven to bring Hell upon whomever comes against Gods and Goddesses.


6. We wish Peace, Unity, Love, Truth, Respect, Freedom, Justice, Equality, Work, Fun, and a roof over your head with food to eat for all on Earth and in our Universe (Universes).


7. We are of The Great Universe that Almighty Amuun Ra, The Supreme Force Has made for all first. We are of The Great Zulus, The People of The Heavens second.   We are of our Great People who came as the Nubians, Kemites of Kemet, who showed the world a Great civilization called Kemet with roots also in Atlantis and Lemuria. We know our story is bigger than Atlantis, Lemuria (MU), Kemet (Egypt) or any other Place on this planet so called Earth.


8. Our wisdom teaches us that wherever our people are at, we are at and know that something went wrong somewhere in time on this planet so called Earth and that many Humans were put under a spell of ignorance (sleep) to be blind, death and dumb to His-story, My-story, Our-story, Misery not knowing who they are or who stole their knowledge and their Souls.


9. We The Universal Zulu Kemetic Muurs are in your world so called Earth, but not of your world-that our Mind is Infinite as The Supreme Force Infinite Self. All Praise Due To The Supreme Force, To Whom is call by many names

Atum Amen Ra Ptah Allah.


10. We give respect to where respect is due at all times and try not to judge, because we all will be judge by The Supreme Force, when that right time comes.


11. We know that all Major Religions on this planet so called Earth all took knowledge from the Great Kemet to create their religions but never give credit due back to The Ancient of Ancients, Kemet their foundation of what they stand on today.


12. We recognize all Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Kemet  just as your recognize The 99 Attributes Names of Allah or any of the other names that leads up to the Great Supreme Force of All The Worlds.


This is just a touch of who we are of The Universal Zulu Kemetic Muurs


All Praise Is Due To Allah (Amun Ra)

The Lord Of All The Worlds


Islam Moors (Muurs)

The Fez is worn as a symbol of the womb. The top of it has a nipple like shape that symbolizes the navel. The strands of the tassle are 360, as in 360 degrees of knowledge. The tassle is not pinned down as it is in the secret societies. Properly, one who is born of the womb he/she begins to navigate upon the earth, and is endowed with 360 degrees of knowledge that is not pinned down, or kept secret, however it is sacred.   Even the 4 sets of breathing holes, if you count them equal to the number of wombman, a 9.  One set I believe adds up to 13, the number of times a woman cycles per year. 

Summitted by Sister RV Bey

The following is an explanation, found in "Lesson Book Number1", by Taj Tarik Bey of the Moors Order Of The Roundtable:

 Fez:  The National Headdress of the Asiatic Moorish Nation Of North, South and Central Al Morocs (Americas), including the adjoining Islands.

The Fez is red felt, with an indigo black tassel.  Fez: The Headdress of the Ancient Ones - The Moabite/ Moors - also spelled - Muur.  It is geometrically formed to represent the eternal Zodiac. The BODY at the FEZ symbolizes the WOMB of the COSMOS and the WOMB of WOMAN - MOTHER. The 1 inch FINIAL which extends out of the center of the FEZ is the NUMBER 1 and the 9th letter in the Phonetic Moorish alphabet -- I. This also symbolizes the NAVEL (Eye).

The cord extending from the I (Eye) symbolizes the Universal Umbilical Cord
of Universal Umbilical cord of Universal Life and represents the Oneness of all life. It also represents the tie to the source of Humanity - ZUDIACUS - the FIRST WOMAN.

The Circular (round) ball of the tassel represents the MUNDANE CIRCLE or EARTH. The cord wrapped about the tassel strands, hold the form of the Circle arid represent the Unity of Life through the Zodiac Constitution of Humanity. It also represents the Cyclical and reciprocal nature of Life.  The STRANDS of the TASSEL represent the 360
DEGREES of the ZODIAC... The highest LAW arid AUTHORITY in CIVILIZATION. The ZODIAC CROWN OF LIGHT the National Headdress of the MOTHERS and FATHERS of the HUMAN FAMILY FOUNDERS of CIVILIZATION, AND MASTERS of the COSMOS SCIENCE. 3RD 33RD AND 360 Degree MASTER MASONS and EASTERN STARS.  This is a part of the hidden truth which has been buried in the dark corner of the NORTH GATE.  The FEZ - symbol of the Eternal Zodiac is also called a tarbush, a Tiara, a Corona Sol and other names, which describe its Royal Status. 








Peace & Blissings to All
A General Report  from the Last Freedom 101 History and Civics Class
Books and Sources used for discussion:
America B.C.by Barry Fell
Saga America by Barry Fell
A Star in the West by Elias Boudinot
Know Your America by the American Legion
National Archives & Records Administration - Government Archives
Reparations=War What Will Free & Unite Black People by Ali
Benjamin Bannak Ka : A True Founding Father by Ali
The Secret Architecture of Our Nation's Capital by David Ovason
The Constitution of the United States of America
Uniform Commerical Code
United States Code
Natural Rights vs. Civil Rights
Natutal Rights are those inherent rights that cannot be granted or given as privileges from a government, especially one that styles itself in this instance as a Republic [See Article VI, Section 4 Constitution]. A Republic is the most Ancient form of Government and is government where the power of government is derived from the people. Black People taught the white people the Republic System of Government [Order the DVD from Freedom 101:contact this e-mail address
 Benjamin Banna Ka and the Black Rite
Founders of the Ideals of the American Republic
Civil Rights are granted rights or privileges granted from a Governmental incorporated body, to a citizenry that is subject to the governmental entity because the people's Status is CREATED by the Governmental incorporated body [Ex post fact Law or Law after the facts: [See 13th, 14th, 15th amendments]
The Constitutional Government cannot grant privileges to anyone unless the people accept the granted privileges. The Constitutional Government can only guarantee and secure the natural rights of the people who are the government [Republic].
Some of our ancestors were 'Naturalized by Congress' as citizens by way of the 14th amendment [As Foreigners with granted citizenship] and now nearly all citizens by ignorance and deception agree to contracts that put them in a class of receiving grants and privileges as opposed to natural guaranteed and protected rights.
***Black People are in fact THE Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples of America defined by blood type, land artifacts, original language scripts, engraved facial depictions, and general culture... So why have we been naturalized as foreigners with granted citizenship... Ignorance of Heritage & History.***
The Whys to Our DIVISION: Ignorance of True
We talked about Language and 'Phonetic Science', which is apart of the ancient culture of Black People as opposed to 'relative use of words and meanings as given by the Caucasian and we talked about the concept of absolute use of language vs.relative use.
Examples: The word natural has many etymological roots in Latin, Old English etc. however the oldest root is Medu Neter also called Hieroglphics or the Demotic/hieretic script of our ancient Black ancestors.
It [natural] is derived from 'NTR'  and 'YL' which both mean an aspect of power and force of the Omniscent God. A Modern concept would be 'angels' or 'angles' of God.
NTR or NTCHR is where the word Niger, or NEGRO. In our ancient languages the vowels were not originally written down, so NEGRO would be N-GR- or NATURAL would be NTR-L.
We talked about the etym-ology 'etym [atym or 'tm' meaning to create, move or carve as in TiMe, aTuM, aToM. Logy from Logos (Greek) meaning [Mind-wave] or Lagat (Arabic- meaning [Word].
The words:
all etymologically explain something about our origin, genetics, and divine lineage, so there is no need for division.
The Law
None of Our People should accept grants and privileges, instead we should activate a Free natural status at law which means that our inherent rights are guaranteed and protected.
The benefits of the class discussion for all organizations: BLUEPRINT [DNA] for your entity.
1) Avoid being contractually liable for selective service and draft**
2) Do not give Our Children Birth Certificates from a Corporate Fiction. Instead given a Private Record of Birth, witnessed and notarized and authenticated by the County [Contact Freedom 101)
3) Have at least one or more persons in your organization/ institution/national community that can deliver children as opposed to the deathspitals... who issue the contracts that begin the slave status.
4) Avoid vaccinations lawfully and legally protecting the health of our people on the chromosomal level.
5) Do not invest in social Security Trust Fund. Instead reinvest this money into your organizations [Contact Freedom 101 to learn about this process [Form 4029 or Affidavit Declaration -Authenticated]
6) All Ministries, [Islam, Christianity, Israelite, Khemetic, African Spiritualists, Indigenous] that are Tax Exempt Institutions can gain Individual Tax Exemption for all of their Ministers through a variety of methods. Reinvest this money into your organization/ institution/national community/ family.
7) Create a jural society in your institution/ community to deal with protection of the community, to learn PROPER PROGRESSIVE civic and political education.
8) Create educational curriculums in
a) simple herbal identification in your communities, most of our communities are filled with natural herbs that grow right on our blocks. Learn to use these jewels sitting right in our face
b) Dietary guidance
c) Civics and Law
d) Communal Economics- Each Person/ family should have at least three ways to bring in the $,
e) Cultural family paradigms 
This was apart of the discussion for last Sunday
Any questions please contact alleyeseeing19@yahoo.com
Peace Ali







Dr Edward Scobie: African Presence in Early Britian: Dominica political figure 


Black Thorn Manifesto by Hakim Bey   Moorish Tag Day Update   Our Latino Legacy

 Race Relations and the Denial of African Heritage  Henry the Navigator    www.alternet.org/story/15154/

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                         "The Great Meeting of the Zulu Kemetic Moors






NSM-46: U.S. Public Policy to Destory Black leadership, the Black Community and Africa

Here is National Security Council Memorandum-46, an official policy statement issued in 1978 during the Jimmy Carter administration of U.S. policy on undermining Black leaders, the Black community and Afrika:

The document reprinted below is Exhibit 10 of U.S. Supreme Court Case No.00-9587 Boyd E. Graves v. The President of the United States of America

MARCH 17, 1978

Interdepartmental Review Memorandum NSCM-46
TO: The Secretary of State
The Secretary of Defense
The Director of Central Intelligence
SUBJECT: Black Africa and the U.S. Black Movement

The President has directed that a comprehensive review be made of current developments in Black Africa from the point of view of their possible impacts on the black movement in the United States. The review should consider:

  1. Long-term tendencies of social and political developments and the degree to which they are consistent with or contradict the U.S. interests.


  2. Proposals for durable contacts between radical African leaders and leftist leaders of the U.S. black community.
  3. Appropriate steps to be taken inside and outside the country in order to inhibit any pressure by radical African leaders and organizations on the U.S. black community for the latter to exert influence on the policy of the Administration toward Africa.
The President has directed that the NSC Interdepartmental Group for Africa perform this review. The review should be forwarded to the NSC Political Analysis Committee by April 20.

Zbigniew Brezinski
cc: The Secretary of the Treasury
The Secretary of Commerce
The Attorney General
The Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff


I. (most text blacked out) . . .and whose importance for the United States is on the increase.

II. A. U.S. INTERESTS IN BLACK AFRICA A multiplicity of interests influences the U.S. attitude toward black Africa. The most important of these interests can be summarized as follows:

1. POLITICAL If black African states assume attitudes hostile to the U.S. national interest, our policy toward the white regimes; which is a key element in our relations with the black states, may be subjected by the latter to great pressure for fundamental change. Thus the West may face a real danger of being deprived of access to the enormous raw material resources of southern Africa which are vital for our defense needs as well as losing control over the Cape sea routes by which approximately 65% of Middle Eastern oil is supplied to Western Europe. Moreover, such a development may bring about internal political difficulties by intensifying the activity of the black movement in the United States itself. It should also be borne in mind that black Africa is an integral part of a continent here tribal and regional discord, economic backwardness, inadequate infrastructures, drought, and famine, are constant features of the scene. In conjunction with the artificial borders imposed by the former colonial powers, guerilla warfare in Rhodesia and widespread indignation against apartheid in South Africa, the above factors provide the communist states with ample opportunities for furthering their aims. This must necessarily redound to the detriment of U.S. political interests.

2. ECONOMIC Black Africa is increasingly becoming an outlet for U.S. exports and investment. The mineral resources of the area continue to be of great value for the normal functioning of industry in the United States and allied countries. In 1977, U.S. direct investment in black Africa totaled about $1.8 billion and exports $2.2 billion. New prospect of substantial profits would continue to develop in the countries concerned.

IV. BLACK AFRICA AND THE U.S. BLACK MOVEMENT Apart from the above-mentioned factors adverse to U.S. strategic interests, the nationalist liberation movement in black Africa can act as a catalyst with far reaching effects on the American black community by stimulating its organizational consolidation and by inducing radical actions. Such a result would be likely as Zaire went the way of Angola and Mozambique. An occurrence of the events of 1967-68 would do grievous harm to U.S. prestige, especially in view of the concern of the present Administration with human rights issues. Moreover, the Administration would have to take specific steps to stabilize the situation. Such steps might be misunderstood both inside and outside the United States.

In order to prevent such a trend and protect U.S. national security interests, it would appear essential to (text missing) African Nationalist Movement.

In elaborating U.S. policy toward black Africa, due weight must be given to the fact that there are 25 millions American blacks whose roots are African and who consciously or subconsciously sympathies with African nationalism.

The living conditions of the black population should also be taken into account. Immense advances in the field are accompanied by a long-lasting high rate of unemployment, especially among the youth and by poverty and dissatisfaction with government social welfare standards. These factors taken together may provide a basis for joint actions of a concrete nature by the African nationalist movement and the U.S. black community. Basically, actions would take the form of demonstrations and public protests, but the likelihood of violence cannot be excluded.There would also be attempts to coordinate their political activity both locally and in international organizations.

Inside the United States these actions could include protest demonstrations against our policy toward South Africa accompanied by demand for boycotting corporations and banks which maintain links with that country; attempts to establish a permanent black lobby in Congress including activist leftist radical groups and black legislators; the reemergence of Pan-African ideals; resumption of protest marches recalling the days of Martin Luther King;renewal of the extremist idea national idea of establishing an "African Republic" on American soil. Finally, leftist radical elements of the black community could resume extremist actions in the style of the defunct Black Panther Party.

Internationally, damage could be done to the United States by coordinated activity of African states designed to condemn U.S. policy toward South Africa, and initiate discussions on the U.S. racial issue at the United Nations where the African representation constitutes a powerful bloc with about one third of all the votes.

A menace to U.S. economic interests, though not a critical one, could be posed by a boycott by Black African states against American companies which maintain contact with South Africa and Rhodesia. If the idea of economic assistance to black Americans shared by some African regimes could be realized by their placing orders in the United States mainly with companies owned by blacks, they could gain a limited influence on the U.S. black community.

In the above context, we must envisage the possibility, however remote, that black Americans interested in African affairs may refocus their attention on the Arab-Israeli conflict. Taking into account; the African descent of American blacks it is reasonable to anticipate that their sympathies would lie with the Arabs who are closer to them in spirit and in some case related to them by blood. Black involvement in lobbying to support the Arabs may lead to serious dissention between American black and Jews. The likelihood of extremist actions by either side is negligible, but . . . .(Text cut)

3. Political Options In the context of long-term strategy, the United States can not afford a radical change in the fundamentals of its African policy, which is designed for maximum protection of national security. In the present case, emphasis is laid on the importance of Black Africa for U.S. political, economic and military interests.


In weighing the range of U.S. interests in Black Africa, basic recommendations arranged without intent to imply priority are:

  1. Specific steps should be taken with the help of appropriate government agencies to inhibit coordinated activity of the Black Movement in the United States.


  2. Special clandestine operations should be launched by the CIA to generate mistrust and hostility in American and world opinion against joint activity of the two forces (insert: blacks and Arabs) , and (foster?) division among Black African radical national groups and their leaders.


  3. U.S. embassies to Black African countries specially interested in southern Africa must be highly circumspect in view of the activity of certain political circles and influential individuals opposing the objectives and methods of U.S. policy toward South Africa. It must be kept in mind that the failure of U.S. strategy in South Africa would adversely affect American standing throughout the world. In addition, this would mean a significant diminution of U.S. influence in Africa and the emergence of new difficulties in our internal situation due to worsening economic prospects.


  4. The FBI should mount surveillance operations against Black African representatives and collect sensitive information on those, especially at the U.N., who oppose U.S. policy toward South Africa. The information should include facts on their links with the leaders of the Black movement in the United States, thus making possible at least partial neutralization of the adverse effects of their activity.

In connection with our African policy, it is highly important to evaluate correctly the present state of the Black movement in the Untied States and basing ourselves on all available information, to try to devise a course for its future development. Such an approach is strongly suggested by our perception of the fact that American Blacks form a single ethnic group potentially capable of causing extreme instability in our strategy toward South Africa. This may lead to critical differences between the United States and Black Africa in particular. It would also encourage the Soviet Union to step up its interference in the region. Finally, it would pose a serious threat to the delicate structure of race relations within the United States. All the above considerations give rise to concern for the future security of the United States.

Since the mid-1960s, when legislation on the human rights was passed and Martin Luther King murdered, federal and local measures to improve black welfare have been taken, as a result of which the U.S. black movement has undergone considerable changes.

The principle changes are as follows:

-Social and economic issues have supplanted political aims as the main preoccupations of the movement. ( ) actions formerly planned on a nationwide scale are now being organized locally.
-Fragmentation and a lack of organizational unity within movement.
-Sharp social stratification of the Black population and lack of policy options which could reunite them.
-Want of a national leader of standing comparable to Martin Luther King.

B. THE RANGE OF POLICY OPTIONS The concern for the future security of the United States makes necessary the range of policy options. Arranged without intent imply priority they are:

(a) to enlarge programs, within the framework of the present budget, for the improvement of the social and economic welfare of American Blacks in order to ensure continuing development of present trends in the Black movement;

(b) to elaborate and bring into effect a special program designed to perpetuate division in the Black movement and neutralize the most active groups of leftist radical organizations representing different social strata of the Black community: to encourage division in Black circles;

(c) to preserve the present climate which inhibits the emergence from within the Black leadership of a person capable of exerting nationwide appeal;

(d) to work out and realize preventive operations in order to impede durable ties between U.S Black organizations and radical groups in African states;

(e) to support actions designed to sharpen social stratification in the Black community which would lead to the widening and perpetuation of the gap between successful educated Blacks and the poor, giving rise to growing antagonism between different Black groups and a weakening of the movement as a whole;

(f) to facilitate the greatest possible expansion of Black business by granting government contracts and loans with favorable terms to Black businessmen;

(g) to take every possible means through the AFL-CIO leaders to counteract the increasing influence of Black labor organizations which function in all major unions and in particular, the National Coalition of Black Trade Union and its leadership including the creation of real preference for adverse and hostile reaction among White trade unionists to demands for improvement of social and economic welfare of the Blacks;

(h) to support the nomination at federal and local levels of loyal Black public figures to elective offices, to government agencies and the Court. This would promote the achievement of a twofold purpose: first, it would be easier to control the activity of loyal black representatives within existing institution; second, the idea of an independent black political party now under dicussion within black leadership circles would soon lose all support



Here you will see Gandhi's racist views towards the blacks.

SUMMARY: To understand Gandhi's role towards the blacks, one requires a knowledge of Hinduism. Within the constraints, a few words on Hinduism will suffice: The caste is the bedrock of Hinduism. The Hindu term for caste is varna; which means arranging the society on a four-level hierarchy based on the skin color: The darker-skinned relegated to the lowest level, the lighter-skinned to the top three levels of the apartheid scale called the Caste System. The race factor underlies the intricate workings of Hinduism, not to mention the countless evil practices embedded within. Have no doubt, Gandhi loved the Caste system.

Gandhi lived in South Africa for roughly twenty one years from 1893 to 1914. In 1906, he joined the military with a rank of Sergeant-Major and actively participated in the war against the blacks. Gandhi's racist ideas are also evident in his writings of these periods. One should ask a question : Were our American Black leaders including Dr. King aware of Gandhi's anti-black activities? Painfully, we have researched the literature and the answer is, no. For this lapse, the blame lies on the Afro-American newspapers which portrayed Gandhi in ever glowing terms, setting the stage for African-American leaders Howard Thurman, Sue Baily Thurman, Reverend Edward Carroll, Benjamin E. Mays, Channing H. Tobias, and William Stuart Nelson to visit India at different time periods to meet Gandhi in person. None of these leaders had any deeper understanding of Hinduism, British India, or the complexities of Gandhi's convoluted multi-layered Hindu mind. Frankly speaking, these leaders were !
no match to Gandhi's deceit; Gandhi hoodwinked them all, and that too, with great ease. Understanding of Hindu India with our black leaders never really improved even considering years later in March 1959, much after Gandhi's death, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., his wife, and Professor Lawrence D. Reddick visited India and to our way of analysis, they fared no better than their predecessors. We are certain, had Dr. King known Gandhi's anti-black and other criminal activities, he would have distanced his civil-rights movement away from the name of Gandhi. We recommend the following:

1. Grenier, Richard. The Gandhi Nobody Knows published in Commentary March 1983; pages 59 to 72. This is the best article on Gandhi briefly outlining his war activities against the blacks.

2. Kapur, Sudarshan. Raising up a Prophet: The African-American Encounter with Gandhi; Boston: Beacon Press, 1992 Excellent research book into the perspective of distant American blacks with respect to their new hero, Gandhi. However, this book has one major flaw: The author seems to be unaware of Gandhi's anti-black activities in South Africa.

3. Huq, Fazlul. Gandhi: Saint or Sinner? Bangalore: Dalit Sahitya Akademy, 1992.
Superb book. Really gets into the Gandhi's anti-black ideology with a sense of history setting intact. This book can be purchased from the International Dalit Support Group, P.O Box 842066, Houston, Tx 77284-2066.

This book's second chapteróGandhi's Anti-African Racismóis a superb analysis of Gandhi's anti-black thinking. We bring to you the whole chapter for your review:

Gandhi was not a whit less racist than the white racists of South Africa. When Gandhi formed the Natal Indian Congress on August 22, 1894, the no. 1 objective he declared was: "To promote concord and harmony among the Indians and Europeans in the Colony." [Collected Works (CW)1 pp. 132-33]

He launched his Indian Opinion on June 4 1904: "The object of Indian Opinion was to bring the European and the Indian subjects of the King Edward closer together." (CW. IV P. 320)

What was the harm in making an effort to bring understanding among all people, irrespective of colour, creed or religion? Did not Gandhi know that a huge population of blacks and coloured lived there? Perhaps to Gandhi they were less than human beings.

Addressing a public meeting in Bombay on Sept. 26 1896 (CW II p. 74), Gandhi said:

Ours is one continued struggle against degradation sought to be inflicted upon us by the European, who desire to degrade us to the level of the raw Kaffir, whose occupation is hunting and whose sole ambition is to collect a certain number of cattle to buy a wife with, and then pass his life in indolence and nakedness.

In 1904, he wrote (CW. IV p. 193):

It is one thing to register natives who would not work, and whom it is very difficult to find out if they absent themselves, but it is another thingó-and most insultingó-to expect decent, hard-working, and respectable Indians, whose only fault is that they work too much, to have themselves registered and carry with them registration badges.

In its editorial on the Natal Municipal Corporation Bill, the Indian Opinion of March 18 1905 wrote:

Clause 200 makes provision for registration of persons belonging to uncivilized races (meaning the local Africans), resident and employed within the Borough. One can understand the necessity of registration of Kaffirs who will not work, but why should registration be required for indentured Indians who have become free, and for their descendants about whom the general complaint is that they work too much? (Italic portion is added)

The Indian Opinion published an editorial on September 9 1905 under the heading, "The relative Value of the Natives and the Indians in Natal". In it Gandhi referred to a speech made by Rev. Dube, a most accomplished African, who said that an African had the capacity for improvement, if only the Colonials would look upon him as better than dirt, and give him a chance to develop self-respect. Gandhi suggested that "A little judicious extra taxation would do no harm; in the majority of cases it compels the native to work for at least a few days a year." Then he added:

Now let us turn our attention to another and entirely unrepresented communityó-the Indian. He is in striking contrast with the native. While the native has been of little benefit to the State, it owes its prosperity largely to the Indians. While native loafers abound on every side, that species of humanity is almost unknown among Indians here.

Nothing could be further from the truth, that Gandhi fought against Apartheid, which many propagandists in later years wanted people to believe. He was all in favour of continuation of white domination and oppression of the blacks in South Africa.

In the Government Gazette of Natal for Feb. 28 1905, a Bill was published regulating the use of fire-arms by the natives and Asiatics. Commenting on the Bill, the Indian Opinion of March 25 1905 stated:

In this instance of the fire-arms, the Asiatic has been most improperly bracketed with the natives. The British Indian does not need any such restrictions as are imposed by the Bill on the natives regarding the carrying of fire-arms. The prominent race can remain so by preventing the native from arming himself. Is there a slightest vestige of justification for so preventing the British Indian?

Here is the budding Mahatma telling the white racists how they can perpetuate their Nazi domination over the vast majority of Africans.

In the British imperialist scheme, one important strategy was to divide and rule. Gandhi advised Indians not to align with other political groups in either coloured or African communities. In 1906 the coloured people in the colonies of Good Hope, the Transvaal and the Orange River colony, addressed a petition to the King Emperor demanding franchise rights. The petitioners showed clearly that, in one part of South Africa, namely the Cape of Good Hope, they had enjoyed the franchise ever since the introduction of representative institutions.

Commenting on the petition, the Indian Opinion of March 24 1906, declaring that "British Indians have, in order that they may never be misunderstood, made it clear that they do not aspire to any political power," added:

It seems that the petition is being widely circulated, and signatures are being taken of all coloured people in the three colonies named. The petition is non-Indian in character, although British Indians, being coloured people, are very largely affected by it. We consider that it was a wise policy on the part of the British Indians throughout South Africa, to have kept themselves apart and distinct from the other coloured communities in this country.

In a statement made in 1906 to the Constitution Committee, the British Indian Association led by Gandhi (CW. V p.335) said:

The British Indian Association has always admitted the principle of white domination and has, therefore, no desire, on behalf of the community it represents, for any political rights just for the sake of them.

Commenting on a court case, the Indian Opinion of June 2 1906, in its Gujrati section, stated:

You say that the magistrate's decision is unsatisfactory because it would enable a person, however unclean, to travel by a tram, and that even the Kaffirs would be able to do so. But the magistrate's decision is quite different. The Court declared that the Kaffirs have no legal right to travel by tram. And according to tram regulations, those in an unclean dress or in a drunken state are prohibited from boarding a tram. Thanks to the Court's decision, only clean Indians (meaning upper caste Hindu Indians) or coloured people other than Kaffirs, can now travel in the trams. (Italic portion is added)

Apartheid defended: Gandhi accepted racial segregation, not only because it was politically expedient as his Imperial masters had already drawn such a blueprint, it also conformed with his own attitude to the caste system. In his own mind he fitted Apartheid into the caste system: whites in the position of Brahmins, Indian merchants and professionals as Sudras, and all other non-whites as Untouchables.

Though Gandhi was strongly opposed to the comingling of races, the working-class Indians did not share his distaste. There were many areas where Indians, Chinese, Coloured, Africans and poor whites lived together. On February 15 1905, Gandhi wrote to Dr. Porter, the Medical Officer of Health, Johannesburg (CW. IV p.244, and "Indian Opinion" 9 April 1904):

Why, of all places in Johannesburg, the Indian location should be chosen for dumping down all kaffirs of the town, passes my comprehension.

Of course, under my suggestion, the Town Council must withdraw the Kaffirs from the Location. About this mixing of the Kaffirs with the Indians I must confess I feel most strongly. I think it is very unfair to the Indian population, and it is an undue tax on even the proverbial patience of my countrymen.

Dr. Porter replied that it was the Indians who sub-let to Africans.

Commenting on the White League's agitation, Gandhi wrote in his Indian Opinion of September 24 1903:

We believe as much in the purity of race as we think they do, only we believe that they would best serve these interests, which are as dear to us as to them, by advocating the purity of all races, and not one alone. We believe also that the white race of South Africa should be the predominating race.

Again, on December 24 1903, Indian Opinion stated:

The petition dwells upon `the comingling of the coloured and white races'. May we inform the members of the Conference that so far as British Indians are concerned, such a thing is particularly unknown. If there is one thing which the Indian cherishes more than any other, it is the purity of type.

In his farewell speech at a meeting held in the house of Dr. Gool in Capetown, which was reported in the Indian Opinion of July 1 1914, Gandhi said:

The Indians knew perfectly well which was the dominant and governing race. They aspired to no social equality with Europeans. They felt that the path of their development was separate. They did not even aspire to the franchise, or, if the aspiration exists, it was with no idea of its having a present effect.

Gandhi joined in the orgy of Zulu slaughter when the Bambata Rebellion broke out. It is essential to discuss the background of the Bambata Rebellion, to place Gandhi's Nazi war crime in its proper perspective.

The Bambatta Rebellion--Background

The spiritual foundation of Nazism was the superiority of the Aryan race or its modern version, the Anglo-Saxon race. When Disraeli was Prime Minister, Britain enunciated a doctrine, like the Monroe Doctrine, warning other European powers that Africa would be a British preserve, and that from the Cape to the Limpopo, if not to Cairo, only white people would have local political power. Successive British Governments pursued this policy.

In the 1870s, the Zulu Kingdom was by far the most powerful African State of the Limpopo. Cetewayo, who succeeded his father in 1872, was an able and popular ruler. He united the kingdom and built up a most efficient army. He followed a policy of alliance with the British Colony of Natal. The Zulu Kingdom and the Boer Republic of the Transvaal had been feuding for a long time. The Zulus were defeated twice by the Boers, in 1838 and 1840. By 1877 Cetewayo was ready to invade the Transvaal. But the British stepped in and annexed the Transvaal in 1877, only to prevent Cetewayo from doing it first and becoming powerful and a challenge to white supremacy.

Some contemporary reports throw light on the relative strength of the Zulus and their Boer enemies. Colonel A.W. Durnford wrote in a memorandum on July 5 ("The Secret History of South Africa" by Abercrombe. The Central News Agency Ltd., Johannesburg South Africa. 1951 p.6):

About this time (April 10th) Cetewayo had massed his forces in three corps on the borders, and would undoubtedly have swept the Transvaal, at least up to the Vaal River if not to Pretoria itself, had the country not been taken over by the English. In my opinion he would have cleared the country to Pretoria.

Shepstone, the British Administrator, himself wrote concerning the reality of the danger on Dec. 25 1877:

The Boers are still flying, and I think by this time there must be a belt of more than a hundred miles long and thirty broad in which, with three insignificant exceptions, there is nothing but absolute desolation. This will give some idea of the mischief which Cetewayo's conduct has caused.(Ibid p.7).

The above facts explode the myth that the British protected the Zulus from the Boers.

British barbarity on Blacks: After annexing the Transvaal, Shepstone turned his attention to destroying all the independent African states in that region, particularly the Zulu Kingdom. Before annexation of the Transvaal, Shepstone sided with the Zulus in their border disputes with the Transvaal. After annexation he made a volte-face and used those disputes as excuses to invade Zululand. The British public was told that the Zulu War was to liberate the Zulu people from a tyrannical ruler, and South Africa from a menace to "christianity and civilisation".

In 1879, the British invaded the Zulu Kingdom and defeated Cetawayo. Then they started their complete subjugation. First the army was broken, thus destroying their ability to defend themselves. The country was then split into thirteen separate units under the nominal control of the chiefs, salaried by the Government. The white magistrates supplanted the chiefs as the most powerful men in their districts. Most important of all, the land was partitioned. Before the war, Shepstone had expressed the hope that Cetewayo's warriors would be "changed to labourers working for wages". It makes a sad story, how this was accomplished. In 1902-4, the Land Commission delineated a number of locations for the Zulus, and threw open the rest of the country to white settlement. Out of a total acreage of more than 12 million acres, the Africans held some 2 million acres. They numbered, at the lowest reckoning, over three hundred thousand. The Europeans, who were less than 20,000, owned most of !
the best land. A large proportion of the African population was forced to live upon land to which it had no legal claim. Where the Africans lived upon private or crown lands, they lived there entirely upon sufferance and without legal title. By this time, other independent African states in that region were also destroyed by the British army. Wheresoever, they marched, in Basutoland, Zululand or Bechuanaland, the Queen's horses and the Queen's men were like unto a "Salvation Army" ministering to the welfare of the colonists. The sufferers were the Africans.

Gandhi wrote in his Satyagraha in South Africa (p.15):

The Boers are simple, frank and religious. They settle in the midst of extensive farms. We can have no idea of the extent of these farms. A farm with us means generally an acre or two, and sometimes even less. In South Africa, a single farmer has hundreds or thousands of acres of land in his possession. He is not anxious to put all this under cultivation at once, and if any one argues with him he will say, `Let it lie fallow; lands which are now fallow will be cultivated by our children'.

Also in his Indian Opinion (March 15 1913), he wrote:

General Botha has thousands of acres of land ... (there is) a big company in Natal which has hundreds of thousands of acres of land.

Thou shalt not steal but rob.

It did not seem to occur to Gandhi how these people came into possession of thousands of acres of land, whereas Africans were cooped in locations like chicken in pens.

Grabbing the land was not enough: it needed manpower to cultivate that land. The cry of the farmers was for labour. Naturally it found a favourite response from Shepstone, whose dream it was to convert Cetewayo's warriors into labourers for white men. His native policy was to meet the demands of the European farmers. He agreed that Europeans could not expand or grow in wealth unless they could draw more fully upon the reservoirs of labour in the African reserves.

