In the Name of The Force, who is The Source, whom is called, by many names, ALLAH, JEHOVAH, YAHWEH, JAH, GOD, EL KULUWM, AMEN RA, THE ALL, THE SUPREME ONE FORCE. We Amazulus (The Peoples of The Heavens), bare witness to our way of life (Religion) which is Truth, back by facts of the known and not just beliefs although we do have beliefs, we are always seeking, Truth of the Known and the Unseen, which is yet Known. We Amazulus respect The Scriptures of The Force, Who is The Source of us all, who sent down words and written words to all the Prophets, Messengers and Warner’s of The Creator, The Supreme One. We Amazulus call on The Spirits of all our Ancestors from the past, whom did righteousness, in the Name of The Force, who is The Source, the Angels and other Life Forms, who do righteousness, In The Name of The Force, to watch over all of Amazulus and all Human Beings on this planet so called Earth. We Amazulus call on The Force, who is The Source, to bless The Universal Zulu Nation always, to watch over, Mother Earth and all the Planets and Universes. To keep us always protected from our Earthly enemies, Subterranean Worlds enemies, interplanetary enemies, Solar Systems enemies, Galactic enemies, Star Systems enemies, Dimensional enemies, Universe and Universes enemies. Oh Great Force, who is The Source, keeps us strong and healthy in Mind, Body, and Soul. Keep us on a straight path of righteousness and even if we fall of grace, here and there, keep us always searching for: Right Knowledge, Right Wisdom, Right Understanding, for we can Overstand as Gods and Goddesses and Sound Right Reasoning. ALL PRAISE DUE TO THE FORCE, WHO IS THE SOURCE OF US ALL. US BEING

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