In the process of European colonisation, the swiftly expanding land-hungry Europeans turned the bulk of the African population into a proletariat. Due to the congestion and landlessness in the reserves, created deliberately by the white rulers, their agricultural return was not sufficient for bare existence. Then there were the taxes on huts, cattle and what not. On the other hand, working for white men did not provide them with adequate sustenance. In Natal, the sugar farmers of the coast relied upon the Indian indentured labour, whereas the stock farmers of the interior relied exclusively on Africans, and regarded the failure of Africans to work for them as a criminal offence. In a report to the Chief Commissioner of Police in 1903, the Police Inspector W.F. Fairley wrote: "With regard to crime, the principal complaints made by Dutch farmers to patrols was of the refusal to work on the part of the natives." (Department Reports 1903 p.67 cited "Reluctant Rebellion" by Marks!
p.17. Clarendon Press, Oxford 1970). Complaints about the shortage of African labour were voiced in all parts of the country. The farmers were later joined by the mining industries. The most obvious change was the broadening of the economic base from being entirely agricultural to one in which mining played a more and more important part. Diamond, gold, coal became major industries, and with this development, the deeper involvement of the big finance houses, particularly Rothschilds. So the fate of the Africans as the source of cheap labour, and the fat dividends derived from mining by the British ruling class, became interlinked. This still continues in a modified form. Now it is Anglo-American corporations.

Cheap labour from India: Europeans assumed that Africans lived only to meet their requirements of cheap labour, and as such they had no right to establish themselves as self-sufficient and independent farmers because this conflicted with European interests. Famines in India facilitates the recruitment of indentured Indian labourers for white employers in the Colonies. It was no different in relation to Africans. In a Report of the Native Affairs Commission, (Native Affairs Commission Report 1939-40 cited "Oxford History of South Africa" p.182. Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1969) it was admitted that "African reserves were regarded by whites as reservoirs of labour, and congestion, landlessness and crop failure were welcomed as stimulants to the labour supply". Similar situations among whites were viewed as national calamities. The Government lent millions of pounds to white farmers, gave them tax relief in times of famine, paid subsidies, facilitated the export of their produce, !
and wrote off their debts. But what about Africans? Famine would be rampant, crops ruined, food exhausted, thousands of Africans and their cattle would starve to death, but the government would not raise a finger.

The whites not only stole the land from the Africans, and used them as cheap labour, but also looked to them for revenue. They drew a relatively large and growing income from the Africans. "The Native population of Natal", Shepstone admitted ("Imperial Factor" by De Kieweit p.193. Clarendon Press, Oxford 1970), "contribute to the revenue annually a sum equal, at least, to that necessary to maintain the whole fixed establishment of the Colony for the government of the whites as well as themselves." Taxation is a financial measure to gather revenue to meet the expenditure of the state. But in South Africa it was used to reduce Africans to slavery. The sole motive behind the extra taxation imposed on Africans was to force the Africans to work on terms dictated by the whites.

Always there was resentment against any measure which would allow the Africans to settle in locations instead of keeping them as labourers. It was not only the farmers' conferences, the press owned by the mining magnates joined the outcry of the farmers to enact special laws to compel the Africans to come out of their locations and work for the whites. The press was in the forefront to arouse the sentiments that Africans not in European service were necessarily living in idleness. Gandhi's Indian Opinion played second fiddle to the white press in this respect. To Gandhi, the imposition of taxes upon the Africans to compel them to work for the white employers was "gentle persuasion".

By a stroke of the pen, the major part of the available land was taken away from the Zulus and given to Europeans. Some of the dispossessed Zulus were allotted locations and others remained on the land of European landlords on sufferance. Bambata was one of these unfortunate chiefs. He became Chief in 1890 and he and his people were placed in private locations on very high rents. The land was useless for any agricultural purpose. To make things worse, the Boer farmers suspected Bambata of informing the British about their pro-Boer activities, and naturally they tried to victimise him and his people. But after the war, the British rulers leaned backwards and went out of their way to kiss and hug the Boers. So Bambata was caught in a cleft stick. By 1905 the tension between Bambata and his white landlords reached crisis point. The Assistant Magistrate of Greytown, H. Von Gerard, wrote to the Under Secretary of Native Affairs recommending the allocation of a location for his pe!
ople. Gerard described how people were being oppressed and squeezed by the landlords, what useless land it was for agricultural purposes, and how summons after summons was being issued against people who were unable to pay high rents. Finally he remarked ("Reluctant Rebellion" by Marks. P.201):

A most desperate state of affairs, the more so as there seems no remedy for it....My sympathies with Bambata's people...but I see no way out of the difficulty.

The military and civilian leaders of Natal were consciously developing a picture as if an uprising was imminent. Not that they could foresee one, but they wanted to foresee one because that would give them a golden opportunity to inflict severe punishments on Zulus who, according to the colonists, were growing insolent. They drew up a plan to deal with this imaginary uprising swiftly, and all agreed that was the way they could save not only Natal but North Africa from the "barbarities which only the savage mind can conceive." (Ibid p. Xvii)

Zulu Revolt: But outside Natal, people were not so sure. Styne, President of the Orange Free State, called it "hysteria". Smuts, Botha and Merriman expressed concern as to whether the whites of Natal would spur a rebellion. Some churchmen and many radical humanitarians in Natal, as well as England, produced volumes of irrefutable evidence proving that it was a conspiracy to goad the Zulus into rebellion and then massacre them. In this, Hariette Colenso, the famous daughter of a famous father, Bishop Colenso, made the most outstanding contribution. There was a cry of imminent native revolt in the press long before active rebellion broke out.

As far back as 1902, Lieu. G.A. Mills in his report (GH18/02. Cited "Reluctant Rebellion" p.158) to the Chief of Staff, Natal, on July 1 informed him:

Every Boer expresses the most bitter hatred of the Zulus. They all express a wish that the Zulus would rise now while the British troops are in the country so that they may be practically wiped out. The Boers all say that in the event of the rising, every one of them would join the British troops in order to have a chance of paying off old scores against the Zulus. When I first came here, I visited farms and asked the Boers what they thought of the advisability of keeping troops here. They all said it was most necessary, as they were afraid of the Kaffirs and it would not be safe to stay on their farms if the troops withdrew.... Taking everything into consideration, I cannot help being forced to the opinion that many Boers intend to provoke a Zulu rising if they can do so.

It was Colonel Mackenzie, the military supremo before the rebellion, who was prophesying a native uprising and cleaning the barrels of his guns to use the "golden opportunity" to inflict "the most drastic punishment" on leading natives he found guilty of treason, and to "instill a proper respect for the white man". (C.O. 179/233/12460. Dispatch 9.3.06 cited "Reluctant Rebellion" p. 188).

On June 14, Charles Saunders, Chief Magistrate and Civil Commissioner in Zululand (1899-1909) wrote to C.J. Hignet, the magistrate of Nqutu ("Reluctant Rebellion" p.241):

I quite agree with your conclusions as to our men trying to goad the whole population into rebellion, and you have no idea of the difficulties we had in Nkandha in trying to protect people one knew perfectly well were faithful to us.

In his communication of July 10 1906 to the Prime Minister, (PM 61/15/66 Governor to PM 10.7.06) the Governor described the "sweeping actions and the mopping-up operations as continued slaughter. Fred Graham, a permanent civil servant in the Colonial Office, in his Minute of July 10, described it as "massacre".

Nazism & racism: The most revealing was the long letter of July 24 1906 (CO 179/236/24787 minute 10-7-06) sent by the Anglican Archdeacon, Charles Johnson, from St. Augustine's in Nqutu division, to the Society for the Propagation of the Gospels in London. He was a man of the British establishment and not known to have excessive zeal for standing up for the rights of the Africans. He wrote (cited "Reluctant Rebellion" p. 241):

Many thinking people have been asking themselves, what are we going to do with his teeming population? Some strong-handed men have thought the time was ripe for solving the great question. They knew that there was a general widespread spirit of disaffection among the natives of Natal, the Free State and the Transvaal, but specially in Natal, and they commenced the suppression of the rebellion in the fierce hope that the rebellion might so spread throughout the land and engender a war of practical extermination. I fully believe that they were imbued with the conviction that this was the only safe way of dealing with the native question, and they are greatly disappointed that the spirit of rebellion was not strong enough to bring more than a moiety of the native peoples under the influence of the rifle. Over and over again it was said, `They are only sitting on the fence, it shall be our endeavour to bring them over'; and again, speaking of the big chiefs, `We must endeavour t!
o bring them in if possible! Yes, they have been honest and outspoken enoughó-the wish being father to the thoughtó-they prophesied the rebellion would spread throughout South Africa; had they been true prophets, no doubt the necessity of solving the native question would have been solved for this generation at least.

John Merriman was a veteran Cape politician. He was one of those so-called liberals who accepted Nazism as a doctrine, or in other words Anglo-Saxon superiority, but regretted its consequent atrocities and thus fumigated their consciences. He wrote to Goldwin Smith (Merriman papers NHo. 202, 16.9.06 cited "Reluctant Rebellion" p.246) in September 1906:

We have had a horrible business in Natal with the natives. I suppose the whole truth will never be known, but enough comes out to make us see how thin the crust is that keeps our christian civilisation from the old-fashioned savageryómachine-guns and modern rifles against knobsticks and assagais are heavy odds and do not add much to the glory of the superior race.

In the letter of the Archdeacon the expression "practical extermination", and in a letter of Lieutenant Mills "practically wiped out", have been used. This was what the German Nazis wanted to do to the Jews: to exterminate them. Does it make any difference whether the victims of racial slaughter are Jews or blacks?

Conspiracy to massacre Blacks: Gandhi was well aware of the conspiracy to massacre the Africans. When there was war hysteria in the colonial press, this prophet of non-violence did not apply his mind as to how to stop such a conflict. On the contrary, he did not want Indians to be left behind, but wanted them to take a full part in this genocide.

In his editorial in the Indian Opinion of Nov. 18 1905, long before the actual rebellion broke out, Gandhi complained that the Government simply did not wish to give Indians an opportunity of showing that they were as capable as any other community of taking their share in the defence of the colony. He suggested that a volunteer corps should be formed from colonial-born Indians, which would be useful in actual service.

Indentured Indians lived in conditions worse than slavery. Gandhi during his 20 years' stay in South Africa, did not raise a finger to ease their sufferings. But he was quick to suggest using them as cannon fodder for racists against Africans.

In his Indian Opinion in Dec. 2 1905 he referred to Law 25 of 1875 which was specially passed to increase "the maximum strength of the volunteer force in the colony adding thereto a force of Indian immigrant volunteer infantry". To assure the Europeans that such Indians would only kill Africans, he pointed out that "section 83 of the Militia Act states that no ordinary member of the coloured contingent shall be armed with weapons of precision, unless such contingent is called to operate against other than Europeans".

Gandhi defends massacre: Many years later, he wrote (p.233) in his autobiography:

The Boer War had not brought home to me the horrors of war with anything like the vividness that the `rebellion' did. This was no war but a man-hunt, not only in my opinion but also in that of many Englishmen with whom I had occasion to talk. To hear every morning reports of the soldiers' rifles exploding like crackers in innocent hamlets, and to live in the midst of them, was a trial.

Then to justify his participation in this massacre, he went on (Autobiography p. 231):

I bore no grudge against the Zulus, they had harmed no Indian. I had doubts about the `rebellion' itself, but I then believed that the British Empire existed for the welfare of the world. A genuine sense of loyalty prevented me from even wishing ill to the Empire. The righteness or otherwise of the `rebellion' was therefore not likely to affect my decision.

What about the Nazi war criminals? Did they not have a genuine sense of loyalty to Hitler and Nazism?

In Great Britain another storm of protest was raised against the atrocities perpetrated in Natal. The only time Gandhi mentioned the Zulu suppression was on August 4 1906, when he wrote in his Indian Opinion:

A controversy is going on in England about what the Natal Army did during the Kaffir rebellion. The people here believe that the whites of Natal perpetrated great atrocities on the Kaffirs. In reply to such critics, the Star has pointed to the doings of the Imperial Army in Egypt. Those among the Egyptian rebels who had been captured were ordered to be flogged. The flogging was continued to the limits of the victim's endurance; it took place in public and was watched by thousands of people. Those sentenced to death were also hanged at the same time. While those sentenced to death were hanging, the flogging of others was taken up. While the sentences were being executed, the relatives of the victims cried and wept until many of them swooned. If this is true, there is no reason why there should be such an outcry in England against Natal outrages.

One may notice that the article was very cleverly written. First Gandhi stated that people in England believed that the whites of Natal perpetrated great atrocities on Africans, as if he himself did not know what happened, and also gave the impression that it was the local Natal Army and not the Imperial Army which was involved in the atrocities, which is not true. Even at this stage, he was not willing to tell the simple truth, that atrocities were committed. Then he borrowed the description of hanging and flogging in Egypt from the Star as if he did not know about that either. Did or did not Gandhi know that those Egyptians were not common criminals to be flogged and hangedóthat they were the patriots, the flowers of the Egyptian nation?

If Gandhi unequivocally accepted or found out that the Imperial Army committed those atrocities, then he could not claim that he believed the British Empire existed for the welfare of mankind. The last and the vilest of all was the subtle suggestion that if the Imperial Army did what they were accused of doing, then there was no reason why there should be such an outcry in England against the Natal outrage. Why could this Imperialist-manufactured Mahatma not say clearly that both were crimes against humanity?


"I would rather be a member of this [Afrikan] race than a Greek in the time of Alexander, a Roman in the Augustan period, or Anglo-Saxon in the nineteenth century." - Edward Wilmot Blyden

"However much we may detest admitting it, the fact remains that there would be no exploitation if people refused to obey the exploiter. But self comes in and we hug the chains that bind us. This must cease." - Mohandas Gandhi


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The Origins of African Country Names or What They Mean

Algeria - Named after the capital city Algiers or Al-Jazair ("The Island") in Arabic. A reference to the small islands that once dotted the bay of the city.

Angola - When Portuguese mariner Diego Cao landed at the mouth of the Congo River in 1483, two distinct Kingdoms ruled the region. The Kingdom of the Bakongo reigned in the north. The Quimbundos Kingdom, also known as Ndongo, dominated in the western and central areas. The king of the Quimbundos was called "Ngola". The region, taking its name from the king, became Angola.

Benin - (Formerly Dahomey) named after the ancient Nigerian Kingdom of Benin. The former name Dahomey, pronounced Dan Ho Me ("on the belly of Dan") was an ancient
Kingdom located in the south of what is modern-day Benin Republic.

Botswana - A name used to collectively describe the Tswana, the country's dominant ethnic group. Formerly known as Bechuanaland, Bechauna being an alternative spelling for Botswana.

Burkina Fasso - Mossi for "Land of Incorruptible Men" was changed to this from Upper Volta in 1984. Upper Volta reffered to its geographical location in relation to the Volta river.

Burundi - Derives from Rundi (Kirundi) the language universally spoken throughout Burundi.

Cameroon (also Cameroun in French) - The name is derived from Rio de Camarões (the River of Prawns) the name given to River Wouri by Portuguese Explorers in the 15th century.

Cape Verde (Cabo Verde) - Named after the westernmost point in mainland Africa. The nearest point on the continent to this Island Nation.

Central African Republic - It's in Central Africa! Africa is believed to have originated from either the Latin word aprica ("Sunny") or greek aphrike ("without cold") and originally applied to North Africa. However as Europe discovered the extent of continental Africa, the term came to match its modern day usage.

Chad - The name appears to derive from the Lake which forms it South-Western border with Nigeria.

Comoros - The name "Comoros" is derived from the Arabic kamar or kumr, meaning "moon," although this name was first applied by Arab geographers to Madagascar. It was adopted by French Colonialists to describe the Islands.

Congo - Named after the 15th Kingdom of Kongo which thrived on both banks of the River Congo, extending into Modern day Congo, Congo DR, Angola and Zambia.

Congo DR - As Above. Also formerly known as Zaire a traditional local name for River Congo.

Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) - The Reference by European traders to the availabiilty of Ivory Tusks.

Djibouti - (Fomerly Territory of the Afars and Issas) Named after the Port capital.

Egypt - Direct geographical descendent of Ancient Egypt.

Equatorial Guinea - Guinea derives from the berber word aguinaw, or gnawa ("black man"), which Berbers (Nomadic Saharan Peoples) have used to describe most of West Africa.

Eritrea - The Latin phrase Mare Erythraeum ("Red Sea") was used by Italy to describe its colonies in the horn of Africa. This later became Eritrea and was adopted by the country on independence from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia - Direct geographical descendent of Ancient Ethiopia.

Gabon - Gabon's first European visitors were Portuguese traders who arrived in the 15th century and subsequent Portuguese references refered to it as Gabon after the Portuguese word gabao, a coat with sleeves and hood resembling the shape of the Como River estuary, where they first explored.

Gambia - Named after the River Gambia which flows through the Country.

Ghana - Named after the Ancient West African Kingdom of Ghana. See Ancient Ghana.

Guinea - See Equatorial Guinea.

Guinea-Bissau - See Equatorial Guinea.

Kenya - Named after the mountain of the same name. and this in turn derives it name from The Kikuyu, who refer to the mountain as Kirinyaga, or Kere-Nyaga ("Mountain of Whiteness").

Lesotho - Named after the Sotho People, the dominant Ethnic Group. Formerly known as Basutoland.

Liberia - Derived from the Latin word liber ("Free") - Reference to the return of Freed American Slaves who founded the modern Republic of Liberia.

Libya - In 1934, Italy adopted the name "Libya" (used by the ancient Greeks for all of North Africa, except Egypt) as the official name of their new colony, which consisted of the
Provinces of Cyrenaica, Tripolitania, and Fezzan.

Madagascar - The origin of the Madagascar is uncertain, some people believe the European Traveller Marco Polo (who never visted the island) confused it with Mogadishu in present - day Somalia. Hence Early reference to the Island as Madeigascar or Mogelasio, this eventually became Madagascar about the 16th centruty. Others believe that the Madagascar may be a local reference to the "Country of Malagasy". However, the Kings of Malagasy tended to refer to the whole Island by "Izao will rehetra izao " or " Izao tontolo izao ("this entire country").

Malawi - Derived from Marawi - A confederacy of states that existed in the area of present day Malawi.

Mali - Named after the ancient West African Kingdom of Mali. See Ancient Mali.

Mauritania - The name is derived from Spanish description of the area as the land of the Moors, a term used to describe Arab rulers of Southern Spain. It was also the name of an ancient Berber Kingdom.

Mauritius - The island was named in honor of Prince Maurice of Nassau by Dutch explorers. The French claimed Mauritius in 1715 and renamed it Ile de France. In 1810, Mauritius was captured by the British and renamed back to Mauritius.

Mayotte - Most of the people are Moharais of Malagasy origin. Mayotte(French), Maore or Mahore(Comoran) describes the land of the Moharais.

Morocco - Direct geographical descendent of Ancient Morocco.

Mozambique - Named after Mouzinho de Alburquerque , 19th Century Portuguese colonalist who put down nationalist rebellions in the territory and thus established effective Portuguese control.

Namibia - derived from the Namib, the desert that runs along the namibia coast. Namib in turn means "an area where there is nothing" in the local Nama language.

Niger - Derived from the River Niger, and meaning Black in Latin.

Nigeria - Meaning the Area of the Niger. As Above

I see some of you are interested in the origin of the name 'Nigeria'.

It was defined below in the following:

Nigeria - Meaning the Area of the Niger.

I will add the following:

A river was discovered where it was forming at the foot of the Futa Jalon Mountains in Sierra Leone by the English explorer named Mungo Park. Because of the dark coloration imparted by fallen dead leaves in the young river, Mungo Park named the river 'black' river.
He used the Latin word, niger, for black instead.
Thus, the Niger River was born. And at the time of the almalgation, to Lord Lugard (or Lady Lugard), Nigeria was, simply, the land through which the Niger River flowed. Thus, Nigeria has nothing to do with the word 'nigger', which a derogatory word to decribe negroes.
Negro, itself, is derived from the Portuguese or Spanish word for black, 'negro'.

Reunion - An overseas Department of France, The Islands are named Reunion in 1848 after several name changes and temporary occupation by the British.

Rwanda - Named after the Laguage spoken throught out the country, Ruanda (also called Kinyarwanda).

Sao Tome and Principe - Portuguese names for the Islands. Actual Origin unknown.

Senegal - Derived from the River Senegal.

Seychelles - In 1756, Seychelles became a French colony under the name of Séchelles, named after the Moreau of Séchelles, Minister of Finance under the kingdom of Louis XV. During the 19th Century, under British rule the name was anglicised to Seychelles.

Sierra Leone - Sierra Leone's name dates back to 1462, when a Portuguese explorer, Pedro da Cintra, sailed down the coast of West Africa and saw the long range of mountains of what is now the Freetown Peninsula. As a result of shape and climatic conditions experienced by the explorer, he called the lands 'Sierra Lyoa' meaning 'Lion Mountains'. Sixteenth century English sailors called it 'Sierra Leoa'; by the seventeenth it was 'Sierra Leona', and by 1787, under British Rule it had became Sierra Leone.

Somalia - The Land of the Somali, the dominant Ethnic group in the country.

South Africa - See Central African Republic.

Sudan - Sudan (a name derived from the Arabic phrase - bilad as-sudan, "land of the blacks"). Used by Arabs to describe what is today Sub-Sahran Africa, i.e. Africa excluding Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria and Egypt.

Swaziland - The Land of the Swazi's who form 97% of the population.

Tanzania - A name derived from the union of Mainland Tanganyika and the Islands of Zanzibar which together form the United Republic of Tanzania.

Togo - Named after Togoville in Germany, where Germany declared a "protectorate" over the area that came to be Togo.

Tunisia - Named after Tunis the present-day capital, but in ancient times a powerful city-state and successor to ancient Carthage.

Uganda - Derived from the Buganda, the country's largest Ethnic Group.

Western Sahara (SADR) - Named after is location. Also known as the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic after its people, the Sahrawi Arabs.

Zambia - Derived from the Zambezi River which flows along its southern borders.

Zimbabwe - Zimbabwe was named after Great Zimbabwe an ancient trading empire dating back to the Iron Age. Zimbabwe means Stone Houses in the local Shona Language. The word zimbabwe is derived from the Shona language, and means houses of stone.

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"I would rather be a member of this race than a Greek in the time of Alexander, a Roman in the Augustan period, or Anglo-Saxon in the nineteenth century." - Edward Wilmot Blyden
"However much we may detest admitting it, the fact remains that there would be no exploitation if people refused to obey the exploiter. But self comes in and we hug the chains that bind us. This must cease." - Mohandas Gandhi


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THE NEGRO And THE SARDINE (A Moorish Analogy) The political and social metamorphosis of West African Moors made into American Negro, Black, Colored and today’s African American (NBC) Slaves is very analogous to how Sardines are made. There are many species of small fish indigenous to the great Seas of the Earth and The Great God created them all. Yet, there is not one fish in any of the seas named “Sardine”! Like the NBC, these especial fish are not labeled “Sardines” until captured, processed and canned by men. A trivia research shows the brand name “Sardine” derived from Sardinia, an Italian Island in the Mediterranean Sea. The word “Sardine” actually refers to many groups of small fishes. Pilchards, Sprats and Atlantic Herrings, (mostly young herrings), are the primary fishes which make the array of
food fish called “Sardines”. Pending where they are caught the fish are then denationalized, commercialized and advertised as South African Sardine, Pacific Sardine and (of course) European Sardine. Young Herrings, which only grow from 9 to 12 inches, are packed without heads or tails. Naturally, being without head and tail, who can trace the past status or future of the fish? Consequently, without these identifications, “Sardine” is what they are called now! There are a variety of packaging operandi to the finale which people call “Sardines”. They are often smoked, packed in oil, water, mustard or hot sauce, etc. Either way, the result is the true identity of the fish is legally concealed from the public under the marketing label “Sardines”. Speaking about the general public…not many people notice there is Tuna in cans of Tuna, Salmon in cans of Salmon and Mackerel in cans of Mackerel. BUT! What on Earth (that was once in the sea) is in cans of Sardines? So how does the Negro fit into all this? As The Great God did not create ‘Sardines’ nor placed them in the sea, like so, The Creator did not create ‘Negroes’, ‘Indians’, ‘Chicanos’, ‘Blacks’, ‘White Folks’, ‘Latinos’, ‘Colored People’ or ‘African Americans’ nor place them on the Earth. The many Moorish Nationals in today’s Western Hemisphere are a caucus of Nations, Tribes and Countries of the Ancient Moorish Empire of Northwestern and Southwestern shores of Africa; direct Descendants of Old Man Ham. All Members of the Human Family are indigenous to the Earth by divine origin. These West Africans did not become Negro, Blacks and Colored People until the advent of slavery in the Americas and associated “Slave Breaking Islands” in the Atlantic. As a paradigm, ‘Sardines’ and ‘Negroes’ are evil brand names and labels, placed upon deities captured in garbs of flesh, which would otherwise be autonomous in their true state and natural status. Tragically, whereas many seaside countries produce and export Sardines from their nationalized Fishing Industries, the so-called “NBC” People are made only in America. Negroes are never imported. And whether they are exported by way of The United States Military, or her Businesses, for her Schools, Churches, and Sports or spurious pleasures and vacations the Negro, mass produced in America, will go and return still in the same psychological “NBC” cans of slavery from which they departed. The term “Black People” is a misnomer identifying a programmed and processed People. In the computer world a person learns the greatest of programs are limited to the capacity of the computer’s memory. “Mental Slavery” is when the Soul or thinking faculties of Man, that consist of divine gifts of thinking, reasoning, willing, understanding and remembrance has been minimized into an unnatural state to function centripetally against it’s true God Self. Man’s mind is not capable of forgetfulness but his future is limited by his recorded history. It is in the nature of the mind to become what it thinks. And since the State Officials of their birth have certified the African Descendants born in America,, to be either Negro, Black or Colored they remain complacent in a feigned Citizen status to the United States. There is very little distinction between the Negro and the Sardine. This is because unlike countless Sardines, which are decapitated and canned, it is the head (mind) of the Africans that has been bound, processed and canned. Rarely do the NBC look deep enough into his mind to see The Self as the very image of God. As the tail of the Sardine is removed, so is the true history of the West African Nationals. Now neither the fish nor the man can be properly identified without head or tail. This mental canning process takes place in the United States Judicial Industries on a conveyer belt called the Reconstruction Amendments (13th, 14th and 15th). Through the powers of the 14th Amendment the head of the African remains physically attached although his true history and future are severed by the misnomers “NBC” that is hidden in the deceptive words “All Persons Born …”. Hence, they never realize their personage has been certified to be that of a slave since birth.
The canning and misnaming of herrings and the certified misidentification and denationalization of the West African Moors are too similar to ignore. Birth Certifications are authorized by the states wherein all persons (commercial properties) are born or reside”. All one has to do is read the 14th Amendment and their State-issued Certificate of Live Birth. If the latter has Negro, Black or Colored sanctioned by the State’s Seal…chances are, immediately after their divine birth, they had been processed to be a Slave. This is the beginning of the “Canning Operandi” to the finale of today’s so-called “African Americans”. It matters very little whether they were labeled N, B or C, or Afro, or Coon, etc. The one free National Name has been concealed under the grand marketing label of “American Citizen”. Needfultosay, no NBC can ever be a first class citizen to any Nation because NBC were/are names given to U.S. Slaves, in the U.S. and for the U.S. The great Dred Scott Supreme Court Decision sustained this as a perpetual fact of law. This is why the 14th Amendment is an Ex post facto Law, hoax and a sham that pretends to suddenly transform Negro Slaves into U. S. Citizens. Or, is that making Herrings into Sardines? All true and sacred records reveal it is the Great God alone that makes Men and Fishes. But being in a likeness of God, it is in the power of man to make slaves of other men and Sardines of Sprats and Pilchards. The canning of Sardines and the Denationalization Processing of the African descendants, like a bad beat, is still going on! And On! And On! Nevertheless, the carnal customs of Man does not alter the nature of truth. Like the powerful aroma steeped from the deaths of millions of Herrings under the disguise of “Sardines”, anyone can sense there is an ungodly stench cast off from the same people acting as Coloreds in the 40’s, Negroes in the 50’s, Blacks in the 60’s, Afro in the 70’s, Afro-Americans (Nubians, Bilalians) Blacks in the 80’s then African Americans in the 90’s. Do these Man-made Marketing Labels likewise serve the same identifying purposes as the various brand names of sardines? Know, not withstanding, no one has a lasting power to change Man from his descendant nature. Still, it is in the nature of the mind to become what it thinks. And the Man who thinks he is NBC can never attain a free national status because of his mind has been processed to the limitations of property. As the vision of a Goldfish is confined to the jurisdiction of its aquarium, the thought pattern of the Negro cannot think beyond its blackness. Without a doubt, these misnomers are concealing the one and only Free National Name to a Clean and Pure Nation of people. This hallowed Name of the Ex-slaves has been known esoterically for 135 years. It is now the greatest secret kept in America to date. Yet, it cannot be denied in 1865 the U.S. Congressional 13th Amendment brought forth on this Continent the Nationality of a 2nd new Nation. From finite and infinite points of view, the judicial question must again rise from the dust: Without removing its head and tail can a Herring be a Sardine? Without proclaiming his proper status by his and her one free National Name, can a Negro be a Citizen of any Government? Hummm. There is something mighty, mighty fishy going on in The United States. By Elihu N. Pleasant-Bey, Author of The Biography of Noble Drew Ali / The Exhuming Of A Nation www.pleasantbey.net or e-mail: drewali@pleasantbey.net



African People and Responsibility
Another Issue We Must Address In Our
Tentatively Planned Meeting of African People
By: Emmanuel Afraka
In a message dated 6/25/2004 10:23:47 AM Eastern Standard Time, EMANSMYRNA writes:
As the first born of Creation, and the first loved of the Heavenly Father Heru, African people naturally possess the Birthright of the first born.  However, along with that Birthright comes great responsibility.  A part of that responsibility is to empower ourselves to be able to enlighten our younger sibling members of the human race.    For the gifts of God to humanity, both the biological gift of human life, and the spiritual gift of a Heavenly Father (the soul of Heru) entered into the world through African people.  Thus true African spirituality will help us to realize and appreciate the gifts of God to humanity from the soul of Heru to the soul of Jesus, from the prophecies of our Hamitic/Cushite Ethiopian ancestors and the prophecies of the Great Pyramid to the Ethiopian Hebrew prophets.  Once we understand all of that, we should then realize that God has one more gift to give to humanity that must also enter into the world through African for the benefit of all humanity.  That gift is a new educational system called the Morning Star--designed to educate man back toward the God that created him, and toward truly understanding the god that the soul of man truly is as its on deliverer and redeemer--Africa's final and everlasting gift to humanity (Revelation 21:3).

"In the foregoing chapters we have seen how the awareness of a Messianic World Plan--whether it derives from some ancient folk-memory or actual preconnition--permeates much of the Ancient World's mythology.  I particular we have observed its presence in the Hebrew, Egyptian, and Mayan traditions, and have discovered clear evidence that it lies at the very root of the design of the Great Pyramid.  Indeed, the further back in time we explore, the clearer man's awareness of the Plan appears to have been--for the Pyramid antedates by some millennia the available written records, and yet it is in the Pyramid that the Plan's details are revealed most clearly and explicitly.  This in itself would seem to contribute a measure of confirmatory evidence for the supposition that The Plan Was Once Known In Its Entirety By A Race of Men Who Were Unable or Unwilling To Measure Up To Its Standards In Practice, and whose civilization [which was the Most High order of civilization called Pe and Ethiopia] was subsequently--or perhaps consequently--overwhelmed by some gigantic cataclysm which left few traces, apart from the knowledge enshrined in the Great Pyramid and a number of obscure folk-memories and esoteeric traditions.
Page 332, "The Great Pyramid Decoded," Peter Lemesurier

"And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?"
"Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?"
"Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye."

How do the three above quotes relate to African people and the things that must shortly be done to restore African divinity, and thereby re-establish the equality of the black race on earth?  Though no entire race has known the Messianic World Plan in it entirety, Heru, the founder of the concept of Ptah as the architect of the Most High order of civilization, and his most immediate descendants did indeed know this Plan in its entirety.  However, maintaining such a High Order of civilization required that its citizens be willing and able to take responsibility for their own fate and destiny by the Grace of God--the Grace of God being the pure and perfect harmony and unity that exist between the spiritual universe and the physical and natural universe, or the pure and perfect harmony and unity that exist between the Pure and Perfect Mind of God, the Maa-Shua, and the soul of man.  As the descendant of Heru propagated the concept of Ptah throughout Africa and Southern Asia, it was discovered that the overwhelming majority of African and Asian people were unwilling and/or unable to live up to such high standards in practice.  Therefore, since the collapse of the Most High order of civilization called Pe and Ethiopia, both African and Asian people began to find it much easier to allow the youngest sibling member of the human family, the Europeans, to take responsibility for the advancement of civilization, and to set the moral and legal standards that humanity should live by.  Thus, in the process of time, African people have become some of the most irresponsible people on earth when it comes to assuming responsibility for their own fate and destiny by the Grace of God. 
As African people, we have become a race of people who always seek the easiest way out, a people who always choose the path of least resistance.  Choosing the path of least resistance works very well for electricity, but it does not work very well for producing true manhood and womanhood.  It does not work very well in creating the souls of man and woman in the image of God.  In observing how irresponsible African people have become concerning becoming the masters of their own fate and destiny by the Grace of God, it is little wonder that the works of Jesus, a descendant of Heru who lived up the standards of the concept of Ptah in practice, fell into the hands of the Europeans.  That phenomenon was effectively the same as African people saying to their younger siblings, "Please take this responsibility from us and carry it upon your shoulders."  Thus the phenomenon of us being either unwilling and/or unable to assume responsibility for our own fate and destiny is a boulder in our own eyes more so than in the eyes of the Europeans.  Truly it makes it crystal clear why African religion would teach us to shun the name Jesus and the title Christ, which were only derived by the Greeks from the Hamitic Ethiopian name He-sa or He-sa-u, and the Hamitic Ethiopian title Maa-shua.  Just the thought of having to live up to the standards of the Most High order of civilization called Pe and Ethiopia, and just the thought of having to assume responsibility for their own fate and destiny is a source of torment for the overwhelming majority of African people, which is why Matthew 24:30 is written such as it is.
"And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and Then Shall All TheTribes of The Earth Mourn [which includes tribes of African people], and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory [or when they shall see at least a few African people, under the works of the Son of Man,  living up to the standards of the Most High order of civilization called Pe and Ethiopia]."
 Therefore, on the other hand, African spirituality would teach us to embrace this name and title, in any given translation, as proof of the power and glory of the Most High order of civilization called Pe and Ethiopia, proof of the concept of Ptah.  Thus this is indeed an issue that we must address in our tentatively planned meeting of African people.  Until we cast this boulder out of our own eyes, we dare not even think of casting any pecks out of the eyes of the Europeans.
Furthermore, the education of our children should be our responsibility as parents, and not the responsibility of the European/American State.  However, being as irresponsible as we have become, we find it much easier for the European/American State to assume this responsibility, and just sit back a register complaints when we feel their educational system does not address all our needs and concerns.  That is the easy way out, and it does not required any true manhood or womanhood to accomplish it.  Resisting the temptation of just allowing the younger sibling members of the human family assume responsibility for everything is truly a very hard temptation to resist for a people who wish not to be held responsible for their own fate and destiny.
I'm fully aware that, in this age of extremely advanced science and technology, it would be most difficult, if not impossible, for each set of parents to assume such responsibility.  However, as a nation of extended families, or a nonprofit corporation made up of extended families, this can be accomplished.  All is required is the willingness and ability of those extended families to become the masters of their own fate and destiny by the Grace of God.
U.S. returns sovereignty to Iraq

Surprise ceremony comes two days early

Monday, June 28, 2004 Posted: 1:42 PM EDT (1742 GMT)

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Members of Iraq's interim government took an oath of office Monday just hours after the United States returned the nation's sovereignty, two days ahead of schedule.

Led by Iraq's interim Prime Minister Ayad Allawi, each member of the new government placed a hand on the Koran and promised to serve with sincerity and impartiality. Iraqi flags lined the wall behind them.

Allawi called national unity "a sacred duty" and called for the international community, including Arab nations, "to work together to handle problems in the area in a civilized manner."

"We will not forget who stood by and against us," Allawi said at the swearing in ceremony, a clear warning to insurgents trying to topple the government.

But, he said, "the transformation from dictatorship to civil society" is "a major task" likely to take many years.

At a NATO summit in Turkey on Monday, President Bush said it was a day of "great hope for Iraqis."

"After decades of brutal rule by a terror regime, the Iraqi people have their country back," Bush said. The handover "begins a new phase in Iraq's progress toward full democracy."

The news article above marks the beginning of the fulfillment of the following prophecy:
"And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great river Euphrates; and the water thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared."
As I'm sure you know, both the Islamic world of the white Indo-European Arabs and the Christian world of the white power structure of Europe wish to maintain their control of any and all religious, political, and economic developments in Africa, as well as educational developments.  Thus the ax was laid at the root of the tree of corruption in Babylon, out of which the Islamic world was born, versus the Tree of Life in Africa, out of which the Most High order of civilization was born. 
"And now also the axe is laid unto the root of the trees: therefore every tree which bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire."
Because the ax has been laid at the root of the tree of corruption in Babylon versus the Tree of Life, whose roots are in Africa, the Islamic world must now focus on getting the boulder out of its own eyes concerning how to live among nations as civilized human beings.  Thus the Islamic world will have less time to concern itself with controlling religious, political, economic, and educational developments in Africa.  Because the Islamic world has brought forth no fruit worthy of repentance for committing such evils against the tree of life, the Islamic tree of corruption must be hewed down among those African people with the courage, will, and ability to become the masters of their own fate and destiny by the Grace of God.  Thus it is written in Revelation 16:12 that the waters in the great river Euphrates were dried up--meaning the waters that allowed the Islamic world to claim some Koranic, Biblical, and other rights to control, by force and invasion, religious, political, economic, and educational developments in Africa.  Any and all such claims are now clearly seen as a violation of the human rights of African people to be the masters of their own fate and destiny by the Grace of God.
Furthermore, the drying up of the waters in the great river Euphrates also represent clearing up an error found in Genesis 2:14 of the Bible.  This error states that the Euphrates being one of the four rivers that flowed out of the Garden of Eden.  Though it may have seasonally appeared as a garden after its annual flooding, the Garden of Eden was not a garden at all, but rather the harsh land of the Nuer tribe, in the midst of the greatest swamp on earth called the Sudd.  Out of this harsh land flows four rivers, which today are known as Bahr el Jebel, Bahr ez Zarat, Bahr el Ghazal, and the Sabot River.  Therefore, it is geographically impossible for the Euphrates to have been one of the four rivers that flowed from the Garden of Eden.  Thus neither could have Mesopotamia, which developed along the Euphrates have been the cradle of true civilization.  True civilization was born directly out of the Garden of Eden, as the Most High order of civilization called Pe and Ethiopia.
Once the Islamic world has transformed Iraq into what the world views as a civilized nation, maybe then the Islamic world will bring forth some fruit worthy of repentance for taking such unfair advantage of this error (or lie).  Maybe then it will develop a much deeper appreciation and respect for the much higher order of civilization called Pe and Ethiopia. 




By Junious Ricardo Stanton

The Power Behind The Haitian Revolution

"Voodoo was the medium of the conspiracy. In spite of all prohibitions, the slaves travelled miles to sing and dance and practise the rites and talk and now since the revolution, to hear the political news and make their plans. Boukman, a Papaloi or High Priest, a gigantic Negro was the leader. He was the headman of a plantation and followed the political situation both among the whites and the Mulattoes." The Black Jacobins by C.L.R. James page 86

As we celebrate Black history Month and mark the two hundredth anniversary of the Haitian revolution let us not merely marvel at the fact courageous, determined strong willed Africans fought for twelve long years against French colonists, a Spanish invasion, a British military force of 60,000 men, another French contingent of over 60,000 men under the leadership of Napoleon Bonaparte's brother in law and contended with the political intrigue and duplicity of the United States of AmeriKKKa to win and maintain their freedom. Let's not just cheer the memory of those brave souls who expelled the barbaric Europeans, or honor those Africans on that island whose bravery and valor sparked hope in the hearts of their brethren scattered throughout the hemisphere. Let us not detach Haiti from ourselves and merely consign what these heroic men and women did to the bowels of dusty history books. Let us also believe in ourselves that we too possess the power to transform our reality. Let's believe we too can achieve liberation in our time. Instead of just cheering the Haitians' accomplishments, let us examine the Haitian freedom struggle to glean how and why they were so immensely successful. Saint Dominique as it was called then was the richest colony in the west Indies single handedly providing France with massive wealth. It was the envy of all the other European imperialist nations. Was the success of the Haitian revolution purely the result of the overwhelming numbers of Africans, despite Europeans having greater numbers of superior weapons? Were the Africans successful because of their leadership, despite the fact they were spread out all over the island? Did the Africans win because they fought a guerilla, hit and run' slash and burn style war? How did the slaves, Maroons and Mulattoes coalesce into a cohesive fighting force despite the divide and conquer MO of the Europeans? Did France lose because it was fighting on too many fronts at one time, in the Caribbean and Europe? (Could AmeriKKKa learn lessons from both France and England in this regard?) Or were there other factors at work? As bold a leader and tactician as Toussaint L'Ouverture was, as strong willed and unmerciful as Jean-Jacques Dessalines was, as determined as Henri Christophe was; is it possible there was another factor, another power that enabled and ennobled those Africans to fight and win against overwhelming odds and materiel. Was it the result of the Europeans being ravaged by the heat, mosquitoes and yellow fever as some suggest? Or did the French just get their behinds kicked royally by determined Africans, Mulattoes and Maroons? We need to look at that revolution with an open mind, search for the common denominator, the factor or factors that enabled the leaders of the Haitian revolution to unify and rally the Africans on Saint Dominique to humiliate, defeat and expel the imperialist powers of Europe so much so they still hate them to this very day.

Could the power of Voodoo and the Papaloi, the High Voodoo Priest, have been the X factor that galvanized the masses and served as the glue that held the early revolution together? By all accounts in the beginning of the revolution it was the Papaloi Boukman who inspired the masses and urged them on by exhorting them to cast off the god of the oppressor and embrace their own African concept of deity, justice and victory. We would do well to study and meditate upon Boukman's words and apply them in our daily lives. 'The god who created the sun which gives us light, who rouses the waves and rules the storm, though hidden in the clouds he watches us. He sees all the white man does. The god of the white man inspires him with crime but our god calls upon us to do good works. Our god who is good to us orders us to revenge our wrongs. He will direct our arms and aid us. Throw away the symbol of the god of the whites who has so often caused us to weep and listen to the voice of liberty, which speaks in the hearts of us all." - The Black Jacobins C.L.R. James page 87. Many of our best thinkers have told us how psychologically debilitating and self-sabotaging it is for us to internalize the images, iconography and conceptualization of an anthropomorphic god that is the spitting image, psychology and behavior of our oppressors. Stop and think about this, their idea of god told Joshua the leader of the Hebrews to slaughter all the men, women, children and livestock of the people who inhabited "the promised land". Here we see the precedent of Eurasians claiming their god commanded them to kill and expropriate other people's lands after having commanded them not to kill, covet and steal among other things. Sounds like their god is a bit schizophrenic to me. Recently George W Bush said his god told him to invade Iraq?!!

By all accounts Toussaint L'Ouverture, Jean-Jacques Dessalines and Henri Christophe were capable tacticians and generals but the Maroons fought the French to a standstill before the revolution. There was anger and a fervor for freedom on the part of Africans throughout the hemisphere way before the AmeriKKKan or French Revolutions. Africans in the New World rumbled fiercely against their European captures/oppressors everywhere they were, including North AmeriKKKa; so what was it that prompted the Haitian revolution in 1791? In reviewing the most resilient and successful campaigns against European hegemony by the masses in Haiti, the Maroons in Jamaica, the Palmares and Quilombos in South America and the Black and Native American Seminoles in the Southern portion of the US, one common factor was they all retained some of their African culture and ways. They knew who they were and refused to acquiesce their humanity or their freedom. Looking at our situation today we seem to have capitulated and internalized the Europeans specious ideas about African and Africans. Perhaps it is time we regrouped and took a page from the Haitians, Maroons, Palmares and Seminoles book; if we have to go out, at least go out like authentic African warriors rather than chumps, punks, caricatures or pathetic melanin imitators of our oppressors.

The Real Haiti Dilemma
By Kwaku Person-Lynn, Ph.D.

The significance of the Republic of Haiti goes far beyond anything
currently reported in the news. It is almost an unwritten code by America
and France that Haiti remains destabilized and the poorest country in the
Western Hemisphere. Its anguish began with the first European contact by
Columbus in 1492. Within a 25 year period after his arrival, the
Arawak of Haiti virtually disappeared under Spanish genocide. It is no
coincidence that 2004 is the 200 year celebration of Haiti's independence
(1804), and the same year a democratically elected president,
Aristide, was forcefully removed by American military.

The sequence of events started on France soil. The French Revolution of
1789 involved almost all of Europe, but ironically inspired slave
all over the Caribbean. In Haiti, there was an extra incentive created by
law passed in the National Assembly of France entitled the "Declaration of
the Rights of Man." This guaranteed citizenship to people of color. Haiti,
then called Saint Dominque, was France's wealthiest producing colony. The
wealth was generated from a plantation system based on the labor of
Afrikans. Beneficiaries of the wealth were mainly French planters and gens
de couleur of African and French descent, Creoles. Its main crops were
cane, cocoa, cotton, and coffee.

When France reneged on its promise, rebellions began. This sparked a
multifaceted thirteen year revolution. The planters wanted independence
France, the free Creoles wanted full citizenship, while the enslaved
Afrikans wanted freedom. The dominating equation is that Afrikans
outnumbered all the other groups reaching approximately one half million.

In August 22, 1791, what ultimately became known as the "Haitian
Revolution," was ignited by an enormous slave revolt led by a high priest
named Boukman. General Toussaint L'Ouverture of Haiti, a former slave,
fought with Spain and Britain against the French until they abolished
slavery. He then switched sides and fought with the French believing this
would help bring freedom and independence. Other Haitian Afrikan leaders
figured prominently and maybe more importantly, generals Jacques
and Henri Christophe. Haiti was beginning to function as an independent
state, much to the displeasure of the French elite.

In 1801, Napoleon Bonaparte, self-described Emperor of France, set out to
restore order in his wealthiest colony by dispatching General Leclerc, his
brother-in-law, along with thirty thousand of his best troops to arrest
Toussaint, reinstate slavery, and restore French rule. This turned out to
Napoleon's greatest tactical error. His troops were bitterly defeated. As
result, on January 1, 1804, Dessalines declared the nation independent,
under its indigenous given name of Haiti ('higher place'), thus, making it
the first black republic in the world and the first independent nation in
Latin America.

This brings us to the central point why western nations of European
withhold loans from the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund to
Haiti and keep it destabilized through three decades of dictatorship and a
current head of state who as been overthrown two times. The real hidden
issue, the West is never going to forgive this tiny Black nation defeating
powerful European nation that dispatched its best troops, and then had the
gall to form their own independent government in the Western Hemisphere.
Haiti represented a potent example of successful Black power. The fallout
France's defeat had international implications.

Plantation owners in the United States feared the worst. Afrikans in Haiti
destroyed some 200 sugar plantations, 600 coffee plantations, 220 indigo
cotton plantations and killed most of the Europeans (Dr. Edward Scobie).
it could happen in Haiti, it could happen on their plantations. President
Thomas Jefferson enacted an economic embargo against Haiti, with America
Europe refusing to acknowledge its independence for decades. Tighter codes
were enacted against enslaved Afrikans in America. Stricter security and
harsher punishments were given for the slightest offense. Not having the
resources or the troops to maintain it, France eventually loss the
Territory. In addition, there were over 250 recorded slave revolts in the
United States, not including those that were not reported. In racial
a small island controlled by Blacks defeated one of Europe's strongest
nations. This was totally unacceptable in the Western world. Though this
the undercurrent of Haiti's problems, the only seemingly viable solution
for Haiti to rely on the land of its ancestors for financial relief, until
it can create an economy allowing it to become self-sufficient once again.
Maybe there are other solutions, but history has not favored any of them
thus far.

Kwaku Person-Lynn is the author of On My Journey Now - The Narrative And
Works Of Dr. John Henrik Clarke, The Knowledge Revolutionary. E-mail
address: DrKwaku@hotmail.com. Website: www.drkwaku.com


The Modern English Alphabet’s Evolution from Egyptian Hieroglyphs

About eight symbols from the modern alphabet can be traced back in an unbroken line to Egyptian hieroglyphs. It is surmised that the other symbols were inspired by Egyptian glyphs or newly invented. Most symbols morphed to a greater or lesser degree as they went from alphabet to alphabet, confounded by writing and letters often having no fixed direction. A number of signs were dropped when the new people didn’t have a certain sound, and new signs were derived, or an old sign was employed to express a new sound.



, first letter and first vowel of the English alphabet and most alphabets of the Indo-European languages. The A shape apparently originated in an Egyptian hieroglyph of an eagle (ahom) in cursive hieratic writing. The Phoenicians renamed the letter aleph (“ox”), from a fancied resemblance to the head and horns of that animal. In the earliest Greek alphabet, aleph became the letter alpha; in turn, this became the Roman A, the form and general value of which were passed on to the peoples who later adopted the Roman alphabet. At present the sound of the a in “late” (long a) is the name of the letter in English. The English a may indicate many other sounds, as in “bat” (short a), “care,” and “sofa.” Modifications of its sound appear also in other modern languages.

B, second letter and first consonant in the English alphabet; a corresponding symbol has the same place in the Greek, Hebrew, and Arabic alphabets, among others. Today the name of the Greek letter b (beta, like the Phoenician beth) is used in association with alpha, in the word alphabet. The letter was derived by the Phoenicians from the Egyptian hieroglyph for “crane,” but when taken over by them it was called beth, “house.”

C, third letter in the English- and Romance-language alphabets. The symbol is derived from Latin C, a rounding of the Greek G, gamma, which was derived from a Phoenician symbol called gimel or camel, which was in turn developed from an Egyptian symbol.
Latin c had both a g and a k sound. In Anglo-Saxon, c had at first only the k sound, the modern word child having been spelled cild. By the 12th century c had the sound of s in a number of words. From this arose the modern rule that c has the s or sh sound before e, i, y ae, and oe, and the k sound in all other cases.

D, fourth letter in the alphabets derived from Greek and Latin. It originated in an Egyptian hieroglyph that represented a hand. When adopted by the Phoenicians, this sign was called daleth ("door") from its resemblance to the aperture of a tent. The resemblance may be traced in the Greek letter D, the name of which, delta, was derived from daleth. In English, the sound of d is the voiced alveolar stop.

N, 14th letter in the English alphabet, derived from the Latin, which in turn was based on a Greek letter. It was called nu by the Greeks, from its Semitic and Phoenician name, nun, signifying "fish," which was based on an Egyptian hieroglyph representing a waterline.

Q, 17th letter of the English alphabet, derived through Latin and Greek from the Phoenician qoph, which was in turn developed from an Egyptian hieroglyph. In the Semitic languages, qoph represents a plosive sound, very different from the less energetic Greek sound.

In the Romance languages and modern English, q is usually followed by u except in transliterations of the Semitic qoph, as in the word Iraq. In French, qu generally stands for the k sound, as in coquette. In English words derived from French, when the vowel preceding q is short, the original French que is generally replaced by c, ck, or k, as in the words music, barracks, and bank (French musique, baraque, banque).

R, 18th letter of the English alphabet. The capital, or uppercase, R first appeared in its modern form in the Roman alphabet as an adaptation of the Greek letter rho. The Greek character corresponded to the Phoenician resh, which was in turn developed from an Egyptian hieroglyph.

T, 20th letter of the English alphabet. It was derived from the Roman character called te, which was taken from the Greek tau. The Greek character was derived from taw, the last letter of the Phoenician alphabet, representing a cross or mark of ownership. This in turn was derived from an Egyptian hieroglyph.


Microsoft® Encarta® 98 Encyclopedia. © 1993-1997 Microsoft Corporation.


The ninth letter that can be traced back to it roots in the Egyptian hieroglyphs is the letter H.  However, its trail is a little bit harder to follow due to Babylonian influence on Chaldee Hebrew concerning that letter, which was not present in the Paleo Cushite Hebrew of Nubia (the Land of Cush), which was cultivated by the Pheonicians and became known as Pheonician Hebrew.  After Babel fell because cause of Nimrods efforts to make himself a God on earth under the philosophy of Hamitic Ethiopian superiority, the Hamitic language ceased to be the chosen means of propagating the Everlasting Gospel of Heru to the future generations.  While the confounding of the langauges put an end to Nimrods efforts, a new form of alphabetic writing was being developed in Nubia that would maintian a direct relationship with the Hamitic language of the hieroglyphs.  Therein names like Hehu, Heru, and Heru-sa-tem would still be the same though spelt with alphabets instead of hieroglyphs.  This would become the Paleo Cushite Hebrew langauge of the original He-hu-ba-ru.  Seeing that the original He-hu-ba-ru where made up of a mix race of people, Ethiopians and East-Indians, surely it would not be used to promote a philosophy of racial superiority.  Thus Hebrew became the chosen means by which the Everlasting Gospel of Heru would be propagated to the future generations. 

Under Babylonian influence, the Hamitic H sound was very often replaced with a J sound.  Though the letter J was not originally added, the J sound was produced using the existing letters.  This pattern was set long before English translators began to change many of the Hebrew Y's to J.  This created a dilemma for translators that force them to develop the idea of a silent H, such as the silent H's in Yahweh.  Because the Y appeared with the H in YHWH, the I sound of Y became the basis for changing the Hamitic H sound to a J sound.  Seeing that neither Paleo Cushite Hebrew or Phoenician Hebrew alphabets had enough characters to accommodate all the sounds of the Hamitic languages of the hieroglyphs, commonsense should tell us that neither of them would waste time writing letters that carried no sound, which why the written language took so long to develop.  During his trip to Egypt, Abraham adopted both the Hebrew faith and the Cushite Hebrew written language and introduced both of them in the Middle-East around 2600 B.C.  More than a thousand years passed before the Phoenicians cultivated the language and made it popular.

The True Elohim is Ehyeh!  You may change the "y" into a "J" for it ancient times the "y and i" had also the "J" sound.  The rule of ancient grammar, is that when the letter "i" is followed by a consonant it has the "i" sound. When it is followed by a vowel it has the "J" sound.

Did not the letter "J" get invented just 500 years ago? Yes, the letter "figure" was invented about 500 years ago. But do not take that half-truth and go wild like other idiots.


From what letter did the "J" figure derive when it was developed? It was developed from the letter "I".

Now is that a coincidence or is it the evidence that the letter "I" contained both the "I" sound and the "J" sound and a distinction when the "I" was used as a "J" sound needed to be identified?

So what did they do? They took the letter "I" and put a small tail on the bottom and curved it to the left forming the "J" letter.  Now, when the sound of the "J" was to be identified it had its own alphabet character.  

Here is the simple historical fact: the letter "J" sound has always existed, even back to the time of the Egyptian hieroglyphics.  

 = J, as in jelly or Jesus, and G, as in generous and Genesis


What was not in existence in the genealogy of Paleo-Hebrew and the Semitic languages was a letter character to identify the sound. The "J' sound existed many millenial before the letter character was finally attributed to the sound.  When this was done, the letter "I" no longer was used to represent both the "I" sound and the "J" sound. So, if any idiot tells you the "J" sound did not exist until 500 years ago when the letter "J" was created from the letter "I", just consider his/her ignorance and walk away.




By: Emmanuel Afraka



Not a single European nation, tribe or kingdom is responsible for the
presence of Blacks in the Americas.  The very first people of
Negroid/African race arrived in the Americas over thirty thousand years
ago, according to National Geographic's article on THE PEOPLING OF
AMERICA and the revelation that more than fifty skulls representing
Africans and people of Africoid-Aboriginal type similar to that of
Melanesia and Australia were found in Brazil.

Furthermore, according to the Gladwin Thesis, the first Blacks may have
arrived in the Americas as early as about 75,000 B.C. and they were
called "Dimunitive Blacks" or people similar to the Pygmies of Africa
and Agta of the Philipines.  A Black Australoid type, an Black African
type, A Black Melanesian type also migrated to the Americas according to
the Gladwin Thesis (see the text, "A History of the African-Olmecs,"
pub. by 1stBooks Library, www.1stbooks.com

One of the most ancient Black nations of the Americas lives right here
in the State of Louisiana, they are called the Waschitaw Nation and
before the Louisiana Territory was illegally sold by France for three
cents an acrem, knowing that the Waschitaw owned about one million
square miles, the entire region belonged to the Moundbuilding Waschitaw
who were recognized by both Spain and France.  Yet, the hunt for Black
slaves in the Americas and for the "Descendants of Ham" who were to be
enslaved brought about the taking of the lands of the Waschitaw and
other Black nations and the enslavement of many of them.

According to I. Rafinesque (American Friends, 1833 "Black Nations of
America,' a number of Black nations existed in North America and when
Louis and Clarke explored west of the Mississippi, some were seen.  Two
well known Black nations were the Jamassee who had a sizable kindgom in
what is today Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama and Northern Florida.
The Black Calafians of California (Black Mojave) also owned lots of land
and fought with the settlers up to the 1880's (see the pictures at
http://community.webtv.net/paulnubiaempire "BLACK CIVILIZATIONS OF
ANCIENT AMERICA."  Many others existed as well and they are all listed
in the logs of some of the very early explorers who were either French
or Spanish, or fur trappers.

So, the idea that the white man brought Blacks to this continent after
Columbus is one of the biggest lies of history. The fact is they were
looking for slaves in Brazil even before Columbus and the saw Blacks
along the South American coast, in the Caribbean and in parts of the
Southern U.S.

As for Black civilization in the Americas, it is a fact that the Olmec
or Mende-Shi, are of African origins and they contributed to the
building of the Olmec civilization in Central America and Mexico.  This
occurred from about 3113 B.C. to about 400 A.D.

While about half a million slaves were brought to the U.S. and many
millions to Latin America and the Caribbean, there were large numbers of
Blacks in the Americas who had been here for thousands of years and who
also fell victim to slave raiders and invaders.

Read more on this from the text, "A History of the African-Olmecs," pub.
by http://www.1stbooks.com

See pictures of the Olmecs, Black Mojave, Afro-Darienite, Olmecs and
other Blacks of the Americas who existed here before Columbus

http://community.webtv.net/paulnubiaempire "BLACK CIVILIZATIONS OF



By Mulindwa Edward

A case of too much interference

In a three-part article, KOFI MATE-KOLE looks at whether African countries
have indeed attained full sovereignty after decades of fighting colonial
forces and post-independence imperial interests.

"WHO says Africa is independent?"

This rhetorical question was asked by Malawi's President Dr Bakili Muluzi in
a recent interview with the New African magazine (Issue Number 420 of July

Why would a sitting democratically elected president of a sovereign African
country pose such a question?

The answer given by Dr Muluzi was: "The situation in Africa, in terms of
economic reform, is not changing. There has been too much interference (by
the West) when we have tried to do something for our own good.

"(We are told) Oh no, don't do that because we must tell you what to do, but
the question is, why did we become independent?"

To answer this question we must start looking at the birth of the spark that
brought independence to the continent.

Some oppressors, most notably Rhodesia's Ian Smith, declared publicly that
it would not happen in a thousand years, others predicted that it would not
happen in the 20th century and assured their constituents that it would not
happen at least during their lifetime.

Yet on March 6 1957 there was Dr Nkrumah proclaiming Ghana's independence
and throwing the gauntlet at the feet of all imperialists with the
proclamation that the independence of Ghana was meaningless unless it was
linked to the total liberation of Africa.

Nkrumah was a committed Pan-Africanist and thus in April 1958, barely a year
after Ghana's independence, he called a conference of the independent
African countries at that time which were Liberia, Ethiopia, Egypt, Tunisia,
Libya, Morocco, Sudan and Ghana.

It was resolved by all present at the meeting to support the liberation
struggle on the continent by diplomatic and material resources.

December 1958 was the real landmark in the African continental struggle for

Nkrumah convened the All-African People's Conference in Accra and most known
nationalist politicians and trade unionists were assembled in the Ghanaian
capital. Unnoticed at that time was the quiet arrival of a Southern
Rhodesian educationist coming to be a lecturer at a teachers' college in
Takoradi, Ghana, with the initials of R. G. M!

The purpose of the meeting was to map a strategy on how Africa would be
totally liberated from colonialism and some of the delegates at the
conference were Julius Nyerere, Patrice Lumumba, Joshua Nkomo, Harry
Nkhumbula and Tom Mboya.

The chairman of the conference, Mboya, summed up the task of the conference
saying: "We have all come here to fight for independence, the question is

France, Portugal and Belgium, the other major colonisers in Africa, were
caught napping by Ghana's independence.

In the first place the French colonial policy of assimilation assumed that
the French colonial countries were integral parts of metropolitan France.

In fact, that meant that no French colony could in principle get
independence just as it is impossible for New York State to get independence
from the US.

Already events on the ground were making it impossible to maintain the
principle that French colonies were integral parts of France.

In 1954, at Dienbienphu in Vietnam, nationalist guerillas under Ho Chin Minh
had defeated the French army and captured their Christmas champagne to boot!

In Algeria, North Africa, another vicious colonial war was sapping French
financial, moral and political resolve.

General Charles de Gaulle had to come out of retirement and return to active
French politics to resolve the crisis.

De Gaulle proposed a new constitution for "Loi fundamentale" for all French
colonies. A referendum was organised for French colonies to vote "yes" for
autonomy within the French community or "no" for complete independence. As
it was, Sekon Tonves Guinea alone opted for complete independence from

Guinea was granted independence in 1958, but France dismantled every machine
that was movable and shipped them back home to France, the same thing
Portugal did to Mozambique in 1975.

Nkrumah immediately gave Guinea a £10 million loan, electrical generators,
broadcasting equipment plus technicians to fix the machinery. To seal it
all, Ghana and Guinea signed a political union known as the Ghana Guinea

France was so determined to give independence to its colonies in 1960 that
it forced Felix Houphuet-Boigny of Ivory Coast to accept independence
although he had refused independence earlier.

The stress, conflict and crises that the Algerian colonial war was causing
the French body politic was so severe that France decided to get rid of all
her colonies if it meant forcing Boigny to accept independence.

So it came to pass that 14 French colonies attained political independence
in 1960. Britain also gave independence to Nigeria, Africa's most populous

The Belgian Congo (present-day DRC) was also given independence on June 30
1960. In fact, 1960 is regarded as the year of African independence because
17 African countries attained nationhood and joined the United Nations;
suddenly the biggest bloc of votes in its General Assembly came from Africa.

To all African countries it seemed the whole African continent would soon be
liberated. This optimism was never realised because of what Nkrumah termed
the "Challenge of the Congo".

The Congo crisis put paid to any dreams of quick and dramatic liberation of
the continent.

The Congo story will be told elsewhere, but suffice it to say that the Congo
was the least prepared country for political independence.

This vast Central African country, five times the size of Zimbabwe
stretching from Sudan and Uganda in the north-east going south-west into
Zambia and westwards to the Atlantic seaboard, did not have the political
apprenticeship that the British gave their colonial subjects.

Neither did the Congo have representatives in the Belgian parliament like
the French subjects such as Boigny. Barely three days after independence,
the Congo plunged into chaos and anarchy.

Belgium, the departing colonial power, intervened militarily and Lumumba had
no choice but to call Nkrumah for help and the Ghanaian leader advised
Lumumba to call the UN for assistance.

Lumumba contacted the UN and the then Soviet Union for military assistance
and in the chilly political climate of the Cold War era, that was a fatal

Lumumba was branded a communist by the West and plans were immediately
hatched to kill him and rescue the Congo from communism.

Lumumba was murdered, Katanga seceded and Dag Hammerskjold, the UN
Secretary-General, was killed when his plane was shot down over Zambia when
he was trying to negotiate with Tshombe.

Everyone intervened in the Congo: the United Nations, the West, Ghana, the
Cubans, South Africa and mercenaries.

At the end of the Congo crisis in 1965, the country had become a test case
of the UN's peacekeeping and nation-building efforts. The crisis split the
solid Pan-African front into two camps, namely the Monrovia powers and the
Casablanca powers.

Suddenly, dormant countries such as Liberia became active and started
organising ''moderate'' African nations, mainly Francophone countries and
Nigeria. These countries felt that there was too much interference in the
internal affairs of the Congo and there was the fear that the East-West
ideological conflict was being brought into African affairs.

The Casablanca powers led by Ghana, Guinea, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan,
etc, insisted on the principle of ''Africa for Africans''.

Meanwhile, in East Africa, the then Tanganyika (Tanzania) attained
independence in 1961 followed by Uganda and Kenya in 1962 and 1963
respectively. Suddenly, the strategic situation of the anti-colonial
struggle had changed dramatically.

Tanzania shared the same border with Mozambique, which was then regarded by
Lisbon as an integral part of metropolitan Portugal and therefore impossible
to be given independence.

The OAU Charter, which was signed in 1963, was a compromise between the
''moderate'' Monrovia powers and the ''radical'' Casablanca powers.

Under the OAU liberation committee the liberation of ''white'' Africa, which
was then Angola, Mozam-bique, Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa, was
conceptualised, logistically supported and executed.

Tanzania was used as a rear base for Mozam-bique's Frelimo, Namibia's Swapo,
South Africa's ANC, Zimbabwe's Patriotic Front and the MPLA of Angola.

(To be continued)

 The Mulindwas Communication Group

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Arab culture and African culture: ambiguous relations.*
Prof. Helmi Sharawy (
arc@ie.eg.com), Director,
Arab Research Centre for Arab-African Studies & Documentation (ARAASD),
 Cairo, Egypt.

[Submitted by  "Wau" <
wau@worldonline.co.za> ]

In this essay ,we intend to show that , despite the profoundness of the
intercourse between Arab culture and black ,bantu or nilothique cultures,
big or secondary, the relations between these two cultural worlds continue
to be among the most instable. We say amongst the very instable , because
various parts of the continent witness or have witnessed other instabilities
known to those who are informed of conflicts, such as those opposing the
Hausa to their neighbours in West Africa, and the conflicts affecting the
Bantu and nilothic ethnic groups in Central Africa , the Saharoui and other
groups. These conflicts were transformed into military clashes in some
areas, like in the Sudan or Maghreb , despite the common cultural roots of
the parties involved.

If we see in the ambiguous character of the relations between the Arab and
other African cultures , not an isolated case , but the manifestations of a
general phenomena , we could easily situate our study as a case study - a
case which will be transformed into a general vision of the African
situation ,seen in the light of the tensions in the international scene. In
this study , we start from the evidence and the richness of the intercourse
between the Arab and the African cultures, from which both have gained
mutually during a long period of time ; and despite the troubles that
appeared ,sometimes in these relations, they never stopped showing, by
events, that they were a true expression of the latent manifestation of the
people and could serve as a tool to understand Africa. That is what the
cultural , social and intellectual products, as well as the creations of the
two parties confirm.

But we will not limit our study to pointing out the richness of the
intercourse, because we consider that the signs of ambiguity , amazingly
confirm the profoundness of the relations. Our objective is therefore to
come to a conclusion, which would assist in handling issues of globalisation
, which is a merciless reality all have to deal with. Many of the issues
frequently raised in the paper, could serve to resolve major problems. The
world cultural space has not been destroyed by the ambition of domination
and monopolisation of the centre. And it is not by chance that the slogans
of the cold war in its economical ,social and military aspects have given
way to the concept of the clash of civilisations ; a concept which once
again is explained as a conflict opposing the centre to the periphery and,
the centre to all the "others". This in reality represents a manipulation of
the idea of the ‘theory of dependence’, concerning precisely the cultural
issue. If the troubles effecting the cultural relations between the
countries of the periphery are not solved, that would result in the
disappearance of their individual identity. This is what the South risks if
it does not implement a wise policy of cultural and civilisational
interaction. It is not by chance that the ‘migration to the South’ begins in

    The political culture

The political culture of a society finds expression through the dialectic of
the representations which it has of its history and the education of
successive generations, thus developing the national identity. It depends
also on the degree of mobilisation of the society and individuals to defend
their culture, which is embedded in their linguistic patrimony, popular
traditions and the arts and literature.

* This paper is extracted from the book ‘The Dialogue between the Arab
culture and other cultures’, published in Tunis in 1999 by the Arab League,
Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organisation (ALECSO), P.O. Box 1120,
Tunis, Tunisia (Tel. 784-466, Fax 2161784965)

Arab ethnography, or what has come to be called travel stories, has surveyed
African political structures such as empires, states, political regimes and
the history and transformation of political conflicts and their consequent
power shifts. It has also studied the less important features, which the
Europeans also observed in their period of expansion – which they called
anthropology, which modern African elites adopted which represented African
societies as stateless ,classless ,segmented and tribal societies etc. Since
the European interpretation of African culture dominated 19th century
thinking, with its pseudo-literature on the "discovery of Africa", European
logic was put to service the economic and political interests of
colonialism, resulting in a modern vision, based on a war-like view of
African tribal society. This ideology aimed to be representative of the
whole continent, and served therefore to explain events right up to the most
recent in Africa (Mafeje,1971). During a long period of time, African
thinking used this European anthropology and its functionalists stereotypes;
but it could also not ignore the "historical facts" about Africa’s
disappeared empires and states ,often used to justify theories about the
destruction of Africa by the Arabs through religion and slavery etc. The
Ghana empire destroyed by regional tensions(11th –12th centuries ) ,and the
Muslim empire of Mali, became the illustrations of the dramatic consequences
of the Arab presence in Africa. It is unfortunately this vision which
dominates African political culture today. When it became independent ,Ghana
,the "black star", was cherished because of its rejection of the colonial
name"Gold Coast" , but also as an example of the rejection of Muslim/Arab
cultural domination, which culture is still alive in Senegal and Mali. The
African political culture has not, in that respect, been careful enough in
avoiding the dangers of denying the historicity of the African cultures
,despite the fact that the Arab historical sources ,used by the Europeans,
could have been an African reference point, because the Arab presence in
Africa did not result in the social and political degradation of the African
entity, as had happened under European colonisation......




                    Blacked Out Through Whitewash

                                                         BY SUZAR

Part I:

Exposing the Greatest Cover-ups in "His-Story"

You probably already know that Christ was a Black man....

.... according to the Bible, called the "Lamb" of God, with kinky hair 

compared with lamb's wool, feet the color of burnt brass (Rev. 1:14,15) and a

likeness resembling jasper and sardine stone (sard / sardonyx), which are

commonly "brownish" stones. (Rev. 4:3).  ALL the earliest pictures and statues

of Christ depict him as Black.  In the catacombs of Rome where images of Jesus

appear for the first time, black paintings and statues of Christ, the Madonna,

Apostles and Biblical characters still survive from early Christian worship.

The most sacred icons of the Catholic Church and also, prominent cathedrals in

Europe are the Black Madonna and Christ child.  In the British Museum, a gold

coin struck in the time of the Roman emperor Justinian II, shows Christ with

tightly curled, wooly hair.  J.A. Rogers reports in Sex & Race Vol. 1, p292

that the Cambridge Encyclopedia Co. says that this coin places beyond doubt

"the fact that Jesus Christ was a Negro."  How many white Christians in

America would remain Christians if they knew the truth about Jesus?  William

Mosley supplies additional evidence in What Color Was Jesus?

Like Christ, ALL founders of world religions on ALL continents were BLACK and

"woolly" haired, including the earliest gods.

Buddha was Black, that's why his woolly hair is always shown in small tight

curls, pepper corn style or corn rows.  Early sculptures of him clearly reveal

his Aficoid features ...wide nose and full lips.  So was Zaha of Japan,

Fu-Hsi of China, Tyr of Scandinavia, Quetzalcoatl of Mexico, Sommonacom of Siam

and Isis of Egypt and Rome.  Krishna of India was "blue-black," in fact his 

means black, or the Black One! (see dictionary).  He is always portrayed with

blue or blue-black skin.  Mohammed, founder of Islam was also 'bluish' in

color with 'frizzy' hair.  His grandfather was "black as the night."  Moses was

Black according to Mohammedan tradition and early portraits.  His hand would

turn white, then back to his "other flesh" when God wished to give him a sign.

(Ex. 4:6,7).  Lao Tse of Taoism was "a divine incarnation ...born of a virgin

black in complexion and as beautiful as jasper."  (Thorton: History of China

Vol. 1)  The chief title of Osiris, the greatest of Egyptian gods means "Lord

of the Perfect Black."  He was also called "The Great Black," similar to 

Krishna.  The chief title of Zeus, greatest of the Greek gods was "Ethiops"

which means "burnt faced."  Early statues of gods in India have Africoid 

features and woolly or locked hair.  The name of the Mexican god Ixtliton means 

"blacked faced." In fact, many ancient Mexican gods are portrayed jet black 

with Africoid features.  Once banned, The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors, by

Kersey Graves reveals remarkable knowledge on this subject, along with 

Anacalypsis by Godfrey Higgins and African Origins of the Major World Religions 

by Amon Saakana, ed.  Many Bible stories are borrowed from ancient Egypt, Sumer

and India, as documented in John Jackson's Christianity Before Christ.

Nappy hair is 'divine' - the choice of God!

Like Christ, "His son" and all the founders of world religions, God Himself has

kinky, nappy hair -according tot he Bible, where God or the "Ancient of Days"

is described as having "hair like the pure wool."  (Dan. 7:9)  The Power that

causes galaxies to spiral, and planets & atoms to spin; that causes the double

helix spiral of the DNA molecules -this same spiraling power causes spiraling

hair... otherwise known as NAPPY, kinky, curly, frizzy, wavy, WOOLLY hair!  The

words, SPIN, SPIRAL, and SPIRITUAL have common roots!  The Supreme Power spins;

spirals; it is spiritual.  It moves or spirals the universe!  The entire 

universe dances in spirals and rotations; everything in ti reflects the 

"Spiraling, Spiritual" essence out of which it is made!  The "Spiral,"

especially the Golden Spiral, is simultaneously the most profound motion and 

design in the universe -built into all life forms, from seashells to man, to

spiraling nappy hair!  Your blood spirals through your veins!  Plants spiral

up from the soil!  And nappy hair spirals out from the hair roots!  Ball your

hand into a fist and slowly extend each finger and you will see for yourself

how the tip of each finger opens in a golden spiral path!  Straight-haired

people also have a spiral on their heads, visible as a whorl pattern with its

center in the back of the head, where their straight hair grows out slanting in

the whorl's direction.  Wooly haired people have both, the whorl pattern and

the individually spiraling strands of helixal, coiled, spring-like, nappy hair

... the choice of the gods!

Did Jesus have dreadlocks?

Jesus was a Nazarite: a vow of Nazarites was to never cut his hair but "let the

locks of the hair of his head grow." (Nm. 6:2,5, Lv. 19:27; 21:5)  The word

Nazarite is from nazar, meaning unshorn.  Woolly nappy hair, if simply washed

& dried but never combed or brushed, will naturally entwine into long locks as

it grows.  Samson, the most famous example of locked hair, had seven locks.

(Jg. 13:5, 16:17,19)

Hair is really antennae

which can receive and transmit energy!  A Rastafarian explains that dreadlocks

are a quality of Black people; they "are high-tension wires," which transmits

divine energy and inspiration from Jah [God], the creator, to Rasta, the

mirror."  (Nicholas/Sparrow:  Rastafari -A Way of Life)  As Blacks awaken to

true self-knowledge and self-acceptance this brings, the negative racist

conditioning with respect to their natural spiraling, nappy hair as "bad" and

straighter hair as "good" will cease!

Ancient Egypt was a Black African Civilization.

The word itself means Black!

The ancient Egyptians called themselves Kam or Kam-Au (Black people/ Black

God-people), and their country Kamit (or Khemit), both meaning land of the 

Blacks and the Black Land.  The word Egypt is derived from the Greek word

Agapitos (or Agapitos) which means Black!  Europe's first historian, Herodotus

said "the Egyptians, Colchians, and Ethiopians have thick lips, broad nose,

woolly hair and they are of burnt skin."  Egyptian civilization evolved from

the Ethiopians.  The Bible equates Ham (Africans) with Egypt.  (Ps. 78:51;

105:23, 27; 106:21, 22)  The Black identity of Egyptian mummies is proven by

their high melanin content. Also, Egyptians made wigs from sheep wool to match

their woolly hair!  A superb summary of the first Egyptians, their culture & 

achievements is documented in Legrand Clegg's video Egypt During the Golden

Age.  Other great works include Gerald Massey's scholarly Egypt, Light of the

World, and James Brunson's Predynastic Egypt.  A powerful synthesis of the 

esoteric sciences of ancient Egypt, India & Canaan, is presented in Metu Neter

by Ra Un Nefer Amen.

Whites blew off the Africoid nose of the Sphinx!

-and destroyed much ancient Africoid art.

Carved from a single rock, the Sphinx was a portrait of the Black Pharaoh

Khafre (Cephren).  The blatant, undeniable evidence of Black African 

achievement, blew off the Africoid nose and part of the lips with cannon fire!

Reporting on the "riddle" of the racial identity of the ancient Egyptians,

Count C. Volney, a distinguished French scholar who visited Egypt in the late

1700s, wrote with astonishment "...when I visited the Sphinx, its appearance 

gave me the key to the riddle. Beholding that head typically Negro in all its

features..."  He later added "...the Egyptians were true Negroes of the same

type as all native-born Africans."  The Sphinx's broad nose and full lips are

evident in an early drawing of the Sphinx as it was found in the 19th century.

The willful and systematic destruction of Africoid art has also occurred in

the Americas, Asia and India:  Inscriptions and hieroglyphics are defaced or

bleached, noses are shot off or chiseled down, confusing nomenclatures are

pasted over the evidence, photos are taken from misleading angles or filters,

and some evidence is outright destroyed.  In temples and monuments of beauty

and durability where destruction was less desirable than claiming the 

achievements as their own, Europeans replaced the African inscriptions with

new ones which credited themselves for the achievement.


Western (white) civilization is founded on a Black African civilization.

You may recall being taught in school that Western (white) civilization is

founded upon the ancient Greek civilization which seemed to suddenly appear.

What European historians are trying to hide or deny is that the Greek

civilization was primarily the offspring of the advanced Black African

civilization of ancient Egypt which preceded it by thousands of years.  Even

Greek legends relate that Egyptian & Phoenician conquerors ruled all or parts

of Greece until the 14th or 15th century B.C.  Books about Western 

civilization's African origins include Cheikh Anta Diop:  The African Origin

of Civilization - Myth or Reality and Martin Bernal: Black Athena Vol. 1, 2.

So-called Greek philosophy is stolen Egyptian philosophy!

The Greek plagiarism of Egyptian science, philosophy and religion is well

documented by George James in Stolen Legacy.  Egypt was the greatest 

educational center in the ancient world.  Black Egyptians educated the Greeks.

Black Egyptian priests taught the best minds of Europe; Plato, Thales, 

Aristotle, Democritus, Anaximander, Solon and others.  A surviving sculpture of

Socrates shows that he was an African, as was Aesop of Aesop's fables.  And

historians wrote that such great lawgivers as Lykourgos studied in Egypt and

brought back the legal and political basis for the West's politics.

The earliest Greek & Roman gods were all Black, including the Trojan heroes!

The early Greek-Roman gods & goddesses such as Apollo, Zeus, Hercules, Athena,

Venus, were all Black, being renditions of the Black Egyptian gods.  The 

historian Herodotus himself wrote that "the names of nearly all the gods came 

to Greece from Egypt."  The Aeneid, like the Illiad, Odyssey and all the other

great epics of the world, is a poetic story dealing with Black people!  Aeneas, 

the Trojan hero of Virgil's Aeneid, was in direct descent from Dardanus, the

African founder of Troy.

Africans gave us Math, Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry! -including the

Arabic Numbers! Africans also originated the world's first known universities.

The falsely credited Pythagoras and Euclid learned their knowledge from Egypt's

"Sacred Mystery Schools," which were the first universities known to man (with 

branches in other parts of the world, including China!)  Estimated by computer

analysis to have approached a mile in length, the temple-university of Luxor

housed an elite faculty of priest-professors and catered to some 80,000 

students at all grade levels!  Temples were at the center of religion, politics

and education.  The Ethiopians and Egyptians originated Mathematics and 

Trigonometry.  The African Moors originated Algebra and developed Trigonometry

into a science.  The word Algebra is derived from "Al-Jabr wa'l Muqabala," the

title of the first textbook on the subject.  From the name of the Black author,

"Al-Khowarizmi" we get the word algorithm (a math procedure).  The Arabic 

numbers we use today came from he ancient Arab people who were originally

Black Africans! -and many of them still are!

Chemistry & the word itslef is from Black Egypt. And where would the world be

without PAPER and ALPHABET?

Africans gave us both!   The words Chemistry/

Alchemy (see page 8) are from the word Kam or Khem, the name which the ancient

Egyptians called themselves which means BLACK.  Africans invented paper and

paper-making.  Paper was made from payrus, hence the name.  Before this,

writing was done on stone tablets.  The alphabet used by Western civilization

originates from the Black Phoenicians who copied the principles from the

Africans of the Nile Valley.

The real 'Father of Medicine' was the African multi-genius Imhotep of ancient

Egypt, not Hippocrates who lived 2000 years later.  Imhotep brought the

knowledge of medicine to Greece and Rome.  He was a world famous physician, 

architect, high priest, diplomat, economist, poet, philosopher, sage, magician,

astronomer, engineer, and designer of the Step Pyramid of Sakkara.  He was so

revered that he was deified while still living and worshipped as the Great God

of Medicine.  The Greeks renamed him Aesclepios, the God of Healing. The phrase

"drink and be merry..." is traced to him.  The symbol of the medical profession,

the caduceus (a winged staff entwined by two serpents), was the insignia 

found on his temples.  Imhotep temples in fact were the first hospitals known

to man!  Stolen from Africa, his many volumes are at Karl Marx University in

Leipzig, Germany.  "From Egypt we have the earliest medical books, the first

observatory for anatomy - human and comparative - the first experiments in

surgery and pharmacy, the first use of splints and bandages, compresses and 

other appliances, and the first anatomical and medical vocabulary, and an

extensive one at that."  (S. Glanvile: The Legacy of Egypt p196)  European

medicine is founded on the works of Imhotep and Black Muslims, Avicenna and

Rhazes.  For rich details, see Llaila O. Afrika:  African Holistic Health.
This race of black men... is the very race to which we owe our arts, our

sciences, and even the use of speech!" -wrote the amazed, distinguished 

French scholar, Count C. Volney in 1787.  Later he wrote Ruins of 

Empires, a book which so delighted scholars of the day that it was 

translated into English with a 'special edition' for the racist 

Americans, in which the following quotation was left out: "There are a 

people, now forgotten, discovered, while others were yet barbarians, the 

elements of the arts and sciences.  A race of men rejected now for their 

black skin and woolly hair founded, on the study of the laws of Nature, 

those civil and religious systems which still govern the universe."

* The name by which whites are known -Caucasian- originated from Africans 

-and is from Caucasus, which is derived from the Ethiopian words "Caer 

Cush Aur." (Bryant's Ancient Mythology Vol. III, p158 [1807]).  Ancient 

African civilizations were flourished while Europeans were living as 

barbarians in the caves of the Caucasus mountains.

*  Whites stole the word "Aryan" from the Sanskrit language of India's 

Blacks where it meant noble cultivator or the holy.

*  Europe is named after the Black Phoenician princess, Europa!  (see 

dictionary) -who was kidnapped by Black Zeus.

*  "Slave" is from "Slav."  So many Slavic people of Europe were enslaved 

that the word "Slav" came to mean "slave."

*  Paris is named after the Egyptian goddess, Isis!  -from an early 

temple of Isis (Pari Isidos).  At the site of this temple is the 

Cathedral of Notre Dame; the Grande Dame referred to Isis herself!

The heroes & people of the Bible were primarily Black African people.  

Moses was an Egyptian priest whose hand turned white under special 

circumstances.  (Ex. 4:6,7)  Black Samson had dreadlocks.  Solomon 

declares "I am black" as does Job; "My skin is black..."  (Sol. 1:6, Job 

30:30) Simon was a Canaanite.  (Mt. 10:4)  Paul is mistaken for an 

"Egyptian."  (Acts 21:37-39)  The early church fathers, persecuted 

Christians and martyred saints were also Black, such as St. Barbara - a 

female saint after which Santa Barbara city is named, St. Augustine, St. 

Maurice, Clement of Alexandria and five popes, including St. Peter! 

(Rogers: Nature Knows No Color-Line)  For details; McCray: The Black 

Presence in the Bible.  Dunston: The Black Man in the Old Testament & its 

World; and Barashango: God, The Bible & The Black Man's Destiny.

Seeking to further discredit African legacy, white historians try to 

displace Egypt from Africa by classifying it as part of Asia, but the 

ancient people of West Asia were also Black!  The original people of West 

Asia were the Sumerians, who called themselves the "Black-Heads."  They 

founded the rich Black cultures of Mesopotamia which included the ancient 

Babylonians, Chaldeans, Canaanites, Phoenicians and Elamites (original 

Persians).  Cush or Nubia means Ethiopia.  The Biblical table of nations 

(Gen. 10) tells us that Cush and Canaan were brothers (sons of Ham), and 

that Sumer (Shina) is descended from Cush.  Old Testament compilers 

assign Ham (father of Africans) to Egypt, Canaan, Cush and Phut (Libya).  

The Bible refers to Egypt as Ham. (Ps. 78:51; 105:23, 27; 106;21,22)

The original Biblical Jews were a Black African people.

The original Jews in Africa 2000 years ago were a Black African people as an

ethnic group.  (Massey: Egypt Light of the Word p501) Many of them still 

are Black, in northern Africa such as the Falasha Jews of Ethiopia.  A 

New York Times editorial (3/2/84) described them as "a lost tribe that 

has kept it identify for more than 2,000 years in a remote corner of 

Africa."  Abraham, ancestor of the Hebrews, was from Chaldea; the ancient 

Chaldeans were Black.  In fact, Africa takes it name from Ophren, a son 

of Abraham by his wife, Keturah (Whiston:  The Life and Works of Flavius 

Josephus p50)  Like Jesus, Mary and Joseph, the lineage of Ethiopian 

Emperor, Haile Selassie also goes back to Judah -through Solomon/Queen of 

Sheba and King David.  Roman historian Tacitus wrote that many of his 

time believed that the Jews "were a race of Ethiopian origin."  The 

Bible classifies the Ethiopians & Jews together, "Are ye not as children 

of the Ethiopians unto me, O children of Israel? saith the Lord."  (Amos 

9:7) Black Paul is mistaken for an "Egyptian" and declares himself to be 

a "Jew."  (Acts 21:37-39, 22: 2,3)  That the Jews got their language, 

religion & culture from the Canaanites & Sumerians through Babylon, is 

well documented by historians.  The original ancient Hebrew alphabet was 

identical to that of the Phoenicians.  "Semitic languages" are really 

dialectical variants of African languages.

The word Semite is from semi which means half.  Half what?  Half BLACK!

(mulatto!)  Semite refers to the descendants of Shem, one of Noah's 

sons.  The word originates from the Latin prefix semi which means half.  

"half Black and half white... therefore Black (since Black is genetically 

dominant)"  points out Dr. Cress Welsing.  Historian Cheikh Anta Diop 

also points out that the "Semitic" arises in the 4th millennia B.C. from 

crossbreeding between Black inhabitants of the holy land and white 

northern invaders.  While many Semites (such as Jews & gypsies) have 

mixed so much with whites that they've forgotten or deny their African 

roots, racism (white supremacy) will never let them forget this no matter 

how light-skinned they become, as proved by Hitler, who mandated their 

destruction because they were classified by whites as "non-white" people 

originating in Africa.  The very word gypsy means "out of Egypt."

African Americans are largely descendants of the original Black Jews!  

The original Biblical Jews were Black African people who were ruthlessly 

persecuted by the white man (Romans).  The prophet Jesus was a Black Jew 

who was born during this time.  The Roman-Jewish War in 66 A.D.  marked 

the peak of this persecution and the end of the original Black Jews 

(Hebrew-Israelites) as a nation.  As predicted by Jesus, in this war 

Jerusalem was overthrown, the Temple was destroyed and the Black Hebrews 

were scattered.  (Mat. 24:15-21, Luke 21: 5,6, 20-24)  The loss of life 

was appalling.  So many Hebrews were slain that the whole lake of Galilee 

was red with blood and covered with corpses.  The noted historian, 

Josephus estimated that one million one hundred thousand perished in the 

siege of Jerusalem alone, reports Hugh Schonfield in his book The 

Passover Plot p192-195, which describes this massive genocide.

*  Seeking to escape destruction, millions of original Black Biblical 

Jews fled into AFRICA!

*  Centuries later, their descendants were captured and sold into slavery 

in the Americas!  Ella Hughley's remarkable booklet The Truth About Black 

Biblical Hebrew-Israelites exposes and summarizes important details of 

this suppressed subject.  (To order: 718 712-5892)  She writes "Many of 

the Israelites... who managed to escape their persecutors during the 

Roman-Jewish War subsequently migrated to West Africa, and 16000 years 

later their descendants were captured and brought to America in chains by 

cruel slave-traders."  She quotes the noted Jewish historian, Josephus 

from his book The Great Roman-Jewish War: 66-70, where he writes about 

this Jewish dispersion and captivity. "General Vaspasian and his son 

Caesar Titus fought against the Jews.  Millions of Jews fled into Africa, 

among other places, fleeing from Roman persecution and starvation during 

the siege."  In African Origins of Major Western Religions p75, Dr. Yusef 

ben-Jochannan writes "there were many Hebrew (Jewish) tribes that were of 

indigenous African origin, These African Jews were caught in a rebellion 

in Cyrene...during 115 C.E.  This rebellion also marked the beginning of 

a mass Jewish migration southward into Sudan of West Africa."  Arab 

historian, Ibn Battuta writes of finding Jews scattered across North and 

West Africa during his travels.  The Hebrewisms of numerous tribes, 

especially in West Africa is well documented.

If the original Jews were Black, where did white Jews come from? There 

are two main types of hite Jews; the Edomites and the Khazars.  Edomites 

are the descendants of Esau, who was born ruddy (red) and hairy according 

to the Bible.  (Gen. 25:25)  This describes the "white" man; he is red 

(all shades) and hairy.  Esau was the albino, fraternal twin brother of 

Jacob, the father of the original Black Israelites.  The white Edomites 

and Black Israelites were constantly in strife against one another.  In 

fact, the Edomites fought the Black Jew's in the Roman-Jewish War.  At a 

later period in history, the Edomites (Idumeans) were conquered and 

forced to become "Jews."  The European Khazars became "Jews" in 740 A.D. 

(see below)  Neither groups are descended from the house of Israel!  

Khazars make up over 90% of the so-called "Jews!" (Hatonn)

The world's best kept secret?  Hugely writes "These groups... [Khazars 

esp., plus Edomites & other ethnic groups] make up modern Jewry today.  

Although the black Hebrew-Israelites are the real descendants of ancient 

Israel, this truth is not known by many and it is 'the world's best kept 

secret.'  Because of slavery and a scattering, the Hebrew-Israelites are 

not known to the world as true Israel... Some scholars, teachers and 

ministers teach that God has completely cast them away, but God said, 'I 

have chosen thee, and have not cast thee away.'  (Isa. 41:9, last part.)  

[& Rm. ch. 11]  Although the children of Israel went into captivity, a 

remnant has returned as was predicted.  The prophecy of Ezekiel 37th 

chapter tells of the spiritual resurrection of the people of Israel, who 

will be perpetually betrothed to their God in truth and in 

righteousness."  There are numerous Black-Hebrew congregations in 

America.  "Temple Bethel" is the largest& oldest (in Belleville, VA).

"Jews" were a heavy part of the African slave trade in the America!  

Compiled from Jewish documents, The Secret Relationship Between Blacks & 

Jews by the Nation of Islam reveals the vast Jewish involvement in the 

Atlantic slave trade.  "Jews" were also major slave sellers during the 

Middle Ages. (Van Sertima: African Presence in Early Europe p161)  These 

"Jewish" slave-sellers were probably not "real Jews" at all but Khazars. 

(see below)

Counterfeit Jews: the hated, white "Khazars" who have usurped the real 


Historians are now recognizing that the majority of eastern so-called 

"Jews" are actually "Khazars" and have NO Semitic roots whatsoever!  The 

Khazars are impostors: well-suppressed knowledge is emerging about this 

war-like tribe of whites that rose to power in Eastern Europe and were 

hated by the other whites they conquered due to there severe, 

exploitative treatment of them.  The Khazars all converted to Judaism as 

a political ploy during the Middle Ages.  It appears that they learned 

all they could from the real Hebrews before usurping them, selling them 

into slavery (or killing them) and taking over in their place, -using the 

corrupted form of Judaism to hide behind while continuing their treachery 

right into modern times.  Much of Europe's historical hate for "Jews" is 

hate for the ruthless Khazars who continued to be hated in spite of 

becoming "Jews."  In fact, the word "Jew" originated during the 1700s to 

label them! (Hatonn: p3, 17)  Counterfeit Blessings - The Anti-Christ by 

Any Name: Khazars by G.C. Hatonn, expoes that the Khazars are the real 

"anti-Semites" who have labeled themselves as Zionists and "Jews" to 

deceive the world in furthering their own plans for global & political 

conquest.  (See pages 22-24 in this document) In the 13th Tribe.  Arthur 

Koesler traces the history of the Khazars and their rise to power.
The African Moors sparked the European Renaissance!

Ruling Spain, southern France, much of Scotland & North Africa during the 

Middle ages for 700 years, the Black African Moors gave Europe one of its 

finest civilizations.  The word Moor is from the Greek word mauros, 

meaning scorched.  In the introduction of The Story of the Moors in Spain 

by Stanley Lane-Poole, John Jackson writes: "Eurocentric historians argue 

that Europe gave civilization to Africa, which is a complete inversion of 

the truth.  The first civilized Europeans were the Greeks, who were 

chiefly civilized by the Africans of the Nile Valley.  The Greeks 

transmitted this culture to the Romans, who finally lost it, bringing on a 

dark age of five hundred years.  Civilization was restored to Europe when 

another group of Africans, the Moors, brought this dark age to an end... 

During the Golden Age of Islam, the Moorish Empire... was the most 

advanced state in the world... Cordova was the most wonderful city of the 

tenth century; the streets were well-paved, with raised sidewalks for 

pedestrians... Public baths numbered in the hundreds... at a time when 

cleanliness in Christian Europe was regarded a sin... Moorish monarchs 

dwelt in splendid palaces, while the crowned heads of England, France, 

and Germany lived in big barns, lacking both windows and chimneys, with only

a hole in the roof for the emission of smoke."

The Moors had an insatiable lust for knowledge, and acquired it from East 

and West, translating into Arabic all they could find, even ransacking 

monasteries for rare books.  One king had a private library of 600,000 

books!  In Moorish Spain education was available to the most humble, 

while in Christian Europe 99% of the populace were illiterate, including 

kings.  The incredible city of Cordova had 800 public schools!  The Moors 

made great advances in mathematics, physics, astronomy, medicine, botany, 

chemistry.  The Moors also introduced the first shooting mechanisms or 

rifles known as fire sticks!  -which revolutionized European military 

science, ultimately causing their downfall when their enemies used 

gunpowder to drive them back into Africa.  Their contributions to 

European civilization is vast - with no credit given to them.  For more 

details, Ivan Van Sertima, ed: The Golden Age of the Moors, and Samuel 

Scott: The History of the Moorish Empire in Europe.

The white Founding Fathers built America on Black Egypt's knowledge.

As revealed in Anthony Browder's fascinating From the Browder File, the 

Founding Fathers sought to recreate in America the same energies which 

guided the Africans of the Nile Valley by using African science, 

architecture and symbols (with no credit to them) as shown:

* The Found Fathers and all the U.S. presidents were Masons (except 

Lincoln 7 Kennedy).  Masons and other secret orders such as the 

Rosicrucian's 7 Illuminati are patterned after the Sacred Mystery Schools 

(universities) of ancient Egypt.  The word 'Mason' means 'child of the 

sun' and is derived from the African terms Sons 7 Daughters of Light (or 

Children of the Sun).  The sun symbolizes enlightenment, hence these 

metaphors mean 'enlightened people.'  The Declaration of Independence and 

U.S. Constitution are Masonic documents, written in the Masonic code and 

have different meaning to members of the Masonic order.

* Look on the back of the dollar bill and see for yourself how the 

Founding Fathers composed the Great Seal of America with African 

symbols:  The Eye of Horus/God, pyramid, six-pointed star (made up of 13 

stars), and the eagle -their imitation of Egypt's sacred sun Falcon, a 

symbol for Horus.  Stan Deyo's provocative Cosmic Conspiracy provides 

more insights.

* The Washington monument, a symbol of America, is an African obelisk!  

The obelisk was the symbol of the very Black Egyptian god, Osiris who 

represented the regenerative powers of God and was worshiped as the 

impregnating force of the universe.  The obelisk later became part of the 

worship of the Egyptian Sun God, "Ra," from which we get the words "ra, 

radiation."  The obelisk is also found at the Vatican in St. Peter's 

square and in every major city in the world.  It is the origin of church 


* Egyptian Design:  The Lincoln Memorial is patterned after an Egyptian 

temple honoring the pharaoh, Ramsese II.  Meridian Hill Park (aka Malcolm 

X Park) was designed to align Washington D.C. to the same meridian 

(pathway to the sun) which passes through Egypt.  So-called European 

architecture (like the Capitol, Parthenon, cathedrals) is copied from 

African architecture! (mosques, obelisks, temples)

* A Black scientist designed the city.  The layout and design of 

Washington D.C. was accomplished by America's first Black man of science, 

Benjamin Banneker - astronomer and mathematician.
All races were born from the Black race.  Science reports that everyone

alive today descended from an African woman who lived 200,000, years ago!

Based on the evidence of recent findings, modern (white) science has 

'officially' declared that ALL of present humanity came from one race... 

the Black race -the oldest race.  Throughout the world prominent 

magazines have done front page articles on "the most incredible find of 

all times: Scientists have unearthed the ancient bones of a Black African 

[pygmy] woman who is indisputably the mother of all humanity!"  They 

nicknamed her Eve"... our common ancestor - a woman who lived 200,000 years 

ago and left resilient genes that are carried by all of mankind" reports 

the best-selling issue ever of Newsweek magazine (1/11/88) which depicts 

a Black Adam and Eve on its front cover headlining it The Search for Adam 

and Eve.  Science magazine (9/11/87) states that overwhelming evidence 

shows that "Africa was the cradle of modern humans... The story the 

molecular biology seems to be telling is that modern humans evolved in 

Africa about 200,000 years ago."  National Geographic (Oc. 88) reports of 

new evidence " of an African origin for modern humans."

Are whites the albino offspring of Black Africans?

White skin is a form of albinism.  It appears that whites have "come into 

being" through a number of ways:  In The Isis Papers p123, Dr. Frances 

cress Welsing states "whites are undoubtedly a genetic mutant albino 

population... from the original Black (hue-man) beings."  The story of 

'Snowflake' dramatically illustrates how it is possible for whites to 

come into being from blacks:  Born of coal black parents, this albino 

gorilla named "Snowflake" has platinum blond hair, white (pink) skin, and 

blue eyes!  (National Geographic: Mar, 67, Oct. 70).  Similarly in 

Panama, particularly among the San Blas Indians are albino natives that 

also have blond hair and blue eyes!  They are often indistinguishable 

from blond Northen Europeans!  In the Bible, Edomites are whites that 

descended from an albino named Essau who was born ruddy (red) & hairy. 

(Gen. 25:25)  The Bible refers to white skin as leprosy (Num. 12:10-12, 

Lev. 13) and reports that a race of people (Gahazites) were born white 

due to being cursed! (II Kings 5:27)  Bible scholars credit Japheth (a 

son of Noah) as fathering a (Black) people who settled in the north, 

ultimately becoming the Caucasian race.  Similarly, other scholars 

theorize that Africans who migrated to Europe and were caught in the Ice 

Age, gradually lightened until their genes mutated to adapt to the scant 

sunlight, thus producing a race of whites.

Were whites "made" by Yacub through selective breeding?

Paul Gurthrie's astounding Making of the Whiteman, assembles startling 

historical evidence which verifies much of Elijah Muhammad's 

controversial teachings on the origin of white people.  In Message to the 

Black Man in America, according to Elijah Muhammad, founder of the Nation 

of Islam, white people were created from Africans about 6000 years ago by 

Yacub, a Black god-like scientist.  Using a selective breeding process 

called "grafting,"  Yacub created whites as a "race of devils" to rule 

earth for a limited period. (see page 28)  Interestingly, the ancient 

Egyptians recorded the Tamahu, which means created white people.  Egyptian 

writings also refer to whites as Typhonians or People of Seth, both 

meaning "the devils."  After these "white devils" were first released 

into the Black community of the Near East 6000 years ago, they caused 

sever strife, thus the Africans rounded them up, stripped them of 

everything and exiled them to the caves and hills of the Caucasus 

Mountains.  This explains the sudden appearance of white people in this 

region.  To prevent their escaping Africans installed a series of guarded 

walls blocking all exits along that area from one sea to the other! - 

thus "roping" them off (hence the word Europe).  These walls have been 

witnessed and recorded by many European writers, including Pliny.  Thus, 

totally cut off from civilization, the whites degenerated into 

uncivilized, nomadic savages.  They remained this way for 2000 years 

until 'Allah mercifully sent an Egyptian priest named Musa or Moses to 

civilize them.'  This explains the otherwise unknown reason why suddenly 

about 2000 B.C., vast hordes of these white barbarians left the Caucasus 

region and stormed all the (Black) centers of civilizations throughout 

Mesopatamia, the Near East, Africa and India, destroying and usurping 

them.  Thus, the whiteman's arrival signaled destruction for all these 

civilizations and the beginning of the whiteman's rise to power.

Why do whites seek to hide their origins?

Dr. Cress Welsing theorizes that whites (as the albino offspring of Black 

Africans) migrated or were chased northward from Africa into Europe.  She 

states: "Historically, the white race has sought to hide its genetic 

orgins in Africa amongst Blacks, just as it has sought to deny the origins 

of the white civilization, from he culture of Black in Africa, seeking 

instead to proclaim an origin amongst the Greeks.  Historically, whites 

also have sought to degrade Africa and everything Black.  By so doing, 

whites can avoid confronting the true meaning of skin whiteness as a 

mutation and genetic deficiency state from the Black norm - the 'hue-man' 

norm'...  Deep within the unconscious psyche of the white collective is 

an awareness; of there origin amongst Blacks, that Blacks were their 

parents and that they (whites) were the defective offspring's of Blacks."
Your brain and body can't function without Black Melanin!

Few people know what Melanin, the pigment that colors the skin & hair, is 

found in almost every organ of the body and is necessary in order for the 

brain and nerves to operate, the yes to see, and the human body opt 

reproduce!  At the core of your brain is found the "locus coeruleus," a 

structure that is BLACK because it contains large amounts of (neuro) 

Melanin which is essential for it to operate!  In fact, all the most 

crucial brain structures are heavily melanized!   Melanin in the brain 

increases from the lower primates and reaches its peak in the BLACK HUMAN.

"All humans possess this Black internal brain evidence of their common 

Black African Origin.  The All Black neuromelanin nerve tract of the 

brain is profound proof that the human race is a Black race, with many 

variations of Black, from Black-Black to White-Black, all infernally 

rooted in a vast sea of Brain Blackness."  Dr. Richard King

* Melanin is the chemical key to life itself!

* It is the major organizing molecule for living systems!

* It's found everywhere! -in animals, plants (that's why raisins are 

brown), soil, oceans, clouds even stars & comets!

* It is essentially linked to the DNA of the genes!

* It shows the potential to reproduce itself!

Black Melanin is necessary in order for humans to reproduce!

Melanin is present at the inception of life:  a Melanin sheath covers 

both the sperm and the egg!  In the human embryo, the melanocytes (skin 

pigment cells), brain and nerve cells all originate from the same place; 

the neural crest.  Melanocytes resemble nerve cells and are essential for 

conveying energy.  When Melanin is missing or insufficient in the 

ectoderm of the early embryo (blastula),this causes the mother to lose her 

baby; in the case of whites, a defective baby is produced.

Black Melanin is the super absorber of all forms of energy.  It has 

"black hole" properties.  It can convert light to sound and back again!  

It stores, transforms and conducts energy!

The color of Black is the perfect absorber of light and all energy 

frequencies, giving Black Melanin these properties!  Thus scientists 

describe Melanin as acting like a "black hole."  Melanin can rearrange 

its chemical structure to absorb ALL wavelengths of energy (sunlight, 

X-rays, music, radar) and can transmute and store this energy for later 

use!  In The Isis Papers, Dr. Cress Welsing writes that Melanin gives us 

the ability to use our bodies as direct connections with he God Force, 

the source of all Energy -like plugging a cord into a wall socket.  It 

also gives our hair antennae-like ability. (see page 2).

How does Melanin cause racial differences?

The science of Genetics shows that Blacks can produce all races but it is 

impossible for a brown, yellow or white race to produce a black race.  A 

Japanese scientist showed that inside melanocytes (pigment cells) are 

tiny packets called melanosomes that contain melanin.  The four stages 

in the maturing of these melanosomes counts for racial differences:  

Stage 1: The melanosome is empty & doesn't have the machinery to make 


Stage 2:  The melanosome has the machinery to make melanin, but is empty 

of melanin.

Stage 3:  The machinery is there and the melasosome is half filled with 


Stage 4:  The machinery is there and the melanosome is completely filled 

with melanin.

Whites have mainly stages 1 & 2, whereas all people of color have 

melanin, with Blacks having more of stage 4.

Other amazing facts about Black Melanin:

* Melanin granules are "central computers" and may analyze and initiate 

body responses without reporting to the brain!

* Melanin slows aging & protects you from damming effects of sunlight.  The 

darker your skin (genetically) the less it ages.  Thus whites often 

have wrinkled skin in there 30s while Blacks often have smooth, 

unwrinkled skin even in "old" age.

* All people of color have Melanin circulating in the blood due to 

spillage from the melanosomes (Melanin packets).

*People containing high levels of Melanin (mainly Blacks) will always 

show a positive test for the use of marijuana!  The chemical species found 

in the urine which indicates someone's use of marijuana is also found in 

the urine of Blacks!

*  The Melanin molecule is so stable that it has been found in 

150-million-year-old dinosaur fossils!  It is highly resistant to 

chemical and physical analysis, this its precise structure is unknown!

"BLACKNESS" is a divine, cosmic principle of the Universe.  

BLACK is the meaning of Kam or Khem -the name which the ancient Egyptians 

called themselves.  From this word we get "Chemistry," the study of the 

building blocks of Life.  Life is founded upon CARBON, the Black element 

present in all living matter.  Black carbon atoms link to form Black 

Melanin, which has "Black Hole" properties!  Black Holes are found at the 

center of our own galaxy and countless others.  In physics, a "Black 

Body" is known to be a perfect absorber and perfect radiator of all forms 

of light and energy.  This "Black Body Radiation" is at work in the 

electron, as shown by Nobel prize winner, Richard Feynman.  The electron 

is responsible for ALL "Khem-ical" changes in matter.  It has been 

present since the creation of the universe.  The scientist, Jean Charaon 

proved that the electron has all the properties of the Black Hole, plus 

it exchanges "Black Photons" with other electrons, enabling it to 

continuously accumulate data.  This means that if we view the electron as 

a carrier of memory, it has experienced everything in creation since the 

very beginning.  Blackness is fundamental to the operation of the 

universe of Energy.  God is the Giver of All Energy: "Blackness" (not 

darkness) allows the perfect reception of all wavelengths of Energy

Melanin gives Black people superior physical, mental & spiritual ability.

Melanin refines the nervous system in such a way that messages from the 

brain reach other areas of the body most rapidly in Black people, the 

Original People.  Black infants sit, stand, crawl and walk sooner than 

whites, and demonstrate more advanced cognitive skills than their white 

counterparts because of their abundance of Melanin.  Carol Barnes writes 

"...your mental processes (brain power) are controlled by the same 

chemical that gives Black humans their superior physical (athletics, 

rhythmic dancing) abilities.  This chemical... is Melanin!"  The 

abundance of Melanin in Black humans produces a superior organism 

physically, mentally and spiritually.  This why all the founders of the 

world's great religions are Black.  Melanin is the neuro-chemical basis 

for what is called SOUL in Black people.  In the same way Blacks excel in 

athletics, they can excel in all other areas as well (like they did in 

the past!) once the road blocks are removed!

Is God Black?  The Original Man was BLACK, "made in the IMAGE of God" his 

Parent, according to scared books.  Children look like their parents.  

All the other races are but diluted variations of the Original Black Race.

(see pages 7 & 8)

Most whites have calcified pineal glands which thwarts Melatonin 

production, thereby limiting their moral capacity.  Located in the brain, 

the tiny pineal & pituitary glands regulate the body's other glands.  

Esoteric tradion regards the area of these glands as the third eye, seat 

of the soul, and the mystical Uraeus represented by the cobra on the 

forehead of Egyptian royalty/crowns.  Why did Africans view the European 

as a child of God, but the Europeans viewed the African as a soulless 

savage?  Because of "melatonin," described as a mentally & morally 

stimulating humanizing hormone produced by the pineal gland.  Scientific 

research reveals that most whites are unable to produce much melatonin 

because their pineal glands are often calcified and nonfunctioning.  

Pineal calcification rates with Africans is 5-15%; Asians - 15-25%; 

Europeans -60-80%!  This is the chemical basis for the cultural defenses 

between Blacks and whites, causing some Black scholars to raise the 

question that the European approach, that of the logical, erect, ridged, 

anti-feeling posture, reflects a left brain orientation and reflects that 

they lack the chemical key of melatonin to turn on their unconscious and 

therefore cannot get into feelings.  Carol Barnes writes "Melanin is 

responsible for the existence of civilization, philosophy, religion, 

truth, justice, and righteousness.  Individuals (whites) containing low 

levels of Melanin will behave in a barbaric manner."  Melanin give 

humans the ability to FEEL because it is the absorber of all frequencies 

of energy.  Dr. Welsing writes "Since melanin is a superior absorber of 

all energy , it is essential to establish this understanding of God and 

'all energy.'  The fact that the albinos (whites) lack melanin may also 

help to explain ...why, in the view of many non-white peoples, they 

(whit4es) lack 'spirituality" and the capacity to tune in to, and thereby 

establish harmony and justice..."

The scientific evidence of Melanin threatens the ideology of white supremacy.

After considering Melanin to be a "waste" product of body-metabolism which 

"served no useful function," Western (white) science has now discovered 

that Melanin is the chemical key to life and the brain itself!  All 

studies and facts about Melanin suggest that after 400 years of 

attempting to inferiorize the Black race, "Western science is facing the 

sobering reality that, by its own self-defined standards, Black people 

are probably superior to whites in both intellectual potential and muscle 

coordination." (Sepia magazine interview).  The central role Melanin 

plays in the body has been "suppressed to maintain the mythological 

inferiority of blacks...and the defensive clinging to whiteness as some 

token of superiority." (Dr. Richard King)  The "superiority complex" of 

white people is a defense mechanism and a mass for their deepest 

inferiority complex which they project onto people of color.  

Psychologists say insistent denial means reality in the opposite way.  

If whites really believed that white skin was "superior," why is "tanning"

so important in white culture despite its known health risks (thousands 

die annually from skin cancer).  Also, curling or perm Ming lifeless,

straight hair, and the latest; lip injections for a fuller look!  And it 

is the white female who tells you that her ideal mate is "tall, DARK, and

handsome!"  "Dark" indeed refers to more Melanin!

"Messed-up Melanin" is killing Melanated people!  

In their ongoing effort to destroy people of color, whites create 

"designer drugs," structured to chemically bind with and alter the 

Melanin molecule, causing it to become toxic and even fatal to highly 

melanated people!  Carol Barnes, who documents this subject writes, 

"MELANIN can become toxic to the Black human because it combines with 

harmful drugs such as a cocaine, amphetamines, psychotic, hallucinogen...

marijuana...etc."  The molecules of these drugs resemble the Melanin 

molecule!  The body is fooled and its balance is thrown off as it relies

on its drug-wrecked Melanin in order to function.  Even legal drugs such as

tetracycline's, neurolepts (tranquilizers), have strong affinity for bind 

to Melanin.  Herbicides (parquets,'agent orange' [dioxin]) bind 

irreversibly with Melanin & remain in the Black human throughout life 

causing many disorders.  Drug abuse by Blacks is more likely to occur 

because Melanin causes Blacks to become addicted faster and stay addicted 

longer from theses drugs which are deliberately placed in Black 

communities.  Drugs are destroying the heart of Native American and Black 

society, causing many deaths.

For more information on the wonders of Melanin: Dr. Richard King's superb 

African Origin of Biological Psychiatry and Carol Barnes' information 

rich Melanin: The Chemical Key to Black Greatness (C. Barnes, Box 

3009189,Houston Texas, 77230).  Also the technical paper Melanin, The 

Organizing Molecule by Dr. Frank Barr, discoverer of Melanin's organizing 

ability & other properties (Institute for Study of consciousness (510) 

849-4784 /2924 Benvenue Ave., Berkeley CA 94704).
All world civilization on all continents began with Black African people!

Given that the Black race is the oldest, this fact should come as no 

surprise!  Historically Blacks have played the earliest civilizing role 

in the world as shown by Kamit (ancient Egypt), Sumer, Babylon, Canaan, 

Kush (Ethiopia), Indus Kush & Harrappa (ancient India), the Olmecs 

(ancient America) and Shang of ancient China.  Other great African 

civilizations included the empires of Ghana, Mali, Songhai, Benin, 

Zimbabwe and the Moors who ruled southwest Europe for 700 years.

Blacks were first in Asia and pioneered Asia's early civilization!

The Black role in Asia as elsewhere in the world, has been submerged and 

distorted for centuries.  Asia's African roots are well summarized in 

African Presence in Early Asia by Ivan Van Sertima / Runoko Rashidi, and 

African Presence in Early China by James Brunson.  The original oriental 

people were Black, and many of them still are Black - southern China and 

Asia.  The earliest occupants of Asia were 'small Blacks' (pygmies) who 

came to the region as early as 50,000 years ago.  In 100 Amazing Facts 

About The Negro, J.A. Rogers reports that in 1923, Europeans first 

discovered "a hitherto unknown Negro race, the Nakhis, 200,000 in number, 

in Southern China."  In The Children of the Sun George Parker writes "... 

it appears that the entire continent of Asia was originally the home of 

many black races and that these races were the pioneers in establishing 

the wonderful civilizations that have flourished throughout this vast 

continent."  Reports of major kingdoms ruled by Blacks are frequent in 

Chinese documents.  The first kingdom of Southeast Asia is called Fou 

Nan, famous for building masterful canal systems.  Chinese historians 

described the Fou Nanese men as "small and black."  The Ainus, Japan's 

oldest known inhabitants, have traditions which tell of a race of dark 

dwarfs which inhabited Japan before they did.  Historians Cheikh Anta Dip 

and Albert Churchward saw the Ainus as originating in Egypt!  There is 

archeological support for this.  In addition, ancient Egypt and 

Mesopotamia records the "Anu" (Ainu?).  The Ainu ".. are of the same 

original race and type as the Australian Aborigines" reports Churchward 

in Signs and Symbols of Primordial Man.  J.A. Rogers writes in Sex and 

Race Vol. I, "... there are any number of Japanese who, but for color and 

hair, bear a striking resemblance to the South African Bushman..."  An 

ancient tradition points to the conquest of Japan from the southeast by a 

race of Black warriors.

Did Africans build those ancient pyramids in Japan & China?

There are man-made pyramids in China and Japan!  China's pyramids are 

located near Siang Fu city in the Shensi province.  The Chinese do not 

know how they got there but it is believed that Africans of the Nile 

Valley were the builders (J. Perry: The Growth of Civilization p 106,107) 

Mistaken for hill due to there eroded appearance, the ones in Japan are 

made of stones not indigenous to Japan.  It is said they were built 

during the time of Mu.  (see page 15) (A. Tebecis: Mahikari-Thank God for 

the Answers at Last - at Mahikari Centers, LA (310) 316-6867, The 

Pyramids of Japan - film by Alpha Media Corp.)

China's first historical dynasty and first emperor were Black!

Founded by King Tang or Ta, the earliest documented rulership of China 

was the Shang Dynasty (or Chiang) c. 1500-1000 B.C., which is credited 

with bringing together the elements of China's earliest known civilization.

The Shang were given the name Nakhi (Na-Black, Khi-man).  Under the Black 

dynasty, the Chinese established the basic forms of a graceful 

calligraphy that has lasted to the present day.  The first Chinese 

emperor, the legendary Fu-Hsi (2953-2838 B.C.) was a wooly haired Black 

Man.  He is credited with establishing government, originating social 

institutions and cultural inventions.  He is said to have originated the 

I Ching, or The Book of Change, which is the oldest, most revered system 

of prophecy.  It is known to have influenced the most distinguished 

philosophers of Chinese thought.

The martial arts originated in AFRICA, not Asia!

Kilindi Iyi's essay in African Presence in Early Asia (by Van 

Sertima/Rashidi) reveals the African roots of the martial arts: Africans 

discovered very early that the movements of animals could be sued 

effectively to develop their fighting skills.  Also, that 'animal 

principles' could be isolated within the consciousness and manifested 

into an unconquerable fighting force.  The oldest rescores of kicking, 

throwing, wrestling, and punching techniques were found in Egypt.  These 

warrior scientists laid the foundation for all martial arts systems, 

including Kung Fu and Judo.
The first people of India were Africans!  The word India itself means 

Black.  Yoga & other so-called Eastern teachings originated in Africa!

The Latin word "India" is from the Greek word Indus (or Indos) which 

means Black.  The earliest people of India were Black Africans!  It is 

believed that many of them came from Ethiopia.  Often called Dravidians, 

these Africans founded the great Indus Valley Civilization around 3000 

B.C.  They brought with them many spiritual sciences which originated in 

Africa, such as those of Yoga, Kundalini & Reflexology.  They were 

masters of urban planning and architecture:  their homes & cities had 

running water, toilets, and an underground sewage system! - evidenced at 

the Mohenjo Daro ruins (2000 B.C.).  It is believed that the Ganges, the 

sacred river of India, is named after an Ethiopian king of that name who 

conquered Asia as far as this river.  Buddha, Krishna, and other great 

Black sages arose from their successive civilizations, including the 

great King Asoka.

Barbaric whites invaded India, bringing destruction.

Around the 7th century B.C., nomadic, barbaric tribes of whites invaded 

India.  Like their Greek cousins were to do later, these uncivilized 

whites learned civilization from the Blacks and overthrew them, 

destroying their great civilization.  Like their European cousins were to 

do later with Christianity and Judaism, they distorted the Black's 

religion into a system which ensured their superiority while suppressing 

the natives.  The caste system is the basis of their cunning, oppressive 

religious ideology which to this day enslaves the mind, body and soul of 

indigenous Blacks.  Originally called Brahminism, this religion was 

altered and is now called Hinduism - the greatest curse to India's 

Blacks.  According to Madame Blavatsky - founder of Theosophy (a 

philosophy based on India's sacred sciences), a type of caste system was 

already in place before the whites arrived.  They worsened and exploited 

it, putting themselves on top.  Historians incorrectly refer to these 

whites as "Aryan," a word stolen from the Sanskrit language of India's 

Blacks, where it meant noble cultivator or the holy as a title for Rishis 

(sages) who mastered the sacred science of Aryasatyani.

No justice exists for the Dalits:  India's Black "Untouchables"

At the top of the Hindu caste pyramid sits the Brahmin.  At the bottom 

are the heavily exploited, degraded, humiliated, slave-like, impoverished 

"Untouchables" who carry the weight of the entire population.  They are 

the worse victims of Hindu society, along with women at all caste levels.

African Presence in Early Asia presents an essay by Indian activists v.T. 

Rajshekar who writes: " From the very beginning it [Brahminism/Hinduism] 

has had the suppression of the native population and women, even Aryan 

women, as its primary principles.... whereas the natives respected all 

humans and assured equal status to women.  In fact, the natives of India 

were matriarchal..."  These Black Untouchables are the long-suffering 

descendants of Aryan/Black unions and native Black populations who 

retreated into the hinterlands of India seeking escape from the advancing 

Aryan influence under which they eventually succumbed.  They call 

themselves Dalits which means crushed and broken.  Though the caste 

system (or varna system) was based originally on skin color (varna means 

color), color is not the main problem as some dark or light skinned 

people are found at the top and bottom.  The problem is the sanctioned 

oppression of Black Untouchables.  No justice exists for them!  Crimes 

against them by caste Hindus almost always go unpunished!  Rajshekar 

writes "No where else in the world is there an parallel to the Aryan 

persecution of the untouchables of India... It is a social, cultural, and 

religious institution... The caste structure maintains itself because 

every member of a particular caste group stands to gain by belonging to 

that particular caste-group.  The caste system helps the exploitation of 

the weak by the strong.  India's constitution not only does not 

interfere with caste, but fully upholds it... Caste system is based on 

purity and pollution.  One group is considered more pure than the other.  

The less pure caste group accepts its lower status because it is happy 

that it has a much larger caste group below it to exploit.  As long as 

there is somebody below it to exploit, it is proud and will not mind 

somebody always standing on its shoulders.  So the entire caste structure 

is a ... self-sustaining, automatic, exploitive machine."

India's Blacks are ignorant of their African roots.

India's native Black population is the largest Black population outside 

Africa, numbering about 200 million.  They have brown to black skin, 

straight or kinky hair and Africoid features, such as the famous Indian 

holy man, Sathya Sai Baba who has a large kinky afro.  Rajshekar writes 

"The Black untouchables of India, even the educated among them are not 

aware of the common origin of Africans and Dalits.  When they come to 

know of this and the struggle of the African-Americans and their 

spectacular achievements, our people will naturally become proud.  

Putting pride into their broken hearts is our prime task...  The 

African-Americans also must know that their liberation struggle cannot be 

complete as long as their own blood-brothers and sisters living in far of 

Asia are suffering.  It is true that African-Americans and India's Black 

Untouchables are both the victims of racism...  African-Americans leaders 

can give our struggle tremendous support by bringing forth knowledge of 

the existence of such a huge chunk of Asian Blacks to the notice of both 

the American Black masses and the Black masses who dwell within the 

African continent itself...  No group is better positioned to launch this 

cultural revolution than India's Dalits.  Since we form the foundation of 

this caste pyramid, we alone are capable of shaking its structure, if not 

demolishing it...  The moment that our people come to believe that they 

are neither Hindus nor obligated to obey the upper castees, the whole 

caste structure completely collapses."

India's Blacks, like America's Blacks, are awakening from a long spell of 

ignorance of their true history & African roots.  India's Black Dalits 

have been profoundly inspired by the Black Liberation Movement and Black 

leaders of the 1960s, whom they revere.  Some are linking with African 

Americans.  Instrumental in this awakening has been Runoko Rashidi, 

African-American historian and founder of the International Dalit Support 

Group.  [Rashidi (213) 293-5807]  The best publication on India's Black 

Untouchables is The Dalit voice, edited by Indian activist, author, 

journalist V.T. Rajshekar.  Annual subscriptions: $40.00 c/o Dalit 

Sahitya Akademy, 109 / 70th Cross, Palace Lower Orchards, Bangalore, 

India -560003.  India's rich African roots are presented in African 

Presence in Early Asia by Ivan Van Sertima & Runoko Rashidi;  Metu Neter 

by Ra Un Nefer Amen; Black Jade: The African Presence in the Ancieent 

East by James Brunson.  Madame Blavatsky volumes (Isis Unvieled, The 

Secret Doctrin, Collected Writings) are rich sources of information on 

the spiritual, metaphysical sciences of ancient India, Egypt, Tibet and 

Chaldea.  African-American historian and lecturer, Amos Tucker is an 

expert on Blavatsky's works (plus ancient Ethiopian history) and is 

completing books in these areas.  (805-646-1774)

The Africoid Olmecs was the parent culture of Ancient America.

Flourishing more than 1000 years before Christ, the Olmecs was the 

parent civilization of Ancient America.  Colossal monuments of stone heads 

in Mexico show numerous carvings of them as gods.  Their faces are 

unmistakably Africoid, along with many other Africoid portraits in stone, 

clay, copper and gold.  In addition to their culture shaping role, the 

Olmecs were undoubtedly profoundly influenced by Black migrants from 

Africa's Nile Valley.  Columbus himself made emphatic reference to black 

traders from Guinea.

African technology built the pyramids in Mexico!  Did Africans also rule 

all of South & Central America?

Yes!  According to Peruvian historian Eduardo de Habiche who documents 

this in his Spanish Book, El Peru Milenario des Quicia las bases de la: 

Historia Universal (Lima, Peru 1983).  He asserts that these Africans 

were Egyptian invaders seeking Peruvian gold.  Aztec murals clearly 

depict Blacks with Natives.  African presence in ancient North, Central 

&  South America is well documented by Ivan Van Sertima in They Came 

Before Columbus & The African Presence in Early America, also R.A. 

Jairazbhoy's Ancient Egyptians in Middle & South America & his pictorial 

Ancient Egypt, Mexico & United States which documents cultural 

connections between ancient North America and Egypt!

Native American's great contributions have been ignored.

As previously noted, the relationship of Native Americans and Africans 

goes back thousands of years!  Africans were actively in business with 

Native Americans long before Columbus wandered lost into the Caribbean 

and thinking he found India, erroneously called the Natives "Indians," a 

name which has stuck.  At one time the African and American continents 

were joined, as proven by their similarity of tropical plants, animals 

and geographic traits, plus their appearance of fitting together.  

Perhaps this is why many gods of Central America are portrayed black with 

Africoid features.  When white men came to Central & South America, they 

immediately began enslaving the Natives.  Millions of Natives died (along 

with their great, quashed civilizations), from slavery, torture, murder 

and European diseases.  Many were also imported as slaves to Europe!  

Initiating the Atlantic slave trade, Columbus crammed his tiny three 

ships with 1,200 Indian slaves upon returning to Spain.  After running 

short on labor supply due to decimating most of the Native population, 

white men began importing African slaves to meet the growing labor 

demands of their ruthless conquest and plunder.  Thus Native and African 

Americans share a common history of massive abuse, genocide and 

exploitation from white men.  Natives were even called by the same 

derogatory terms applied to Africans, and often treated worse, to say 

nothing of two whole continents taken from them.

The tenets of the U.S. Constitution originated from Native Americans!

The Founding Fathers copied the democratic ideals of the U.S. 

Constitutional government from he highly developed political system of 

the Iroquois League of Nations!  The American Federal system derives 

primarily from Native Americans, NOT from Europe, which was a despotic 

feudal society, nor from ancient Greece where the majority were either 

slaves or excluded from decision making.  George Washington, Thomas 

Jefferson, Ben Franklin and others were highly knowledgeable of Native 

political systems.  Franklin urged the new nation to model its government 

on the League of the Iroquois and guide the creation of the American 

constitution, which derives from he Iroquois Kayanesha Kowa (Great Law 

of Peace).  Of course the whitewashed history books do not acknowledge 

this.  In The Sacred Hoop, Paula Gunn Allen documents this subject along 

with the Native American quest for freedom & justice and their input to 

the feminist movement.

Originally, early colonists gave some recognition to Natives: architects 

of the U.S. Capitol fashioned the columns to resemble stalks of com and 

covered the ceiling with tobacco leaves and flowers.  And Pochohantas, a 

Native youth, was selected as the FIRST symbol of America.  But as the 

U.S. moved toward civil war, Native heritage was obscured and whitewashed.

Native American foods revolutionized world agriculture.

That's why Italians have tomatoes, Irish & Germans have potatoes, etc.  

Other foods include maize, peanuts, beans, squashes & peppers.  Corn & 

potatoes are staples in human diet!

Wealth ravaged from Native Americans ballooned European economy.

Historians show that in 1942, the value of all the he gold & silver in 

Europe was about $200 million.  In 16000, just 100 years (and countless 

slaves) later, it increased to two billion! -empowering major economic & 

trade expansion in Europe which led to the Industrial Revolution.

The Native American suicide rate is SEVEN times the national rate!

(See page 21) Natives rank at the bottom of almost every social and & 

economical indicator.  Their problems are symptoms of a far greater 

problem: a disease called white supremacy.  As part of their ongoing 

campaign of genociding people of color, whites are still trying to put 

toxic waste dumps on Native American lands.  Existing radioactive waste 

already deposited is causing birth defects in Native peoples.

White feminists and "New Age" exploitation spell destruction for Native 


The New age movement has sparked new interest in Native American 

spirituality among white women who claim to be spiritualists.  Indian 

spirituality is often presented as the panacea for all problems.  

Explains a flyer:  Many white 'feminists' see the opportunity to make 

great profits from this new craze.  They sell sweat lodges, sacred pipe 

ceremonies or books & records that supposedly describe Indian traditional 

practices so that you too can be 'Indian.'  "On the surface, it may appear 

that this new craze is based on respect for Indian spirituality.  In fact, 

the New Age movement is part of a very old story of white racism and 

genocide against the Indian people.. Of course, white 'feminists' want to 

become only partly Indian... While New Agers may think that they are 

escaping white racism by becoming 'Indian,' they are in fact, continuing 

the same genocidal practices of their forefathers/foremothers.  The one 

thing that has maintained the survival of Indian people through 500 years 

of colonialism has been the spiritual bonds that kept us together.  When 

the colonizers saw the strength of our spirituality, they tried to 

destroy Indian religions by making them illegal... Our colonizers 

recognized that it was our spirituality that maintained our spirit of 

resistance and sense of community ... Many white New Age 'feminists,' 

such as Lynn Andrews, are continuing this practice of destroying Indian 

spirituality.  They trivialize Native American practices so that these 

practices lose their spiritual force.  They have the white privilege and 

power to make themselves heard at the expense of Native Americans.  (Lynn 

Andrews' books have sold more than all books by Native writers 

combined).  Consumers like what many of these writers have to tell and do 

not want to be concerned with the facts presented by Native Americans.  

Our voices are silenced, and consequently, the younger generation of 

Indians who are trying to find their way back to the Old Ways become 

hopelessly lost in this morass of consumerist spirituality."  Addressing 

this problem of New Age exploitation & expropriation of Native culture is 

a group dedicated to preserving and revitalizing Native American 

spiritual practices & religious traditions, called Center for the SPIRIT 

(Support & Protection of Indian Religions and Indigenous Traditions) Box 

17002, Oakland, CA 94601 (510) 535-0505.  Another active group is 

Alliance of Native Americans (ANA) (213) 871-2941.

Probable benefits ahead for Natives through new UN standards.

It is expected that in 1993, the United Nations Human Rights Committee 

will have developed International Law Standards to protect indigenous 

people of North, South and Central America.  This creates a binding 

International Treaty on how to treat Natives and is an International Code 

to allow tribes to regain rightful Sovereign Status and guaranteed 

recognition as Free Nations by the World Community.

Native Americans are reclaiming their land.

The Pope-issued, "Doctrine of Christian Discovery" granted legal sanction 

of white men to commit genocide and help themselves to taking land from 

non-Christian, indigenous peoples around the world.  Los Angeles has the 

largest population of Indians (est. 100,000).  They are referred to as 

"Landless Indians" though they claim "Legal Title to most of the land" in 

America.  Native Americans are uniting in legal battles to recover much 

of their land.  By succeeding, this helps them re-establish their 

cultural connection to the past and gain recognition as valid nations.

Books:  Churchill/Wall:  Agents of Repression, S. Steiner:  The New 

Indian, V. Deloria: The Nations Within, Bruce Johansen: Forgotten 

Founders, M. Jaimes: The State of Native American, Baxendale/McClaine:  

This Land is Our Land.  Newspapers:  Burning Spear (Box 27205, Oakland, 

CA 94602) and Akwesasne Notes (Mohawk Nation via Rooseveltown, N.Y. 13683)

Almost all African-Americans have "Indian blood!"

The history of the formidable "Black Indians" is almost totally 

unwritten.  The first paths to freedom taken by runaway slaves led to 

Native American villages where Blacks found a Red hand of friendship and 

an accepting adoption system & culture.  Black Indians by William Katz 

documents the remarkable history of the descendants of Native 

American/African unions in North, Central & South America, including the 

powerful African-Seminole Alliance in Florida that fought the U.S. Army, 

Navy & marines to standstill for 40 years.  It reveals that "Today just 

about every African-American family tree has an Indian brand... Europeans 

forcefully entered the African blood stream, but Native Americans and 

Africans merged by choice, initiation, and love."
Africans ruled widely in Europe for over 1400 years!

Shocking, isn't it!  It started with Septimus Severus and ended with the 

Moors.  To summarize:  * Black rulership of the Roman Empire begin in 

193 A.D. with African born, Roman Emperor Septimus Severus, a full 

blooded African.  There were four other Black emperors after the Severus 

dynasty.  *  Often called the father of military strategy, Hannibal, 

another full blooded African, performed the astounding feat of crossing 

the Alps on elephants in 218 B.C.  With only 26,000 of his original force 

of 82,000 troops remaining, Hannibal defeated Rome, the mightiest 

military power of the age, who had a million men, in every battle for the 

next fifteen years.  His tactics are still taught in leading military 

academies of the U.S., Europe & other lands.  * Black rulership was 

widespread in Europe during the "Dark" & Middle Ages!  * The original 

"knights" were Black! -including the knights of King Arthur's Round 

Table!  That's why they were called "knights" after the night or darkness 

of their skin.  * An African king named Gormund, ruled Ireland during the 

Anglo-Saxon period in England, reports the medieval historian, Geoffrey 

of Monmouth.  * Halfdan the Black, who was Africoid, was the first king 

to unite Norway.  * When the British Isles were invaded by the Vikings 

some of these Norse raiders were Africoid.  In fact different varieties 

of 'Viking' Africans lived in Scandinavia during the Middle ages and are 

frequently mentioned in Viking sagas.  * There were Black Huns!  The 

dictionary describes the Huns as "a fierce barbaric race of Asiatic 

nomads who, led by Attila, ravaged Europe in the 4th and 5th centuries 

A.D."  The Gothic writer Jordannes described their infamous leader, 

Attila the Hun as having "a flat nose and swarthy completion."  He 

describes the types of Huns he had seen as "of dark complexion, almost 

black... broad shoulder, flat noses and small eyes."  * The African Moors 

dominated southwest Europe during the Middle Ages for 700 years: 711-1492 

A.D. (se page 6)

Europe's royal families descended from Black/mulatto rulers!

This makes sense when you know that African's ruled Europe for 1400 

years.  Africans introduced the concept of royalty to the European when 

were initially uncivilized barbarians.  African ancestry in the Europeans 

is well documented in Nature Knows No Color Line by J.A. Rogers.  To list 

a few: the Black Queen Charlotte Sophie - the grand daughter of Queen 

Victoria - who was also the consort of George III & the great, great 

grandmother of Louis XVI.  Jean Baptiste Bemadotte who founded the present 

day royal Swedish family.  The Medicis, the Gonzagas, the Duchess of 

Alafoes, St.Hilaire - son of Louis XV ... this is why some of Europe's 

oldest royal/noble families are called the "Black Nobility" though they 

are "white"?

There are no "pure whites".  Race purity is a big myth.

Europeans and their "white Americans" descendants have much African blood 

from centuries of miscegenation with Africans: * That's why Spaniards, 

Greeks and Italians are so dark.  * African Moors ruling southwest Europe 

centuries, darkened whites in this area, especially Portal, which was 

"the first example of a Negrito (African) republic in Europe."  Moors 

ruling Scotland in the 10th century mixed with whites until they 

disappeared.  * Black Celts (Silures) & Black Vikings vixed with the 

Scandinavia people.  * The black blood type is common even in Nordic 

Europe where intermixing has been happening since antiquity.  *  Even 

Hitler's family had some Black blood, reports the New York Times 7/1/40.  

The Huns included Black Mongolians who mixed heavily with the 'Aryan 

Germans.'  * Black slavery lasted in England for about 400 years 

(1440-1834), during which time much intermixing occurred.  For details on 

Europe's African history / ancestry in whites:  Ivan Van Sertima: African 

Presence in Early Europe, J.A. Rogers: Nature Know No Color Line and Sex 

and Race (all volumes), Edward Scobie Black Britannia, and David 

MacRitchie: Ancient & Modern Britons.

Mo!... Yes Beethoven was Black.  So were five U.S. presidents!.

*Beethoven was a dark Moorish mulatto called "The Black Spaniard."  His 

teacher, the immortal Joseph Hayden, was also a mulatto! (Khamit-Kush:  

What They Never Told You In History Class)  In The Five Negro Presidents, 

J.A. Rogers documents the mulatto identity of five American presidents!

(Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Warren Harding, Andrew Jackson & 

Abraham Lincoln)

*  Wise men of African's Dogon tribe baffles scientists with their 

accurate, advanced technical knowledge of celestial bodies such as the 

invisible white dwarf star, Sirius B, only recently discovered by 

science.  They even accurately told the composition of the moon in 1946, 

decades before the first moon landing! (Marcel Griaule Conversations with 


*  Modern Inventions of Blacks are many, including: * Automatic 

Transmission * Air Conditioning * Multiple Stage Rocket * Turbine Engine 

* Toilet * Traffic Lights.  * Numerous Blacks contributed to development 

of Micro Computers & the Atom Bomb.  Details; Van Sertima Blacks in 

Science for quick review; Ersky Freeman: 1001 Black Inventions Supplement.

The Legendary super civilization of "Mu" (Lemuria) was Black.

Preceding all early civilizations was the legendary Lost Continent of Mu, 

said to be the first advanced civilization of man on Earth.  Mus 

flourished over 70,000 years ago before sinking beneath the Pacific Ocean 

12,000 years ago in a world cataclysm according to legend.  Their 

descendants are said to be primarily the people of the South Seas and 

Oceania.  In Hawaii, there's one island where only pure-blooded Hawaiians 

live.  They have full Africoid features, dark skin & wooly hair!  In 100 

Amazing Facts About the Negro J. Rogres states "...the people of ... 

Negro descent living in Asia and Oceania probably exceed in the number 

the present Negro population of Africa.  The purest Negro types are in 

Southern Asia."

* Atlantis, another super legendary civilization after Mu, is believed to 

be the ancestors of the Red Race.  Books on Mu & Atlantis say that both 

achieved a level of technology superior to modern technology and that the 

misuse of technology, especially in Atlantis, ultimately destroyed them.

* Mu is said to be the original parent of earliest world cultures... and 

this partly explains the amazing similarities between ancient world 

cultures.  The Egyptian historian, Manetho gave a history of Egypt's 

dynasties that goes back at least 24,927 years (to time of Mu & 

Atlantis).  In Plato's Republic, an Egyptian priest may be referring to 

the destruction of Mu & Atlantis when he states "There have been many 

destructions of mankind... you remember a single deluge only."  There is 

abundant worldwide archaeological, mythological & geological evidence 

which "proves" that an advanced, ancient super civilization once thrived 

in the central Pacific.  Ancient underwater cities have already been 

discovered in the Pacific Ocean! (Lost Cities of Ancient Lemuria & the 

Pacific by David Childress; The Lost Continent of Mu & other books by 

James Churchward

Were the Lemurians African Pygmies?

Legends around the world, from Ireland to Japan speak of the earliest 

inhabitants of their land as being "small blacks" or "dark dwarfs."  The 

original Irish "leprechauns" were in fact, pygmies!  The ancient Egyptians 

spoke of the "Twa people" -small brown men who were early inhabitants on 

earth.  Presenting a fascinating account of Lemuria & Atlantis, the 

inspired Right Use of Will by Ceanne DeRohan, reports "the Lemurians were 

small and brown."  In Pygmy Kitabu Jean-Pierre Hallet documents the 

amazing pygmies of Zaire, "the world's most genetically pure ethnic 

group... surviving since the dawn of mankind in real harmony with God, 

nature and each other."  Pygmy bones are found all over earth.  Albert 

Churchward's Signs & Symbols of the Primordial Man talks about the many 

ancient exoduses of Black out of Africa to other parts of the world.  

Some Africans must have returned to Africa since many African tribes 

assert that their ancestors came from the East [Mu?] (J.A. Rogers in 100 

Amazing Facts About the Negro p. 22, quouting a French author)

Stonehenge was build by "small Africoid people!"

Pygmies, that is!  This well documented by two European authors; David 

MacRitchie: The Testimony of Tradition, and Gerald Massey who 

exhaustively explored the Nile Valley origins of British culture in the 

first volume of his Book of Beginnings.  Ancient megalithic structures 

are also found throughout the Black South Pacific Islands.

The extraterrestrial origins of humanity?

Legends and ancient cultures around the world speak of man's 

extraterrestrial connections, claiming that the gods were our ancestors.  

The Bible agrees we are gods (Ps. 82:6, Jn 10:34)  The inspired Cosmic 

Revelations by Valentin/Essene and ch. 11 of New Cells, New Bodies, NEW 

LIFE by V. Essene, offer fresh insights, along with Dreamspell: The 

Journey of Timeship Earth by Arguelles & The Prism of Lyra by 

Royal/Priest.  It is thought that humanity's first prototype began as 

long-lived, god-like, ethereal, hermaphroditic beings who gradually 

polarized into opposite sexes and solidified into flesh form.  Eons later, 

succumbing under the attack of negative forces, many of them 

degenerated into so-called cave men.  Eventually other "gods came to 

earth" (aka Biblical Nefilim or those who fell from Heaven) and combined 

their own genes with those of cave men to upgrade and genetically engineer 

the root race of present homo sapiens about 250-300,000 years ago.  (Z. 

Sitchin: The 12th Planet)  Interestingly the Bible gives two accounts for 

the creation of man - one reads "let us make man in our image," implying 

plural gods at work.  (Gn. 1:26) it also mentions "sons of God" mating 

with "daughters of men." (Gn. 6:2, 4)  Ancient Egyptians also spke of 

"sons of God."  Egyptian hieroglyphics depict them with enormous, 

elongated arched craniums.  Elisabeth Haich writes about them in 

Initiation.  Their skulls have been found in both Egypt & Mexico and can 

be viewed in the Cairo Museum as well as in Peruvian & Mayan relics.  

Spaceships abound in holy books, including the Bible where they are 

described as wheels, fiery clouds and whirlwind chariots.  (Ez. 1:4, 16, 

19 / 10:16-19 / Is. 4:5 / 66:15 / Nm. 12: 5,10 / 14:14 / Jer 4:13)  

Isaiah 19:1 reads "Behold, the lord rideth upon a swift cloud!"  In 

India, the vaimanika Sastra & other holy books give detailed descriptions 

of various flying machines plus detailed instructions for operating 

them!  (Daniken: Pathway to the Gods p 181)
Whites have done to "Original Christianity" what they've done to true 


Like HIS-story, the white man's Christianity is False Christianity!  The 

Original Christianity of the Original Christians and Original Biblical 

Books has been greatly changed, distorted, censored and reconstructed by 

whites into a False Christianity which serves as a "weapon" and the 

primary pillar of global white supremacy.  (See page 27) Consider these 


* Major altering and censoring of Biblical books were accomplished at the 

Council of Nicea in 325 A.D.  In addition, whole books were deleted from 

the Bible.  Evidence of missing Biblical books exists within the Bible 

itself!  These include the books of Jasher, Nathan, Shemaiah, Iddo and 

Jehu -referred to in Nm. 21:14 /Josh. 10:13 / II Sam. 1:18 / I Chr. 29:29 

/ and II Chr. 9:29, 12:15, 20:34.  The Bible in its original form was the 

product of an African people.  Though it has been greatly "messed" with 

by whites, much truth is still available when you know true history.

* The original early Christians were the Essenes, a Jewish sect in Palestine.

Jesus was an Essene.  The earliest images of Jesus, his Mother, disciples 

and Biblical characters, appear for the first time in the catacombs of 

Rome where these early Christians (Essenes) buried their dead.  They are 

portrayed Black.  These Essenes in fact, were the "early Christians" who 

were brutally persecuted by the white Romans and often fed to the lions 

for entertainment!

* The Original Christians Church was also African (Ethiopian).  Its 

original African founders and early saints were often martyred when this 

church was usurped by the whites who replaced it with their counterfeit 

Roman Catholic Church.

* The Dead See Scrolls exposes knowledge concealed by white False 

Christianity.  They prove that Christianity was an outgrowth of 

Essenism.  In The Dead Sea Scrolls & the Life of the Ancient Essenes, Dr. 

R. Bernard writes "These scrolls reveal knowledge hidden from the world 

ever since the Alexandrian library was burnt by the Roman churchmen in 

order to purposely destroy it, because they considered it dangerous to 

the existence and survival of the new religion (False Christianity) which 

they elaborated by alteration of the original doctrines taught by the 

Essenes centuries previously."

* Jesus "lost" years were deliberately concealed by Roman churchmen, 

along with most of the deeper, esoteric teachings of Original 

Christianity which include reincarnation & karma.  Fragments of these 

teachings remain in the Bible, for example: John the Baptist was the 

reincarnation of Elijah (Elias) the Prophet (Mt. 11:11-14, Mal. 4:5).  

Reincarnation & karma explain much of the seeming unbalances in the 

world.  Other Biblical references for both: Job 1:21, Jn. 9:2, Mk. 8:27, 

28, Rv. 13:10, Oba. 1:15.  A book providing most of the Biblical 

references is Edgar Cayce on Reincarnation (also see Montgomery: A World 

Beyond) There is evidence that during Christs's "lost" years, he 

traveled/studied in Egypt & India where the early Christians went for 

advanced education.  For light on Jesus' hidden years/teachings; Levi: 

The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ.

* The Christian Madonna is copied from the Egyptian Madonna.  Worshiped 

in Egypt & Rome, Black Isis & Horus her son was the model for the worship 

of the Madonna & Christ.  Millions of whites worship the Black Madonna & 

Christ, found in Europe's most venerated shrines (formerly the sites of 

temples of Isis).  Titles such as Our Lady, The Great Mother, are the 

same titles attributed to Isis.  The word "Madonna" itself is from the 

mater domina, a title used for Isis!

* The word Christ is from Krishna (Christna).  Krishna was a great avatar 

(savior) in India 3000 years before Jesus.  The name of the historical 

man was Jehoshua (or Joshua), not Jesus.

* Jesus, the Panther?  An original name for Jesus was "Jehoshau Ben 

Pandira" which means "Jesus, son of the Panther!" (Blavatsky: The Secret 

Doctrine) Even the Bible refers to him as "the Lion of the tribe of 

Juda." (Rv. 5:5)  Jesus in fact, was a "Black nationalist freedom 

fighter.. whose goals were to free the Black people of that day from the 

oppressive ... white Roman power structure and to build a Black nation."  

(I Barashango) Schoenfield reports in The Passover Plot p 194: "Galilee, 

were Jesus had lived... which was the home of the Jewish resistance 

movement, suffered particularly.  The Romans never ceased night and day 

to devastate... pillage [and kill]."  In The Black Messiah p91, Rev. A.B. 

Cleage Jr. writes that Jesus was a revolutionary "who was leading a 

[Black] nation into conflict against an [white] oppressor... It was 

necessary that he be crucified because he taught revolution."  Jesus 

states "I have not come to send peace, but a sword." (Mt. 10:34)

* The world has had sixteen crucified saviors, all with virgin births,

accompanied by stars and other wonders.  These saviors PREDATED Jesus by

thousands of years!  Read The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors by Kersey 


* Christianity existed long before Christ! - well documented in John 

Jackson's Christianity Before Christ.  Many Bible stories, traditions, 

special words were copied from Egypt, Sumer, India & other cultures.  

Examples: The word hell is from "hel" (in dictionary), the underworld of 

the Norse myths.  The word Amen is from Egypt.  The word EL or Al (in 

Michael, Gabriel, Daniel, Elohim) was the Canaanite name for God.  The 

original cross used by the early Christians was the Egyptian ANKH, a 

looped cross which symbolizes everlasting life.  The white man's false 

replacement - the crucifix, is a symbol of death. (see page 27)

Other revealing books: I Barashango: God, The Bible & The Black Man's 

Destiny, T. Doane: Bible Myths, G. Higgins: Anacalypsis, Ysuef 

ben-Jochannan: African Origins of Major Western Relgions, D. Dudley: 

History of the First Council of Nice.  The Lost Books of the Bible & the 

Forgotten Books of Eden.

The Renaissance was the "White-aissance!" during which Europeans 

massively whitewashed African history.

It's an ironic shame that such whitewashing should take place at this 

time since it was Africans (Moors) that sparked the Renaissance in the 

first place!  The Catholic Church, using Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci 

and other artists, was the chief culprit!  An overview of the profoundly 

wicked history of the Catholic Church and its Popes is presented in 

Deceptions and Myths of the Bible by Lloyd Graham.  The surviving art 

which escaped whitewashing, often portrays rulers, famous figures and 

armies of knights as Black as they can be.  A good source of such art are 

"Icon" art books like Russian Icons available at most art museums.  Also 

at the library you may find art books on these periods, and if you look 

carefully through them, you will usually find one or two stray pieces of 

Black evidence that 'escaped' the Renaissance's whitewashing.

Whites are trapped in "illusions of greatness" by false history.

* Whites have committed a grand theft and massive cover-up of true history.

* This cover-up keeps most white Americans ignorant of the truth about 


In Message to the White Man & Woman in America: Yacub and the Origins of 

White Supremacy, Dr. Dorothy Fardan, a white member of the Nation of 

Islam writes: "This ignorance and rejection of history allows Whites to 

continue in illusions of greatness and white supremacy that can only be 

eliminated by unfolding the layers of rejected history.  What most white 

people pail to understand is that they too have been denied access to the 

true history which under girds their present life, and in the absence of 

truth fail to gain knowledge of themselves.  In rejecting 'Black history' 

..they have rejected the truth of themselves and the crucial key to 

unlocking the doors to both the past and present, and therefore, any clear 

path towards the future.

Speaking on how whites are trapped in a false history they do not 

understand," she continues: "What history are Caucasians trapped in 

then?  It is a historical vacuum; a chunk of time which has been severed 

from its origin point and reconstructed in terms of fabricated accounts 

and falsified documents.  Such an historical and truncated worldview ahs 

allowed the illusion of white supremacy to become not only a general 

mindset, but an insidious underlying strategy which informs and 

constitutes every institution within American society .. This mind set, 

which has no grounding in the origins of human presence, no recognized 

connection to the first civilizations of human beings nor the wisdom 

accumulated in those civilizations (except for what was stolen and/or 

rethought and rewritten) is a mindset trapped..  While the Europeans took 

what they needed and wanted from the original people in Africa to form 

the foundations of Western civilization, they simultaneously denied and 

rejected that very source.  What occurred was a deliberate effort to 

cover up, conceal and alter the true origins of human life, in order to 

establish a supremacists worldview and eventually a civilization which 

recognized no liability for or answerability to the laws of nature 

embedded in the universe as well as in human nature."

Whites have done a phenomenal job of stealing, falsifying and 

whitewashing history!

Napoleon spoke truth when he stressed "History is a lie agreed upon."  

And Hitler said "The bigger the lie... the more people will believe it."  

History is "his" story, or the white man's story (his lies), but the 

truth is coming to light and the great white Lies & deceptions are being 

exposed as the minds and hearts of humanity reawaken in the increasing 

light of a new dawn.

For an excellent overview of suppressed African history:

What they Never Told You in History Class, by Indus Khamit-Kush Free Your

Mind, Return to the Source: African Origins video by Dr. Asa Hilliard

(404) 762-6604 Malcolm X on Afro-American History When Black Men Ruled the

World and other videos by LeGrand Clegg (310) 631-2661

Stolen Legacy by James, G.M. George

The Destruction of Black Civilization by Chancellor P. Williams

From the Browder File by Anthony Browder

The African Origin of Civilization by Cheikh Anta Dip

100 Amazing Facts About the Negro and other books by J.A. Rogers

All books by Ivan van Sertima from Journal of African Civilizations at 

Rutgers University (908) 932-1766

African Presence in Early Asia by Ivan Van Sertima & Runoko Rashidi

A Guide to the Study of African Classical Civilizations by Runoko Rashidi

Adam, The Altaic Ring & "The Children of the Sun", Mo, and A Black Man's 

Bible by James R. Granger Jr.

Message to the White Man & Woman in America: Yacub & the Origins of White 

Supremacy by Dorothy Fardan

Sources for the books listed in this document (see page 35 for full list)

* Eso-Wan Books: 900 N. LaBrea St, Inglewood CA (310) 674-6566

* Marcus Books: Oakland CA (510) 652-2344 at 3900 Martin Luther King Wy / 

San Francisco (415) 346-4222 / 1712 Fillmore

* Shrine of the Black Madonna (Books, Cultural Centers): Atlanta GA (404) 

752-6125 at 946 Ralph D. Abernathy Blvd. / Houston TX: (713) 645-1071 at 

5309 Martin Luther King Blvd. / Detroit MI (313) 491-0777 at 13535 Livernois

Part II under construction


1.  The first Americans or native Americans going back to 13,000
BC were black!  Look up the Folsom people who lived in Arizona.

2. Best reason to STOP USING the term African American and
say Black: A  white person who was born in Africa, who moves to
America is an African American and qualifies for financial aid,
etc., but will get the jobs/pay privileges afforded to whites.

3. Look up the Slavery Law of 1665 (which stayed
in effect until 1968) and the Maryland Doctrine of Exclusion
(1638): both laws state that blacks must be excluded from the
benefits afforded whites and that blacks must remain
noncompetitive with whites, except in sports and entertainment.

4. Two white men, Bill Gates and Larry Elision,
combined have more wealth than the combined wealth of all 36
million blacks in America. Civil Rights did not change the economic
landscape or the balance of power in America.

5. Asians received 80% of all government minority set aside
contracts. Hello!!!!!!!

6. Blacks eat more fish than whites by a four to
one margin. For every dollar whites spend on fish, blacks spend
nine dollars on fish. Fish sold wholesale for $1 will retail at
$2.50 -- $3.00. Guess what business we should be in as Blacks?

7. There are no black-owned national cable or major network
television stations.  The black woman who owns our only
black-owned radio stations, plans to sell to white owners after
hearing the deal Bob Johnson received for selling BET. (Cathy
Hughes, who owns RADIO ONE is from OMAHA!)

8. There are no black-owned companies on the Wall Street Stock
Exchange where  blacks own the majority or controlling interest

9. 96% of all black inmates are men.

10. Over the next two years 440,000 black inmates will be
released from prison.  The State has no place to put them as they
reenter society. What about a halfway house business?

11. In 1860, 98% of all Blacks in America worked for White
people. In 2001, 98% of all Blacks in America still work for
white people.

12. In 1860, blacks in America had a combined net
worth of half of one percent point. Guess what? In 2001,
after Civil Rights, Jesse Jackson, Oprah, Shaq, NAACP,
and Urban League, our combined net worth is half a percentage

13. For every dollar earned by a Jewish person, that dollar
touches 12-18 Jewish  hands before it leaves their community. For
every dollar earned by a black person, it leaves the community
soon as he or she earns it.

14. Last week in Washington, DC black teenagers were arrested and
booked for  eating McDonalds on the metro subway. Cops cited the
recent 5-4 court decision as the permission to arrest lawbreakers
even for minor offenses.

America is against blacks... PERIOD!

After we get through being pleased that we have carpet in our
office, a secretary, our name on the door and make six figures,
we do not own anything.  What will happen if you miss six months
of work without pay?  All we have left for our children is debt,
not an inheritance. You cannot pass welfare or food stamps on to
our kids as a nest egg! We are not even in the race.

By the way, the word "race" hit the English language in the 16th century when
Europeans held a contest to see who will win the race to gather
the most wealth through exploitation of blacks.  You must read
Powernomics by Claude Anderson.

This is our blueprint to create
wealth, not just to have a job, but be a business owner, so you
can hire people,  be listed on the stock exchange, develop businesses to meet our needs.
This is a main motivation for Wanda and I forming Goddess Empire Inc., and other companies
where we can maintain ownership of our product (which are the fruits of our labor) and doing what
we can to be a part of each other's solutions and NEVER each other's problems.   We've GOT
to come and stick TOGETHER, my friends... for this is real.

Dr. Woodson felt it was important for Black people to know their history and
to have pride in their race. He felt that race prejudice grew from the idea
than Black people were inferior to White people, The truth about Black
history would stop the spread of racial prejudice.
Dr. Woodson said Blacks should be proud of their African ancestors. The
African had taught the modern world  civilization, trial by jury, music by
stringed instruments, the domestication of the sheep and the cow, and the
use of  smelting metals, gold, silver and iron.

Carter G. Woodson:
The Founder of Black History Month
Many people call Dr, Carter G. Woodson the "Father of Negro History," They
believe he has done More than any other individual to prevent the
obliteration of Black history.
It is because of Dr. Woodson's hard work that we observe Black History Month
each year.
Carter G. Woodson was born in New Canton, Virginia in 1875 to former
slaves Anne Eliza (Riddle) and James Henry Woodson. Though neither could
read nor write, they both held a strong desire to see their son succeed
academically. Woodson's father would teach him that, "learning to accept
insult, to compromise on principle, to mislead your fellow man, or to
betray your people, is to lose your soul".

In a large and poor family, young Woodson states that he was brought up
without the "ordinary comforts of life". Often he was forced to miss
schooling in order to help work on the family farm. Yet determined to
complete his young education, Woodson began upon a process of
self-teaching away from the classroom. Ever seeking to learn, Woodson
moved with his brother to Huntington, West Virginia, where they hoped to
attend the Douglass High School. However, Woodson found himself earning
a living as a miner in Fayette County coalfields just to feed himself.
And he was able to devote only a few months each year to his schooling.
But again never giving up, in 1895 and at the age of twenty-one Woodson
entered Douglass High School and earned his diploma in two years.

>From 1897 to 1900, Woodson began teaching in Winona, Fayette County. In
1900, he returned to Huntington to become the principal of Douglass H.S.
and received his Bachelor of Literature degree from Berea College,
Kentucky. From 1903 to 1907, he was a school supervisor in the South
Pacific islands of the Philippines. Later he traveled throughout Europe
and Asia and studied at the famed Sorbonne University in Paris. In 1908,
this son of former slaves received his M.A. from the University of
Chicago, and in 1912, a Ph.D. in history from Harvard University.

During his travels and studies Woodson began to develop an important
perception of history as an applicable field of study, especially for
black people. History, he would say, was not the mere gathering of facts
and data. One did not know simply for the sake of knowing. The object of
historical study Woodson contended was to come to a reasonable
interpretation of the facts through critical analysis. History be
believed was more than political and military records of peoples and
nations. It must include some description of the social conditions of
the period being studied. In this way Woodson can said to be one of
America's first social historians, a field that is now experiencing a
great deal of attention.

Woodson was more than mere philosophy however, as he published works,
founded institutions and movements to back up his beliefs. In 1915, he
and several friends in Chicago established the Association for the Study
of Negro Life and History. The following year, the Journal of Negro
History appeared, one of the oldest learned journals in the United
States. In 1937 he published the first issue of the famous Negro History
Bulletin. But what has probably gained him most notoriety was his
establishment of Negro History Week that in later years would become
what is now known as Black History Month.
Black History Month - Carter G. Woodson, Ph.D.
Woodson wanted more education. He worked as a coal miner in Kentucky to pay
for his higher education. Later when he was qualified, he taught grade school
and later, high school students. During his summer vacations Woodson
continued his education.
Carter Woodson was a good student. He was educated at Berea College in
Kentucky. He later went to the University of Chicago where he earned his BA,
or Bachelor of Arts in 1907 and his MA or Master of Arts degree in 1908. He
earned his PhD or Doctor of Philosophy degree at Harvard University in 1912.
He also studied at the Sorbonne in Paris.
In 1915, Carter Woodson started the Association for the study of Negro Life
and History (ASNLH). He began the Association to help Black historians
uncover the history of the Black man in Africa and in America.
White historians had changed the history of the Black man. White historians
had made up untruths about the Black man so that White people, would believe
that slavery was right to enslave the Black man.
The untruths written by White historians made many Blacks believe that they
had no history. Many black people were ashamed of their race because of these
Dr. Woodson felt it was important for Black people to know their history and
to have pride in their race. He felt that race prejudice grew from the idea
than Black people were inferior to White people, The truth about Black
history would stop the spread of racial prejudice.
Dr. Woodson said Blacks should be proud of their African ancestors. The
African had taught the modern world trial by jury, music by stringed
instruments, the domestication of the sheep and the cow, and the use of iron.
Click Here: http://www.soemadison.wisc.edu/ccbc/woodson.htm
Carter G. Woodson Award
Click Here:
Governor's Office - Black History Month - Carter
Click Here:
CPL Woodson Regional Library Carter G. Woodson






Oklahoma artist, Acee Blue Eagle, presents the Emperor with a Pawnee war bonnet and gives him the name "Great Buffalo High Chief," observed by a smiling Oliver Willham, President of Oklahoma A. and M. College, and Endalkatchew Mekonnen, Chief of Protocol.


Emperor of Ethiopia, Haile Selassie, addresses the press shortly after his arrival at the Stillwater Airport on 18 June 1954.


Emperor of Ethiopia, Haile Selassie, addresses the press shortly after his arrival at the Stillwater Airport on 18 June 1954.


At the banquet in Oklahoma A. and M.'s Student Union: Governor Johnston E. Murray; Princess Sebla Desta; Oliver Willham, President of A&M; the Emperor; Willie Murray; and partially hidden, Prince Sahle Selassie.


The plaque presented to the Emperor by A&M's Vice President, Al E. Darlow "in behalf of the citizens of Oklahoma." The Emperor had the plaque mounted in the cornerstone of the administration building of the Imperial Ethiopian College of Agriculture and Mechanical Arts at Alemaya. During the Cold War, the plaque purportedly was destroyed by Cuban troops occupying Alemaya.


The scroll presented to the Emperor by President Willham at the formal dinner.


Henry G. Bennett, president of Oklahoma A&M, met with Emperor Haile Selassie in 1950. Their meeting resulted in the Ethiopian government asking for technical assistance under the Point Four Program and the Emperor’s visit to Stillwater in 1954.






The Great Book of Divine Code of Human Behavior Ordinances Translations of the Papyri NW, and INSA.


1. Commandment from the goddess NW, mother of Gods:

Thou shall not cause suffering to humans

2. Commandment from the goddess NW, mother of Gods:                     

Thou shall not intrigue by ambition

3. Commandment from the goddess NW, mother of Gods:

Thou shall not deprive a poor person of their subsistence

4. Commandment from the goddess NW, mother of Gods:

Thou shall commit acts that are loathed by Gods

5. Commandment from the goddess NW, mother of Gods:

Thou shall not cause suffering to others

6. Commandment from the goddess NW, mother of Gods:

Thou shall not steal offerings from temples

7. Commandment from the goddess NW, mother of Gods:

Thou shall not steal bread meant for Gods

8. Commandment from the goddess NW, mother of Gods:

Thou shall not steal offerings destined to sanctify spirits

9. Commandment from the goddess NW, mother of Gods:

Thou shall not commit shameful acts inside sacro-saints of temples

10. Commandment from the goddess NW, mother of Gods:

Thou shall not sin against nature with one’s own kind

11. Commandment from the goddess NW, mother of Gods:

Thou shall not take milk from the mouth of a child

12. Commandment from the goddess NW, mother of Gods:

Thou shall not fish using other fish as bait

13. Commandment from the goddess NW, mother of Gods:

Thou shall not extinguish fire when it should burn

14. Commandment from the goddess NW, mother of Gods:

Thou shall not violate the rules of meat offerings

15. Commandment from the goddess NW, mother of Gods:

Thou shall not take possession of properties belonging to temple and Gods

16. Commandment from the goddess NW, mother of Gods:

Thou shall not prevent a God from manifesting itself

17. Commandment from the goddess NW, mother of Gods:

Thou shall not cause crying

18. Commandment from the one that strides backward and coming from the city of BAST1:

Thou shall not make scornful signs

19. Commandment from SERTIU19 coming from ANNU2:

Thou shall not get angry or enter a dispute without just cause

20. Commandment from the one who dost regard what is brought into gods and coming from PER-AMSU3:

Thou shall not be impure

21. Commandment of BABA20 coming from UAB4:

Thou shall not refuse to listen to words of justice and truth

22. Commandment of KENEMTI 21 coming from KENEMT5:

Thou shall not Blaspheme

23. Commandment coming from the God with two horns coming from SAIS6:

Thou shall not sin by excess of speech

24. Commandment from the bearer of AHI22 coming from NW:

Thou shall not speak scornfully

25. Commandment from the who makest mankind to flourish coming from SAIS:

Thou shall not curse a Divinity

26. Commandment from the NEHEB-NEFERT23 coming out of his hiding place:

Thou shall not cheat on the offering to Gods

27. Commandment from the one who dost set the heads in order coming from his alter:

Thou shall not waste the offerings to the dead

Commandment from the one who bringest the arm coming from the city of MAATI:

Thou shall not snatch food from children and thou shall not sin against the Gods of one’s city

29. Commandment from the one with white teeth coming from TA-SHE7:

Thou shall not kill divine animals with bad intentions

30. Commandment from the one who’s stride are long:

Thou shall not cheat

31. Commandment from the one is embraced by flames coming from KHER-ABA8:

Thou shall not rob or loot

32. Commandment from the FENTIU24 coming from KHEMENNU9:

Thou shall not steal

33. Commandment from the Devour of shadows coming from QERNET10:

Thou shall not kill

34. Commandment from the NEHAU25 coming from the RE-STAU11:

Thou shall not destroy offerings

35. Commandment from the God in the form of two lions coming fro the sky:

Thou shall not reduce measurements

36. Commandment from the one with the eyes of fire coming from SAUT12:

Thou shall not steal properties belonging to gods

37. Commandment from the flame that comes and goes

Thou shall not Lie

38. Commandment from the crusher of bones coming from SUTEN-HENEN13:

Thou shall not snatch away food or wealth

39. Commandment from the Goddess NW, mother of gods:

Thou shall not cause pain

40. Commandment from the one that projects flames coming from KET-PTAH14:

Thou shall not fornicate with the fornicator

41. Commandment from the Goddess NW, mother of gods:

Thou shall not act dishonestly

42. Commandment from the Goddess NW, mother of gods:

Thou shall not transgress

43. Commandment from the Goddess NW, mother of gods:

Thou shall not act maliciously

44. Commandment from the Goddess NW, mother of gods:

Thou shall not steal farmlands

45. Commandment from the Goddess NW, mother of gods:

Thou shall not reveal secrets

46. Commandment from the Goddess NW, mother of gods:

Thou shall not court a man’s wife

47. Commandment from the Goddess NW, mother of gods:

Thou shall not sleep with another’s wife

48. Commandment from the Goddess NW, mother of gods:

Thou shall not cause terror

49. Commandment from the Goddess NW, mother of gods:

Thou shall not rebel

50. Commandment from the Goddess NW, mother of gods:

Thou shall not be the cause of anger or hot tempers

51. Commandment from the Goddess NW, mother of gods:

Thou shall not act with insolence

52. Commandment from the one that commands the speech coming from the UNASET15:

Thou shall not cause misunderstanding

53. Commandment from a God of faces coming from NETCHFET16:

Thou shall not misjudge or judge hastily

54. Commandment from SEKHERIU26 coming from UTTEN17:

Thou shall not be impatient

55. Commandment from NEFERT-TMU27 coming HET-PTAH-KA14:

Thou shall not cause illness or wounds

56. Commandment from TEM28 in this hour coming from TATTU18:

Thou shall not curse a king

57. Commandment coming from the on who workest with his will coming from NW:

Thou shall not cloud drinking water

58. Commandment from NEHEB-KA29 coming from his hiding place:

Thou shall not Dispossess

59. Commandment from the Goddess NW, mother of gods:

Thou shall not use violence against family

60. Commandment from the Goddess NW, mother of gods:

Thou shall not frequent wickeds

61. Commandment from the Goddess NW, mother of gods:

Thou shall not substitute injustice for justice

62. Commandment from the Goddess NW, mother of gods:

Thou shall not commit crimes

63. Commandment from the Goddess NW, mother of gods:

Thou shall not overwork others for one’s gain

64. Commandment from the Goddess NW, mother of gods:

Thou shall not mistreat heir servants

65. Commandment from the Goddess NW, mother of gods:

Thou shall not menace

66. Commandment from the Goddess NW, mother of gods:

Thou shall not allow a servant to be mistreated by his master

67. Commandment from the Goddess NW, mother of gods:

Thou shall not induce famine

68. Commandment from the Goddess NW, mother of gods:

Thou shall not get angry

69. Commandment from the Goddess NW, mother of gods:

Thou shall not kill or order a murder

70. Commandment from the Goddess NW, mother of gods:

Thou shall not commit abominable acts

71. Commandment from the Goddess NW, mother of gods:

Thou shall not commit treason

72. Commandment from the Goddess NW, mother of gods:

Thou shall not try to increase one’s domain by using illegal means

73. Commandment from the Goddess NW, mother of gods:

Thou shall not usurp funds and property of others

74. Commandment from the Goddess NW, mother of gods:

Thou shall not seize cattle on prairies

75. Commandment from the Goddess NW, mother of gods:

Thou shall not trap poultry that are destined to Gods

76. Commandment from the Goddess NW, mother of gods:

Thou shall not obstruct water in the moment it is supposed to run

77. Commandment from the Goddess NW, mother of gods:

Thou shall not break dams that are established on current waters




1. Bast = city of cat headed fire goddess BUBASTIS in the Delta and Tarin NUBIA

2. ANNU (ANW) = name of a holy region in the mountain situated in the right side of the Nile facing MEMPHIS. Nowadays this mountain carries the name of TOURA and MASSARA

3. PA-AMSU= Flying authority. Title of TEM in MEMPHIS

4. UAB=name of the boat in the sacred lake

5. KENEMT = Nom of the upper lands with a metropolis called HAT SKHEM (called DIOSPOLIS PARVA by Greeks) known these days under the name of WHO. This city connects the ancient root from the oasis of KNEM called nowadays EL-KHARGAH

6. SAIS = capital of the Nom SAP-MEH in the lower lands

7. TA-SHE = the land of the lakes (the FAY YUN)

8. KHER-ABA- necropolis in the west of the Thebes and the territories of the actual Cairo


10. QERNET = city of the world of the dead

11. RE-STAU= the abode of the dead

12. SAUT = Locality on the left bank of the NILE ASSIOUT is the main city of the most important MOUDIRIEH of the upper lands around the Nile. This city is dedicated to the Gods ANUIS OUP-OUAOUET (the one that opens the paths of the desert).

Because that God is worshipped in the form of a jackal or a wild dog, the Greeks assimilated it with a wolf and gave it the name LYCOPOLITES, meaning the city of wolves

13. SUTEN-HENEN= god of the inundation

14. HET-PTAH-KA=Memphis

15. UNASET = city built by the OUNAS (INUS)

16. NETCHFET – town in the Nom SETHROITES

17. UTTEN – County in the upper lands SUDANI territories

18. TATTU- place in the DUAT considered very comfortable ZION

19. SERTIU- one the 42 assessors of OSIRIS

20. BABA-first born of OSIRIS he presides over the phallus and devours the dead

21. KENEMTI-caretaker/goddess of offerings

22. AHI- to invoke, strike

23. NEHEB-NEFERT-one of the assessors of OSIRIS

24. FENTIU = the forms of the God THAUTI

25. NEHAU-(TUAT nine) - the winding or coils of AAPEP

26. SEKHERIU-one of the assessors of OSIRIS

27. NEFERT-TMU- a form of the sun –god/the son of PTAH and SEKMIT, name of the Sun-God at the second hour of the day

28. TEM (TUAT Six) one of the nine spirits who destroy the dead

29. NEHEB-KA= to yoke the ka/ to subjugate the double (a serpent god in the TUAT who provides the dead with food

Military historians say the 19th century Zulus were among the most fearsome and disciplined infantry fighting forces ever seen.

                                                     THE ZULU NATION LINKS

IFP Speeches - 1 November 2002  

  The Zulus - African tribe of Shaka Zulu    Battlefields   Zulu Victory   Martinis and the Zulu-War

   Zulu War   The Zulu nation had started as a small tribe   THE ZULU NATION   History of the Anglo-Zulu war

  Zulu People   Welcome to Zulu   Zululand: History of the Zulu Nation   U.S. Navy: The meaning of "Zulu"  

  USATODAY.com - Understanding and using Zulu time    Buffalo Soldiers at Alcatraz; One of Them is a Zulu Prince - 1899  

  South African Military History Society - Journal- The Anglo-Zulu War of 1879 - Isandlwana and Rorke's Drift  

  Lord of the Sky-King of the Earth: Zulu traditional religion and belief in the sky god  

  Credo Mutwa: Zulu Shaman on Reptilians in Africa    Great Zulu Shaman And Elder Credo Mutwa - David Icke E~Magazine


ISANDLWANA, South Africa (AP) --Nearly 80 Zulu warriors wearing armbands
of white goat fur and loincloths of antelope tails race down the
battlefield of Isandlwana screaming and slapping their wooden clubs
against their cowhide shields to rouse themselves for battle.

In the summer heat, two dozen red-coated British soldiers wait in two
orderly lines, one kneeling and one standing behind. They fire and
reload and fire again -- all in vain as they are surrounded,
overwhelmed, clubbed to death or run through with spears.

Thousands of spectators burst into applause.

The annual January festival at Isandlwana just might be the world's most
colorful combat re-enactment, though it memorializes a brutal, bloody
battle in 1879 that left thousands dead in just a few hours, many in
close-quarters, spear-against-bayonet fights.

"It's a story of sheer bravery on both sides, but it's hell," says Rob
Gerrard, a British historian based at the Isandlwana Lodge.

Isandlwana is only one of dozens of battlefields in South Africa's
KwaZulu-Natal province, the scars of vicious battles for land waged
through much of the 19th century -- the Boer against the Zulu, the Zulu
against the British and the British against the Boer.

      Memorials, museums, re-enactments

Nearly 31,000 foreign tourists come each year to the battlefields. Most
are from Britain, where the sites still stir reminders of the colonial
past. But other tourists come as well.

Officials in KwaZulu-Natal hope the battlefields and re-enactments will
bring more tourism, creating jobs and helping to rescue the province's
faltering economy.

"We want to do everything possible to use the war to put food on the
table," says Gugu Ngcobo, director of the KwaZulu-Natal Arts and Culture
Trust. "It is a great inheritance our ancestors left us."

Many tourists visit the Siege Museum in Ladysmith, where the British
were surrounded for 118 days during the Anglo-Boer war at the beginning
of the 20th century. The howitzers that defended the town now stand
guard over town hall.

They visit Blood River, and see the circle of 64 life-size bronze
wagons, symbols of the fortifications used in 1838 by 460 gun-wielding
Boers to defeat 15,000 spear-carrying Zulus, whose sacrifice is honored
with a memorial across the river.

For many visitors, Isandlwana is the most emotional of the sites.

It was one of Britain's most humiliating defeats, its Little Big Horn, a
scene of bad decisions, inattentiveness and inexperience.

The annual festival, however, is more of a celebration, an ode to "the
Zulu heritage, the military tactics the Zulu employed," Ngcobo says.

Thousands of people, mostly locals, gathered for this year's
re-enactment. Many stood in the hot sun, others sat on lawn chairs under
giant umbrellas, drinking beer from coolers.

      Living history

Hundreds of Zulus showed up to participate. Many wore traditional
loincloths and headbands and toted full body shields made of jackal,
impala, leopard and goat skins -- though they eschewed the Zulus'
barefoot tradition for sneakers.

Others, like Joseph Khanyle, 55, couldn't afford the outfit. He carried
a shield and spear, but wore a red golf shirt, jeans, green sneakers and
a blue baseball cap turned backward.

Alas, only those in traditional dress were allowed to take on the
redcoats, played by a local group of war re-enactors.

The ersatz battle, which took place on a small field a fraction of the
size of the original area, was over in minutes as the Zulu overran the

Roughly 1,400 British soldiers and their allies were killed January 22,
1879, in what is generally viewed as a colossal disaster. Estimates of
Zulu dead range from 1,000 to 3,000.

The British had just entered Zululand after Zulu King Cetshwayo refused
to capitulate to a set of strict demands. Certain of easy victory, the
British set up an unfortified camp at the base of the small Isandlwana

Most of the force headed into the mountains in search of a Zulu army
that, in reality, was in a ravine just a few miles away. Some 20,000
warriors attacked the exposed camp in the classic "horns of the buffalo"
formation developed by Shaka Zulu decades before.

Running down the mountains, screaming war chants, the main force -- the
head and the chest of the buffalo -- attacked head on, while the left
and the right horns swept around the camp, encircling it and cutting off
any retreat.

During the battle, the plain fell into the near darkness of a partial

The area now is covered with memorial obelisks to the dead and stacks of
white rocks that mark where the British bodies were found. Recently, a
Zulu memorial in the shape of a traditional victory necklace was added.

The day after the raucous re-enactment at Isandlwana, a more somber
ceremony was held a few miles away at Rorke's Drift.

There, within hours of the Isandlwana battle, the pain of the British
defeat was tempered when just over 100 redcoats hidden behind rough
fortifications of corn sacks and biscuit tins held off roughly 4,000
Zulus for about 12 hours overnight.

Today, a museum occupies what was once the camp hospital -- where six
volunteers defended the wounded in room-to-room skirmishes with invading

Outside, lines of stones mark the tiny area where the corn and biscuit
walls stood and 11 soldiers won Britain's highest award for gallantry,
the Victoria Cross.




Major assassinations in African history, 1950-2003 

* March 29, 1959 – Barthelemy Boganda (Central African Republic); President; killed by bomb planted on plane.

*  January 13, 1963 – Sylvanius Olympio (Togo), President; killed by coup makers. 

*  January 15, 1966 – Abubakar Tafawa Balewa (Nigeria) Prime Minister, Nigeria; killed by coup makers.

*  July 29, 1966 – Johnson Aguiyi-Ironsi (Nigeria ), military head of State; killed by coup makers. 

*  September 6, 1966 – Hendrik Verwoerd (South Africa), Prime Minister; shot by gunman in parliament.

*  October 15, 1969 – Abdirashid Shermarke (Somalia), President; assassination.

*  November 23, 1974 – Aman Michael Andom (Ethiopia), head of State; executed by firing squad.

*  April 13, 1975 – FrancBy DAVID MACHARIAois Tombalbaye (Chad), President; killed by coup makers. 

*  August 27, 1975 – Haile Selassie (Ethiopia), head of State; forcefully suffocated during detention.

*  February 13, 1976 – Murtala Mohammed (Nigeria), military head of State; assassination.

*  February 3, 1977 – Tefere Bante (Ethiopia), head of State; executed by firing squad.

*  March 19, 1977 – Mariem Ngouabi (Republic of Congo), President; killed by coup makers.

*  October 28, 1977 – Ali Sohili (Comoros), President; killed by coup makers.

*  August 3, 1979 – Francisco Macias Nguema (Equatorial Guinea), President; killed by coup makers.

*  April 12, 1980 – William Tolbert (Liberia), President; killed by coup makers.

*  October 6, 1981 – Anwar Sadat (Egypt), President; shot dead by militant Muslim soldiers.

*  October 19, 1986 – Samora Machel (Mozambique), President; killed in plane crash when pilot was misdirected by false radio beacon.

*  October 15, 1987 – Thomas Sankara (Burkina Faso), military head of State; killed by coup makers.

*  November 27, 1989 – Ahmed Abdallah (Comoros), president; killed by coup makers.

*  September 5,1990 – Samuel Doe (Liberia ), President; mutilated, killed by rebel leader Prince Johnson.

*  June 29, 1992 – Muhammad Boudiaf ( Algeria), President; killed by assassin.

*  October 21, 1993 – Melchior Ndadaye ( Burundi), President; killed by Tutsi army paratroopers.

*  April 6, 1994 – Juvenal Habriarimana (Rwanda), President; killed by missile attack on incoming plane.

*  April 6, 1994 – Cyprien Ntaryamira (Burundi), President; killed by missile attack on incoming plane.

*  April 7, 1994 – Agathe Uwilingiyimana (Rwanda), Prime minister; killed by Hutu militiamen.

*  April 9, 1999 – Ibrahim Bare Mainassara (Niger ), President; shot dead during attempted army coup. 

*  January 16, 2000 – Laurent Kabila (Democratic Republic of Congo), President; shot by bodyguard.

Source: Africa Almanac.com research



During the three centuries of Spanish rule the Indian nation of Mexico
was culturally and politically more enriched by the over 300,000 African
slaves brought by the Spaniards than by the Spaniards. Few Spaniards
came to stay. By the time of the 1810-1821 Mexican war for independence
Afro-Mexicans had largely intermarried and merged their numbers with the
urbanized of the Indians. Together, they formed the bulk of the
coalition that comprised the new nation's activist poor.
      Culturally, Blacks and Indians built a mixed race life-style
during colonial times. Once liberated from Spanish rule, Mexico
flowered. Today, we can look back and see that in addition to Indigenous
food, drink, clothing, colorful art and legends, multiracial Mexico has
an African contribution that includes much of nation's great music,
including the song and dance La Bamba. Recent studies also show a
substantial African influence upon Mexican cuisine, language,
literature, history writing, art, religious observances, medical
practices and magic rites. Black Indian Mexico also produced for the
nation, 4 presidents, 2 heroes to name states after, 17 to name cities
after, and many more to get streets and statues.

      The distinctive culture and militant political history of Mexico
is the product of multiculturalism in action. Recent studies show that
the mixed African/Indian family has been essential in this development.
Africans, Indians, and the sizable number of Asians in old Mexico, along
with a few poor whites, worked together to create a distinct national
identity. The Spanish rulers and their White Mexican elite allies wanted
to recreate Europe in the new world. The Spaniards and the light hued
Mexican elite repressed culture that was expressly Indigenous, African
or Asian. However, left relatively unchecked was a new synthesized
merged culture. Those who lived its lifestyle came to like it, and to
champion it in many political struggles over the past few centuries.
Sometimes the cause seems to be "Indigenismo," other times it seems
"Mexicanismo," and in 2001 Subcomandante Marcos said as he entered
Mexico City that he came "for all the people who are the color of the
earth."  See the book by the author of
this web page, Ted Vincent, The Legacy of Vicente Guerrero: Mexico's
First Black Indian President - University Press of Florida, 2001.


Your History Online IV

From: kdiarchitecture@aol.com
Subject: Is the name "Africa" correct?

I heard recently that the name we use for our motherland -- "Africa"-
actually named after "Leo Africanus" , a greek "conqueror". Does anyone
have any information on this subject? In addition, what is an accepted
indigenous name of the great continent?

For a guy that is not a history buff, I feel unqualified to answer this question.  But since it is an interesting one, I would like to state the little I know from readings - facts or fiction - you be the judge !!!
First, the greatest of all the continents (Africa, as it is known today) has no name in the beginning.  However there are many school of thoughts as to how the current name was orginated.  I will come back to that later.
Second, Leo's name could not have been the source of the name, considering that he was born many light years after the name has already become household word, at least to the Romans and Greeks.  Leo discovered the desert route to Timboktu (in present day Mali) and helped European bandits to finally make their way to that portion of Africa for the purpose of finding the route to go looth the Gold Coast (Ghana).  'Nuff said !!!
Story had it that after the Roman Empire crushed Carthage (Tunisia), they wanted to consolidate or amalgamate all of their territories (scattered all over North Africa) into a single command & control, hence the search for a new name.  One source has it that they christianed their new conquests with the name of a loyal Berber tribe called AFARI (south west of modern day Mejez el-Bab, Tunisia).  The term Africa first became widely acceptable after the Romans were successful in using it as a replacement for the word "Libya" or Lubins in the Bible's book of Genesis.  As the Roman Empire continued to expand their influence in the region, by the 1st Century AD, el Afriqia or Ifriqiya (arabic for Africa) had become synonymous with the entire continent. 
In conclusion, let me leave you with the United Nation's (UNESCO) own authoritative writing on the subject matter :   
Geographically, Libya meant only the north coast of the continent and at
first, so did Africa. By the end of the first century A.D., Africa came
to mean the entire continent. The etymology, the origin of the term
Africa is not so precisely agreed upon and, according to UNESCO, its
origin is credited to one of seven theories:

The Afarak, also known as the Aourigha, were a Berber people who lived
south of Carthage. The terms Afarik or Africa were used to denote the
land of the Afarak.

Some believe that the word comes from the Latin adjective aprica
which means sunny or the Greek aprike, which means free from cold.

The Phoenician root faraqua, which suggests a separation or in other
words, diaspora. The same root is found in some African languages,
like Bambara.

In Sanskrit and Hindu, the root Apara or Africa denotes that which, in
geographical terms comes "after," or in other words the west. From the
geographical position of India, the Asian country from which the
Hindus originated, Africa is the western continent.

Another school of thought states that the word Africa comes from two
Phoenician terms, one of which means an ear of corn, which was a
symbol of fertility in that region, and the other Pharikia, which means land
of the fruit.

A historical tradition states that a Yeminiter chief named Africus
invaded north Africa in the second millennium before our era and
founded a town called Afrikyah. Some say it is more likely that the Arabic
term Ifriqiya is the Arabic translation of the word "Africa."

Another theory states that Afer was a grandson of Abraham and a
companion of Hercules.

Chuks D. Eleonu <eleonu_net@yahoo.com


From the Centre for Advanced Studies of African Society (CASAS)
P.O. Box 352
Plumstead, 7801
Cape Town
South Africa

Tel. +27-21-762 4454
Fax +27-21-762 4452
E-mail bankie@casas.co.za <mailto:bankie@casas.co.za>
Website http://www.casas.co.za <http://www.casas.co.za>

Find following:-

Arab culture and African culture:  Ambiguous Relations. *

By Prof. Helmi Sharawy (arc@ie.eg.com), Director, Arab Research Centre
Arab-African Studies & Documentation (ARAASD), Cairo, Egypt

In this essay ,we intend to show that , despite the profoundness of
intercourse between Arab culture and black ,bantu or nilothique
big or secondary, the relations between these two cultural  worlds
to be among  the most instable.  We say amongst the very instable,
various parts of the continent witness or have witnessed other
known to those who are informed of conflicts, such as those opposing
Hausa to their neighbours in West Africa, and the conflicts affecting
Bantu and  nilothic ethnic groups in Central Africa, the Saharoui and
groups.  These conflicts were transformed into military clashes in
areas, like in the Sudan or Maghreb , despite the common cultural
roots of
the parties involved.

If we see in the ambiguous character of the relations between the Arab
other African cultures, not an isolated case , but the manifestations
of a
general phenomena , we could easily  situate our study as a case
study - a
case which will be transformed into a general vision of the African
situation ,seen in the light of the tensions in the international

In this study, we start from the evidence and the richness of the
intercourse between the Arab and the African cultures, from which both
gained mutually during a long period of time; and despite the troubles
appeared, sometimes in these relations, they never stopped showing, by
events, that they were a true expression of the latent manifestation
of the
people and could serve as a tool to understand Africa. That is what
cultural, social and intellectual products, as well as the creations
of the
two parties confirm.

But we will not limit our study to pointing out the richness of the
intercourse, because we consider that the signs of ambiguity,
confirm the profoundness of the relations. Our objective is therefore
come to a conclusion, which would assist in handling issues of
globalisation, which is a merciless reality all have to deal with.
Many of
the issues frequently raised in the paper, could serve to resolve
problems. The world cultural space has not been destroyed by the
ambition of
domination and monopolisation of the centre. And it is not by chance
the slogans of the cold war in its economical, social and military
have given way to the concept of the clash of civilisations; a concept
once again is explained as a conflict opposing the centre to the
and, the centre to all the "others".  This in reality represents a
manipulation of the idea of the 'theory of dependence', concerning
the cultural issue. If the troubles effecting the cultural relations
the countries of the periphery are not solved, that would result in
disappearance of their individual identity. This is what the South
risks if
it does not implement a wise policy of cultural and civilisational
interaction. It is not by chance that the 'migration to the South'
begins in

The political culture

The political culture of a society finds expression through the
dialectic of
the representations which it has of its history and the education of
successive generations, thus developing the national identity.  It
also on the degree of mobilisation of the society and individuals to
their culture, which is embedded in their linguistic patrimony,
traditions and the arts and literature.

* This paper is extracted from the book 'The Dialogue between the Arab
culture and other cultures', published in Tunis in 1999 by the Arab
Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organisation (ALECSO), P.O. Box
Tunis, Tunisia (Tel. 784-466, Fax 2161784965)

Arab ethnography, or what has come to be called travel stories, has
African political structures such as empires, states, political
regimes and
the history and transformation of political conflicts and their
power shifts. It has also studied the less important features, which
Europeans also observed in their period of expansion - which they
anthropology, which modern African elites adopted which represented
societies as stateless, classless, segmented and tribal  societies

Since the European interpretation of African culture dominated 19th
thinking, with its pseudo-literature on the "discovery of Africa",
logic was put to service the economic and political interests of
colonialism, resulting in a modern vision, based on a war-like view of
African tribal society.  This ideology aimed to be representative of
whole continent, and served therefore to explain events right up to
the most
recent in Africa (Mafeje, 1971). During a long period of time, African
thinking used this European anthropology and its functionalists
but it could also not ignore the "historical facts" about Africa's
disappeared empires and states, often used to justify theories about
destruction of Africa by the Arabs through religion and slavery etc.
Ghana empire destroyed by regional tensions(11th -12th  centuries ),
and the
Muslim empire of Mali, became the illustrations of the dramatic
of the Arab presence in Africa.  It is unfortunately this vision which
dominates African political culture today.

When it became independent, Ghana, the "black star", was cherished
of its rejection of the colonial name"Gold Coast", but also as an
example of
the rejection of Muslim/Arab cultural domination, which culture is
alive in Senegal and Mali. The African political culture has not, in
respect, been careful enough in avoiding the dangers of denying the
historicity of the African cultures, despite the fact that the Arab
historical sources, used by the Europeans, could have been an African
reference point, because the Arab presence in Africa did not result in
social and political degradation of the African entity, as had
under European colonisation.

The association of commercial activity with the expansion of the
faith was, in a particular Arabo-African context, an example of
regional and
continental interaction, as compared with the colonial exploitation of
Europeans which used guns, the Church and the "civilising mission of
Europe". Everybody has certainly read the important book of Edward
Christianity, Islam and the black race. This Afro-American writer, one
the founders of Liberia, used black concepts.  He was far from being
admirer of Arabs, indeed he is hostile to them in his other books
1887).  More important than Blyden, in this regard, because of his
contribution to modern political culture was Walter Rodney, historian
political leader, who saw in history the appropriate politics to shape
struggle against colonialism.  That was why this great historian was
in  the project of popularising the history of the great African
and empires, such as Benin and Zimbabwe, as well as many other
which one cannot accuse the Arabs of having destroyed, since those
were European creations (Rodney 1972).

I would say that the African ambiguity is in ascendancy now and that
should expect that its significance will decrease in the future. The
that wise political leaders as Nkrumah and Cabral and others have
'shown the
way', should make things easier in future. Unfortunately, the same
does not exist when it comes to Arab culture.  There is no effort by
Arabs to move away from their backward view of Africa towards a
vision. The edification of nation States in Arab North Africa did not
in emancipating Arab political thought from its historico-religious
interpretations - source of various ambiguities - in order to
guarantee a
base for an unequivocal  interaction with Africa.

In that sense, instead of keeping faith with the spirit of the
movements and using the affinities created with African movements,
would have helped revise the colonial concepts of the intellectual
and thus build a national project, Arab thinking has perpetuated the
ideological apparatus of the Oummah and the mission (Risala) of Islam,
maintaining through the history, the traditional religious sacred
and writings. When it did not adopt this backward looking attitude,
political thought used western anthropology, falling therefore under
intellectual hegemony of the west.  In both instances, the attitudes
the divorce between Arab North Africa and sub-Saharian Africa, though
Sahara has been for more than a 1000 years , the meeting point of the

In an epoque, when slogans repeat the refrains of national liberation,
Afro-Arab solidarity, Africa-Arab culture is dealing with notions cut
from their African and European context, which inhibits a positive
interaction between Arab and African cultures. This uncertainty and
lack of
confidence between past and present can be perceived in Arab
literature over
the last fifty years.  The academic publications on Africa have titles
as: Egypt and its mission by  Hucin Mo'niss (1955), The expansion of
and Arabia in Africa of Hassan Ibrahim (1957), The expansion of Islam
the Arab culture in Africa by Hassan  Ahmed Mahmood (1957), The
expansion of
Islam in Africa by Yussef Fathi Hassan (1979), or on the same theme,
historical roots of Afro-Arab relations by Zakaria Kassem (1975), The
expansion of Islam in Africa by Jamel Abbes , and The first years of
Maghrebian rule in the western Sudan by Mohammad Al Maghrebi (1982).

The problem with this literature is that it departs from an ahistoric
of a  continent without any culture and civilisation, which received
and the Arab culture, or which resisted them without any interaction.
have analysed the content of these books in a study  entitled: "The
image of
the African in the Arab intelligentsia" (Sharawy 1996) in which we
show the
duality in the Arab cultural scene, between acceptance and rejection
of the
African. This duality is due  in my opinion, to the Arabs ahistoric
view of
their heritage, which they want to perpetuate on the one hand (Omotoso
1975), but also and more importantly to the influence of western
anthropology, an influence which is also at play with the African
intellectual, which troubles the vision of all parties.

One should interrogate other sources of knowledge, like educational
programs, academic specialities, and European pedagogical traditions,
order to discover the endless papers on the "discovery of Africa", and
Egyptian " geographical prospecting" in Africa , as well as other
which fit within the European approach, but are contrary to the
reality of
coexistence between Arabs and Africans on the same continent for
of years.

It is probably the hegemony of the alternative geographic and historic
schools in the different phases of academic studies, and in the field
conceptualising educational programs, that have hidden the role of
in treating the issues related to modern Africa's political and social
structures , treatment that started in the 1960s (Aouda 1975) ,but
in the 70s into studies such as "the Africans and the Arabs", dealing
with issues such as "Afro-Arab solidarity", after the 1973 War (Centre
Arab Unity Studies 1983 ,Raouf Abbes 1987 ,Ijlal Ra'fat 1994).  This
is what
maintains an ambiguous duality in Afro-African relations, with
consequences for the few possibilities of a cultural dialogue between
and Africans.

The oral and written traditions

In the dialogue of cultures, mechanisms which favour reciprocal
or rejection,  assimilation or proscription, are numerous and
crystallise in
new cultural formations through  translations , edition and writing.

Other formations are the result of the interaction, over time, of
and dialects.  Arabs for instance do not deny the importance of their
contacts with the old Greek culture and the eminent role which
played in the genesis of a culture that is in part the result of these
contacts.  At the same time Africa cannot ignore the value of the Arab
contribution, in connection with the use of Arabic characters by many
African languages, which is confirmed by many European, African and
sources, sources listed by the  Arab League Organisation for
Culture and Sciences (1984), which constitute 30 titles.

We do not intend to elaborate once again the importance of the
dimension in studying cultural identity, or the tensions which exist
and the
forces at work both from within and from outside. We do not either
want to
belabour the crucial role of the history of linguistics in the vision
must have of the cultural and social history of one or more groups of
people. But one should understand that the presence or absence of this
factor in the analysis of the interaction with the African countries
is not
an accident (Ehret 1968).

Historians like Ki- zerbo or Ogot ,who are both eminent specialists of
African history , argue that this historical dimension is the key to
languages, while a great anthropologist like Prah, considers that
languages are essential components of their societies.  Prah tends to
regroup these languages in families and denies the thesis of 'The
Tower of
Babel' of African languages. He does not attach much importance to the
historicity of these languages and argues that their transcription
their oral status could be used as a basis to study societies and
relations, (K.Prah 1997).

For us the issues raised, form the basis of the African identity, seen
the point of view of history and from the vision of European
thus raising the thesis of the destruction of the African entity under
European occupation. One must say that, all these authors rarely
referred to
the study of relations between Arabs and Africans.

The approach adopted by most, in my opinion, ignores important Arab
African references which if adopted would have helped the African
party to
better understand the issue of identity.  They should have studied
references and studied them profoundly, as they did the thesies
developed by
European anthropology.  I would like once again to underline the
of the Arab ethnology know as the travellers literature, which has
translated by the Europeans.  The importance of the Arabo-African
which came before western anthropology, comes from its fidelity to the
African spirit which is expressed in it.  The literature of Jihad is
example of converging views between Arabs and Africans since the
School and Ottoman Ibn Fouda.  Ibn Fouda extends the duty of Islamic
to tribal and regional conflicts in the Western Sudan (Ibn Fouda
1977). But
the most convincing example is probably the history of the African
manuscripts written in more than thirty languages using Arabic

The first comments from African researchers on the issue, do not
reflect the
body of shared experience, due to inattentiveness or naivete,
according to
their appreciation. This negative appreciation fragilises one of the
important parts of the debate on identity. A quick review of the Arab
sources concludes that they do not contribute any additional
appreciation to
the issues. The Arabs seem to have been more preoccupied with
their own identity, which they isolate from other identities, because
of the
conflicts that occurred with the European and Ottoman entities etc, or
because of the chauvinistic tendencies within the League of Arab

Due to all these reasons and many others, they only have been
interested in
their own image. They tried to come forward only with their own
ignoring those of others. We have seen the negative consequences of
behaviour in connection with the Arab influence and the spread of Arab
culture. This also effected matters of linguistic tradition.

Nobody would deny the role Arab States have played in safeguarding
manuscripts and documents. There exists a well-known Institute
affiliated to
the Arab League and the Arab Organisation for Education, Culture and
where these papers are kept. There are also efforts made by
institutions in this domain, which have relations with some African
institutions, in Mauritania, Tomboctou, Kano, and Zanzibar.

But these contacts did not intend to compile a list or index of
manuscripts written in Arabic characters into French, English or
Arabic in
order to make them usable by African, European or Arab researchers, to
facilitate an understanding of African linguistic tradition and its
and historical roots.  At the beginning of the 19th century, a
discovery of
a single text written on a stone, made it possible to know the history
of an
entire civilisation, which constituted the basis of humanity: the
ancient civilisation. Likewise Persian and Turkish histories live on
knowledge of their past, still written in Arabic characters and
continue to
dialogue with the Arab culture, sometimes harmoniously, other times in
tension, within the context of neighbourly relations.  Why has the
experience not drawn inspiration from these examples, and why did the
not help to achieving that goal?

The problem, I believe resides in the issue of how to present ajami
texts written in Arabic characters) to the Arabs themselves. Those who
discovered these texts have only been sensitive to some of its parts,
could provoke Africans by promoting the propaganda of Islam and the
cause, by way of the religious poetry. This of course does not help
the aim
of finding the historical and social dimensions of these traditions
therefore justifying the hard task required in order to discover and
them. Some Arab institutions, which have worked directly on these
were unfortunately unable to free themselves from a naive approach.
Al-Furkan Publishers in London, who publish thousands of Arab
sometimes from African sources, do not go further than mentioning that
are some African manuscripts written in Arabic characters (Sidi Amor
Ali, 1996-1997), without making any attempt to make them better known.
some Arab institutions decided to publish some African manuscripts, in
to make them available to modern researchers, they limited the work to
reproducing some religious texts and poems without translating them
into any

These publishers probably wanted to make the texts available at
level, which is the correct level, when considering the African scene
although no research has been done on the number of potential African
readers at popular level (which is generally an illiterate level) of
texts.  We think that the effectiveness of the publication of those
institutions must be questioned, because we are aware of the other
made to reach the public able to read in African languages written in
characters, in the form of daily newspapers in Wolof published before
still published today by the Party of  Cheikh Anta Diop in Senegal.  I
also have in my possession some posters of the African Commission for
and Peoples Rights in Gambia, posters which aim to promote human
rights in
simple English slogans, plus formulations in local languages written
Arabic characters, addressed principally to women considered to
the base of popular culture, and the advanced guard of the new
movement of
emancipated women. All theses facts and issues should engage the mind
of the
African intellectual, in relation to his languages written in Arabic

Panafrican culture and the culture of the national emancipation.

Arab culture and African thinking have been influenced, in the
phases of their historical interaction, by the two tendencies of
panafricanism and national emancipation, which due to their various
characteristics sometimes converged and diverged. This history has
marked by a lack of common will to adopt a cultural policy and to move
positive forms of interaction. Because of numerous historical reasons,
African  way of thinking  stressed emancipation, while the Arab
focused on liberation, which resulted in Africans, through the
experience, indulging in romantic introversion, illustrated by groups
intellectuals, writers, poets and philosophers (Blyden , Senghor ,

We have even seen some political leaders preoccupied with leading
people to independence using this philosophy. This situation
itself into the policies of some African states towards "others", who
treated as foreigners, whether they were Arabs or European

The panarabist movement essentially prolonged the Islamic reform, even
though it could claim a long, rich tradition, inheriting from what the
Oummah had as the holiest in Islam and Arab tradition. Panarabism
concerned with the external, preoccupied in dealing with the others
-successively the Ottomans and the Europeans colonizers. The
(Al-Afghani) and the warriors (Aziz Masri-Nasser) who stood for this
accentuated its political premises and degraded its cultural
though the cultural part has also been used to support political
(Sati, Alhussari). All this detracted from the significance of culture
the process of national liberation.

In both cases, the cultural tradition has had the tendency to
exclusion in the first place, and to revindicate new affinities
Africans have in this regard revived, as they still do, their links
with the
Afro-American diaspora, and Arabs renewed contact with the Asians
their contrasted cultures. What impact did the two regions effected by
study feel as a result of their different genisis and evolution in the
and today?

No doubt slavery in Africa explains the tendency towards national
emancipation and continues to influence the African national
movement. The enslavement of more than 50 million Africans and their
transfer to the Americas and to Europe, a process under which half the
slaves died in passage, raises the problem of Arab slavery and the
non-interdiction of this practice by Islam, which is a widespread
in Africa. There is no need for reminder of the role of European
culture in
creating confusion between the two areas and the exploitation of
information against Arabs.  This situation aggravated the bleeding
and created the emancipation movement and the exclusion (of 'others')
tendency. As a result, the idea of ethiopianism was born in the late
century, and associated itself to the Black Church, to support
aspects of continental unity based on ethnicity and shared experience

Cesaire and Senghor created the idea of negritude to define terrain
and to
define the African identity in its roots, from the first millenium of
history (that of its common history with Arabs).  This identity
through emotion, movement, poetry, dance and effect accentuated the
difference with Arabs and Europeans (Senghor 1964). When Nkrumah
raised the
issue of conscience and Sekou Toure the notion of African personality,
did not move far away from this vision, though they deepened the
notion of
national liberation and not the notion of emancipation, diverging on
position to adopt towards  western imperialism.

Many of the African analysts hide the complicity between Arabs and
in the slave trade and do not situate it in its social context; even
there exist numerous important studies concerning the economic and
precapitalist context, which witnessed the development of this
practice; a
context that had nothing to do with the European capitalism model
later submerged Africa. Certain of the studies were written by African
historians of great cultural and political standing (Rodney 1969).
Many also
are those who neglected the solidarity between Arab and African
liberation movements especially within the Nkrumahist and Nasserist
and others, within the first period of Independence. If this
fraternity had
been known, it would have avoided the stories of the Arab slave trade
would have replaced a partisan view with a more just image, the one of
militant support within the ranks of the Liberation Committee and the
defending of Lumumba (Sharawy 1987).

The Arabs have been preoccupied with rejecting the accusation of
trying to deny a social manifestation which occurred in all societies.
Objective history has clearly shown the role of this practice in
society, which had millions of European, Asian and African slaves.
has also shown the role of  the African tribes in furnishing to the
slave trade companies millions of slaves, which lead to the
destruction of
the ancient African States, which were replaced by a narrow tribal

Instead of rallying against feudalism and imperialism, the involved
are engaged in a finger-pointing exercise of justification and a
without respite, which moderated in the 1960's only to intensify again
during the era of petro-dollars, despite claims of Afro-Arab
and solidarity in the Arabo-African era!

Since I am the guest here of an Arab organisation, I would like to
direct my
criticism at Arab intellectuals, who carry a certain blame for having
to build a political culture able to constitute a basis of dialogue
Arab and African cultures. Why was the Arab intellectual seduced by
information organs, to the point that they have praised the person and
poetry of Senghor, who propounded a theory of exclusion and rupture in
relations with Africa, whatever respect we might have for his
and who the University of Cairo awarded a doctorate 'honoris causa'?
At the
same time the Arab culture ignored the role of the great intellectual
political leader Cheikh Anta Diop, who struggled to establish the
origin of Egyptian culture (Diop 1975) and made this thesis the
point of his project for the African Federation?

The Arabs for their part are not interested in the dynamic journalist
Mohamed Ali Dos of Sudanese/Egyptian origin, who participated during
first half of this century in the movement for African unity. Why did
Arab intellectual ignore and not want to popularise the African
critique of
the isolationist negritude theory, made by the African intellectuals
such as
E. Maphehlele (1962)?

Why did we ignore and not translate, the ideas of the militant Joseph
on the situation in South Sudan, in the context of a united national
democratic Sudan, until he was executed by Numeri in 1971 (Garang

The flagrant absence of the various elements of political culture
to establishing a profound dialogue, could be explained by the lack of
social and democratic conception of unity and complimentarily in
especially as regards autocratic regimes, vassal states and social
structures, as well as populist charasmatic leaders, without a popular
cultural base. This had an influence on the Afro-Asian Peoples
Organisation and the Non-aligned Movement, organisations that do not
much importance to dialogue between cultures and downplay the role of
movements.  In that respect the African and Arab countries continue to
divide along the francophone/anglophone dichotomy, copying European
modernisation models, although they use a socialist Arab or African

Cultural relations based on commercial exchange

From the old caravan routes determining trade relations, economic
in the 1960's, came to characterise Afro-Arab relations. This was one
of the
rare examples of a complete shift in international relations from a
to an economic relationship. The economic aspect of the relationship
previously been latent. Today it is dominant. In that sense the 1973
between the Arabs and Israel started the oil and food prices crisis
constituted the first manifestation of a world economic crises which
profited western capitalism.  One could have guessed that this would
strengthened the coalition between the countries of the south, to
them to collectively face the crisis and affirm their identity,
in the places where there were historical links, like the Arab and
world.  One would have hoped that Arabs and Africans would be inspired
the Suez crises in 1956 or the Arab position towards the racist regime
South Africa in 1965 etc. After all these represented, firstly the
enrichment of third world countries from their own natural resources
secondly the reduction of colonial/imperial authority.

But things did not go that way. Egypt was unable to keep the benefits
the 1973 War.  Arabs could not guarantee the control of their
Africans were unable to find a common strategy to master their
On the contrary , the West remained with most of the cards in its
hands and
could dictate the New Economic World Order. The international
machine took over and the Africans joined in blaming Arabs for the
crises and forced them into compensation agreements concerning the
and food crises in Africa. This situation occurred in a period of the
declining influence of the national liberation movements and in the
the Arab and African worlds had witnessed radical transformations.

The proposed solutions for the crisis did not take into account the
of the panafrican movement, but brought to life the old practice of
exchange, with the Africans cutting their relations with Israel in
for financial aid, from the Arabs.  One could therefore observe a
change in
the conceptual model of Afro-Arab relations. This moved from union to
liberation, common engagement, solidarity, cooperation and finally to
aid to
face crises.  The big  gatherings between Arab and Africans
which had reviewed Afro-Arab relations (Khartoum 1976-Al Charika
1978) were hijacked by the issue of the Arab slave trade and the
responsibility of Arabs for the current crises, though some of the
participants did manifest a common aspiration for national liberation
and an
understanding of the need for a sociological redefinition of the
of Arab and African societies, a redefinition able to take into
common challenges and interests (Sharawy 1984). Despite that, we
admit that the way of thinking which had characterised exchange
relations in
the past, thereafter did not change much, so that today Afro-Arab
have remained sanitised and distant, since the mid 1980's.

On top of the 'exchange relation' character of the Afro-Arab
intercourse was
added an increasing economic emphasis. We know the most important
on the state of Afro-Arab relations during the period 1975-1985
consisted of
documents published by the Afro-Arab bank (BADEA).  On the other hand
African and Arabic publications, whether positive or negative towards
seemed to focus on Arab dollars in Africa  (Chibwe 1976; Bechir 1982;
Zaarour 1989). As a reaction, the conditions of the crises probably
made it
easier for some of these publications to critique in a more mature

However Afro-Arab relations became those of debtor and creditor. Many
were trapped by their faulty understanding of history and by bad
reviving a thinking which was widespread in the 50s and 60s. For
one could see published in the 1970s academic studies from
linked with the Arab League with headlines such as The history of
relations (of the Institute of Arab Studies), followed by studies by
Department of Literature and Political Science of Cairo University
used the same world view up to 1994.

We should acknowledge that the convening in Khartoum, Cairo and Dakar,
six Afro-Arab meetings within 20 years, uniting Arab and African high
profiled intellectuals, has permitted a fruitful debate on the role of
intellectuals in constructing and sustaining a dialogue. We should
acknowledge that the predominance of economic issues, has relegated
the role
of culture and the intellectual to an inferior level. Economic
have achieved, on the official level, important goals which could
produce a
serious intellectual debate, specially in Africa. In fact, the
between Arab and African governments resulted in the UN resolution
Zionism to racism in 1975. Before that, the same body adopted a
recognising the legitimacy of the armed struggle to achieve the right
self-determination, giving support to African and Arab liberation
(1972). Despite all this, the cultural movement did not pursue the
debate on
these important issues, once the motivation of the government parties

Therefore the first of the two resolutions mentioned has been
(1991), while the second resolution lost its significance when
started. Likewise the resolutions adopted by the intergovernmental
commissions on cultural institutions, or by other instances, have only
become operative to the extent that they feed into economic concerns.
could be verified with the cancellation of the project for the Afro-
Cultural Centre, a project adopted by the Organisation of the African
and the Arab League in 1984.  The cooperation between the Arab
for Education, Science and Culture (ALECSO) and the Cultural Centre of
has been interrupted, as have since the end of the 1990's, the
activities of
the organ responsible for Arab culture in foreign countries, an organ
ALECSO, even though it was initially tasked to propogate Arab/Islamic
culture. On the other hand the OAU did not create any institution
to serving the goal of cultural dialogue.

Which common cultural and intellectual spaces, could we establish in
Arab and African countries?  If we interrogated in this respect the
intentions of the owners of the oil revenues, we would find  their
strategies effected the evolution of the Afro-Arab dialogue. Even
though we
do not intend to discuss the nature of the concept of cooperation with
Africa as understood by the Gulf countries, which is another issue, we
notice their cooperation with Africa results in relations very close
to the
economic dependant model, in as far as culture is concerned.  This can
seen in the teaching of Arabic language at certain stages in the
of countries benefitting from substantial aid from the Gulf States. It
also be seen in the religious conditions linked to the aid.  One can
site the support to certain African universities in the training of
teachers and for Islamic studies in English and French, thus
the physical presence of Arab intellectuals and excluding a cultural

Diverse political circumstances have made it difficult to establish a
dialogue in other fields, which could have provided the opportunity
building an understanding between Arabs and Africans.  For example,
conflicts in West Sahara, Chad, South Sudan and Somalia have developed
in a
direction which transformed Arab quarrels into centres of tension for
Africans on the one hand, and paralysed common institutions on the

This situation developed negative perceptions of the Arab presence in
Africa, and almost destroyed the dialogue on complementarity between
African and the Arab worlds. It has made more difficult enlightened
sociological analysis of the regional formations of the continent.
that the problems raised great potential for misunderstanding between
North and the South of the continent, one should understand that the
colonial project to turn the Sahara into a frontier cutting the North
Africa from the South is still alive and well, though the Sahara has
for centuries a place of cultural and intellectual integration.
Afro-Arab commercial exchange relations have not helped in solving
problems, which raises the need for a new cultural dialogue and a new
for reflection , in the era of globalisation that  effects the African
Arab worlds.

The migration to the North or to the South?

The migration to the North has only been fruitful for Arabs and
Africans in
the sense that it has resulted in increased communication with the
world and provided the possibility to know the "others."  The
relations with
the South have been dominated by conflicts and violence imposed by
since the crusades until the colonial days. On the other hand, Arabs
penetrated into Europe through wars, which was not the case when they
to Africa. Lastly Africa came into contact with Europe only through
colonialism, leading to cultural dependence and domination.

The Arab progression into the South and to the Orient has always been
through commerce, religion, culture and political dialogue. Popular
populist cultures like Sufism and political Islam invaded the Arab
then Africa from their bases in the Far-East , as did the key concepts
Maoist revolution and the Asian tigers. During three years
(1955-1958), the
national liberation movement, which brought a new humanism to the
world of
the oppressed, founded in Bandung, and Accra a firm internal
of its principles. The original response which the Non-Aligned
provided to the big issues, was very different from the thesis of the
of civilisations.  We remember the stimulating intellectual exchanges
were in bloom during that period, including within western
with its left and right options. That was the epoch of the rising
of the national liberation movements and we were yet to see the
centralisation of the North which occurred, when the South collapsed,
failing to realise its potential.

When we look at creativity in the fields of literature, theatre,
events as well as progress during that period in advance theory, new
concepts and cultural activities, we cannot but be impressed.
Hopefully all
these may still inspire the militants of globalisation, the
specialists of
unilateral communication between civilisations. But these ideas in
times inspired the children of the South, who attended the people's
congresses, the youth and art festivals which took place in the
that hosted them such as Dar-Es-Salaam to Accra, Damascus, Beirut and
Algiers. Thinking back today, we are left embittered by the misery,
cultural and social regression, which led some to go north - not
Taha Houssein, Al-Houssari, Du Bois or Ki-Zerbo, but those whose
legacy is negative. Lets put aside the debate about the ambivalent and
complex heritage of history. Sociology and political science guarantee
their methods greater efficiency in treating these complex issues. We
once again on the road of a reciprocal migration between children of

The way ahead is not easy, and it requires the analysis of new
premises to
sustain this renewed and reciprocal journey between the children of
South. Firstly: an identification of the actors in the dialogue. The
conditions of the cold war and ideological conflict were imposed on
people of the South during a long period of time, as partners on the
international scene in joints actions  with the North ,but also with
other people of the South. That was as natural situation in the
context of
the confrontation between blocks; but this fact did not exclude the
acknowledgement of the identity of the South on the world's scene.
explain why increasing attention must be given to the cultural
component  in
these relations.

This obliges us to rethink our way of understanding the issue of
and the differentiation of the components of the Arab and African map,
order to guarantee better chances of success for a cultural and
dialogue based on democracy and popular participation. That is what
from the people's preoccupations and not from the options of the
elites. In
fact , the religious issue with its major ramifications and the
revolts in Western Africa are the results of cultural factors which
influenced the conditions of dialogue with the external world.  That
is also
the case when it comes to the crises in East Africa and the search for
integration in North Africa. This is how internal conflicts within
can degrade inter-regional relations. It is difficult to engage in a
dialogue without analysing first the international causes of these
because a dialogue is a cultural process that only can succeed when
conditions are in place. Otherwise how do we understand that Arabs and
Africans say yes to the wars in the Sudan and the Great Lakes and at
same time fail to respond to the situation in West Africa? Why don't
worry about the cultural approach in North Africa-in Algeria for
example -
and why don't we interrogate more seriously social, and international
interference? The duty of those concerned with cultural issues and
cohabitation, is to look South, not North and to work towards a
terrain for

Secondly: About the political culture. The general concepts which
the functioning of our societies need to be constantly reviewed by the
intellectuals and the leaders of the social and cultural movements,
there is constant external interference. In that regard, the forms of
domination relate to the domain of information, the culture of
and the free market, which effect the cultural domain and have a huge
to contaminate. Lets look into the concept of authenticity - and the
elements which envelop it - when we try to define it in relation to
notions of fundamentalism and integration. An interaction which grows
looked at in the perspective of a living past.   It true that the
hegemony of globalisation has succeeded in reducing in our societies
nationalist and unitarian ideological visions; which makes it
difficult for
Arab and African intellectuals to engage in a dialogue, specially from
political/cultural point of view. Is a dialogue possible between the
and Arab unity movements? A dialogue which goes further than the
conceptions of these two movements? Is it possible that the
of the foundations of the nation State will give unity a new basis and
new conditions? This seems to be possible from the documents published
the 7th  Pan-African Congress held in Kampala(1994), in which took
hundreds of delegations, with a massive African-American presence and
noticeable absence of Arabs.

Taking into consideration the absence of the Arab League at this
forum, how
can we hope to establish an Afro-Arab dialogue, a dialogue that is
to the Arab and African political cultures?   We ask this question in
moment when the Pan-African movement is being moved from West Africa
to the
centre and the East, and so to speak, to the borders of the Arab world
its strategic limits (Nile, Red Sea). We want to remind the Arabs that
immediate activities of the panafrican movement  raise the question of
European responsibility in the slave trade , but the role played by
Arabs will not be forgotten!

The second example, concerns the positions adopted by the African and
cultures as regards some nationalities, which by their simple
project on the international scene a concert of  ideological, racial
confessional considerations, at a time when such considerations would
reprobation and indignation in any other parts of the world. I am
to the Zionist ideology which hides behind Jewish nationalism in

The cooperation between the Zionist entity and the racist regime of
Africa formed the origin of an African, Arab and world resolution
identifying Zionism as a form of racism (UN 1975). The apartheid
regime of
South Africa has ended but the Zionist regime continues in the Arab
How can we be credible in advocating that the modern State should not
based on confessional, ethnic  and racial considerations, while not
addressing that issue within Africa and the Arab world?  The
occurrence of
such an Afro-Arab dialogue is the only chance of establishing the
credibility of African and Arab intellectuals on the world scene, and
provide the opportunity to show a universal and humanist engagement.

Thirdly: The culture of development. The question of development raise
issues such as its various components - human resources, and
development.  These issues are rarely associated with regional
whether it is the complementarity between regional and cultural
in the same country, or different economies in a wider region, in
order to
facilitate the resolution of regional conflicts.  Since the cultural
cannot ignore issues of development, it is time to engage a discussion
between Arab and African partners around the issue of transformation.
dynamic of Afro-Arab relations did not give enough importance to this
aspect, since it has been preoccupied by issues such as investments,
and aid. Some Arab leaders refused to name the common bank the
Bank, preferring to use the name Arab Bank for the Development of
(B.A.D.E.A), which shows the level of the political culture and the
development model.

Allow me to say that complementarity of well balanced regional
should be our highest priority in order to resolve the problems
as being obstacles to Afro-Arab understanding, which cares about
and social realities  and not only about political realities. I am
to the Nile region, the Horn of Africa, the Senegal Valley and the
region. It is impossible to achieve a real cultural dialogue without
into account the situation in these parts of the continent and their
and cultural aspects.

Fourth :The problems of educational and cultural patrimony. The
collapse of
educational systems in Africa and the Arab world does not need to be
from alphabetisation programs at the basic level to cultural
which in the age of communication and advanced technologies, reduces
qualities as humans on the world scene. One should nevertheless admit
despite this situation, education seems to be a strategic
preoccupation, but
only at the level of good intentions. What content will the officials
to education? What ideas of the national identity will be promoted?
positive or negative images will the manuals contain? Which language
will be
used, in a time of conflict between francophony and anglophony? Which
reference will be proposed to the learner and the intellectual?

The works on the promotion of African languages (Prah 1997) and the
of educational reform are ready and remain in Arab desks draws since
decades. UNESCO has been interested in the question of the African
since A. Mbow became its General Secretary and the OAU  was mobilised
on the
issue since the 70s-80s. But all these efforts have suffered from the
rivalries between French speaking and English speaking countries. It
important though to notice that all the parties involved agree with
the use
of the Latin alphabet for the African languages, cutting therefore the
of these languages from their past and maintaining them in the grid of
European tradition.

Languages are the foundations of identity. Written languages
constitute a
patrimony which should be respected and treated with the required
objectivity. We have already mentioned the proven existence of more
thirty African languages, which used Arabic characters until the
colonial invasion. Thousands of manuscripts written in Arabic
cannot be ignored. Their study requires a vast research program, a
and  clear will and a huge education and formation program. Lets raise
issue with the African intellectual familiar with the French and
languages; we do not believe that this will add an arabophone
component to
the conflict of interests which opposes English and French speakers!
It is
rather a cultural debate based on popular practice, because we can
respectable intellectuals recognising this practice-the use of Arabic
characters- as an efficient tool of communication with the public, a
practice implemented by social and cultural organisations in West

The Arab intellectual should bear a part of the responsibility, for
at these patrimonies as a simple religious legacy and a justification
the Arab presence in Africa. This will not be accepted by the African
cultural entity and won't serve the interest of reform. The Arab
intellectual should replace the slogan "the African's contribution to
Arabo-Islamic culture" by another related to the promotion of the
culture and its patrimonies, with a serious dialogue on apparent

Fifth: The role of translations and cooperation between University
institutions. Cultural interaction plays an important role in national
development; it provides the opportunity to cross-fertilize African
Asian cultures-including the Arab culture - the Arabia region having
witnessed intense cultural exchanges during the two last centuries.
The use
of a foreign language as a means of communication is not ideal, as the
example of Japan proves. It is necessary therefore that the Afro-Arab
dialogue gets used to the ideas and social realities of its partners
engaging in a big movement for the translation of each other's texts.
comes to the Arab world about African cultural production and what
know about Arab cultural production is so inadequate, as to paralyse
possibility for a real dialogue. Because of diverse reasons there are
exchanges between Arab and African universities or if there are, they
do not
guarantee the possibility of a dialogue within these cultures.

Lets take the example of the University of Dar-Es-Salaam which has
been for
more than two decades an important centre for African sub-Saharan
intellectuals, an example followed by Dakar and Legon in Ghana! The
has also done the same from Al-Azhar to Cairo and Karaouine in Fes,
but this era ended as intellectual rigidity set-in and these
lost contact with dynamic cultural developments elsewhere. It is
that Afro-Arab cooperation, because of its economic focus, did not
give the
greatest importance to the cultural dimension, that is the reason why
institutions created to serve the goal of cooperation have been


Keeping moving with the wind coming from the North will not guarantee
efficient Afro-Arab dialogue. The challenge cannot be faced by
reducing an
economical fact to a political fact. A serious rupture has taken place
perpetuates  itself due to deliberate inaction and the resurgence of
influence of the North , in the era of globalisation and new

For this reason, for us as for the Europeans, cultural dialogue cannot
reduced to a calendar of periodic meetings.  It requires in fact a
scientific basis, serious research, a common action and material
support to
the institutions dealing with dialogue and promoting its products.
why this dialogue must include different levels of conceptual
languages, cultural patrimonies, information and cultural exchanges.
It must
also engage circles of reflection on diverse aspects, which should
towards the establishment of a common cultural institution.

The Arab cultural institutions, due to their religious interpretation
culture and their dependency on new projects from the North, should
the new preconditions for a journey to the South. The African
which work for reform and unity, must understand that they have for a
time suffered due to their fascination with the influence that the
exerts on them. They should take note that African-Americans, due to
natural evolution in America, are Americans, whose interest are
diametrically different from Africans, in proportion to the
differentiation between Africa and America.

For all these reasons, only a common Southern vision can dynamise a
Afro-Arab cultural dialogue. Based on these facts, we believe that a
vision of the South is the only way to build the new Afro-Arab

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Slave Profits and the Roots of the Wealth Gap
By Meizhu Lui and Rose Brewer
March 29, 2002; Common Dreams

Few Americans learned in school that slaves were about half the
workforce that built the White House and the U.S. Capitol. A slave named
Philip Reid supervised construction of the Statue of Freedom hoisted
atop the Capitol dome in 1863. Such revelations rightly disturb our view
of important symbols of democracy and remind us that slavery is at the
foundation of our nation's history. Well-known bastions of American
capital also have the institution of slavery at their foundation. Last
Tuesday, lawyers Deadria Farmer-Paellmann and Ed Fagan filed lawsuits
against insurance company Aetna, railroad giant CSX, and FleetBoston
bank, claiming that these companies profited from slavery. These are
only a fraction of the prosperous American companies whose wealth came
in part from the slave trade.

Railroads utilized slave labor to lay rail. Tobacco firms used slaves
in the harvest. Southern utilities used slaves to construct oil lines.
Mining companies used slaves to process salt and coal.

The unpaid productivity of these slaves was converted into corporate
income and wealth that still sustains many companies today. Slaves were
denied not only wages but the opportunity to buy property, build
companies and pass assets on to future generations.

Many people know the expression "40 acres and a mule", but don't know
it was a false promise. In 1865, General Sherman issued an order
providing homesteads to freed slaves. But President Andrew Johnson,
Lincoln's successor, overrode the order and gave the land back to white
Confederate landowners. Instead of 40 acres and a mule, freed slaves got
brutal sharecropping and segregation.

The descendants of slaves continue to find their ability to jump on
board the asset-building train impaired. Fault lines laid long ago
forged a vast and enduring wealth gap between white Americans and
African-Americans. In 1998, the median net worth of white households was
$81,700, while the median net worth of African-American households was
just $10,000. The homeownership rate among white families is 74 percent,
while for African-American families it is just 48 percent nationally,
and much lower in some local areas.

If the foundation of the Capitol was dug and laid by slaves, and some
of America's most successful corporations have profits from slavery in
their early capital formation, perhaps the story we tell ourselves about
the creation of all wealth needs to be examined and those invisible
foundation stones be brought into the light.

Slaves weren't poor because people of African heritage are lazy. They
were poor because the laws of the land prohibited them from getting paid
for their work and from owning assets.

In generations since, structural obstacles have continued to impede
black asset development. African-American homeowners are often subjected
to discriminatory and predatory lending practices that unfairly inflate
their mortgage costs and rob them of the home equity that so many
Americans draw on for college, business start-ups and retirement.
Insurance companies are only now coming to acknowledge that for many
years they charged African- American customers unjustifiably higher
rates than whites. After World War II, the GI bill and Veterans
Administration helped almost exclusively white families to
become homeowners.

When black farmers filed their historic lawsuit against the Department
of Agriculture (DOA) in 1997, DOA investigators presented damning
evidence of decades of discrimination: 84 percent of the white
applicants had their loan applications approved, while only 56 percent
of the black applicants received loans. The result was that black
farmers lost their farms at more than triple the rate of white farmers.

We can no more replace the foundation stones of the US Capitol than we
can change the wealth foundations of many American businesses. However,
with the truth of these foundations now being excavated, we can and
should adopt fair rules to redress the injustice of the past.

At the UN Conference Against Racism held in South Africa last fall,
governments around the globe declared the slave trade a "crime against
humanity." Aetna, CSX, FleetBoston and others should be held accountable
for any complicity in this crime.

Public policies can also help people of all races build lasting
financial security. We can protect and strengthen affirmative action
policies that redress past
discrimination. We can ban predatory lending practices. We can enforce
non-discrimination at the Department of Agriculture. We can launch a new
GI bill to offer all working families a boost to homeownership. These
are the kind of policies that should serve as democratic
cornerstones of our 21st century economy.

[Meizhu Lui is the Executive Director of United for a Fair Economy.
She can be reached at mlui@faireconomy.org. Rose Brewer is Associate
Professor of African American & African Studies at the University of
Minnesota. She can be reached at brewe001@maroon.tc.umn.edu. They are
co-authors of a forthcoming book on the racial wealth gap.]


The RED, BLACK and GREEN Flag was unveiled to the world by the Honorable
Marcus Mosiah Garvey and the members of the Universal Negro Improvement
Association and African Communities League, of the World at it's first
international convention on August 13, 1920. The UNIA-ACL knew that Africans
at home and abroad needed there own flag as other flags around the world
could not represent the collective of African people.

The use of Red, Black and Green as colors symbolizing African nationhood was
first "adopted by the UNIA-ACL as part of the 1920 Declaration of Rights as
the official colors of the African race. The question of a flag for the race
was not as trivial as might have appeared on the surface, for in the United
States especially, the lack of an African symbol of nationhood seems to have
been cause for crude derision on the part of whites and a source of
sensitivity on the part of Afro-Americans. White derision over this
deficiency was summed up in a popular American song, "Every Race Has a Flag
But the 'Coon.'" A 1912 report apearing in the Africa Times and Orient
Review (for which Marcus Garvey worked) documented the far-reaching
consequences of this song. In 1921 he declared,

Show me the race or the nation without a flag, and I will show you a race of
people without any pride. Aye! In song and mimicry they have said, "Every
race has a flag but the coon." How true! Aye! But that was said of us four
years ago. They can't say it now....2

The race catechism Garveyites used explained the significance of the red,
black, and green as for the "color of the blood which men must shed for
their redemption and liberty", black for "the color of the noble and
distinguished race to which we belong," and green for "the luxuriant
vegetation of our Motherland."3

A flag must represent the standard by which it's people live. Thus, the
Universal African Flag, the 52nd Article of the Declaration of Rights of the
Negro Peoples of the World was ratified in convention.

There has been a great deal of talk and controversy over the origin,
creation and use of the Red, Black and Green.  The UNIA hopes that this
controversy can be clarified once and for all.

There was no Red, Black and Green Flag prior to the coming of the Honorable
Marcus Garvey and the founding of the UNIA.  Today there are many African
Nations that have adopted the colors Red, Black and Green after the great
Marcus Garvey and his program of African Redemption.  Any one claiming the
creation of the Red, Black and Green is historically incorrect.  The UNIA
organization will make every attempt to clear up any misunderstandings about
the matter concerning the Red, Black and Green.  Further confusion can be
misleading to the masses of Blacks throughout the country and the world.

The following paragraph is the official historical creation and usage of the
Red, Black and Green:

Notice to the General Public

The UNIA in 1920 in international convention adopted the Red, Black and
Green as its official colors and emblem of the Black people of the world. 
This flag has been flown upside down contrary to the intention of Marcus
Garvey and the UNIA who gave it to the world.  It is unlawful, disrespecful
and traitorous for any individual or group to add any other colors to the
Red, Black and Green for any other purpose.   Individuals or groups doing so
are not true nationalist, and should not be recognized as such.

Respect and honour your flag as it stands...a Universal banner for African

--------------------- http://www.menofrespect.com --------------------


   Slave Owner Insurance - 200 Years On

The reparations battle is heating up. For those of you who are not
aware, it extends beyond the U.S. Lloyd's of London is currently being
sued for insuring the slave ships and slaves who were often thrown
overboard for insurance purposes. DNA is being used to proove the case.
The BBC article is below.

Delores, AfriCreations

Slave Owner Insurance - 200 Years On
By Stephen Evans
BBC North America Business Correspondent 
Descendants of black American slaves are suing London's oldest insurance
firm, Lloyd's of London, for compensation for allegedly underwriting the
ships used in the slave trade. The case will throw a strange light on
one of the atrocities of modern times.

Insurance could be such a difficult issue for the owners of slave ships.

Take the case of the Zong, a British vessel out of Liverpool that
transported a human cargo from Africa in 1781.

Food and water were running low; some of the slaves were dying.

So, what to do? Under the terms of the insurance, a death by natural
causes would not receive payment, but a death by drowning would.

The answer was clear to Captain Luke Collingwood: throw more than 130
slaves overboard to claim the insurance.

In the event, the matter was contested when it came to court.

The Lord Chief Justice, Lord Mansfield, was clearly uneasy even as he
understood the dilemma: "The case of the slaves was the same as if
horses had been thrown overboard.''

In the end, there was no payment and some good came of the atrocity.
Publicity from the case pricked consciences and helped spur the
abolition of the trade.

It also prompted the English artist, Joseph Mallord William Turner, to
paint the episode in oils, and that work now hangs in Boston's Museum of
Fine Arts.

Later pricked consciences would prompt a Museum of Slavery on the
dockside in Liverpool near where the Zong used to berth.

Morals and commerce

The case shows how slavery was just another trade needing just another
insurance policy.

It's true that some companies were uneasy about insuring slave ships,
though not out of high moral principle but out of commercial wariness.

Insurers became aware of the practice of taking out policies to cover
whole "shiploads".

The individual names listed on the policy were commonplace, and if any
slave died it became easy to claim the death against insurance.

Such was the prevalence of bogus claims that one Kentucky insurer wrote
in a pamphlet in 1856: "The company is by no means solicitous of
securing a large Negro insurance business unless the owners are careful
and judicious men".

Slaves, for insurance purposes, were just like cattle.

Which brings us to the question of how we should treat their


One American insurance company, Aetna, has apologised for its
involvement in slavery.

In one of its policies taken out in New Orleans in 1853, a woman named
Mary Raby bought 12 months of cover for $17.25. Under it, the death of
an insured slave would deliver a payment of $600.

But the apology hasn't led to reparations. The American courts have
taken the view that past servitude doesn't mean a present hurt for the

In the case of Lloyd's of London, the plaintiffs say they have proof
through DNA that they are related to particular slaves who were insured
there. And they add the crucial - but contended - point that they
continue to suffer.

One of the claimants, Deadria Farmer-Paellman, said: "Today I suffer
from the injury of not knowing who I am - having no nationality or
ethnic group as a result of acts committed by these parties."

She and her co-claimants have a lawyer with a reputation for winning.

Ed Fagan acted for descendants of the victims of the Nazi death camps
and secured $1.25 billion in reparation from Swiss banks that received
some of the confiscated property.

"Lloyd's knew that what they were doing led to the destruction of the
indigenous population," Mr Fagan said. "Why is it too far fetched to say
that blacks should be entitled to compensation for damages and genocide
committed against them, when every other people in the world... that has
been victimised in this way has been entitled to compensation?"

It will be a good court argument. But a judge will need convincing that
the pains of the slaves of two centuries ago are still being felt so
much by their descendants that they merit many millions of dollars in

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